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  1. During this time Marcus began seeing them again. Who he thought was Ray earlier in the day was clearly not him but someone else... along with a couple of others. "You can't keep running from the past forever...sooner or later you're going to have to face the music." The squirrel spoke. "I don't think we can keep doing this... we're only making it worse on him..." A female voice spoke. "I thought our job was to comfort him? Not guilt trip him." "Yeah, well can't do that unless he tells them what happens... why else are we white and black... can't you feel the dread and misery comin' off this guy?" The squirrel spoke again. With that Marcus collapsed in bed coughing and wheezing, he was a wreck at this point. "It's O.K. you're not alone..." "Please try to tell them soon O.K.?" He looked to see a kid no older than probably 7 or 8 holding his hand, white and covered in cracks just like the others looking real sad. This truly was hell.
  2. "No, I haven't I already told you I don't know no Rosy..." At this point Marcus began to start violently cough. Marcus coughed and wheezed. "I Don't *cough* care ge-" before he can finish Marcus gasps and coughs before saying nothing more than the word fuck over and over. This was taking a huge toll on him... this was no ordinary flu... this was something much worse.
  3. "FUCK!" Marcus bellowed before summoning his snub pistol. "I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!" Marcus wheezily bellowed. Blood ran down his nose again.
  4. "Yep, let's just say those two better hope they never let me catch them backed into a corner." Nicole could see the harden soldier's eyes and feel a sense of deep dread creeping up from behind. This man regardless of his lack of powers was probably not one you'd want on his hit list. "Next question." He wheezed, clutching his chest.
  5. "Oh yeah, they speak all right." Marcus groaned. "They'll tell me I'm dying or why didn't tell them about this or you can't be a tough guy forever... same old crap." He wheezes. "If it's not them it's that damn bear and creepy b*&^%." Ayna quickly cuts in. "Sorry Nicole, who are you ordering pizza for Marcus?" "Lupin's gang and our crew, get two of 29 and three of 12 then." "I thought you can't read?" Ayna looked puzzled. "I just remembered what I usually got, money's in the draw to the left, tell'em it's me and they'll give you a discount." "You want me to go order pizza?" "I ain't going anywhere any time soon..." Marcus sighs. "O.K. then." Ayna blows Marcus a kiss and heads off carrying his wallet. "I'm too lucky to know a woman like her." He mutters. "Next question."
  6. "Are you a doctor?" Mog asks Aku. "You are very big." Ztar just gives Aku a funny look. "My name is Mog and this is Ztar, they're always angry." Ztar hisses at that response. "But it's true! You don't like people touching you and you get mad." Mog tells them.
  7. Mog walks into the medbay with Ztar floating right next to hear. "Is everything O.K. I heard evil villain laughing..." she then looks at Aku, pauses for a bit and then turns to Ztar. "Is he Shademon's father?" Mog asks. Ztar just shrugs. He does look very suspect though. Then again this place is full of weirdos so who cares.
  8. "Hey, Yaya...I thought of something." Ember ponders. "What is it?" Yaya asks. "You know if the Medic Armour works we could pitch it to Edgeworth and maybe we can make a few of them and send them to people...if of course it works." "Maybe. I'll think about." "I still think you could at least show him..." Ember suggests.
  9. "He's small, yellow, aqua coloured eyes, round tail that's really thick at the end, he's got funny flaps of skin under his arms. Then he turns white with black cracks all over and hands and legs raise out of the ground...weird shit happens they've been my nightmares for a while now." "Sometimes some other weird little fucks are there and they all try and touch me or tell me shit...all of them are white and got black cracks." Marcus passes Ayna the pizza menu. "What does 17 say?" Ayna opes the pizza menu and goes to 17. "Pepprooni power: Pepperoni, chilli, mushrooms, bacon on a spicy tomato base. Cheese crust is an extra $1.50" Marcus shakes his head. "Next question." @Soldier: 76
  10. "Never heard of her." Marcus grunted. Ayna sat by the desk, ready to lend Marcus support when he is ready. "Next question." He sternly replies. @Soldier: 76
  11. Marcus froze... he wasn't sure if he should be talking then again he'd probably be poked again and again until he complies or he snaps. His eyes darted around nervously before putting the pizza menu down. "Sure, go ahead." Ayna motions Shademon, Yaya and Ember to go elsewhere as Marcus will probably need some privacy.
  12. "I'll take you to his room Nicole." Ayna said.Ember, Yaya and Shademon follow behind Ayna takes Nicole to Marcus' room and opens the door. There he sat up in bed trying to read a pizza take away menu. He looked up to see Nicole along with Ayna and the others. "How are you feeling honey?" Ayna asks. "I can't read." Marcus replies in a deadpan tone, looking thoroughly unimpressed by this revelation. "Nicole here wants to ask you a couple of questions, are you alright to do so?" Marcus looks at the holo-lynx and raises an eyebrow... "I suppose." @Soldier: 76
  13. "Amitie isn't lying, he actually is dead." Flame sighs. He then comforts her and Sig. "It wasn't a pretty sight...seeing him dead." **** "Ayna!" Yaya called out. "Are you O.K.?" "Yeah, we kind of needed to talk to you to see how you are." Ember smiles. "Well I'm O.K. but Nicole here needs some help, would you happen to know anyone who would be called pest?" Ayna asks. "Wasn't Ray nicknamed 'little pest' by Sarge?" "Yeah, he was called pest a lot." Yaya nodded. "But Ray's been missing for a long time, just disappeared off the map and not a trace has been found of him." Yaya then shrugged.
  14. "Pest?" Ayna scratched her head. "I haven't gotten around to really asking him about all of his missions and who he was with Nicole." "I'm as new as you are here sadly." She sighed. **** Flame over hears the birds trying to look for Chuck and decided to try and tell them. "Um, you three looking for Chuck?" Flame asks. He was then beaten to it by Amitie and the others. So glad I didn't have to tell them... I might have made them angry-er, thanks Amitie.
  15. Shademon and Nicole finally find Ayna sitting on a log outside, watching the sky go past. @Soldier: 76 "Are you alright Ayna?" Shademon hisses. "Yeah, I'm O.K." "Nicole wishes to check up on Sarge, would you be able to take her to the room?" "Oh, uh, sure." Ayna gets up and approaches Nicole. "I'll take you there, Undyne and I put him to bed and afterwards I had to give him some fever medication. His temperature was sky high, so little wonder why he went mad." Ayna wasn't really sure if she should be telling the holo-lynx all that but since she became caretaker she thought it would be wise.