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  1. I think the spin dash is a lot better because it fits the character more. However, it has its problems too.
  2. True. I wish someone just took the physics and movement of adventure and put them in these new games as a hack or something.
  3. Thanks for adding me, man!

    1. Hunter Hedgehog

      Hunter Hedgehog

      Sure. We're both new, and I need SOME friends on here.

    2. Lisbon


      Yeahh, I getcha .-.

      Kind of tough to get used to a new community, honestly. I've just sat back and watched the status updates for the past couple of days. It's pretty entertaining xP

  4. Complete agreement here. And yes, that was an exaggeration I realized (played unleashed's more open levels today), sorry.
  5. I mean as in level design. Should have specified, sorry. In generations there are TONS of alternate paths and in unleashed here is maybe two max per level.
  6. I would like a focus on shadow in this movie. It should still be focused on sonic, but shadow should be in it, as well as silver and/or blaze.
  7. I personally think unleashed needed to be more open like generations, it just felt like a hallway to me even if it was fun. And I LOVE the setting.
  8. Hello, just call me hunter hedgehog. I played sonic 3d blast on my pc when i was six and instantly loved it even though its pretty bad. I got a plug and play genesis with sonic 1 and thought it was ok. My parents got me a 360 and sonic 06 and i couldn't even get past the first level in tails' section. THEN I PLAYED UNLEASHED. HOLY. CRAP. Instantly hooked and got into the community via youtube comments. (pitiful, huh?) But when i bought generations, i knew i had to come here. Since i'm new, I've been looking for a beginner's section (if there is one). Is there? Please send me there if you can. As for my taste in music, all of crush 40 and these are my favorites: I also enjoy zebrahead. I am striving to draw sonic's universe just as good as yardley. (so give me some ideas as to what sonic character to draw doing what and i'll send you the result, i need ideas!) I hope i can be accepted into this community. Oh, and i enjoy shadow's game as a guilty pleasure. such a missed opportunity, i would like shadow 2 no matter how controversial that might be. Thanks, Hunter Hedgehog
  9. (I'm new here, don't hate on my post if it's somehow bad) Why are these songs always overlooked? Does anyone else like them?
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