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  1. Recently played through SA1 for first time in almost a decade with all of the Dreamcast conversion stuff (which is a godsend, btw). At its best, the game is really only okay. I think "janky" would be the best way to describe my thoughts on it with a single word.

    Despite this, I actually enjoyed the game a lot more than I was expecting to, and I feel like it carries this unintentional sense of charm that I don't see Sega ever managing to replicate (even SA2 lacks it, imo). Overall, the game was a decent experience, but it's not the type of Sonic game I'd like to see a modern sequel to (personally prefer Sonic games to be a bit more arcade-styled in structure). I would, however, like to see a legitimate return to Sonic's SA1 style of gameplay. He's pretty fun to mess around with in this game.

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