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    Video games, chocolate, action movies, chocolate cake, most memes, chocolate pudding, rubber ducks, chocolate mousse, fairy winkles, chocolate biscuts...mmm chocolate.
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  1. Summer is here, ready to make me its bitch again. Fuck.

    1. Failinhearts


      Summer? But summer is-

      ...ah, right, forgot. Regions.

    2. SgtBloxx


      Wait, so you celebrate Christmas and New Year during the Summer?

    3. SurrealBrain


      And winter is coming on my end for the snow to be hard to walk in and mess up the roads. Ain't life just grand?

    4. Kiah


      What’s the matter exactly? Hot weather bothering you? 😦

    5. SgtBloxx


      @SurrealBrain At least you get snow. Where I live at, there’s no snow. 

      I miss seeing snow.

    6. SurrealBrain
    7. MightyRay


      @Kiah Yeah, it's late spring where I am and yet at this point it might as well be called Early Summer.

      The heat tends to screw with my mental faculties. 

      @Bloxxerboy Yep, and it can be a real nightmare. The heat gets so bad people starting acting up, folks dub it "Goin' Troppo".

    8. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Summer is over. Australians just have hot Winters.

    9. Kiah


      Oh wow...that sucks that the weather has that kind of impact on you. When/if it gets bad and you need to talk to someone remember I’m always here. Hope you’ll get through this okay. 

    10. MightyRay


      @Rusty Spy So basically Central Austrailia all year round? Fuck that shit, I'm out lol.

      @Kiah Thanks Kiah, you're a treasure!

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