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  1. Wait... Are you telling me I need to delete my friends list just for this one trophy??? WHY?!?!?!

  2. Back to working on getting the platinum for Sonic Generations. Im so close it hurts!!!

    1. Klinsy


      Hope you get that!

  3. Knux_Chaotix

    The Introduction Topic

    Hello Im Knux_Chaotix. Live in Edinburgh. I spend most of my time surgically attached to my PS3 / whatever games console takes my fancy this week. Mad passion for games, Sonic, Wipeout and anything Oddworld to be a little more precise. Also music mad. Raver at heart but I listen to anything from Trance to metal. So yeah... Hi
  4. Knux_Chaotix

    Knuckles Chaotix 20th Anniversary

    As my username would suggest, I have a deep love for this game and Knuckles himself. If anyone gets the chance to play it I highly recommend you do. Im a proud owner of an unboxed PAL version of the game and a fully sealed US version too, as well as my 32X.
  5. New here... So very new here

    1. PatMac


      Hey, welcome to SSMB!

    2. gato


      Leave while you still can it's a*BANG BANG BANG*

    3. Yeow


      Welcome to the SSMB! :)

    4. Klinsy
    5. Knux_Chaotix


      Thanks guys. Joining new forums is scary business.

    6. TheOcelot

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