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  1. Born 1987. I prefer the 2D games but I do enjoy the 3D games. I first played sonic on the megadrive and then drifted away for many years (I blame Pokemon and Donkey Kong. It got me so addicted, I didn't actually notice that sega even released any consoles beyond the megadrive during the time.=/) then came back with sonic rush. My first 2D sonic game was sonic the hedgehog 2. My first 3D sonic game was sonic and the secret rings. My first liked 3d sonic game was sonic unleashed. Then I proceeded to collect all the games I missed. My favourite sonic games however are: Sonic the hedgehog 2 Sonic mania Sonic CD (japanese version) Sonic rush Sonic advance Sonic Generations Sonic Lost world (3DS version) I admit I have a guilty pleasure with Sonic Boom ROL despite all it's issues. It has some really weird nostalgia in it that has nothing to do with sonic. Seriously you should have saw me when I saw Salty the hippo in the game. I was getting nostalgia vibes from him because he reminded me of the types of characters you get in Banjo kazooie.o_O Yeah very weird nostalgia vibes.
  2. Will definitely vote. I have unleashed and generations on the xbox 360 and would love to be able to upgrade to Xboxone and replace my 360. The only thing stopping me is I love generations and unleashed and wouldn't want to get rid of them. If Xboxone gets these this will make it so much easier.
  3. Awsome. Looks like I'll be getting a switch afterall. 2 sonic games, a new mario game and the Zelda game.=3 It was kind of the confirmation of this and the Mario game that got me interested though.XD Otherwise I would have gotten mania on steam. Now to save up some money.
  4. I can't speak for America. (I live in Australia). However where I am I do know some kids of parents I know in church love sonic boom. The parents watch it with them and they say it's a very good show and the kids are really into it. I also have seen kids who have seen the sonic merchandise yell out sonic boom so at least where I am it seems to be making an impact. Also based on DVD's available I say it did well enough in Australia for the company to release the whole of season 1 in good supply. Australia usually gets the short end of the stick with sonic cartoon wise yet it's pretty good this time round. Sonic Boom and adventures of sonic the hedgehog are the only series available currently on DVD here however.
  5. While that is true. There are a few who looked forwards to it like myself but would likely talk about it when we actually give it a try. Not much to talk about otherwise. It's not doing anything amazingly special when you consider it's just a side sonic game based off a cartoon in the end. Problem is I can't say much because my country hasn't released it yet.=/ It comes out tomorrow here and I won't be able to get it till Sunday............... So I can't discuss a game that I haven't tried as of yet.^-^;;;;;;
  6. Looking better than I was expecting. I already have lego dimension though I haven't opened the packaging. Got it on sale and wasn't going to miss the sale since the game isn't exactly cheap where I am. Really looking forwards to this level pack for sonic.=) I only really have the starter pack lego characters that the game came with the the Doctor who pack.XD
  7. Sonic games I don't have an interest in playing: Mine tend to be more along the lines that I tried it and disliked i and don't have any interest to play ever again.=/ I think the only games I never played but have no interest in playing are the sonic the hedgehog genesis game on gba and sonic school house. Everything else I played at least a little. Sonic 06, Shadow the hedgehog, Sonic heroes PS2 version (to be honest any sonic game on a playstation console I tend to avoid these days. I don't like sony's controller for sonic). Sonic Games I do have an interest in playing: Most games I have interest in playing I actually own.=) Pretty much advance 2 and 3 and battle are games I'm interested in playing and have. I just haven't gotten around to it. Sonic free riders is another game I would like to play but haven't got a kinect to play it.................
  8. This sounds awsome. Definately going to look into this. Just got to figure out what type of game I want to make now.=)
  9. Australia releases volume 2 of sonic boom on the 16th of June (this Thursday). Just a heads up for Australians. I actually got mine today. Some stores have it already............
  10. Australia's released sonic boom on DVD. First volume has 13 episodes. I just got mine from JBhifi today though I got it in the mail since I ordered online.=3 Just thought I'd give a heads up for any Australians interested. EDIT: It has both french and english language selectable. Nice.=)
  11. I've actually been trying to play every game so alot of games I have no desire to play are games I played and just don't want to continue them like Shadow the hedgehog, sonic R and sonic 06.=/ I think the only game I can think of that I never played and have no desire to play is Sonic's School house.XD However games like advance sonic games beyond the first sonic advance that I have never played and of course the future sonic boom fire and ice are games I would love to play in future. I enjoyed the first advance sonic game so I'd like to play the rest of them and I enjoyed the boom games and am looking forwards to Fire and ice.=3
  12. Not having to worry about it being pulled offline is one thing. Also far more reliable than my internet connection.=/ Seriously my internet just dies sometimes................ DVD's are great in those cases. Plus I have all the sonic series except sonic boom so it would feel incomplete without it. I'm a collector. I hope they release the full season 1 eventually.
  13. Wow a whole year. Time goes fast.o_O I got to get my copy out and play it again just for the occasion. My copy runs very smoothly so I don't have much issues providing I don't update. My copies a little weird but I enjoy it as a result.=) Anyway happy Birthday Rise of lyric. Hopefully the next game is even better.=)
  14. I've got the game running with difficulty. Had some horrible slow down.=/ I managed to reduce the slow down for the most part but the first level on my computer still isn't at the same speed as my wiiU copy which annoys me because I actually love the first level............. Oh well at least I have the wiiU copy so I can always go back to that and play it on there. Everything else seems to be okay though so far. Hopefully there's no more slow down. I need a new PC one day. I have to be the weirdo and actually prefer the WiiU controller. I guess because the wiiU was the first one I played so it's taking a bit of time adjusting to the 360 controller I have hooked to my PC.=/ It's great playing it on my PC though even with the few issues here and there.
  15. Yeah at first. Though I admit when my brain started processing that a small hedgehog on a board was sending cars flying which makes not much sense to begin with was kind of funny.XP I do try to avoid the cars though. They slow him down and I like going fast.=3
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