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      Because Smash is more popular than another M&S Olympic game?

  2. OH? DON'T MIND MY 3 YEAR HIATUS HERE. I'M JUST HERE TO NONCHALANTLY MEANDER ON IN HERE AND SAY... WAVE CONFIRMED! This is from today's Japanese Nintendo Direct. Are you stoke? PROBABLY NOT. BUT I, FOR ONE, AM VERY STOKED. ALL HAIL OUR RETURNING BIRD MECHANIC QUEEN. OH AND ALSO, UHHH. ROSALINA AND WENDY AND LUDWIG CONFIRMED TOO. DRY BONES AND EGG PAWN ARE ALSO BACK. (THE EGG PAWN BIT IS IMPORTANT.) and Sticks is on the box art so uhhh THAT'S SOMETHING ALRIGHT. If Story Mode returns in this, I wonder how the heck her presence is going to be explained lmfao. (That is, If it that even IS explained and they don't skirt around the issue!)
  3. Word on the street is you peeps like 66% discounts on Sanic game bundles! http://www.gamersgate.com/DDB-SONICC/sonic-collection-bundle

    1. Solkia


      I have all those games

    2. Wolfy


      I like how Spinball costs more than the original Sonic the Hedeghog

    3. Red


      My laptop can barely run half those games

  4. IT BEGINS Well not really, but the comic tie-in is here! And those are always fun. Always!
  5. HEY I DIDN'T GET IN BEFORE THE GATE DROPPED http://pastebin.com/gjHWErju

    1. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      I agree with this.

  6. Happy birthday, Flyboy! :D

  7. Okay so I return after a few months of inactivity and walk into this? Really? Really, now? The Sonic Stadium, I love freakin' love you guys, and I have for seven years now, but it's the stupid dramatic shit like this as of late that makes it really hard to appreciate and otherwise enjoy what used to be a rather radtacular community that was a fun-loving awesome paradise that was mellower than fifty shades of yellow. Are we really stooping to the levels regulating slightly suggestive anime avatars now? What the fuck happened to you guys? I remember way back in the days when the completely civilized and casual discussion discussion of sex amongst the forums was a-okay and 100% completely kosher, and now we're getting our panties in a twist over a little illustrated sideboob? Have we really stooped that low? Also, what's with this sudden burst of sudden anal-retentivity and hostility between the users and moderators as of late? This isn't the first instance of this happening, and it sure as hell isn't how things used to be. I know you mods. I've seen kinkier shenanigans in your profiles than I have in any of those linked images. What happened?

    1. Crabigail


      You are not forgiven.

    2. HunterTSF


      you think i'm going to take this shit from a fucking overcooked piece of bread i will fly over to sweden and fight you god damn

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      Ohh, we missed you too Hunter.

  9. Happy birthday, Iggy! :D

  10. Happy birthday, Indy! :D


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      Eternal EX

      WTF? *throws up*

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      tuna casserole is freaking delicious what are you even talking about

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      but bro, it's 5AM!

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      Ruby Havoc

      Tuna casserole is good stuff.

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      Time Zones

    7. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      is this a cleverly disguised sexual innuendo Hunter?

