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  1. I'm inclined to agree that a reboot would do nothing for this series. They just need to move a way from the Solo-Sonic, comedy focused schlock we've been getting since 2010. I much prefer the over the top nonsense we got in the Adventures, '06, and Unleashed. There's just something inherently amusing about a 3 foot tall anthropomorphic hedgehog with an attitude beating up gods with the help of some magical gem stones. 

  2. My kinda sorta review of Dragon Ball Super: Broli

    I enjoyed it. It was better than the latter Broli films, but I do think Broli's debut film is still his best. I think Dragon Ball Minus's incorporation is a real slight against it. The film didn't do enough to make it more palatable. It's the same ol' bare minimum exposition with no attempt to flesh out the characters involved. It also undoes Bardock's rebellion, which I don't find as annoying as some, I'm sure. For me, Dragon Ball Minus's biggest problem is what it does to the themes found in the Saiyan arc. Dragon Ball Minus contradicting the manga certainly doesn't help it though. There's no way Freeza even saw Bardock to even recollect him when Goku shows up to face him. 

    Beyond the opening exposition, which lasts for quite a while, the present day consists mostly of fighting, and it is god damn gorgeous. Seriously, this is the best looking fight sequence in the entire franchise, and that's what really sells this film. The story content is underwhelming to be sure, but this is one of those movies you're gonna wanna have on in the background while you're doing other shit because it is PRETTY. 

    As far as Broli's new characterization is concerned, I'm conflicted on it. Broli is more of a character now, but it's at the cost of Broli's one liner spouting sadism, which was the selling point of his original "character". He was the Legendary Super Saiyan, and he's all that he really needed to be. This version of him is more sympathetic, but I don't know if that adds much in the long run. Yeah, he can be incorporated into the main cast now, but what the heck are they supposed to do with him? Call him up when Goku can't get the job done? That's just the Zeno button all over again? Is he gonna train with Whis? Well, he's already stronger than Goku, so he'll probably be upstaging everyone at that point, and we can't have that. I really think this Broli isn't going to make many appearances beyond this film.

    Oh, I also like that Vegeta doesn't job in this film. That's how you subvert expectations.

  3. To an extent. I'd say it affects the story more so than anything else. While Sonic's friends may have been a detriment to gameplay in the past, their inclusion into the story was generally fine. Knuckles's treasure hunting stages may not have been to the liking of certain players, but his character is likable and the history of his people is interesting. By shoving Knuckles into the background, we miss out on what he can add to the story. The same goes for all the other characters that aren't Sonic. There are ways to include the characters without them being a detriment to gameplay. The classics and Mania figured it out, so I'm not sure why Sonic Team can't just do that in 3D, and use the characters to tell an engaging story to boot.

  4. I could only get through about 13 minutes of that. 

    To answer the question, I'd say they have better stories, but they aren't better games, necessarily. I like Adventure and Adventure 2 more than the other "3D" Sonic games, but that's in large part due to nostalgia. No doubt nostalgia is throwing off my objectivity, at least in regard to Adventure 1 specifically. I think Adventure 2 still holds up relatively well, it's imply a matter of preference in regards to gameplay. I think most of the treasure hunting stages are fine, maybe 1 or 2 Tails stages are fine, and Eggman is generally fine. The problem with stories present in modern Sonic games is that there isn't much to sink your teeth into. Say what you will of the stories in games like Sonic '06, but they're more engaging than the stories present in Colors, Generations, and Lost World. This is an unfortunate situation where the baby was thrown out with the bath water. The stories weren't really the problem in the older Sonic games, though they could no doubt be improved. It was the games themselves that were the problem.

