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  1. I kind of liked 06, in a weird way, in that I see it as a buggy mess but I did feel like something could've really been there that I would've liked had it not been so difficult to just play. Kind of a matter of the released product being the bottom line, though, and so while I'm not actually pleased of it and would hesitate to call myself a fan of it I'm still kind of soft towards it. Not really into the whole princess romance thing, per se, though, but that's still the only thing I'd say I dislike on a conceptual level. If they didn't drop enemies directly on my head without giving any sort of chance to respond, if I could actually climb certain walls with Knuckles or Rouge without getting glued to them, if I could just not clip through the floor or have to wait through 2 long loading screens for any given action taken, I could honestly see myself kind of liking it quite a bit and holding it in good regard. Now I just kind of like it while shitting on it, though.

    Eghhh, I also kind of like Spinball, even though it generally seems to be viewed as garbage. I didn't really take any notable issues away from it - there's better pinball games out there, definitely, but I am a fan of that style of thing in general and when I played it I actually kind of walked out with a good opinion of it on the whole. The things I didn't really like were the hybrid nature of it kind of creating these sorts of shifts in gameplay I wasn't really fond of in this instance - no outstanding issues with sorts of hybrid styles in general for me, but the platforming elements kind of felt unnecessary and sloggy in a pinball style game, as well as just a bit half-assed in how they were implemented. Sonic moved a bit slow as a pinball-type organism specifically, but in general the way things moved about in terms of physics felt kind of wonky at times which I wasn't really fond of. That was more a minor annoyance to me as opposed to the first one, though. Thought it looked really nice visually and I'm just a sucker for pinball stuff, so maybe a bit of bias in terms of why I liked it a lot, lol. I do genuinely like it, though, but from what I can tell it has a mixed reception at best.

    There's a bunch of other stuff I like in this series that is hated by some, but I do kind of feel like that'd go for any given installment so I'll just list what I kind of see as my two biggest divergences and leave it at that.

  2. Unlike Nightmarity, the entity wasn't something that claimed her and made her into Nightmare Moon. Instead, the entity's a being that Luna created to punish herself for being NMM as she sleeps.

    Meh, while you know as well as anyone that I'm an outspoken opponent of the NMR arc, the problems with the comics extend far past that - jokes are reused in different issues (if I had a fuckin' dime for every time they made Rarity go googly-eyed over a male character only for Spike to be like "hmph" as a joke, I'd probably go buy a Pepsi or something, idk), characterization is often botched, and the concepts and OCs they introduce are usually contrived as fuck and Mary Sue to the point of being annoying, respectively. Getting compared the comics is going to make think I'll be seeing things of this variety and I'm going to avoid the episode like the plague if that's the case.


  3. It won't come to the US any time soon because we're a country operated exclusively by businesses at this point, pretty much. It'd hurt their income too much, regardless of all of the benefits it'd bring.

    Anyway, good for them - I would like to say that I hope this would set a precedent for other countries as well to follow suit, but Denmark is about the size of Rhode Island so getting the whole country to operate solely on renewable resources would probably be significantly easier than say, Germany or France. If one of those larger European countries follows suit, then I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of other countries started it as well. Maybe I'm just underestimating the power of Denmark, though, and this practice will not only become a permanent thing there, but it'll spread to other countries of the world as well. Here's to hoping that this start a Domino effect.

  4. I'll pretty irritated about waiting so long during the hiatus only to get episodes mostly focusing on characters and aspects that I've never cared about only to get slapped with a random mid-season hiatus before anything happens with a character I do care about, like Rarity or Applejack. This whole season seems like it's been so sloppily organized - with the delayed airdates (3 weeks between Griffonstone and Slice of Life, I think?), a between season hiatus that was the longest experienced in the show's history so far by a few months, and a sudden mid-season break announced two days before it was to come into effect.

