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  1. < Welp, because of Charmy's figure after he's shot out of a cannon in Runners, this happens.

    1. DiamondX


      is he cannon?


    2. Wonderworld Ultima

      Wonderworld Ultima

      I see what you did there.

    3. DiamondX


      but really, how does this glitch exist?

      And i need charmy, really, i still dont have any of the chaotix

    4. Wonderworld Ultima

      Wonderworld Ultima

      Turns out when you get in a cannon as Charmy, then you shoot him out, he's like that for a split second. It's kinda like an animation error...

    5. Forte-Metallix


      Why the #!@% am I not connected to THE BEE?!

    6. C.J


      @Diamond Knight

      Me neither. I've gathered more than 300 rings but 

      I'm certain that I'll just end up wasting them. Lol

    7. DiamondX


      i did 13 spins and  nothing... i wont have more than a regular spin and a special spin until they leave... but i dont know if after i get one of them, i should hold for the zazz event or use them

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