  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THAT TRAILER IT BEGINS IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING ALL OF MY HYPE Actually, I don't have enough hype. I'm going to have to find a hype bank and then rob them of their massive quantities of hype to just acquire half of the hype required for something of this hype-inducing caliber. Bfhahaha, and oh my gosh that last comic was great. So many new comics in one week. Wow. This is pretty big yeah. god damn it saxton out of all the times you had to fight a yeti
  13. OH GOSH. THE ENGINEER KNOWS SOMETHING. WHAT DO YOU KNOW DELL. WHATEVER IT IS. I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT. god damn it blutarch look at what your careless hands have wrought but you can't cuz you're dead
  14. I HAVEN'T READ THE COMIC YET BUT I WAS GOING TO POST THIS YESTERDAY "Miracle" gravel, eh? Discovered in Terra Australis, eh?! By jove, my Spidey-senses are telling me that this so-called "gravel" cache that Zephaniah is referring to is in actuality Australium! (shocker) Well, since the release of The Poopy Joe Files we still know that Helen's still stockpiling the stuff to prevent something. (Why heck, TF Industries stole the entirety of the United States' national reserve of the material during the Doomsday incident.) Anywho, I was browsing through Loose Cannon to give myself a resfresher on the Mann Family history when I noticed this on the last page...! THERE ARE THREE LIFE EXTENDER MACHINES... could Gray still be alive?! All we know is that he was after the Mann estate's "miracle" gravel... and this "Gray Gravel Company" is stationed smack-dab in the middle of RED and BLU's operations in Gravel Pit. ...Elizabeth, and now Helen have been stockpiling the stuff to make sure that he doesn't get his hands on it... ...and... ...our very own Dell Conagher (that's the Engineer!) knows where the caches are! Oh, and now some mysterious unmarked carrier tanks are encircling RED and BLU's battlegrounds. DIS GUN B GUD *reads comic* GEE GOLLY JEEPERS THERE SON, GREAT BARRIER REEF, HOLY HOT DOG ON A STICK. Didn't see that coming. At all. Woah. Woah! WOAH. WHAT HAPPENS NOW? What. Happens. Now. BIG STUFF. THE BIGGEST STUFF. In the history of forever. It's going down.
  15. WAIT WHAT THE THIRD MANN-CHILD?! COULD IT POSSIBLY BE...?! FROM OH SO LONG AGO AGO?! OH NO. IT COULDN'T. NO WAY. NO HOW. IMPOSSIBLE, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! >yfw Gray Gravel Company is a thing. brb investigating Gravel Pit with a bazooka

  17. WHAT THE FARK, MANG. What flappergasts me is how freaking elaborate this guy's shenanigans were. Armed with four high-caliber weapons, gas mask, bulletproof vest, tear gas, timed his shooting in accordance with a gunfight in the movie, and rigged his apartment with explosives. I mean gosh, son. GOSH. Yeah, this is like a terribad thing. Uh. Yeah. Heart goes out to all of those killed and injured, I mean Christ I see like two movies a week and yeah the concept of something like this happening is freaking horrifying. BAD. Yeah, I'm hearing more and more about this guy and he's no dummy. Which is, y'know, even more scary yes.
  18. I'M ON A PLANE. Time to get my luau on! LATER SCRUBS.

    1. Komodin


      I was on a plane around this time last year. It was okay.

    2. HunterTSF


      Yeah but was it a fucking B767? Freaking classy-ass plane we got here, son.

    3. Komodin


      Lucky dog. I was on a B737...

