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  1. Voltrix's Everything

    That's some really cool pixel work! Hope to see more from you! Oh and welcome to SSMB!
  2. I've only sold one Borris Book. I feel like a failure SSMB. 

    1. RedFox99


      Does that count online purchases?

    2. Failinhearts


      Think of things on the bright side, pal. Glass half-full.

      You sold one! One of many! It's just gonna take time! There are so many cult hits that totally bomb when they first come out, but when time passes, everybody loves it.

      Fight ain't over.

    3. Mightyray


      @RedFox99 Yes, Red, cause it's an E-Book. It's all online.

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Did you try advertising?

    5. Mightyray


      @SenEDDtor Missile I bought a marketing plan from the publishers 2 weeks ago. I've been reading it and already I feel horrible for doing so cause I either don't have the money to spend nor the equipment to do half the stuff it recommends.

      I've mentioned Borris a couple of times here on SSMB, and he's in my sig, and he's on the very top on my DA. I'd mention him on my tumblr and twitter but I've got no followers so it would be a waste of time.

    6. Stasis


      Where can I find it online?

    7. RedFox99
    8. Mightyray


      @Stasis Links are in my signature.

    9. Kiah


      Okay hold on. The fact that you actually published a book should be an automatic success. There are many out there that can only dream to accomplish what you have done so please don’t sell yourself short as you are not a failure by any means.

      As for advertising, it’s not a one and done deal with what you’ve already done. Keep doing it by whatever means you have. Get others to put the word out. The same goes for your commissioning. Be persistent with it.

      It’s only been 2 weeks where your book is among millions out there. Give it some time and don’t throw in the towel yet. Especially since it’s a good book as I’ve bought it. Hope others will do the same as it’s vrry helpful as well as cute. You did a very good job tackling a very serious issue with anxiety. I think it’s just a sleeper at the moment but do what you can do within your means to change that. 

      It’s not over until it’s over. Please don’t give up.

    10. Mightyray


      Thanks guys. I'll try and keep my chin up. :)

    11. Kiah


      And remember don’t feel bad to express yourself when you are feeling down as we will be here to try to cheer you up 🙂

    12. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Hey @Mightyray, when I said did you try to advertise it, I didn't mean you had to use paid stuff in order to get the word around about it. I meant you could do stuff like Twitter, Facebook, reddit, etc. to spread around via word of mouth. Those are free and could get more attention far more easily than just waiting for someone to come across your book in the midst of hundreds of thousands of books.

      Heck, why not post some kind of quick thing on your tumblr or deviantart to get some attention from people who follow your work, and have them spread the word as well? You've probably got a built-in base to some degree, and a few followers spreading the word is much better than just yourself.

    13. Mightyray


      @SenEDDtor Missile I did mention in my reply to you that I do have a twitter and tumblr but I've got like no followers so there is no real point letting people know about Borris. I don't have facebook or reddit and to be honest I really don't like using facebook. Plus what I've said on SSMB and Deviantart.

      My friends and family have been talking about. One of my friends put an ad up on facebook asking folks to share it and she said it got shared around 5 times or something. Surrealbrain also shared Borris on twitter.

      I bring him up when I can but I can't force folks to buy him. I tend to feel guilty asking folks for help and when people say they do wanna help it rarely if ever happens. A part of me is just grateful he's even out there since the publisher could have easily said no.

      Like I wasn't expecting Borris to sell bucket loads, that's impossible, but I was hoping he'd sell 2 or 3 books.

      Doesn't help that I'm really bad at communicating and really easy to ignore. I'm just there. Always have been, always will be.

    14. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Even if you don't have followers, it doesn't hurt to at least TRY to post Borris up anyways. Even just one or two people noticing could be the difference between your book not selling and it selling.

    15. Mightyray


      @SenEDDtor Missile I did with my commissions on tumblr. And I got about 3 or 4 reblogs and then nothing.

    16. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      You should be very greatful that you managed to get a e-book published, some people try and just can't get there. Some things that we take for granted, some of them were flops when they were released whether they are movies, books or games however developed a cult following over time. Do I expect it to sell millions and become the next Very Hungry Catapillar? No, but even if you have 100 it would be an achievement worth writing down.

      I would have easily bought the e-book, not just to support you but also to see if the advice in the book is helpful since I really do suffer from extremely bad anxiety online and offline. It's just that being an e-book I am a bit weary of, if it was a physical copy then it would be not only easier to read but also less of a risk whether I would like it or not. Also I don't know if you can view them on a computer rather than a tablet or a Kindle.

    17. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @King Koopone You can if ou download the PC/MAC Kindle software.

    18. Mightyray


      @King Koopone I have been easily able to read Borris on my computer and on my parents I Pads when I was given the prototypes to review. No need for Kindle Software as you can get it on I Tunes and Google too. Getting it printed was my first option but the costs or requirements were either too high or they just weren't interested hence the e-book route.

