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  1. Might as well give this a shot. SONIC UNIVERSE # such and such The Freedom Fighters and Dr. Eggman vanish in mid-battle, and the Battle Bird Armada is quick to try to fill the doctor's position. With their forces overwhelmed, GUN enacts an emergency protocol, with the Hooligans and the Babylon Rogues forcefully recruited as a strike force to take the fight to the Battle Lord himself! Led by Rouge the Bat, can this uneasy team cooperate long enough to get the job done, or will the Rogues get cold feet going up against their old boss? And can Rouge keep the mysterious (and very angry) Thrash under control before he decides to just wreck everything? Isn't this just Suicide Squad? YOUR POINT?
  2. My own thoughts on StH 280 and SU 84: Personally, I'm someone else who believes that "deadly Eggman is best Eggman". Full on roboticization, trapping people in their own bodies through paralysis, brainwashing and leading a global empire, all of which are staples of Archie Eggman, reboot or no reboot. Admittedly, I don't have a whole lot to say on that matter beyond, I like Eggman as a real threat and keeping his subordinates in line by any means necessary.
  3. Unleashed, while I like the story overall, did have problems that I think the comic is addressing, although not quite to the extent that I would like at times. Probably my biggest issue being that while the entire world is shattered (ya know, THE WHOLE WORLD) nobody really reacts to it. At most, it's treated as more of an inconvenience than anything. Here, shattering the world has consequences for just about everyone. The Freedom Fighters had to rescue people caught in all the chaos, GUN and Eggman have their forces stretched thin trying to keep things under control, Breezie and her media business are booming because people are trying to distract themselves from the whole situation, etc. I also like the efforts to tie elements of Unleashed back to pre-existing concepts, such as bringing in Tikal and Knuckles (always struck me as weird that neither they or the Master Emerald weren't even mentioned in the original game). That said, I do wish that some of these ideas were given more time (as I said before, I wish we got more of Chip and Tikal) but I know part of that was because Worlds Unite put a lot of things on hold and was overall a waste of time but enough of that dead horse. As some have said before, I don't really mind Unleashed being used more as a backdrop to explore this new world, since a huge part of Unleashed was just travelling around and seeing the world. In the game, outside of the beginning, the scene with Chip's realization, and towards the end, there's not a whole lot of real story going on and travelling around really is all Sonic and Chip are doing. Now as for the comic, I can complain about not spending enough time in some of these places, but I feel they're just trying to get to the end at this point, and there's nothing stopping them from returning to these places later (the Egg Bosses are still active obviously).
  4. I will say, I personally wouldn't have minded seeing more of Knuckles and Chip together. They played off of each other surprisingly well, as well as with the Chaotix and Tikal (wish we could've seen their conversation in the Hidden Palace). By comparison, Sonic and Chip haven't really interacted much at all really. It just seems that when we get to the inevitable conclusion, Chip saying good-bye to Sonic will probably ring a bit hollow. As for Chip allegedly stealing Tails' role in Unleashed, I'm not entirely sure what Tails' role would've been in that story outside of what he's given. I mean maybe some of all three of them interacting would've been nice, but other than that Sonic and Chip, their relationship, and through it Chip connecting with Earth that was at the forefront.
  5. That interview interested me largely because of him saying that this isn't all they have planned. Maybe this is the precursor to a mini-series or even testing the waters for an ongoing? Not entirely sure what Sega's perameters would be for that (which characters would be usable, can they reference/use anything past 3K), but I'm interested to see where this all leads. That's not even getting into implications about the next game, but that's for another topic.
