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  1. Fucking hell, this song is awesome!


  2. worst restaurants ever!

    When it comes to food I love it, but boy were there a couple of stinkers... When I was young my family went on a interstate road trip to NSW and on the way home in the tweed heads we stopped at a Hungry Jacks. Hungry Jacks or Burger King for you Americans, as we all know are Macca's rivals. Many people that I know, think Hungary Jacks is superior to the golden arches but to me they're wrong. And this particular restaurant didn't do me any favours regarding their ice cream. I have no idea what the staff did to their ice cream machine, if they botch the instructions or what because their ice cream tasted awful. It was this weird off milk sugary taste that made me feel gross as well as pretty much everyone else. It didn't help that Hungry Jack's burgers in general have got to be some of the greasiest burgers in the market, and that if you eat anything higher in cost than a cheeseburger from them, you feel bloated and queasy. Another much more recent sweet treat that made me feel ghastly was a red velvet cupcake I bought from a cafe called East 32. They're a local cafe and seemed to have people come and eat their food. They buy their cupcakes from another local business called Sweetness Contained. They were 6 dollars a pop. Remember that. Anyway I bought one since I really wanted a cupcake and went off my merry way. Had a few bites, noticed that the cake was dry as the red center and icing was that sickly sweet flavour you get from generic brands but I had worse. Then half way through I began to taste a god awful flavour in my mouth that could only be compared to windex. I was now stuck with a half eaten cupcake and horrible taste in my mouth. Sadly I had no choice but eat the blasted thing. It turned out later on after having a chat with my partner that Sweetness Contained may not have properly sifted through their baking powder and chunks of it ended up in the batter. What a waste of 6 dollars.
  3. ARTWORK: Can Mightyray draw? Let's find out.

    Time for some general suggestions! I asked for some a while back since I wasn't feeling too good. These were fun! First up is @Polkadi. He asked for Rotor Walrus. @Creep Dude Asked me if I could draw his OC Mo from Doof Quest. You might wanna get Burnie and Skeet, Dee, Mo looks like he's going to do something bad to those bug pokemon... And @A Zombie KING heavy engine asked for Jimmy from Ed, Edd and Eddy. Never thought I'd ever do a piece of fan art for that show. Enjoy, folks! I might have some more stuff ready at the end of the week!
  4. [FAN-MADE] Sonic Forces - Doomsday Trailer

    That's a really good trailer Polk! You timed the beat drops with the footage really well!
  5. Did some backgrounds of the Abyss. I'm trying to get a feeling between whacked and somber. Do forgive the roughness, I did it in ball point pen.



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      "That's one sexy billboard!"

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      You're very popular down there. Though not for reasons you'd like though Monokuma. hehe

  6. Good morning SSMB. Hope you are doing O.K.

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      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      I'm doing pretty good. Had a hectic week but Im rested up now.

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      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Doing pretty fine. Had a busy day today. 

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      Super late but hiya! Hope you're doing okay 🙂

  7. The Introduction Topic

    Hi, Judai, welcome to SSMB! Hope you have a pleasant time here!
  8. ARTWORK: Can Mightyray draw? Let's find out.

    Time to get to know a couple more characters! One's a skylander and one is a misfit! I put the info in spoilers to save page space.
  9. Razz the mouse [quick sprites i made on a whim]

    I'd love to see more of your pixel work! This looks awesome!
  10. Jiren joins the dork club. WIP



  11. "N-No I'm not a darkstalker I squre!" Ray pleaded with Heisen-ko suddenly feeling nervous. He then facepalmed himself realising he mispronounced a word. "I'm sorry Heisen, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings..." Ray gave the girl a sad look that would melt some of the toughest of hearts. "Edgeworth." Sgt. Fenix finally appeared. He briefly looked around before handing the man a card. "Pardon the interruption folks, just wanna give our boss something, I'm sorry things were, well, going to shit for you. If you run into trouble the people on this number will help you out if shit goes to hell." "Take care, see you soon." And with that Fenix waved goodbye. Heading off back to the plaza to escort the kids back home.
  12. Yay! You kept my fave female character design! And she looks even cooler now! Awesome job dee!
  13. "The monster form is my second form. This is my original form." Ray tells Dave. "We have a new headmaster, he's, he's not very nice..." Ray felt down about Edgeworth leaving and the Aku taking his place. His gut was screaming that it wasn't possible and to get out A.S.A.P. That...that was far easier said than done for Ray... he looked up to see Pixels, Hiss and the human he rescued come to greet them! "Hi guys!" Ray waved. "This guy is Dave, he helped me find Daniel." Ray beamed, telling Hiss. "Hi, Daniel I'm Ray, I hope you're feeling alright now!" "Thank you for helping me out Hiss and Pixels, you guys did a good job making him feel better, I hope the coffee shop people won't be too mad."
  14. The beings kind words touch Ray so much that he lights up and suddenly de-transforms into his normal form! "Thank you." Ray smiles. "My name is Ray, what's your name?" The monster has been replaced by a small round, bright yellow flying squirrel. "I hope my monster form didn't upset you too much."
  15. Monster Ray just sat leaned up against Sarge's arm, the gear didn't mind... it was a welcome sign that Ray was finally getting less and less scared of him becoming braver and more comfortable a far cry when Sarge first saw the beast. Though a part of him felt he didn't fully earn it yet. "I'm just going to give a quick goodbye to Edgelord, stay here." Sarge told Ray. He headed off through the forest to the igloos hoping he wasn't too late...