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  1. You're welcome. XD (I'm the one who asked that question)
  2. So, been busy with stuff IRL. I only remember IDW being the new producer of the Sonic comics. Any news since then?
  3. Okay, it's been quite a long time. The last thing I know is that Sonic comics will now be under IDW and there's a chance some writers/artists may come back. What did I miss?
  4. I...honestly am gonna wait for more info. I'm not gonna get excited for now. Since this is a "new series", that may mean that everything that's not in the games is gone. That may include the Hooligans, Mighty & Ray, and Honey.
  5. So yeah, Evan Stanley knew about the comics being cancelled in January. http://spiritsonic.tumblr.com/post/163204711509/thoughts-on-the-official-archie-sonic-comic-series
  6. I feel like that's not gonna come out for a while. I'd appreciate seeing them, but not right now.
  7. On the plus side: We got to finish the "Case of the Pirate Princess" Universe arc. On the minus side: Part 4 of "Genesis of a Hero" (StH#291) and the 3rd part of Mega Drive "Overdrive" are now in limbo, alongside SU#95-97 & StH#292-293.
  8. http://rafaknight-rk.tumblr.com/post/162725575765/i-need-your-help-if-its-possible "It’s a job that I like to do, but it has always been more like a secondary thing or a hobbie, because as much as I wanted, it is not something that give enough return to be my main job, maybe you understand how it is. For these reasons my main job was on the Archie Comics, where I worked for about 2 years, which also was a very pleasant place to work, but that ended up canceling the comics where I worked." Sorry, but I had to post this.
  9. So, remind me what the last issues released were?
  10. Ok, I was off this board for about two months (which was since Page 1156) doing college work. I really wanted to look through ~40 pages, but I lost the motivation to. My question: What did I miss in those two months?
  11. All I can say is this: I'm gonna give it some time. If it does end, then so be it. If it doesn't end, then yay for us.
  12. So, SU94 was fun. Nice read. Hope we can see the Pirate Crew again. So, anyone think they can be replacements for the Sand-Blasters? Now we wait for Antoine's story.
  13. He did follow Sonic and Tails to the Sky Patrol. It's just that she felt that Big is an occasional Freedom Fighter that wanders around...even though it doesn't seem like it.
  14. I'm gonna guess she forgot to add Big. EDIT 1: Well, got the answer to that (maybe...): Me: So, that cover looks amazing! ...But just one little question: Where's Big? ES: What, you don’t see him? EDIT 2: True response: Me: XD Dang! But in all seriousness, did you just forget to add him or is there another reason? ES: No pun intended, but he was too big! I kinda ran out of space. I vaguely remember asking about a list of required characters, and he wasn’t on it. I dunno I find it kind of fitting that he’s only kinda-sorta an FF and wanders in and out as he pleases. Nobody’s quite sure how he got there, or where he goes. So mysterious.
  15. Can someone explain what characters are being fought over this time? I've kinda forgot about it. Also, the tweets are causing some crazy stuff to happen to my side of the forums. They're creating a gigantic space that's endlessly expanding downwards!!! Does this happen to anyone else? Or is it just because of IE 11?
  16. Can I just say that I like the designs of the Pirates from the new issue? Also, I think this may be Razor's original group.
  17. Alright! Can't wait to read 284! Sounds amazing!
  18. Rest in Peace, Thrash. You had potential.
  19. SU86: It was a good read. I like how they started to acknowledge Lost World as the next potential Arc. I hope we at least have a year before we move into it. Have some more development of the world. Maybe officially introduce us to Purple Fish Girl (who I assume is Princess Undina). There's also plans for Mach, Max, and Sharps that are in the works, so maybe they'll appear in that time if they choose to wait before doing the Lost World adaption. Then there's Eclipse. Where is he? What's he doing now? There's so much given to us, with Chaos Titans being one of them. I think after Unleashed... Shattered World, we should take a break and have some other stories. ...I wrote this at 1 am. If you can't tell, I'm tired.
  20. Well, I haven't read the issue yet, so there's hope that you may not be the only one.
  21. So, STH282 comes out this week.
  22. Good issue. Thoughts in the spoiler tab.
  23. I really don't know what to say here. The way that I see it, I actually don't notice that Cream isn't doing anything. ...Wait... Okay, I know that Cream isn't really shown to be doing anything & the others see her as a defenseless kid, but going off game logic (and assumptions), Cream was one of the twelve characters that took part against the battle of Metal Overlord. She was also part of the Advance and Rush series for a while, so the way that I see it, she had more personal experience in those events than the other Freedom Fighters. Of course, this could have changed in the comics, so this would be a mute point. I have noticed that there has been some type of "Appearance Tier" that the comics implement in order to get more people to get comics. I feel like this is mainly for game characters, so this is the tier list I believe is shown: Tier 1: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman and Shadow. Tier 2: Metal Sonic, Amy, Blaze, and Silver. Tier 3: Rogue, Omega, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Cream, Big, Jet, Storm, Wave, and Marine. Tier 4: Mighty, Ray, Nack, Bark, Bean, Honey, Gemerl and other obscure game characters. Feel free to disagree with me and say what I did wrong.
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