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  1. Thanks for putting this up! Also, unrelated to Sonic Mania v1.04, but, you play Mean Bean Machine almost exactly the same way that I do. Like, pretty much every move you were making was all kind of how it was playing out in my head as if I were playing myself. I still don't know what my thoughts are on the palette swaps overall. There are a few that I really like (Oil Ocean, Stardust Speedway Act 2), but there are also some that I personally just don't think look very good at all (Green Hill, Studiopolis). The rest I'm just kind of indifferent about.
  2. Wow, nice find! It's nice to finally see a bit of Angel Island Zone in playable form, even if buggy and unfinished. The full version of the music is great, as expected.
  3. Sounds like an interesting concept. I’d be in for this, if this does end up being a real thing. While I’d love another proper Star Fox game that didn’t control horribly (Zero), a DKR-type game sounds like it could be a lot of fun as well.
  4. So, we got a bit of new information on what Mania Plus will include thanks to the Japanese soundtrack list that was added on the official site. http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicMania/sp/index.html#contents-soundtrack As expected, there will be a full mix of Angel Island Zone in the game. There will also apparently be a pinball bonus stage with a remix of Trap Tower from SegaSonic Arcade; now that's awesome! Can't wait to hear the additional tracks!
  5. That bad future styled Stardust Speedway looks so good! Definitely my favorite palette change out of everything we've seen. Also: I have to admit that I laughed really hard at this. I mean, I agree with him and think that everyone should totally get Sonic Mania Plus when it comes out, but, that phrasing is just great.
  6. mikeblastdude

    Would You Want Sega to Return to the Console Market?

    This is a topic that I’ve seen come up a lot over the years. As with every other time I think about the possibility of Sega making a new console: my heart says yes, but my brain says no. Absolutely not. If Sega were to release a new gaming console to compete with the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, there’s no way that could possibly work out well for them. One of the reasons that the Genesis/Mega Drive was so popular was through its successful, more “grown-up” marketing that made it appeal more to a lot of teenagers and young adults compared to Nintendo (and of course, we all know how Sonic was marketed back in the day). Sony and Microsoft both pretty much have the market covered now for “mature”, “edgy”, or whatever you want to call it, so, it would pretty much be the biggest uphill battle in history for Sega.
  7. I absolutely love it, personally. It’s one of my favorite moments in the game. As a huge Metal Sonic fan, it was everything I wanted it to be. For one, I love the Stardust Speedway Bad Future remix that plays during the battle. It’s wonderfully obnoxious, yet still has an epic, intense feel to it. The “chase” part at the beginning is a great way to start out. I much prefer running forward and dodging attacks to waiting on a still screen for a chance to attack, which is how a lot of the Mania bosses tend to work. The second phase with the Silver Sonics is an awesome 8-bit reference, and pretty fun, but yeah I will agree that it would have been nice to somehow been given some sort of indication of how you’re supposed to hit Metal. Once it’s figured out though, it’s pretty easy. The third phase with the spike wall is a good way to end it, as it has the same “keep moving forward fast or be killed” vibe that the original Sonic CD boss had, although, it’s so easy to get your rings back after being hit since they just get pushed forward with the wall, that it doesn’t make it much of a challenge. So yeah, my only real complaint is that it’s a bit too easy, once you get the part with the Silver Sonics figured out at least. I personally don’t think it goes on too long at all, but I can see where others are coming from with that complaint. But, yeah, I think it’s a great boss battle, and one of the high points in the game.
  8. Wow, I feel out of the loop; I didn't even know there was a stream or anything coming today. A trailer or something would be awesome! Even just a teaser would be great. I'm really curious to see "Encore Mode" and find out some more information about that.
  9. mikeblastdude

