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  1. 808 State's influence on Sonic CD is HUGE. Aside from the oft-cited Pacific State, San Francisco clearly influenced Wacky Workbench: And the various Collision Chaos acts are inspired by Lift from the same album (as well as parts of D.A Garden): Empire became Tidal Tempest AND Oil Ocean. Which would explain why I always found those two so similar haha
  2. I love the acoustic guitar part at the end so I made a beat sampling it. It was really fun putting everything together: https://soundcloud.com/funkdoc1112/sonic-boom-hip-hop-mix
  3. FUCKIN OIL OCEAN And I wish there were more original zones...but considering that the 4 we got were all that were initially planned anyway, I consider the classic stuff a necessary addition.
  4. Okay, the new Garden zone is amazing and it's HILARIOUS when you get frozen in a block of ice and continue running
  5. As I expected, Chemical Plant and Flying Battery took years off of my life
  6. I'm not the only one who noticed how much City Heights modern sounds similar to Storm Station Act 1 from After the Sequel, right?
  7. If they give it a physical release it should have a reversible cover. The main cover art is the Japanese pre-Adventure style boxart. But on the other side...? ASSFACE!
  8. Huh. I seem to recall somebody mentioning some Generations promotional material or something stated Classic Sonic was 10 but it might be my memory jumbling things up.
  9. Wasn't classic Sonic explicitly retconned to 10 years old, though?
  10. Modern Sonic and "Adventure Sonic" are essentially the exact same design, just drawn differently. Adventure Sonic has droopier spikes and a slightly wider face. Dassit. Actually making him a separate character would be utterly redundant.
  11. I've always been fascinated by this "inbetween" Sonic design. It's something I'd like to see a real Sonic 4 (not that....thing we got) explore.
  12. Probably only tangibly related to Sonic Mania, but did anybody peep this tweet? I absolutely LOVE the modern/classic Sonic hybrid here. This is the inbetween "pre-teen" version of his design that I wanted to see Sonic 4 explore. It's not too late for Mania either!
  13. Drew the Sonic Advance 3 cover in Sega Saturn era style. Kinda rough since it's late and I suck at hands and feet
  14. I think the best approach to boost is making it more like the super peel out. Instead of making Sonic invincible with it, he's instead more open to attack and a little bit more unweildy to control, so players would have to be more judicious in using it. And of course, the gauge is shorter and tied more with momentum. It would be best used when wanting to get through straight paths quickly. And you can put me on the side that wouldn't want to see much, if any 2D gaming in this one. It's become such a defeatist crutch, and I can't be the only one that was just a little disappointed when Classic Sonic showed up in the trailer.
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