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  1. I still think the textures on Super Sonic and Super Shadow in SA2 look really cool.

    Related image

    1. Tarnish


      I still think it was the best Super Sonic/Super Shadow designs/models we ever got. The shiny/reflective metal effect on their 'fur' (I guess, tho sometimes it looks a lot more like skin), although doesn't really make sense when you think about it, just somehow looks/feels right. It adds a new layer of 'cool factor' to the characters, complementing their muzzle, gloves and shoes that remain the same, not getting the 'reflective' treatment.

      To this day I think it looks way better than just turning their body the super bright yellow color and making them glow stupidly bright, resulting in the yellow and tan colors just blending way too much together.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I absolutely love everything about the the base character models in SA2 (before every character looks like they're going to buckle under the weight of their excessive upgrades). The super models colourschemes are really great, as you say.

      I kinda hate the character models that they use nowadays (the Unleashed style). They're so bland. Kinda glad that TSR has reverted to the SatSR/Olympic models in-game.

    3. Tarnish


      The SA2 versions has to be my fave character models as well. The proportions, the shoes (still wish they would have just adopted the soap shoes as Sonic's default shoes like they did with his green eyes), the facial expressions, the centered mouths (I will forever hate the sidemouth solution..it looks okay on some still pictures in certain angles, but god awful and stupid in motion). Even the darker blue color seemed fitting for Sonic.

      I pretty much flat out hate the current models for various reasons:
      - side mouth syndrome makes me wish the characters would never talk or even open their mouth, and are not even consistent (Why does Sonic and Shadow have sidemouths, while Amy  has centered mouth? They're all hedgehogs with almost identical muzzle structures..)
      - sausage fingers..they always look like they have sausages for fingers, bending in curves that makes me feel they have no bones in their hands at all
      - most bland shoe sole designs..in SA1, 2 and '06, they kept things fresh when it came to his shoe design, at least when it came to the soles if nothing else. Now, they have the blandest design you can imagine with parallel lines..feels such a step back.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The user of side mouths doesn't bother me too much, but I do think it would just make more sense to simply stick to a centre mouth or have mouths face the camera depending on the shot. Many times it works, and other times it looks dumb.

      As for shoes, I'm all for keeping The designs simple and don't think think that the Soaps suit Sonic. But I'm all good something more like this with red soles:


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