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  1. Okay, people with Let's Go Eevee, I'm gonna need a solid. I'm trying to create a living Pokedex, so I'm gonna need Eevee's version exclusives, and the trade evolutions. This is what I need, and what I intend to trade for it.

    2 Sandshrews for 2 Ekans

    2 Alolan Sandshrews for 2 Alolan Vulpixs

    1 Oddish for 1 Bellsprout

    2 Glooms for 2 Weepinbells

    1 Mankey for 1 Meowth

    2 Growlithes for 2 Vulpixs

    1 Kadabra for 1 Kadabra

    1 Machoke for 1 Machoke

    1 Graveler for 1 Graveler

    1 Alolan Graveler for 1 Alolan Graveler

    2 Grimers for 2 Koffings

    2 Alolan Grimers for 2 Alolan Meowths

    1 Scyther for 1 Pinsir

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'd help, but I don't have Switch Online at this point. Sorry 

    2. dbzfan7


      And a partridge in a pear tree

  2. The appropriate reaction to MHA.


  3. Welp, I basically manged to watch the entirety of DBS Broli through clips I stumbled upon on Youtube. Great presentation and it was a visual spectacle. Shame Minus had to be a part of it, but honestly, it definitely manages to overcome the association. I'd probably give it an 8/10.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Mind sending one of those clips my way? I plan on seeing it multiple times anyways.

    2. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Am I allowed to do that? 

      If you just search "DBS Broly full movie", You'll find the whole thing, I just checked.

    3. dbzfan7


      Was totally a visual spectacle even in crappy quality. Very cool stuff. Too bad we got the typical Fusion stomps scenario again. Though it's weird how fusion got such a buff when we were told clearly it was worse than SSG. It's also super funny Gogeta just lets Freeza leave, and it seems he's causing harm to others....so.....good job.............

    4. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Saw it, loved it, can't wait to watch it again.

      Also, can I ask something? If Potara is so much better than Fusion Dance, why is it that Vegito can never seem to properly beat an enemy while Gogeta has now done so for a second time?

    5. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Gogeta and Vegetto are "equally matched ultimate trump cards", apparently.




      WTF was up with Ultra Instinct appearing in the transition from God to Blue?


    6. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      -just read the whole thread-

      So they're equal, basically. It just boils down to personality, fighting style and the writing behind them.

      If that's the case, Gogeta's kinda winning. lol

  4. Beat Let's Go again with my main profile. I wasn't about to pay for online again, lol. 

  5. I'd honestly put this higher. Vegeta, Gohan, and Kuririn vs Reacoom might even crack the top 5 for me.


  6. Major DBS Broli spoilers below. I'm serious, it's a leaked scene from the movie.


    Welp, I was hearing rumors that doesn't remain faithful to the manga's take on Bardock's rebellion, and those rumors were true. Freeza doesn't even get a glimpse at Bardock, making his recollection of Bardock a flat out contradiction. Can't say I'm surprised. This is modern Dragon Ball after all.



  7. Sonic Team/SEGA, port Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 to the Switch, you cowards.

    1. E-122-Psi


      M2 might consider it for their SEGA AGES series I suppose.

  8. Bayonetta's classic mode is fuckin' great, lol.

  9. I really like that classic mode is tailored to each character.

  10. Welp, beat Adventure on Hard, so I suppose I should probably do classic mode with every character now.

  11. I'm genuinely curious. What are your biggest gripes with Pokemon? 

    1. Blacklightning


      There aren't enough Mystery Dungeons.

    2. Diogenes
    3. Unidus


      Probably recently mega evolutions and z moves. 

      ... and on another note of recalling "the good old days" I would have to say that I miss a more innocent time before I knew or cared about EV training.... 😕 it's really ruined the single player experience for me, because now all I'm thinking of when I catch a Pokemon is "gotta get all the effort values where I want them before I continue onward."

    4. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      I'm surprised people bother with effort values during the main game. Natures I understand, but effort values seem like overkill with how overpowered the experience share is already. I worry about effort values, egg moves, and IVs post game, and that's only if the generation's meta is fun. I haven't done a ton of breeding this generation because of how bad the meta is.

    5. Dee Dude
    6. dbzfan7


      As a casual, it felt like the same shit each time so I kinda just got bored. Well Mystery Dungeon was the same, but had a story I could enjoy.

    7. TCB


      Metagame sucked the fun out of it for me

      There are others but that one really comes to my mind

    8. Ferno


      No games with more than one region after Gen 2 (then again I started with Gen 2 so I got spoiled into feeling like every game should have more than one)

      also a lot of it feeling sanitized and toned down after gen 5, and every character being super friendly at all times, etc

    9. Unidus


      Also, Gen 3's Battle Frontier was far superior than any attempt that followed in my opinion.

      So many options...

    10. Heckboy


      it's boring. Never got into it as a kid, and when I tried one of the games when I was a little older I just got sick of it really fast.

    11. Red


      Competitive. Pokemon should abolish it altogether. Pokemon has always been a series about "winning with your favourites, using only strong pokemon is shallow" so to have a metagame that is that is the complete opposite of that is kinda bad.

      This is what made Let's Go fun. They got rid of the nonsense and focused on making the game more relaxing to play and less frustrating.

    12. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      You can't avoid some Pokemon being better than others. That holds true even for Let's Go.

    13. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Gen1ers or claiming any design past the original 151 is shit when Gen 1 didn't look that great design wise either.

    14. Unidus


      Gen 1 was a mess.

    15. Blacklightning


      gen 2 is superior

      fite me

    16. DanJ86


      Ash Ketchum.

    17. Ferno


      also they need to finally fix that confusing back and forth when its time for a pokemon to learn a new move

      also also, let me deposit and withdraw pokemons within the same options menu

    18. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      @Ferno Ever use the Move option in these games? Its so much better.

      Oh as a side note, remakes of games like FR/LG and Let's Go not having evolutions to Pokemon available to use in any way. Onix, Golbat, and Scyther aren't great until they evolve.

    19. Zaysho


      Introducing and dropping things every generation, damn near annual releases, gating off useful features like move tutors to whatever immediate third version or sequel or alternate telling (since we've got all three accounted for at this point), battle facilities, while a nice idea (and actually give me ideas for teams now and then), are a real slog if you play more casually and you just want to learn new moves or get the useful items (Battle Tree did address this somewhat, but it can be kind of a pain). The last one kind of amuses me because money is fucking worthless in these games by the time you reach the postgame and I think that'd be a better option. I would also like to see more postgame challenges and areas to explore. A second gym challenge, if not a whole new region, would be great.

  12. As more time goes by, the more I appreciate Black 2 and White 2, TBH, especially after Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. 

  13. There. Beat the World of Light on hard mode.

    1. KHCast


      Wut. Damn you’re crazy dude why do that to yourself lol???

    2. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Eh, it wasn't that bad. Some frustrating moments to be sure, but nothing I couldn't handle.

  14. Is there a faster way to get the Sonic Boom and Super Sonic Racing tracks in Smash Ultimate? So far I've just been waiting for them to appear in the shop.

  15. While I think the weather abilities are the worst part of Gen 5, I otherwise agree with pretty much everything in this vid.



    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'll just leave this here for when the Sonic nipples are confirmed

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