  5. Lore: Honestly, I'd try to keep things fairly simplistic. Sonic and Tails try to stop Eggman when he tries to industrialize things. Knuckles wouldn't be the guardian of the Master Emerald as that just makes it hard to incorporate Knuckles into stories that don't involve the Master Emerald. Honestly, I'd just make Knuckles a resident of the island who doesn't know anything about his history. As the games progress he learns more about the Echidnas, whom I would make responsible for the creation of the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. For them, the "Chaos Force" would be a sort of god. The Chaos Emeralds would be created to harness the power of said god, but in reality, the Chaos Force is just a pool of limitless energy like it is in the main continuity. Wars held over the use the Emeralds eventually lead to the extinction of the Echidnas and Knuckles is a remnant. For Shadow, I'm not entirely sure what I'd do. Maybe I'd make him a clone like ShayMay suggested, but the problem with that is Metal Sonic sorta fulfills that role in a more thematically appropriate way.  I could just make Gerald Robotnik evil from the get go. He could be working on Shadow before he's stopped by the military. Shadow could be left in some underground portion of his lab the military didn't notice, and Eggman could stumble upon it and finish Shadow himself, unleashing it on Sonic. Shadow would be an experiment based on the mural we see during Sonic's confrontation with Knuckles from S3&K. Also, regarding Super forms, everyone has one, and they all have actual god damn color changes! Sonic is gold, Tails is a light blue, Knuckles is green, Amy is red, and Shadow is white.

    Gameplay: Just do what the classics did, but in 3D. If it is necessary to script certain things, do so, but try to shy away from scripting in general. The characters would play generally the same, but with their own quirks. Sonic would have the spin dash, drop dash, the homing attack, and shield abilities. Tails would have flight, a motor rev using his tails that would act as a spin dash, and maybe some gadgets given he's supposed to be genius. Knuckles could spin dash, climb, dig, glide, and punch. Amy would have her hammer, with which she could bash enemies, do a charged slam that destroys multiple enemies on the ground, and get extra air from using it on springs. Shadow would have the spin dash, homing attack, teleportation for extra height, and chaos spear. 

    Narrative: The narrative would depend on the game. Like I said above though, keep it relatively simple. 

    Characterization: I'd start by making everyone silent like they were in the classics. Don't get me wrong, I think Sonic can function with a voice cast. SA2 Sonic is probably my favorite version of Sonic, but there's simply less of a chance to screw up Sonic's characterization if he doesn't speak. Maybe that'd be a hard sell for kids, but I doubt it's a deal breaker. So, Sonic is cocky, Tails is intelligent but shy, Knuckles is naive and headstrong, Amy is a fanatic, and Shadow is a loner.

  6. The monster of the week formula is very specific. Eggman unleashes some new monster that either does his bidding or that he relies on, the monster eventually grows beyond Eggman's control, and Super Sonic has to show up and save the day. The Time Eater fulfills the Super Sonic requirement, but doesn't grow beyond Eggman's control. The Deadly Six grow beyond Eggman's control, but there's no Super Sonic final showdown, and they aren't even the big bad of the game. Eggman is, with a copy-paste boss battle from Sonic Colors. Infinite doesn't require some Super Sonic final showdown and he doesn't grow beyond his control. None of them really fall into that specific formula. Chaos does, Shadow/Biolizard do, Metal Sonic does, and Dark Gaia does. The only real exception to the rule during this era is Black Doom. Sonic '06 is a unique case as well, but only in the sense that Iblis and Mephiles didn't do his bidding, nor were they his underlings. He still sets off the events that eventually lead to the formation of Solaris.

  7. Man, if he's been in charge since Colors, he's been a disappointment and a half. Maybe it's unfair to place all the blame on him, but if he's responsible for the current direction, all I can say is yeah, not a fan. The pushing of all the characters besides Sonic into the background, the simplistic stories, the poor characterization, the lame jokes, all of it has made me yearn for the monster of the week formula that ended with Unleashed, and that wasn't a particularly good direction either. It became stale after a while, but even that is preferable to what we've been getting since Colors. 