    Man, back when it was the Hub, I was learning episode summaries and airdates nearly a month before it they aired. I kind of miss that. I mostly miss getting a Rarity episode. No Rarity or AJ episodes first half of S5. 

    Fuck that noise.

  5. I'm kinda open to the idea of a spin off game featuring just Sonic's friends and the things that happen while Sonic is off on his lone adventures.  A bit of a "slice of life" plot mixed in with maybe a new villain that attacks when Sonic is away?  Just an idea I've been thinking about for a few weeks now.  Think Sonic Universe in game form but not based on the Archie-verse.

    I actually like the sound of this idea a lot - I wouldn't like it to be a major game, of course, but a nice little side project that has kind of an Adventure style go around with the genre roulette and whatnot. I would love that.

  6. Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


    Mephiles, Iblis, and Solaris, actually. Pretty much no one will agree with me here, but fuck it.


    They sucked in 06, don't get me wrong, but I would love to see 06 just done over again in general. Like I've stated before, I feel like I really could've loved that game if it wasn't just so fucked. The villains are no exception. I think they could've not sucked but sucked anyway. Pretty much whole game sucked, though, so meh.


    I would want to see them come back and portrayed in a way that's legitimately threatening instead of just outright fuckin' dumb. Great potential to be something that isn't entirely worthless, and I would want that potential to be reached. 


    I mean, if they did they'd never shake the reputation that they got from starring in the disasterpiece that is Sonic the Hedgehog: 2006, but if they can be brought back in a way that's not just so iffy and stupid, then I'm all game. 


    Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


    Fuck, man, I can't even name 15 boss tracks off of the top of my head, let alone 15 overlooked ones xD


    I'll just go 2.


    I'll sit down and cry if I bring up Sonic 06 again, but Solaris - Phase 2



    Meh. I just really like this song. I don't know if I'd call it overlooked, but then again I'm so unfamiliar with this fandom's standards that I don't know what's liked and hated aside from the exceedingly obvious.


    I think it's a pretty epic track, though, and it's a shame it went to such a shit game.


    Perfect Dark Gaia



    I love this song and everything about it. It gets me ready to kick some serious ass. I remember when I finally got around to the final boss of this game, this song got me so pumped. all i needed was my doritos and my mountain dew and i could've been fuckin' stoked man


    Yeah, though. I love this song. Another one I'm not sure if I'd call overlooked, but that's because a lack of familiarity. Love this song <3


    Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


    Jokes about the overall quality of the series aside, I legitimately would hate missing out on the music. This game series has some of the best music I've ever heard in any videogames, and the only soundtrack that I didn't think was absolutely magnificent was RoL's. 


    I listen to the music from these games all of the time. It'd suck to not know about such kickass music.


    Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


    Err, what? .-.


    Maybe this is some kind of in-joke I'm missing out on, but I'm legitimately confused by this question ._. He's not even in the competition, how could he ever win it?


    Steroids and shoddy contestant proceedings, I guess?


    Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


    I'm actually not one to go out and make a lot of friends, sadly, let alone ones who I'd say are close. I don't really think I have anyone who'll legit consider me their friend on here, but the ones who I've found to be welcoming and friendly to me have been Penny, Felix, T-Min, and Sami. All of those guys are (or were, or have been, whatever) hella cool to me in both making me feel welcome and talking to me on their own time. Not many people will try to reach out to me and I'm far too socially inept to feel comfortable reaching out to someone on my own accord, but all of those guys have been really cool to me in the past or even in the present.

  7. I gots a catchup day to do. For the first time, too :( Shame on me.


    Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?


    I'm just going to do a top 5. Twelve is a steep number as is and I'm tired :S


    Sandopolis Zone Act 2 - S3&K



    The song has a bit of a dark, dirty feel to it. I struggled with this level immensely, and I feel that the music makes it just that much more intense. It does the level justice, honestly. Gritty, tough, and kind of stressful. Replace "stressful" with badass, and I think you have this song.


