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  1. Gonna see The last Jedi soon!

    1. TheOcelot


      Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Sonic Channel

    It loads fine for me, but how do you find those peeks to the next Wallpaper?
  3. Fftvtbybfvbjn

    I'm gonna watch the Last Jedi tomorrow and its hard to dodge spoilers. I think I might know one of the things even tho I haven't looked!


  4. It's that time of the year-


    1. MegasonicZX


      I swear to god there is nothing this man won't put long live into (and have it STILL sound amazing).

  5. There are some unused Forces lines somewhere in this video...

    1. DiamondX



    2. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      how many fucking things did they cut from this game sega you incompetent pieces of shit

    3. Peppermint Ellipsis

      Peppermint Ellipsis

      The narrator lines were pretty funny the first time I heard them tbh.

  6. tumblr_p0ypnsQBEb1uu22sko2_400.gif



    1. Diogenes


      botw is now the best 3d sonic game

  7. Hai. Two Mania paintings today-


    Chemical Plant aCT TWOOOOOOOOOOO-

    Well most of it anyhow, the remix of that act was glorious.


    And if you've seen the WIP, the next painting was Stardust Speedway past. I liked this one due to the green and red combination. Most of the refs were from the pre order trailer when it was first shown. I hope you enjoy it!


  8. Extremely late to the party, but I did watch the Season 2 finale. And I can say it was kinda exciting, and a good idea to make the thing a two parter. Both parts didn't have much humor, but there were some unexpected one liners that would make a quick laugh, or just serve as a reference. What made this two parter was the action of course! The animation made the fight scenes better, and we got to see things like Amy's acrobatic skills, and the fight between Sonic and Shadow was a lot better here. They were using combat and Shadow was teleporting around and seeing Shadow curbstomp the team made me go holy shoot. The music choice for that fight was slightly suprising (trap music?) Yet oddly fitting. There were several returning characters that I wasn't expecting to see, like Lord Eggman (with a freaking lightsaber), that quick Vector cameo (which was actually nice. Cool to see the detective assisting on finding the Eggmen) but more importantly- Seeing this dood again was unexpected, and the fight itself was a lot better than that time in Season one, with those abilities he even took down Shadow in one punch! Though the End of the World bit felt slightly rushed in the end, Shadow doing a complete U turn and hiding the Eggman to cause the universe to implode itself was quite sudden. I'm ok with Shadow being a villain in this spin off imo, but they really should have given a better story driven reason to do so, rather than pride. Also that fourth wall break. Not sure if it'll lead to season 3 like last time. That's what made the Season 2 finale interesting for me, I think part 2 is another favourite episode! I think Season 2 of this show had it's improvements: some episodes had better animation and expressions, there were moments and references that broke the fourth wall and/or made me laugh. Here's hoping a Season 3 is confirmed. If not, well, it was fun while it lasted.
  9. Hold on.

    The net neutrality thing.

    It's in court now???

    1. Ferno


      it thought it beat us, but we did that thing that final bosses do in games where the boss regains it's HP and there's a phase 2

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Ferno And then Trump is when we pull our One Winged Angel form out.

    3. Ferno
    4. Peppermint Ellipsis

      Peppermint Ellipsis

      That music is really fitting considering the situation we're in.

      Apparently the trial is in 60 days?

    5. Conando Claus

      Conando Claus

      That's how the US works. Despite what Ajit Pai and Trump think, there's a lot of shit to go through to do anything, especially if it's MASSIVELY UNPOPULAR.


    6. Cobalt_Bolt


      Never thought I would have to say these four words towards the FCC and the ISP my old man works for:

      See you in Court.

  10. Right. The moment of Truth should happen tomorrow my standard time. Night.

  11. When you have some free time but then life gives you work/responsibilities/etc


  12. What time on Thursday is the Net neutrality result happens?

  13. "Mouse buys fox" is something I wasn't expecting to read.

    I mean it was gonna happen, but the phrasing was what I was talking about.

  14. Next year would mark 10 years since Unleashed released.

    So what if a PC version came out that year? 🤔