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  1. Doing the math, a split of 9 classic zones and 6 new zones, for a total of 15 zones, would give an exact 60/40 ratio. Just something to consider. I would absolutely love if we got that many zones in Mania, although I won’t get my hopes up on having quite that much. I would be perfectly fine with having 11 or 12 zones, since it’s very apparent that the team is putting lots of effort into making every stage stand out in its own way and be as awesome as possible.
  2. While that's true, those versions of Ice Cap use different music, avoiding the whole possible legal issues with the music (which we'll probably never have officially confirmed, but we pretty much know at this point). I'm still very "all or nothing" when it comes to wanting Ice Cap in Mania; if that iconic music isn't there along with the level, then I would rather not have it be in the game at all. Although, now that I think about it, if Ice Cap were in Mania with a 16-bit styled "Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy" as its music, that could be an acceptable compromise. My vote still goes for Hydrocity making the cut though.
  3. Personally, I would love Ice Cap Zone to be in Mania more than anything else, but, only if they were able to remix the original music from the Genesis/Mega Drive version. It just wouldn't be Ice Cap without that iconic melody. I wouldn't even want Ice Cap in Mania with the PC version music. I have a very "all or nothing" stance about that. If they are unable to use the Ice Cap music because of legal issues, then I would rather have Hydrocity Zone be in Mania. Hydrocity is a very close second on my list of favorite Sonic 3 zones, and would be an excellent choice. As far as speculation, I'd say that Hydrocity is the most likely Sonic 3 zone to be in Mania. Angel Island and Marble Garden both have elements from their zones used elsewhere in Mania (zip lines in Green Hill, Catakiller Jr. in Chemical Plant, running down poles Marble Garden style in Stardust Speedway), and the latter three zones have the apparent legal issues with their music. Although, we don't know exactly how easy or difficult it would be to get around those issues, so it's still a possibility that we could see Carnival Night, Ice Cap, or Launch Base. I'm still betting on Hydrocity though.
  4. My thoughts exactly. The 16-bit Bubsy games really weren’t that bad. People just see Bubsy 3D and like to associate that with the entire series. It’s the same as how, to a large portion of the general gaming audience, the 3D Sonic games are all retroactively terrible because Sonic 2006 happened. Also, yeah, it is kind of hilarious how upset some people on the internet are getting about this existing.
  5. I actually unironically liked the first two Bubsy games, which I had for my Genesis. They weren’t amazing… well, I don’t know if I could even objectively call them GOOD, but, they were a part of my childhood. It’s good to see the wise-cracking bobcat back again. That said, everything so far looks like a pretty generic 2.5D sidescroller, so, I can’t say that I’m TOO excited for this, but, I still might check this out. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see this at all.
  6. Wow. Wasn’t expecting anything so soon after the last trailer, but hey, I always like seeing more stuff. First off, the music is amazing. Tee Lopes continues to deliver. As far as Chemical Plant returning, my feelings are a bit mixed at the moment. Chemical Plant is one of my favorite zones from Sonic 2 and from the classic games in general, so I definitely love seeing it back again with new twists and stuff. On the other hand, since we just saw it in Generations, I was sort of expecting to see another zone like Mystic Cave or Oil Ocean in Mania, so I’m slightly let down in that regard, but not enough to lower my excitement of seeing one of my favorite classic zones returning in Mania. Can’t wait to play this!
  7. So, I’m a bit late to the party on this, but I just pre-ordered Sonic Mania on PS4 and got the themes and avatars. The Rolling Landscapes theme is really nice, and that’s what I set mine to. I was a bit disappointed by the Heroes theme; I would have otherwise definitely set mine to that, but that red background on the main screen is way too bright and clashes with everything in the foreground, and even hurts my eyes a little. The avatars are pretty neat too. Definitely a nice little bonus for putting down a pre-order.
  8. I personally would like to see the second Act of Stardust Speedway take place in the Bad Future. I suppose the Good Future would probably be considered to be the canonical one, so I would definitely accept that, but all of my personal nostalgia lies with the Bad Future, so to me (and a lot of others who failed to get good futures I'm sure), that's the definitive version of the Metal Sonic race in Sonic CD. Also, in both soundtracks, I love the Bad Future variants way more than the Good Future ones.