    Nostalgia Goggles

    Here are some Sonic games that I would consider my judgement for to be a bit clouded from nostalgia. 1. Sonic Adventure – This game seemed so amazing to me at the time of its release (and, considering all the high scores that it got from critics, I wasn’t alone in thinking that). Everything about it, from its graphics, to high-speed 3D gameplay, to its rockin’ soundtrack with a rad vocal theme; this seemed like a true evolution of the series. I was somehow blind to all of the glitches and horrible camera for years, and in that time, I would have definitely considered Sonic Adventure to be my #1 favorite video game. Then, as I kept coming back to it and the enchantment of it all started to wear off, I started to see it for what it was. It took a while, though. I still love Sonic Adventure, but, it’s aged very poorly. I still play it though, and enjoy the hell out of it. 2. Sonic R – While I never quite considered this to be a great game, especially when compared to other racing games that came out around that time like Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing, I still thought that Sonic R was pretty good when I got it new as a little kid. Just controlling Sonic and his friends in 3D race tracks, that seemed fast-paced at the time at least, was enough to get me excited. I actually hated the vocal tracks at the time, and they slowly grew on me over the years, so my admiration of this game’s soundtrack is kind of reverse from the rest of the game. I don’t know how I thought the gameplay was fine as a kid, because, ugh. The awkward “steering” of the characters with that weird slippery feeling is just awful. Also, having only five tracks is just unacceptable by any standards. I still have some fond memories with this game and everything, but, I would definitely consider Sonic R to be a bad game. 3. Sonic Unleashed – A bit more of a recent example for this one. I still like Sonic Unleashed, but when it came out, I absolutely loved it. I still hated the werehog from the very beginning, but I loved the daytime stages so much that I just kept replaying those over and over again. The boost gameplay seemed so new and fresh, and running through the levels felt so exhilarating. I also think the fact that this was the next main Sonic game to come out after Sonic 2006 helped make it seem that much better. Now, after playing so much of Generations and Colors (yes, I still love those games), going back to Unleashed is just kind of… eh. Boosting through doesn’t seem as exciting anymore, and, well, that’s most of what the game is. There’s very little platforming, and way too many QTE’s thrown it to make everything seem more dynamic, which just end up getting annoying. Way too much of the game also relies on well-timed homing attacks, which also gets tiring after a while. Again, lots of very good memories with this game though, that still kind of continue to make it seem better than it actually is in my head. Sonic Unleashed just relies a bit too much on the “spectacle” aspect, which, doesn’t really make it hold up as well. I would still consider (half of) the game to be good, though, just not amazing like I once thought. I didn’t include any of the classic games, since in my opinion, they all hold up amazingly well (except maybe Sonic 1, but that was always my least favorite of the classic games anyway). Most of the games that were considered horrible by the general gaming public (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 2006, Sonic and the Black Knight, etc.), I also hated when they came out, and still do now.
  10. So, this could mean nothing, but, Amazon has the release date listed as August 28. A bit far out, but, I'm fine waiting if this does end up being the actual release date. I've been hoping that there would be a physical release for Sonic Mania, so I'm definitely going to pre-order this. I try not to double dip too much with games these days, but this is definitely an exception that I'm perfectly fine with.
  11. mikeblastdude

    SEGA Genesis collection for PC XBOX ONE & PS4

    Regarding Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I feel like there’s got to be something else going on with that. They’ve re-released those games numerous times in the past through Sonic Jam, Mega Collection, Wii VC, XBLA, the Classic Collection on DS, Steam, etc. It hasn’t been an issue to release these games in their original form for decades, so I’m not sure why it would be now for this collection. I’m trying not to get my hopes up or anything, but one possibility could be that they’re finally giving us Sonic 3 & Knuckles remastered, and so they don’t want it on this collection to conflict with it and take away potential sales. I would love if this turned out to be the reason for Sonic 3 & Knuckles not being in this collection. As for the collection itself, eh. I’ve got more than enough Genesis collections from over the years (not to mention still owning an original Genesis console itself), so I’ll probably pass on this, at least while it’s at full price. The number of games included is definitely nice though, even if one of the very most important ones is missing.
  12. I’m trying to stay cautiously excited about the panel. I’m definitely looking forward to anything Mania-related being announced though, whether it’s Project Plus, physical retail release, or whatever. I doubt that a new 3D Sonic game will be announced, but hey, you never know. Generations was announced shortly after Colors was released, so, it’s always possible that another team’s been secretly working on the next big game. I wouldn’t bet on it though. If the rumored Sonic kart racing game gets announced, then that would be pretty neat. I would definitely get it when it comes out, but, I always had a hard time convincing my friends to play the Sonic All-Stars Racing games over Mario Kart, and, I don’t think that’s going to change, especially with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being so great. Either way, yeah, I’m definitely interested to see what they have to announce/show, but, I’m not getting my hopes up too high.
  13. mikeblastdude

    Toys R Us closing in United States and UK

    Sad news indeed. I grew up going to Toys "R" Us constantly as a kid. That place is even where I got my Sega CD system with Sonic CD way back in '94. I'll also never forget how much I got there in 2011 when they had all of the Sonic 20th Anniversary stuff. I was even just there a few days ago, and they still had a lot of great stuff.
  14. mikeblastdude

    Super Smash Bros Coming to Nintendo Switch (2018)

    People are already dreaming big, I see. Nothing wrong with that; I’ve got a wish list going on in my head as well. I just hope that you all are keeping some of these as “wishes”, and not “expectations.” I remember seeing a lot of people lose it after Bayonetta was announced as the last DLC fighter for Smash 4, making characters and/or stages that people wanted and thought were absolutely guaranteed to be in, based on nothing other than them really wanting them, not included. I’m not trying to be negative or rain on anyone’s parade, since I’m extremely hyped about this as well. I just advise everyone to keep their expectations in check. I mean, Sonic hasn’t even been confirmed to be returning yet, and people are already asking for more Sonic characters and stages. With all that being said though, Sonic returning with a Studiopolis stage would be amazing. Also, I would absolutely love it if Dixie Kong made it in this time. She's my personal most-wanted new character.
  15. mikeblastdude

    Super Smash Bros Coming to Nintendo Switch (2018)

    That short teaser alone was enough to get me incredibly excited and send my hype levels through the roof. Smash Bros. hype again; it feels so good! Also, the new website is up as well. Nothing much to see yet, but it'll definitely be something to keep an eye on. http://www.smashbros.com/

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