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  1. G'night SSMB. See you later!

  2. "Hello your highness, I'm Ray!" Ray yelled from his spot bowing at Simba. "Hope those hyenas don't hurt you." He quickly goes back into hiding.
  3. Ray waves his staff around. "Y-you can do it skylanders!" He squeakily cheers. Ray is not budging from his spot... he's far too chicken at this point to do anything. Those hyenas were giving him very bad vibes.
  4. Ray looks at Simba in awe from his small hidey hole. "So soft..." He whispered to himself. If his eyes got any wider they would pop out of his head.
  5. Ray realised that he was no match for the hyenas and quickly tried to find a small crevice to squeeze in, away from the sharp teeth and manic laughter. "Good luck everyone." He squeaked.
  6. Ray seemed to have little trouble getting used to his body... it was carrying his staff and trying to get noticed was the more worrying problem for the flying squirrel. He staff felt a bit heavier and his urge to climb onto people and cling to them was strong as ever. "Hello?!" Ray squeaked. "I need a hug..." He cried out. The fire and manic laughing put the tiny critter on edge.
  7. G'night SSMB. See you later!

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      Good night, hope to get some sleep.

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      Good night! Hope you sleep well!

  8. I love this so much. 

  9. "Because Ivorn has the heart of a lion and you have the heart of a jerk?" Ray squeaked at Shade. Oddly enough Ray showed very little fear of the dark elemental. He then used the staff to scratch his back unconcerned about if Shade would retaliate.
  10. "Nicole?" Ray noticed the holo lynx rushed off back inside the ship. "Hey wait! It's O.K. everyone else is wearing nothing as well, I don't even have my gloves or shoes... and I feel the need to eat bark." Ray tried to reassure his digital friend.
  11. "L-let's do our best everyone!" Ray squeaked... suddenly he felt a LOT smaller than he was before... "Why do I feel so weak?" Ray sobbed before quickly scratching himself. You could have swore if you picked him up you'd be holding a soft squeaky toy.
  12. After seeing one of the member of Organisation 13 up close something inside Ray started sounding alarm bells in his little noggin. How on earth was he going to be able to help out the skylanders? All he could do was make sparkles appear and not much else. Something was preventing him going monster too... not that he wanted to transform anyway. He felt very helpless and useless at this point.
  13. "Huh?!" Ray panicked. He then facepalmed realising that he was supposed to blurt that part out to everyone under the sun. "I-I was meaning m-my fellow co-workers!" "L-like Yaya and Ember!" Ray stuttered trying to cover his tracks... rather badly.
  14. Ray gasped before making a very angry face...that looked like he was forced to suck a lemon rather than one of rage. "Those black hooded, poser, scam artist, jerk faces are going to regret this." Ray hissed.
  15. "Start talking mister... or I'll call forth some friends of mine that you won't wanna upset." Ray threatened, pointing his staff at Oogie. He didn't tell the skylanders that he could summon ghosts...or other comfort reapers.