    Crisis City - Sonic Generations (Classic Version)



    I found the classic version of Crisis City to be funny - seeing cute little classic Sonic with his lighthearted beeps and boops he made when jumping and whatnot traverse the post apocalyptic terrain of Crisis City. The song, though, while slowed down from its Modern counterpart, is kickass. I find it to be a much darker take than the modern version, actually. I find it to be the better of the two, for sure, and I don't see it getting much praise.


    Sky Fortress Zone, Act 2 - Sonic 4, Ep. II



    This is bogged down by being in a bad Sonic game with one of the worst soundtracks in the history of the franchise. For that, I feel like it doesn't get the amount of recognition that it deserves. It's definitely the shining star in a rather mucky soundtrack, and being good when so much around you is bad doesn't make you look good in comparison, you know?

    Still an epic tune that makes this level almost enjoyable for me.


    Security Hall - Sonic Adventure 2



    This is my favorite song from that whole game. It has a chilling, Bond-esque vibe to it and I think that just kicks ass.


    It's overlooked because people are trying so hard to traverse the fuckin' level that they can hardly notice the song itself, probably, but I think it deserves more recognition than it gets. SA2's soundtrack is one of the weakest in the series to me, but this one is one of the few I can listen to outside of the game.


    Honeycomb Highway - Sonic Lost World



    I actually never played Lost World, lol. I do love this song, though, and I don't hear a lot of people talking about it. It's one of the best songs to come out of the series that I've heard so far, and the fact that I've never seen anybody actually talk about it is reason enough for me to put it on here.


    It almost makes me wish I still had my Wii U so I could try to dig up a copy of Lost World and give it a shot. Almost.



    Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


    Errr...fuck. I'm going to do terrible at this.


    I'd go 06, SA2, and Generations.


    The story would start off with Sonic falling from a helicopter into the middle of his birthday party, which just so happens to be during the stupid Soleanna festival thingy from 06. Due to the time traveling capabilities brought into play, they end up going all the way back to Green Hill Zone like at the beginning of Generations, but they hit a lot of unnecessary loading screens during the trip there. Then Sonic, Shadow, and Silver end up on some sort of race to the finish but they all jump at the wrong spot and the game glitches out, sending them all infinitely flying into the air until they hit Space Colony ARK. The game ends up being a lot shorter because the glitch caused them to skip most of the game and they end up facing off against the trifecta of Mephiles, Final Hazard, and former United States President George W. Bush. After conquering the evil trio, it's revealed that it was just a plot by Eggman to take over the world all along, but because so much of the game was skipped, much exposition was missed - like the pivotal scene where Elise was kidnapped for the 13th time - and then the final boss battle ensues and it's shown that Elise was actually Silver all along and it's never brought up in future games again because Sega wants to forget every single game they fuck up because it makes them feel like an inadequate company.


    The end.

  8. I've never even heard of ScrewAttack before, but why should I be arsed to care about her when it seems that she's just regurgitating the most common criticisms with little personal thought for clickbait


    I mean, think about it, bashing Sonic will almost always = views and the first 20 seconds of her video is her talking about something to do with Ads and revenue and whatnot. Why should I care about this person when she's just extorting a gaming stigma against a series for cash

  9. Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition


    I dunno, there's not many boss battles I care for. The parts of the games I love is getting to the boss battles. Not to say I dislike them, but I think that most Sonic bosses are weak in comparison to some of the other games series I enjoy.


    I'll give the nod the nod to one of my favorites, Act 2 of Hydrocity Zone's boss.





    I found waiting until just the right time for his bombs to explode and getting launched up in the air to attack Eggman's carrier to be a blast, honestly, and due to how you could take damage if you didn't time your jump just right, it ended up carrying a bit of intensity to it as well.

    I do love both of the Hydrocity Zone bosses, though. Both deserve more recognition, in my opinion.

