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  1. guys



    1. Soni


      Now I can listen to shitty music for 15 minutes before I contemplate my life choices!


    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Sounds like Animu 

    3. TCB


      This legit sounds like something I hear in Scott Pilgrim vs the World 

      But not a good I guess?

    4. Celestia


      I like the general direction Ohtani was probably going for with this track, but as is it's just so...grating. Hopefully it's an early WIP.

    5. Forte-Metallix


      Again, the tune itself is perfectly fine- I just hate the instruments.

      They really should just use whatever program Tee Lopes is using to make his masterpieces.

    6. Ferno


      whatever happened to classic sonic music that vaguely sounds like and mashes up perfectly with michael jackson music. tbh if they tried that again then they'd be right on the money, this just sounds generic

    7. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      I has to be an early wip.

      There is no way Othani doesn't hear how grating it is. Or that he's not seeing all the complaints

    8. dwibs93


      i think he did say it was an "early mix" or something

    9. VEDJ-F


      Yeah, final tune, but not final mix. 

    10. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Tee Lopes please do justice to this track, because I can't find the good melody people are talking about.

      (it sounds better at .75 speed)

    11. Ferno



      did you check under the tray

    12. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      If this is the final tune, I hope the final version is freakin' Ultra Final Mix 2.8 Turbo.

    13. Kiah


      That track is 30 minutes long and I couldn't even listen to it for 30 seconds. Doesn't sound good at all to me. I really hope this is a work in progress as I want to enjoy the music in Forces as I usually do with Sonic games. 

    14. Gabe


      @Forte-Metallix Think he said he uses FL Studio.

      If this really is Ohtani's work, it sounds like he's getting hit with Sunone Syndrone. Trying to recreate chiptune music but not really pulling it off well.

    15. Cyrus


      Damn I'm literally the only person on this board who really likes this theme

    16. Soni


      I'm joking, the track is fine. Wonder what improvements Ohtani could make to the track in the final version.

    17. Shaddy the guy
    18. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      But seriously it's practically beat for beat another Sonic Runners Anime-esque tune. Surprised no one else has pointed it out yet.

      ... Not sure I like it being in a mainline Sonic game, though, tbh...

    19. Celestia


      I'm okay with that in theory, I just wish it sounded better. So count me in the "I want to like it" camp I guess

    20. Ferno


      i pointed it out days ago, but this forum moves at a million miles per hour these days

    21. TCB


      @The Deleter oh I've noticed it

      It's no wonder why it's not doing it for me :U

    22. Celestia


      I actually like the style of Runners' music a lot, even if it each track is pretty repetitive.

      This still rules imo.

    23. Soni


      Spring Emotions was pretty dope but you can't beat Strange Parade, that's just LIT BOIIIII!

    24. Celestia


      Huh, I hadn't listened to that one yet. Good stuff

  2. Nope, this info is from a translation of a tweet. And apparently, they're going to be showing clips of Sonic Mania as well. EDIT: when I spoke about them showing a full playthrough of Modern Sonic 's level, I wasn't confirming that they're actually going to show it. I was just speculating.
  3. Inb4, they're only going to be showing the debut & both gameplay trailers from SXSW & Nintendo Direct lol :V For real though, I heard that they're going to be showing videos tomorrow, so I guess they could finally show us a full playthrough of Modern Sonic's level. Unless they're saving that for E3. EDIT: I wonder if Shun Nakamura will be on the stream along with Iizuka.
  4. Hey guys, this is kinda off-topic, but a new Classic Sonic fangame called "Sonic Time Twisted" just got released today! So for those of you who can't wait for Sonic Mania, here's something that will keep you busy while you wait for the game
  5. So it seems that a domain for Sonic Runners Adventure was registered today: EDIT: And it's available again... what?
  6. So it seems that a domain for Sonic Runners Adventure was registered today:

