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  1. When Mania and Forces were announced as the 25th Anniversary titles, I was immediately going for Forces, since I've always preferred 3D Sonic and the more serious story/character centralised concept. As the trailers and news arrived one after another, I was still on the same opinion, I was more interested in Forces. My conclusion was, however, to buy Sonic Mania and not Forces, and to my own surprise I don't regret it. I think Mania is made with so much more interest and ambition which makes the game full of life, vivid and fresh but still loyal to the Sonic legacy. I really like the ideas of Forces, the Avatar, the more serious story (attempt) and that they (probably?) took the idea of the Freedom Fighters, which are all awesome advancements of 3D Sonic, but still the game lacks the spirit and it's probably caused by the design. The animations and dialogs are a bit lifeless to me, the levels aren't so great and they don't have the spirit that Mania has.
  2. Pretty cool! You prefer doing art from the Classic Sonic era?
  3. This project looks really cool, they seem to be taking this seriously. I wish something good will come out of this, but it's true they don't necessarily need to start off with so much features. It might be better to make the main game first, and then put more and more things into it as updates. Good luck with the creation!
  4. sonicDX

    Tomazo art topic

    = D I S T R A C T I O N ===== //Released: 4th August, 2017 An experimental album mainly focusing on nostalgia. Interesting facts: The fourth picture is about Sonic, and on the 8th the background is from Shadow Shoot, a Sonic mobile game. Feine is ready for autumn.
  5. Really cool drawings! As for drawing Sonic characters, it's up to you how you draw them. From these works you showed, I think you have an 'own Sonic style' which is a great thing. For example, if you look at the Sonic comic artists, you can notice that each of them draw the characters a bit different. Your characters look more anthropomorphic than the original design, and it's your choice if you follow the originals or make something different.
  6. It was a hot summer day. He couldn't help.
  7. I really feel like the Sonic going on for the last five years is far not that Sonic I knew. I'm not sure if it is a problem or not, but the whole franchise is renewed and I don't see if it will ever be like what it was a couple of years ago. There's nothing to be nostalgic about, for me.
  8. I think chili dogs represent his cool spicy style and speed. I mean, just imagine Sonic licking strawberry ice cream.
  9. In this case, you're a talented writer! I have my main focus on drawing and painting, although I love to write as well. For me, it takes more time to write a complete and enjoyable story.
  10. I practised drawing mainly on Sonic characters, because they are fun to draw especially if you take a careful look on the comics, you can learn a lot of techniques on them (such as shading, cartoony anatomy and drawing movements). I've always drew Sonic when I was little, but it took me 10 years from knowing Sonic to start making 'more serious' fanart. How long does it take, it obviously depends on what you are planning to do. If you make a full coloured image, it can take one-two week(s), if you are making it carefully. It also depends on how much time you'd like to spend on making the image. If you're just making practise sketches, you can do around 10 per day. I mainly made sketches, if you would like to see them you can check them here: http://expression-art.deviantart.com/gallery/58804727/Fan-Art Fanfictions take much more time to write, if you take it serious, it can be weeks and months. You have to think of characters, the story itself, plot twists and a lot of other things, which need more focusing than drawing or painting.
  11. The PC version doesn't have copy protection and all the files are installed on the library of the computer, so the game runs without a CD. For new computers, I can't talk in general, but on a 64 bit Windows 8.1, it runs perfectly with simply changing the compatibility in the properties of the game file.
  12. Hello. I'll be straight: Sonic Mega Collection Plus is not a too popular title in the franchise and it doesn't get the proper spotlight in my opinion, although it would deserve it. It was the first (official) Sonic 'game' I've played, and I happily take it out again even today. I thought to list my reasons why I think it's a really nice piece of the Sonic series, and I am interested in your opinion as well. (Sonic Mega Collection Plus was released on Xbox, PS2 and Windows PC from 2004-2007. It is an update of Sonic Mega Collection for the GameCube.) 20 Sonic titles ported from Genesis, Mega Drive and Sega Game Gear: of course, this is the main point of SMC+. Getting these classics couldn't be more easier, if you buy this compilation, you get most of the Sonic games from the classic era. It is especially useful for those who live in a cave, under a rock (just as myself), and don't use Steam or other digital platforms for buying games. You don't have to look for places you can buy these games, you get them all in one game, and it's even cheaper than buying them separately. Great system: SMC+ has a nicely designed, easy to use system. With a total of 100 save slots, you can save and load your progress anytime, in game. This makes the game really comfortable and easily accessable. Compatible, smooth port: I only tried the PC version, but I have no problem with the port of the games. They are comfortable to play on a keyboard, and also compatible with any gamepad, which is especially useful when playing in coop mode. The games run well, there are no lags or bugs while playing (for me at least). It's also not hard to run SMC+ on any computer: although the system recommendation says it only supports 32 bit sytsems, you can run it well on 64 bit ones with a few easy configurations. Plus content: This is also a really strong point of SMC+. You can get lost for hours without playing: you can see lots of Archie Sonic comic covers, illustrations, read information about characters, see the developement of Sonic Heroes cutscenes (including storyboards), and read the manuals of the classic games. It's awesome they've put these content in the game, they are really interesting. So, to sum it up I think Sonic Mega Collection Plus is one of the best and easiest ways to get to know the classic era of Sonic. Why is it less mentioned nowadays? Did you find it entertaining and useful as well?
  13. The Sonic franchise makes a whole with all its series in different media in my opinion, so it is a difficult decision... But mine are definitely the 3D games and the comics, because they expressed mostly the spirit and atmosphere of Sonic. In them, the story and the characters are really in the centre, and I think the franchise had its best moments during this period.
  14. I actually think all the unofficial Sonic flash games are better than the original ones. Starting with Ultimate Flash Sonic and Sonic Xtreme, (at least for me) they could all represent the world of Sonic better than the ones which were made to promote the games. More playable characters, more levels, more possibilities. Anyway, there are other official ones I've played and they are not bad: Sonic Rush Adventure Flash Probably my favourite original flash Sonic game, I was really hyped for it being 3D and accessable on the internet for free. I got to know Sonic via flash games, so it was a quite great experience compared to the other ones. But using the DS screen system was a really bad idea, it's just annoying instead of representing the experience of a real DS. Sonic Rivals Dash Really amateur, but at least there is a 2 player mode. Sonic Mega Collection Mini I haven't played much with this, so can't really tell anything about it. You can play a basic version of Sonic 1 in a ridiculous grey border, which makes no sense at all. These are the official Sonic flash games I could recall from my memory, but I still think they are just really basic and have poor quality, the unofficial ones offer much more fun and experience. Try them if you feel like!
  15. Keeping all the rings is the most challenging thing for me, it is really frustrating when you have over 200 rings and a sneaky enemy hits you, making you lose all your rings on that level. When this happens, I usually restart the whole level even if I was a step away from the finish.
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