      A part of me is very grateful I even got it published and I never even in my wildest dreams to expect to even garner any interest when I first showed it to people years ago as my final TAFE assignment. Problem is when you've been all over the shop for the past several months rational thinking tends to get the boot and the dumb ideas i.e. "Stab yourself with a fork! Do it, my treat!" come in over the slightest fucking thing. (For the record, no, I have not stabbed myself with a fork, and I have no intentions doing so, no matter how hard my brain wants me to do it.)

      Please bare with me here, I'm currently doing REALLY badly with my moods this morning. 

  3. I wish I could make decent quality memes.

    1. The Holiday Drunk

      The Holiday Drunk

      I second this status.

  4. Don't really care for Black, but, hey, Hit and Beerus are in and that's fine by me.
  5. My word, that colouring is just atrocious. The armor on not Rotor just looks so badly rendered and his face looks even worse, some of the panels behind the two characters don't even have shading.
  6. Be me.

    Go on the local news website to read about stuff.

    Find out that people can't afford Christmas. Lots of people broke and lonely.

    Make mistake reading comment section. 

    "People on struggle street don't deserve help! They just blow their money on booze!"

    "Christmas is just a waste of time with out god!"

    "If these people are so lonely, why don't they go out and help the needy instead of moaning about it?"

    "Christmas is just a soulless cash grab, when we were young we were grateful for what we got!"


    1. Bobnik


      Reminds me of my local news' comment sections. Needs more "Get russian-speaking people living here the the f**k out of our country" tho.

    2. Mightyray


      @Bobnik I wouldn't be surprised to see subtle racism or xenopobia pop up. Like I'm a an Athiest but the thing I hate the most about the Christmas season is the fucking elitism and lack of nuance these days.

      The worst comment was some jack ass saying that wanting rights and feeling to be respected was just a man made thing and people should get over themselves. And the most annoying thing is half of those boofheads probably never actually set foot in a soup kitchen or charity shop to volunteer and if they did they'd just use it to brag about how good they are.

      I'm just so over the fuck you, got mine mentality. 

  7. Hit's deep web cleaning service. Making sure your enemies are scrubbed clean out of existence. 

  8. Wrapping plush toys is a pain in the ass.

    1. Kiah


      My gift-wrapping skills absolutely suck lol. One of these days I’ll get it right...

    2. Mightyray


      Same. The presents look like they were wrapped by a little kid. lol

    3. PaulyBFromDaNorthP


      Boxes are easier. I'm sure you can find something to put it in

    4. Mightyray


      Actually no... Nice boxes are very hard to find where I am. It's just cheaper to wrap the gifts.

    5. Kiah


      The way I wrap them up would be an insult to kids if I was told I it looked like a kid did it. 

      I know how to make a gift bag look pretty I guess as I tend to add things like bows, stickers, ribbons and balloons to them   😋

  9. You know... for all the hype I gave Sonic Mania... I just can't be bothered playing it.

    1. TheOcelot


      I like playing through a few zones here and there and then find myself getting bored.

    2. Scott


      Haven't played it since my initial playthrough! Only have about 4 emeralds or something. Will go back eventually. 

      Other games and stuff! But it was a wild and fun experience! And was really fun going through all the classic in the days running up to the release :D

    3. Mightyray


      I haven't even bought it. I just can't be bothered. The only game I've played on the family PS4 is Crash.

    4. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      I feel the same way, just feel apathetic towards the game. 

      I know that it is a good game and know that I would get some enjoyment out of it but they are on systems that I just don't have, plus Denuvo put me off the PC version. Saying that I haven't played a game for the past few weeks... 

  10. ARTWORK: Can Mightyray draw? Let's find out.

    Lucky last suggestion! This one is for @JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne! He asked for Phoenix or Maya so I decided to draw both and put them in goofy outfits! Enjoy!
  11. Radical Drive - Comic (And Some "Trailers")

    My goodness me! Those are some terrific characters! Great job!
  12. So I got a question for you SSMB. Who wants to see a Monster Mighty?

    1. Kiah


      Only if it's cute ^_^

  13. I found a club penguin toy at another op shop in cooroy. The penguin is now currently stuck with Herbert.

    Man, I love op shopping. :)

    1. Ryannumber1Santa



      "If your shopping trips result in me being stuck listening to idiotic penguins, then I despise shopping"

  14. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Welp, just finished 119. What a bum rushed episode. Gamisaras is now a invisable lizard cause design changes, they nerfed Piccolo's hearing, Piccolo went out like a chump, the three U4 warriors went out like chumps and I'm now dealing with one salty Piccolo fan in the form of my partner. lol But hey, Quinny boy went out having a tantrum and the rest of his universe was like 'eh, shit happens.'
  15. When I get money for my birthday, I'm gonna save it up for a custom Mighty plush.