  8. I hate how stories are presented in most games. I'll be frank, I just want to play the game. Fuck off with your unskippable cutscenes, mandatory character interaction, etc. Not every game can present its story like Dark Souls, but I really feel like its the best way to handle lore and story in a video game. Give us opening animation that sets the stage and leave it to the player to piece together the rest of it with item descriptions, option character interactions, etc. Frankly, if a game is fun, I'm going to play it regardless of whatever incentive is provided by the story and characters. Making the story optional lets the players who don't care about it have a good time without any unnecessary interruptions that may break immersion by reminding you that you're playing a video game once you start nodding off at something you just don't give a shit about and are forced to experience.

  9. Eh, I like Raditz as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure what you could do with a Planet Vegeta era Radtiz.


    I do know Raditz is made aware that Goku was sent to Earth by Gine, but admits he wasn't given any details, which is why he thinks he was sent on a routine mission in this new movie. So that's something I guess. 


  10. Sure, a lot of Toriyama's "genius" is accidental. I'm almost certain the stuff in the Saiyan arc is, given Toriyama oh so carelessly trampled over it with Minus. Still, it doesn't make it any less aggravating. Minus is one of the reasons I wish Dragon Ball didn't have some grand return, because now some of its better qualities are being stripped away. 

    7 hours ago, Kuzu the Boloedge said:

    Hence why I said it's a vocal minority, I'm fairly certain a lot of people straight up don't care (like myself)

    Perhaps, but most people didn't care that Gohan was a Super Saiyan in one of the trailers for Battle of Gods, yet it was fixed anyway. Granted, that's a fairly minor change when compared to an entire story beat.

  11. I mean, expanding on it isn't really the issue. Minus's biggest problem is what it does to the themes present in the Saiyan arc. No amount of expanding on Minus will fix what's been done because Goku being sent to Earth by his parents is part of the original Minus chapter. Goku can't be a low-class outcast that was sent to Earth to destroy it if he was the special love child of better natured Saiyans who sent Goku to Earth for his own safety.  People who like Minus either overlook this, or don't care that some really good writing that really added to Goku's character has been undone in favor of worthless fan service like being able to meet Goku's mom. Also, I have no idea where the majority of fans stand on Minus. I see plenty of hate and plenty of apologism.

  12. 1 minute ago, Kuzu the Boloedge said:


    Yea, but this implies your word has any sway in the direction of the series.

    Mine as an individual doesn't, but if enough people make a stink about something, it can help. Take the Gohan controversy during the build up to Battle of Gods for example. Enough people made a stink about Gohan using Super Saiyan, and that was fixed as a result, well, for the most part. He still uses Super Saiyan during the Super Saiyan God ritual, but we don't really know how Gohan's Ultimate state works, so whatever. 

  13. Just because it's canon doesn't mean I shouldn't criticize it. You original post would imply I should just shut and accept what's being made. No, if something is bad, I'm going to point it out, and it's going to remain shitty writing regardless of whether or not it's canon, and this only reflects poorly on the franchise as whole. Eventually if enough good is taken out, and enough bad is put in, Dragon Ball as a whole will suck. Criticizing bad decisions now will potentially circumvent more shitty writing in the future, so it needs to be done. 

  14. 22 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

    Yea we can think that but at the end of the day its the creators well creation and if he wants to change it he can. The fact some fans try and equate it to fan fic is silly. I always find it funny fans try to think they know a series better than the person creating it.

    Toriyama is notoriously forgetful. He forgot Lunch existed, he forgot No. 18 had blonde hair, etc. If you think Toriyama is beyond trampling over his previous work, you're just wrong. 

  15. Plenty of the more invested fans have a lot to hate about Minus. I for one hate that it destroys the themes found in the Saiyan arc. It also portrays the Saiyans through a more kid friendly lens, and I hate that. The Saiyans were evil, full stop. Goku was the exception to the rule by pure happenstance. He was sent to Earth to destroy it, but through a twist of fate he becomes its savior. What's more, he was low class trash, but grew stronger and succeeded in spite the class based structure Saiyan society was built around. The Saiyan arc really added to Goku as a character, and now all of that is gone because Goku is not some low class trash sent to a backwater planet to do a trash job. No, he's the special love child of some better natured Saiyans who sent him to Earth for his own safety. It's bad, fanfic level bull shit.

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