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  1. You know, it'd be really swell if Xenoverse 3 would give us the option to play through the story without fixing whatever problems Towa and Mira create. We haven't had the ability play through the story proper in about 5 years. I'm getting kinda tired of these twists or original, but worse, stories like the one in FighterZ. Maybe make it a mode you unlock after finishing the game. 

    1. Candescence


      What? Hell no. We've already got a billion DBZ games that do that, it's gotten stale as all fuck.

    2. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      And the twists and original stories are bad. What's more, Super exists now. We haven't been given the opportunity to play through any of it as is. 

      I'm also not asking that it replace time travels shenanigans that Xenoverse is known for. I'm asking that the original story be an optional post game thing. 

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