  6. Maybe it's just that being a fan of both the Flash and Doctor Who and time/dimension hopping shenanigans don't bother me, but I don't see why Nega can't antagonize both Silver and Blaze. He's from the same time period as Silver and decided, for whatever reason, to travel to Blaze's dimension. 200 years is a long time for technology to evolve, and considering the stuff Eggman and Tails build on their downtime, it's not that out of place for Nega to have the means of messing around with the space-time continuum. As for Nega telling Eggman that he's from the Sol Dimension, the explanation: Nega lied. It's not like it's out of character and it wouldn't really be a retcon considering that nothing about Nega states that he has to originate from the Sol Dimension. Sol and Mobius don't really do the whole "dimensional counterparts" thing outside of their respective emeralds anyway. And Nega meeting Blaze before just says that he's been to the Sol Dimension before, doesn't mean he has to be from there. I just think there is a lot of potential for stories and threats that Nega can pose to only characters like Silver and Blaze since their the only one's dealing with time and dimensional problems regularly. But whatever, I've said my piece on this matter.
  7. Fair enough, but I'd be more accepting of that if Sega had any real plan with Nega. Outside of the Olympic games, they don't even acknowledge his existence (like most of the cast these days but still). Not to mention, what would Archie do that would be so dramatically different than whatever Sega might do?
  8. This one I don't really get. While Sega aren't sure what to do with him, Archie had some cool ideas with him essentially declaring war on the Zone Cops. And even with the Zone Cops gone, they could easily continue with him raising hell across all of space and time like an evil Doctor (besides the Master I mean). Plus, Archie's got a pretty good track record of taking forgotten and poorly received characters and concepts and making good use of them, so why not let them have at it with Nega? Certainly would have made sense to use him in Worlds Unite for example, much more so than the Deadly Six.
  9. My two cents on the matter. Put it in a spoiler because I don't think anyone really wants to engage this argument further, myself included honestly.
  10. Glad to hear that this making headway. Kid Icarus and Star Fox could easily be adapted into anime form and I would lose my mind over a Metroid movie (animated or live action really).
  11. I'd love to see more insects as well, always been a sucker for beetles specifically. As for others, primates are always fun (and I miss Monkey Khan and Sgt. Simian) and I'd like to see an elephant or bull join the cast (or "rejoin" in the elephant's case...I also miss Mammoth Mogul). Just for something a little more "out there", I'd add a giraffe to the list just to see what it would look like.
  12. Eh, to an extent. Jet's just wants money while Scourge wants power, and I don't really see Jet going to the same lengths as Scourge does. Plus Scourge has the power to back up his ego, Jet not so much, plus he's a bit of a coward when the going gets tough. Didn't take Battle Kukku much to put him under his thumb. I dunno, maybe sometime down the line a story can prove me wrong, but right now the two don't seem to have much in common beyond the superficial.
  13. Metal only really acts out of Eggman's will. Shadow, while a rival, always had noble intentions at heart. What set Scourge apart was that his only allegiance was to himself and his goals were purely selfish and self-serving. To me, Scourge was the only "rival" character that was a legitimate "evil twin" for Sonic. While I have no real defense for the other Anti characters (save Buns, Miles, Rosey, and Kintobor, they were cool), I thought the whole concept of having other versions of the heroes without their nobility or inhibitions was an interesting one that was worth exploring. Just another element of the old universe that I thought made it unique IMO. On a side note, another reason the reboot bums me out is that what I felt was lead-up to a confrontation between Scourge and the Destructix and Miles and the Suppression Squad is never gonna play out.
  14. I'd compare them more to Baroque Works than anything. A group of top agents under one boss with each having a group of henchmen under them more immediately reminds me of the Frontier/Officer Agents and the Millions/Billions. Legion of Doom/Masters of Evil usually implies that the villains are all on equal standing (more or less) and Suicide Squad entails they are villains forced to do good deeds against their will (or heroes forced to do bad things works too). As for the Battle Birds, context is needed as to what extent they are involved with Eggman. I wouldn't necessarily mind Battle Kukku being a full on Egg Boss (that was the original plan from what I heard) but possibly being an outside party of which Eggman is turning to and pooling resources with could also be interesting.
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