  10. Question #27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?


    Pretty much all of the non-classic era characters - barring a couple of notable exceptions, of course. So much criticism is aired towards them and I can't understand it. Mario introduces new characters and they all pretty much have paper thin personalities, yet no one bitches about them. I dun geddit. The only times I've really understood it in a couple of notable examples where you're forced to play as the character and it sucks - like Big in Adventure, for instance. Other than that, I've never understood the issue with adding more characters to the series. Not all of them are good, but jesus christ, not all of them are bad and I feel like seeing Sonic, Tails, and Eggman do the exact same thing every game would get dull after a bit.

  11. Question #26: What is your SINGLE most favourite character to come out of any non-game media?






    Topaz had a great dynamic with Rouge in Sonic X, I feel like, and that went a long way in getting me to want to pay attention to her existence. It helps that Topaz is one of the few human characters who doesn't suck in that show, but at the end of the day I really felt that she not only had a strong teamwork dynamic with Rouge but also could've been a good standalone character in her own right. It doesn't help that I found her to have that serious-to-the-point of being humorous attitude at times and the fact that she's damn likable to boot.


    I dunno, man. I wouldn't say she was something great and unique, but all in all she served her purpose and I feel she served it damn well. That's a rarity when it comes to characters in this series.

  12. Question #25: Which of the franchise's art styles do you like the most?

    I like Sonic CD, myself. I prefer the classic games in general in terms of visuals because they have an aesthetic that I feel to be more fitting for a Sonic game, and CD takes what the other games did and turned it up to 11.
    It's vibrant and crazy but cool and pretty. It does a lot right, and it all feels like it fits the Sonic level design that I personally prefer. 
    The color pallette especially is one that I prefer - it suits the mood and looks kickass on top of it, and they did enough mixing to make it unique as well as subdued. I love it.

  13. Question #24: What was your most intense or nerve-wracking IN-GAME moment(s)


    The timer in Carnival Nights Zone Act 2.


    I hate it because it's such a long level. Such a looooooooooong level. The boss battle at the end is especially time consuming and I hate that. It's nearly impossible to not get killed by the timer in that level, or at least it was for me.


    I don't like losing lives, especially because of something that's out of my control. I want to get past this level with 4 lives, I really do - then it hits me. I get past the first part of the level in 6 minutes, and then I'm at the boss battle. I've spent all of my time fighting Eggman and attacking at every opportunity I've been given. Five seconds are left until that 10 minute mark hits and I get a time over. Eggman is trying to drop that ball on me and doing so at a pace my grandmother would call slow and you have 5 seconds left. One more hit would've done it and I could've gone on to Ice Cap, but because the boss battle is so time consuming the chance is gone.


    All that buildup and intensity from trying to beat the level as flawlessly as possible so I wouldn't lose that life at the end, too. It's a both intense and nerve-racking feeling as if I'm going to lose a life later on because of a single fuck up I made now. It also ends in giant disappointment for me most of the time. One of my least favorite Sonic levels, and it's from the best game in the series. Sucks.