  9. Sweet! I've totally been waiting to give Sega my money for this. Just purchased it. Now to play the waiting game...
  10. So... has anyone else picked this up, now that it's been released? I know there understandably hasn't been a whole lot of hype with this game, but I figured I'd give my impressions anyway. I accepted the fact that I was being ripped off a bit and bought this at launch. Yeah, basically, this is just Super Street Fighter II on the Switch with a few extra things. I personally like the remastered graphics, but if that's not your thing, you can always switch to the original, same as with the music and voice samples. As for the new music, it's kind of all over the place. Some of the new remixes I really like, such as Cammy's, Ryu's, and Ken's themes, but a lot of them just don't sound very good to me at all. Guile's theme sounds disappointingly un-epic. As for the extras: The art gallery is pretty nice, and there are quite a lot of pages of artwork to scroll through, including a lot of stuff that I personally had never seen before. I probably won't be going back to it any time soon though. The custom color set is a cool little feature that's fun to play around in for a bit. After creating a few color sets though, the novelty starts to wear off. It was still nice being able to make a version of Cammy with dark hair and tan skin. Way of the Hado... what the hell, Capcom? This just makes me think of a forgettable experience from the Wii launch era when everyone was trying to get in on the motion control fad. No one wanted this. So yeah, when it comes down to it, the price is way too high for what you're getting, and I don't think I could necessarily recommend it to people. With that being said though, I personally don't regret buying it myself. I knew exactly what I was getting, and I've been having fun with it. Also, it will be good to have a version of Street Fighter that I can take with me at all times and set up randomly if I find someone interested in a fight.
  11. I'll chime in and say that I'm loving what I'm seeing here. Yeah, it is a bit "samey" in some ways, but the new twists and changes shown off so far look great. Like others have said, Act 2 is probably where things will really get switched up. I'm still completely stoked that Flying Battery Zone is coming back, as it's my favorite zone from Sonic & Knuckles. Also, one thing I noticed in the video that I haven't seen brought up... correct me if I'm wrong, but, is this the first time that the finalized ESRB rating has been shown? I mean, yeah, obviously it's going to get an E rating, but I'm hoping that it's a sign that they're gearing up for a release sooner than later. Hell, the official Sonic Mania site still has this listed as RP "Rating Pending."
  12. Eh, I don’t think the music is so bad. Not the best, but definitely still better than Sonic 4, which is what it seems to be being compared to. I do like how upbeat it is. With that being said, yeah, I don’t know. This did absolutely nothing to “wow” me at all. Even as someone who loves the crap out of Generations, it’s hard to feel excited for this. I guess I’ll wait to see what they have to show off at E3.
  13. I know that the team has already mentioned that these are older builds that we're seeing, and they've already worked out a lot of the errors, but I still find it amusing to see little graphical mistakes like this.
  14. As much as I would have loved to see Metal Sonic, I'm not disappointed at all because Heavy Gunner looks like an awesome new villain that fits the visual style of the classics perfectly (as I'm sure the rest of the Heavies will). As for Green Hill Act 2, wow. The background just looks beautiful, and the mountains are an awesome nod to the early Sonic 1 prototype. Can't wait to hear what the remixed version of the song ends up being like.
  15. I had a Game Gear as a little kid in the early ‘90s that I would play constantly, and since then I’ve followed Sonic’s portable library very closely. I enjoyed all of the Sonic platformers on that system (except Sonic Blast…), although my favorite game from that era was Sonic Triple Trouble. I know it’s a bit clunkier than the earlier handheld games, but I just had such a good time with that one, and I really loved the music. I also got a Neo Geo Pocket Color a while after it was already dead and pretty inexpensive, and of course got Sonic Pocket Adventure for it. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t really seem like anything special, probably because of lack of original content. Ever since the first Sonic Advance, I’ve bought pretty much every handheld Sonic game either on its launch day or very close to, with the exception of the Sonic Rivals games. I absolutely loved the Advance games (unpopular opinion: Sonic Advance 3 is my favorite of the trilogy), and I enjoyed Sonic Rush quite a bit as well. Sonic Rush Adventure though, was just an amazing game for me. That’s probably what I would consider to be my favorite handheld Sonic title overall. After that, as a lot of people would agree with, the handheld games started to go downhill in quality, with the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World being absolutely terrible. It’s a shame, really. Oh, and also, I did have a Game.com for a brief period of time in the early 2000’s, with Sonic Jam. Yes, it was just as bad as it looks.