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  1. It took a little bit but Delta finally made to the dance club. "Here we are kids. Let's head inside." Ayna holds the door open so the rest of Delta can go inside. "Thanks Ayna!" Flame smiled.
  2. "Do I have to go?" Ray whined. "That creepy purple haired man is going to be there! He's a willow o' wisp, I know it!" "Don't be stupid, now stop whining and come with me or I'll make you spar with Undyne." Sarge grunted, yanking Ray off the ground. "Look if it'll make you feel better I'm sure the guy isn't a willow o' wisp just one of those overpowered Dragon Ball weirdos that make things explode-" "Explode?!" "Let me finish before you have a panic attack." Great choice of words you picked there Fenix... "What I was meaning he's probably just another hero who just happened to be here and help out." "Relax, O.K. he ain't going to eat ya."
  3. "We're stilling going to that dance club right?" Flame asks Ayna. The two then see Ray leaving the elevator in a hurry. "Yes, we are." Ayna tells him. Sarge then calmly walks out. "Kid, doesn't like people who make light shows and red echidna's, I'll go drag pest to the dance floor." "We'll meet you there then." Ayna smiled. "O.K. everyone let's head to the dance club." Ayna tells everybody to get a move on.
  4. I do too, that's why some confirmation would be pretty sweet. Biggs is a Biggs Jasper so the great northern monster could be a possibility.
  5. What. I think my brain broke reading that. I can't believe he'd do that. Just... god damn it, focus on making a god damn entertaining film and stop breaking the SFX departments shit Michael Bay!
  6. Ray began to sneak out... bad enough the creepy guy with the purple hair was here but now Knuckles too, as much as he respected Knuckles a lot, there was a small part of him that felt like walking on eggshells around Rad Red. The sooner he escaped the better.
  7. I don't understand how one could fuck up a film involving giant robots, wizards, time travel, robot dinosaurs, WW2 and brainwashing aliens. This should be the holy grail of stupid action flicks. Full of fun, excitement, a few laughs and touching moment or moral and lots of badassery. Then again this is Michael Bay... the man would rather have another overdone explosion shot then actually think for a few moments about character placement.
  8. Ray gasped. Suddenly flashbacks to how his planet came under siege and was ruined... "Oh gosh... I'm so sorry." Ray whimpered.
  9. "Speaking of mole people! HI KNUCKLES!" Saffron waved. "He may be from a different universe but he's still Knuckles." "K-K-Knuckles?!" Ray looked down and saw the echidna looking mad. "Oh boy." Sarge didn't seemed too fazed to see Knuckles. Another day, another new recruit.
  10. "Wow! That looks so cool!" Saffron squees. Seeing Undyne's spears got the little bee's blood pumping. "I can't wait to train with you!" "I sure Ray and the others will wanna train with you too!" "So do you think mole people used to live in the base?" Saffron then asked.
  11. The sound Trunks' transform makes startles Ray so much he leaps of Sarge and clings to the ceiling. "EEEEEPPPPP!" He screams as he nervously looks around. "Ray, get off the ceiling." Sarge tells the flying squirrel in a dead pan manner.
  12. "Nice base you got there Sentinal. I take it this is our new conference room?" Sarge asked. Ray nervously smiled as Sarge looked up at his tiny subordinate. "Speaking of which when are we going to meet this Burning Man?" Sarge asked. "Those other goofballs back in Mercy said that he knew me." "Maybe, later..." Ray nervously spoke.
  13. "Ayna, stay with the others, I'll take pest here and we'll go inside." Sarge tells his missus. "And if we don't make it. Call the police." Ray squeaks. The two head into the elevator and head down into the secret base. "Are, Are you the guy who trained Nightwing?" Flame rushed up to ask Batman. "If so you did a great job! He's so cool!" Flame bounces up and down.
  14. "Do, do we have to go down the lift Sarge, it looks like a trap." Ray mutters. "Speak up kid, can't hear you." Sarge grunts. "Do we have to go down the lift? It looks like a trap." Ray spoke up, more clearly. "Yep." He told the flying squirrel. He then sighed and picked Ray and plonked him on his shoulders. "Don't cling on to me." He told him. "O.K."
  15. "I smash things and make people tap!" Saffron smiles. She then whips out Barbie, her pink barbwire baseball bat, forcing Ray to recoil. "This is Barbie, isn't she pretty?" She asks Undyne. "Ray could do with lots of training! He lost his powers! And is a reaper now, whatever that is." Saffron smiled. "Hi Storm. I'm Mia, cool name by the way." Mia nodded in approval. "And I'm Flame! Are, Are you a hero?" Flame asked. Her outfit got his attention especially the cape. "And I'm Ember, please excuse the fanboy, he tends not to think straight." Flame pouts at Ember. **** "So Sarge, what's up with the flashing payphone?" Ray asks Eager to get away from the others for bit. "No idea, but folks reckon we might be watched." Sarge folded his arms. "And they want us to join them..." Pointing to secret entrance Shuichi activated.