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  1. Since you stated that one can post their own channel link if they have content, here’s mine: Megabeatman’s True Blue Reviews Mainly I review the Sonic comics (Archie & IDW). So if you’re curious about the Hedgehog’s printed adventures, here’s one source.
  2. Here’s a bit of a bump with some of my latest reviews. 2 videos involving short comic adaptations from the Archie series of Sonic games: Part 1 Part 2 And Issue 10 of the IDW series:
  3. Greetings. Since this is a Sonic forum, I’d thought I’d share my YouTube review channel where I take a look at Sonic & Mega Man media such as comics and cartoons here. Link to channel is here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCQQ1EYMHNrk0l3Tn0Dfmziw Some recent videos include my review on the latest IDW Sonic Issue: And my review of the Pilot episode of Sonic SatAM: Enjoy, everyone!
  4. @Borvoc I spent almost 2 hours last night looking up images and searching through top x film lists. Some posters have 1 or 2 elements that are somewhat close. I just don't know what's been altered for the sake of the covers. And thanks for the help.
  5. My bad. That's what happens when you type on a phone half-tired. Fixed my original post.
  6. I know I'm repeating myself, but I did a review of both Super Special 15 and The Rematch for comparative purposes. Just like that one time I helped another member of this board in an earlier page, here's the review itself if you're curious:
  7. Well fortunately for you, I reviewed both Super Special 15 & the FCBD remake in this video so you can see the difference: https://youtube.com/watch?v=qpioyHccOvs
  8. No. Sonic Issue 52 featured Sonic as a detective in a black & white noir style. At that point on the comic's history, The Chaotix served a a sort of Freedom Fighter group backing up Knuckles on Angel Island.
  9. I just downloaded the WC saga and it does indeed have the NYCC variant.
  10. Got Sonic 277 in the mail recently. For those who are curious, here are some pictures.
  11. Who's up for some IPhone quality pictures of Part 4?
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