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  1. As much as I like Tangle's characterization/personality and all, I'd rather have her and Whisper stay in the comics. Plus, I can't really point out what it is but imo design-wise, they kind of stand out when you place them next to the main Sonic cast.
  2. The TGS trailer for Sonic Lost World mentions that the Lost Hex is a "Future Continent" of Sonic's World. In the japanese opening of the game, Tails describes it as a "continent of illusions". Also, in Sonic Runners Tails states that rings that stay around nature for a really long time accumulate some sort of "special energy", which transforms them into power rings (they're basically mini rainbow rings that grant you powerful energy if you collect lots of them).
  3. I'm starting to think that we might get a trailer at SXSW.... Also about Sonic and War going together: After playing Forces on the day it came out, I came to realize that a Sonic game being set in a wartime setting doesn't feel right imo. It's just kinda off especially considering that he's a cartoony hedgehog. I'd rather have the games being set in stylized colorful worlds or something like Unleashed where the plot was friendly but with some serious moments & with some of the levels being based on real locations. Regardless, if they do show a trailer at SXSW, I can't imagine how the crowd is going to react lol
  4. Kenichi Tokoi is amazing

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I recently did a remix of his work. His style is a lot different than the others Sonic uses

  5. I'm pretty sure the Master Emerald is more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds. It has the power to neutralize the emeralds (which makes it very powerful apparently), it's also thanks to the Master Emerald that a future version of Angel Island arrived in the present (Rivals 1), it can amplify the power of the emeralds as well (S3&K), etc. So I wouldn't say that the Chaos Emeralds are stronger.
  6. HOLY SHIT YES PLEASE I loved Mania Adventures so much, so if we can get another animated series I'm down for it!
  7. Soooo is Mania Plus going to be getting a midnight release? 

  8. I always thought that Sonic Team could've made a 2.5D Sonic game with Runners' Style. Sonic Runners, despite being a mobile game was fun and the art style was neat as well imo. Honestly, I wish they used some stuff from Runners and mixed it with some of the Advance series' mechanics to make something. Sadly, it seems that they probably won't revisit Runners' style anytime soon, which is a shame since imo, the game's style had some potential to be improved and used in a future game. As I've mentioned before, they could use some stuff from the game along with the advance series' mechanics to make something new. Oh well.
  9. In case you guys wanted to listen to Trap Tower: This is good holy shit
  10. Seems like review copies are being sent. I asked the person who posted this tweet to make sure and he confirmed that the copy he has is a review copy.
  11. That’s weird. The screenshots below show Mighty and Ray in what appears to be GHZ from Mania Mode. In which part of the video does he say that, If I may ask?
  12. I heard that they've used Unity to render one of their film's, but I'm not sure if they used Unity to render their recent Sonic CGI stuff. IIRC, they developed the tool with Unity Japan and call it "UTMP". I've been thinking if they used this tool to render the animation used in TSR's trailer because imo it doesn't look good compared to their past CGI work.
  13. I just watched the video. Holy shit those special stages look REALLY hard. I hope we get a reward for completing them. Maybe Super Emeralds?
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