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  1. Can someone explain why some people seem to have this undying hatred for achievements? I get not caring about them since they don't really add anything of value, but I'm not seeing what their inclusion takes away either. They just kind of exist, imo.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I don't hate achievements themselves as much as I hate how everyone acts like they're some sort of essential aspect of a video game when, as said, they don't really add anything of value other than empty bragging rights and we got along perfectly fine without them before they were a thing.

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I can just take or leave achievements/trophies, great if I get them but don't go all the way out just to get them (saying that if GTA IV Complete didn't have trophies, I would have happily got rid of the game ages ago but because they are stuck on my PSN profile, there's nothing that I can do) however I can think of possible reasons why they might annoy someone. I think it is that a notification icon pops up that puts people off their immersion. It might getting rid of the game harder than if it didn't have them especially if they got the first achievement by starting the game. Some games have glitched ones so you can't get your full Gamerscore/Platinum trophy. Some might even consider timewasting when time might be precious for someone and some achievements can take months to get or put there just to make them longer especially RPGs when they are long enough already. Some of the complainers argue that they would rather see a challenge from just completing the game whatever you like rather than doing what is basically a bunch of objectives that are either given to you (see the Avatar game or Hannah Montana) or make it as hard as possible (e.g. find an easter egg that might be one pixel in an open world game, do an extremely hard part of the game with a certain option without losing health). Oh and apparently there are Steam "games" that are made just for achievements.

      Another factor is that many games have either online achievements or heavily focused on them and some people don't want that option in their games if they just play on single player (vice versa too for games that are multiplayer focused but have a single player mode). If someone who has a bit of OCD and there are online achievements that you can't get anymore that surprisingly are more than you think, that would annoy someone too.

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