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  1. Welp, Toonami decided to show off Goku's ascension to Blue in Broli. 


    As you can see, Goku uses Ultra Instinct very briefly. It's not in the storyboarding, so it's probably just an Easter egg, but still. SSGSS also has red flashes in the aura for some reason. Blue is very weird in this movie, lol.



    1. Ryannumber1gamer



      Having Goku flash into UI for a brief moment is actually cool, and pretty smart. He still doesn't know how to transform into UI, and even then he doesn't think he could if he wanted to, but showing he still has the capability, as well as that scream easily being one of Goku's most painful shows that this probably is a painful one similar to when he had to go all out against Jiren.


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