  19. Hyperdimension Neptunia is a Japanese RPG series first and foremost, and it's being made by Compile Heart; an independent Japanese video game developer that doesn't even have a western branch to speak of. Most of those issues you mentioned are more attributed to either American-developed games or games developed for the western audience in general. The sole purpose of Neptunia is to parody the indie Japanese video gaming industry; most of the jokes made in the games the average American or European gamer wouldn't even get, which is why I'm still flabbergasted this series has been localized to begin with! "But oh hey, I'm a huge fan of Square Enix/Namco/Atlus! I'm sure I'll get all those obscure references!" HEH NOPE. STILL TOO MAINSTREAM. (heh just kidding there's a Persona reference in there somewhere) To start with; the game development studios that have been personified as supporting cast members in the series so far are Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Nippon Ichi, GUST, 5pb, RED, and Cave. If you recognized any of those devs you get a gold star and you'll probably love this game, because quite a chunk of it will be spent parodying them and their franchises in one way or another. You like 2ch? Then great! You'll be seeing plenty of Japanese-centric gaming memes in there, too. What's that? You like grinding your days away in Korean MMOs or lusting over your waifu in your favourite eroge? Good news son, this title will poke fun at that too! That being said, seeing as this game is geared towards otakus that are actually from Japan, I'm pretty sure an Unreal Engine joke would go so far above the intended audience's head that it might as well be in orbit. :V Oh, and JRPGs have been pretty much either PlayStation or DS exclusive since well uh, forever. If you're going to play console JRPGs owning a PS3 is pretty much a given! Oh! And I forgot to post this earlier! More new characters! 4Gamer-chan and Beep-chan! For those of you not in the know, 4Gamer is essentially the IGN of Japan and Beep-chan has something to do with... well, uh this guy and his band, Earthbound Papas: what NEVER CHANGE, COMPILE HEART.
  20. Hey, you people with actual talent! We'd love you on the team! Or, well, I'm assuming we would, I'm not Azukara so I don't have the final say. :V You guys should go contact him on Skype (which you can obtain from his SSMB profile) with your proposals! You know what they say, the more the merrier!
  21. Oh hot dang son, have I been neglecting my threads. I mean, for real son. There have been SO MANY DEVELOPMENTS regarding this game since I last posted in here. I mean, it's like you look away for two seconds an-what? Oh look there's already more news for this game! So seeing as several pairs of seconds have passed since this poor neglected starving baby of a thread was last fed I'll just give you guys a brief rundown of the shenanigans that have been unfolding! Keiji Inafune is making a return appearance as a giant fucking airship. (Specifically, the Yamato from Space Battleship Yamato) NO WORDS. The Seven Sages destroying Gamindustri! These guys are the (partially) new antagonists of this third instalment, and they're all personifications of various aspects of the video gaming industry; or to be more specific, what's killing it! I'll let you have a wild guess at what Anonedeath represents. He's a trolltastic master hacker notorious for harassing people, and never once shows his face behind the anonymity of his mask. He also actually believes he is the little girl. Copyerase and Pirachu are a perfect pair! Copyerase illegally copies software ready for distribution, while Pirachu distributes the tools to illegally play games for free. The former is a giant technicolour robot that's as dumb as a sack of potatoes and the latter is an obscenity-riddled loudmouth rodent that bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain yellow video gaming icon out there. "In the world of mice I am, well... The third most famous Mascot-chuu!?" Oh, and then there's this guy. So uh yeah, these guys are basically some of the most hilariously bizarre rag-tag syndicate of bosses in any game ever! NEW CPUS! Pictured: (Left, Right) Pururut and her CPU form, Iris Heart! (Middle) MYSTERIOUS NEW YELLOW HEART WHO IS THIS PERSON So yeah! Back in the 80's Pururut was rockin' it as the CPU of Planeptune. Like Neptune, when she activates her CPU she undergoes quite a bit of a personality change! Except hers looks to be uh, different. But similar! (But mostly different.) Also Yellow Heart is new! She is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in secrets. Even her voice actress is a secret! She's just that mysterious. No bio for her either. That'd be too non-secret. Shigeru Miyamoto, Sataru Iwata, and more show up as enemy mooks! Need I say more? Now all we need is a Reggie and I'm set. So far this game is looking more and more ridiculous by the second, and I am loving every single last bit of it!
  22. OH HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT NIS AMERICA JUST ANNOUNCED THEIR SEXY NEW COLLECTOR'S EDITION AND IT'S ALL SORTS OF GREAT, YOU SHO- -oh snap carbeep beat me to it!! how did he do this Hell if I know! All I know is that I'm excited enough for this game to drop a hundred bucks on some of the most stupidly fantastic pre-order incentives I've seen for a game yet. It comes with a fucking rabbit-shaped sponge, people. Amazingly enough, this actually comes with more swag than Compile Heart's Japanese release did. That one only came with the figurines and the OST! Nice to see NISA once again making totally awesome collector's sets! (May I add the collector's box artwork looks fantastic? SO SMEXY.) Anywho, the English site's now up and chock-full of character bios and smexy translated screenshots. Look familiar? 'Cuz it should! It's a direct copypasta of the Japanese site's awesome design. Looks like they'll be showing off more and more stuff in the months to come, so awesome! I'm just hoping they translate NEW!! Keiji Inafune's devblog too, because... ...oh my gosh, he is just the best.
  23. OH GOSH THIS SOUNDS FANTASTIC. So yeah, two of my favorite genres? Co-op survival horror and sandbox games. Left 4 Dead, Minecraft, Killing Floor, and Active Worlds; I've played quite a few hours of them! And now you're saying that they're combining the two for some sorta delicious peanut-butter-in-my-chocolately surival horror sandbox experience? All with the graphical splendour of the new Unreal Engine combined with the exclusive focus on the PC gaming platform? Hot dang, this sounds like it's going to be awesome! The settings displayed so far are really unique in comparison to the other zombie-slaying fiestas you've got on the market, and the cartoony aesthetic really does work wonders. The diverse variety of weapons to choose from combined with the fact that you can go about customizing them on the fly just sounds lovely, and from the looks of things you can deck out the survivors in a whole wide assortment of silly outfits! Hat Simulator 2's got some competition, here! Man, I'm stoked! Can't wait to hear more about this game!
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