    1. -Ace-



    2. Celestia
    3. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      I hope soon means right now

  7. That robot used in Max Collin's animation does resemble a certain boss that was teased at SXSW: You could say that maybe he did the robot's design based on the silhouette art from SEGA but if that's the case, why did he remove the animation from his tumblr? EDIT: If SEGA requested him to make this animation, I'm going to guess that it's for a commercial. EDIT 2: Nvm, that's the boss from Mirage Saloon.
  8. Sonic Forces' website is now open! Also, on April 14th they're going to be uploading a video to the website (maybe they're just going to upload the trailer & the gameplay video from SXSW, but I could be wrong).
  9. SEGA already said that this game is still in its beta/alpha phase so they still have time to improve the game. I don't think that the final product will look anything like these current builds that they've shown.
  10. So Classic Sonic is in Sonic Forces due to a "New Power" that Eggman found. What if the new character is a character from another Universe/Dimension? This "New Power" that Eggman found did affect time and space, so maybe it affected other Universes/Dimensions as well?
  11. "Sonic 25th Anniversary continue in 2017 year with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces sales" *cough* Sonic Runners Adventure as well *cough* Also, apparently, the third character plays an import role in the game's story.
  12. I don't think I've ever mentioned my thoughts about the boost formula so here goes, I guess (Also sorry if there a few spelling mistakes, my main language isn't english lol): I like the Boost gameplay in a 3D Sonic game. It's really fun, because it allows me to go through levels/zones at highs speeds and I think it's one of Sonic's best gameplay concepts that Sonic Team has came up with. However, even though the boost gameplay is fun, I think it has a few flaws. When making a Sonic game that uses the boost gameplay, the levels need to be really long in length because the boost allows Sonic to go through the entire level really fast, so if Sonic Team was to include a short level, you'd complete the level REALLY fast. But From what I've seen in the past few Sonic games, these levels always seem... linear... they're long, but linear. By linear, I mean that the player always has to keep the analog stick forward while boosting to complete the level, without he/she moving the analog stick around because the path is linear. I think that this is a problem because the player doesn't get to move the analog stick that much when playing the game since the level design is linear. In my opinion, the stage that fixed this issue was Seaside Hill (Modern) in Sonic Generations: You had multiple paths to go to and sometimes you weren't even required to keep the analog stick facing forward on your controller because you could move it around to go to different paths in the stage. Also, I don't think that an Open World Sonic game would really fit with the boost gameplay. The Boost gameplay, doesn't really work for exploration in my opinion. If we look at past Sonic games that use this gameplay style, you'll notice that Sonic is always blazing through the level without stopping to explore an area to find collectibles. In Unleashed/Colors/Gens, you had collectibles as well but most of the time, you were always moving while collecting these. You wouldn't stop for like 10-20 seconds to look for a collectible or some secret areas; honestly, that kinda breaks the pace of the game since, the gameplay style was designed for Sonic to run really fast through levels. But hey these are just my thoughts, so it's completely fine if you'd like the boost gameplay to be used in an Open-world Sonic game . Another flaw that the boost gameplay has is that, the boost is basically an invincible armor for Sonic. The 3D boost games include enemies, however the enemies are just there just to help Sonic fill-up his boost gauge. None of these enemies have a way to stop Sonic when he's boosting simply because it's invincible (Unless I'm missing something lol). Let's look at the homing attack for example: In some Boost games, there are enemies that can prevent Sonic's homing attack from destroying them, by using electricity (or an armor). I think that this is good because it allows the player to use the homing attack properly and be cautious when seeing these type of enemies. So I don't see why this could be an exception for Sonic's boost. In a boost game, you could have some type of enemies that have ways to stop Sonic's boost, which will allow the player to use the boost properly instead of just using it to progress through the level as an invincible hedgehog lol. But just because these type of enemies have their own ways to defeat Sonic while he's boosting, I don't think that Sonic shouldn't have other options to defeat them instead of using the boost all the time. For example: In Sonic Unleashed's Opening, instead of using a homing attack or his boost technique to defeat Eggman's Giant robot, Sonic instead decided to sneak under it and then run around him to cause it to malfunction. You could say that, maybe the robot was just too strong and Sonic's attacks would have no effect on him but eh, I could be wrong lol. Basically, instead of resorting to use the boost all the time, to defeat enemies, Sonic could use a few strategies in the game to defeat these enemies and keep his momentum after using these strategies. Another way that I could see Sonic defeating strong giant/small robots is by using adding a similar mechanic that's used in Asphalt 8 (mobile racing game made by Gameloft). Now, I understand that Asphalt 8 is different from Sonic, however there's an interesting mechanic in the game that got me interested. In the game there are 2 Nitro modes: Nitro and Perfect Nitro. "Nitro" is basically a normal boost so that the cars can reach high speeds normally. "Perfect Nitro" however is a boost that allows the car to reach even HIGHER speeds, however there's a catch: There's a nitro bar in the game that's mostly filled up with with the normal nitro (orange), while the perfect nitro is the little red section as you can see down below. To achieve the perfect nitro, the player must press the boost button as soon as the gauge is in the red area. If he/she doesn't press the button while the gauge is passing by the red area, then player will only be able to perform a normal nitro. Also when the player taps on the boost button as soon as the gauge is in the red area, the gauge increases a little bit, so I guess you could say that perfect nitro is kind of rewarding for the player. Honestly, I think this kind of mechanic could be applied to Sonic: When the player taps the boost button once, Sonic will start running really fast with a "normal boost". However as the boost gauge starts going down there could be a small colored section in the gauge that will allow Sonic to reach even higher speeds and make his boost stronger. But when using the "Perfect Boost", the boost gauge could start going down faster; the reason for this is so that the player uses the "perfect boost" with caution, since he/she won't be able to defend himself/herself from stronger enemies if the gauge is completely empty. Both of these boost techniques could also be given their own design to help the player identify which one is perfect boost and which one is the normal boost: Also, the boost pads are really pointless in a boost game IMO. Basically: Boost = let's you reach high speed Boost Pads = Let's you reach high speeds I mean are they really needed in a Sonic game that's using the boost gameplay? Boost pads just do the same thing that the boost does: Increase Sonic's speed. Surprisingly, they don't even increase Sonic's speed that much, especially when using the boost (Unleashed and Colors are an example of this). In Generations, they did increase Sonic's speed a bit though when he used his boost technique. So again, is there really any need for them to be in the boost games? You could say that they could be used for Sonic to make sharp turns but he has his drift technique for that lol. I think the Wii/PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed did a great job with the boost pads: Whenever Sonic ran over one of them while boosting, they increased Sonic's speed a LOT and he would often spindash (I guess this was to let the player know that he's going really fast lol). Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts about the boost gameplay. It's a fun concept, but it definitely has a few flaws.
  13. Just a heads-up but Sonic Runners Adventure might be getting a release on PC as well considering that Gameloft releases some of their Mobile games on Windows (E.g- Asphalt 8, Minion Rush, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, etc).