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  1. I don't know what my favorite Disney movie is. It's either Mulan or Hunchback of Notre Dame, I know, but it's so close between those two that I can't figure out which one I prefer more :V

    1. Felix


      Mulan doesn't have the Gargoyles, so it's better by default.

    2. Lisbon


      Thing is, I have trouble thinking of a Disney villain that is more effective than Frollo. While it doesn't make up for the crap those three hurl into the movie, I was much more engaged when I watched Hunchback simply because of the intensity the villain brought to the table.

      You have Mulan, which lacks unnecessary and annoying characters that flat out detract from the quality of the film, and you have Hunchback, which has highs that are much higher than that of Mulan, but lows...

    3. Lisbon


      ...that hit much lower.

      This is my dilemma :S

    4. Felix


      Frollo is by far the most menacing and best developed villain in all of Disney canon, I'll give you that. Hunchback also has my favorite music out of any Disney Renaissance film, too.

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