    Retro Question #1: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of?
    Yes to both, actually! I have my little Rouge plushie with me right here! I talked about it in an earlier question in this thread, but it's both my favorite piece of Sonic memorabilia as well as the lone Sonic plushie I own. I do dig this little thing quite a bit.
    As for plushies I'd like to have, I'd really want a Boom!Sonic plushie. Say what you will about Boom in general, I do love the design that Boom Sonic has and I'd even go as far call it my favorite Sonic in terms of aesthetics thus far. The combination of that and how much I like Sonic would make me want a Boom!Sonic plushie. I'd like a Knuckles one, too, but I dunno. I do like Knuckles ever-so-slightly more than Sonic, but I'd still get a Sonic plushie if asked. I certainly wouldn't get a Boom!Knuckles plushie anyway. That design. Echh.
    Retro Question #2: What are your top three zone types/tropes/etc in general?
    Ah liek the Hill Zones, the Water Zones, and the Sky Zones. 
    The Hill zones are the classics to me - Seaside Hill, Green Hill, Emerald Hill, you name it. I'm usually not disappointed by the levels that fall under this trope and they'll usually be my favorite levels inside each game.
    Water levels usually suck. They usually suck very hard, and I usually don't like them as a result. That being said, Hydrocity Zone is my favorite level in the entire series just about and Chemical Plant Zone kicks ass in its own right. Based off of the strength of these two levels alone, I'll go ahead and say Water Zones.
    Sky Zones - same reason as Water levels. I like Sky zones a lot, actually, and Sky Sanctuary, Flying Battery, and even Egg Fleet are amongst my favorite Sonic levels and thus I'll rank it accordingly. I dig the sky zones in this game.
    Retro Question #3: Who is/are your favourite villain(s)... APART from Robotnik?
    Metal Sonic. Simply put, he looks cool and he's the only one who doesn't really piss me off in the wrong way. I don't have much else to say about that.
    Retro Question #4: In what way(s) have you made friends within the Sonic fanbase?
    Most of my Sonic fandom was largely confined to DeviantArt and I found my way onto my first entirely Sonic based community because I got fuckin' tired of the last forums I was on. DeviantArt and these forums are really the only ways I've even really attempted to make friends in this fanbase, honestly.
    I'm someone who usually sits and watches from afar, and I have no issue participating directly if I feel like it, but generally I sit back and let things flow around me. Looking at fanart, fanvids or whatever fanworks I'm in the mood in will make up almost all of my fandomming in anything I like enough to give it that kind of treatment.

  15. Yussssss. This is a quality show.


    It has a relatively small sample size, but I do hold the cartoons I watch to pretty high standards and only one of the episodes I've seen so far was what I'd call bad. Granted, I think that episode failed pretty hard, but the show managed to redeem itself to me with what came after it. Seeing how much I bitch about these kind of things, that's really good :D

    The character Marco is one that I'll especially praise, because in spite of being the show's punching bag in a sense, he's not a totally incompetent dipshit and is shown to be able to kickass in his own right. One of the biggest problems with the characters who play a role like Marco does in comedy-centric shows like this one are that they're either entirely useless for anything other than their designated role or that they're usually written as being likable characters who get shit for no reason *coughModernSquidwardcough*. Marco manages to subvert this by being victim to some great slapstick while being both incredibly useful when he's needed as well as being likable, but not to the point of being too sympathetic and the humor isn't lost in said slapstick.


    Star is also an incredibly fun character, and while I feel she doesn't subvert her role as much as Marco does, I think that she's unique enough in concept to differentiate her from the Mabel Pines' of the world and keep her interesting. The one thing that I'm impressed by is that the show took the main source of comic relief and made her into the lead character without making the show itself annoying - usually when the main source of comic relief is the lead, the show fuckin' sucks. Maybe it's the fact that there's more to Star than just being funny or maybe it's because the comedy is balanced out by the fast-paced action, I dunno. I just know that whatever they're doing, they're doing what so many people have tried and failed to do before incredibly well.


    So yeahh - barring the episode "the Other Exchange Student," I do think this show has belted out a lot great stuff and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.

  16. Question #22: Which commercials are the most memorable for you?


    Oh man, I have two of them. One is just an honorable mention of sorts, but still.


    Sonic Heroes



    SA2:B was a gift from my dad when I had no idea Sonic even existed. Sonic Heroes, on the other hand, was a game I had hype for because I loved SA2:B so much. I didn't feverishly follow it to get news, but I always would be like "DAD CAN WE GET SONIC HEROES" whenever we went to the store. He would say it's not out yet or something and I'd get mad.


    I was a terrible kid.


    Anyway, yeahh - I was so excited for this game and this commercial was why xP


    Also, I feel a need to give a shout out to the Pakistan commercial. It's not memorable in the right way, but it's still memorable.


  17. Question #21: Which character interactions would you like to see that aren't common?


    Before I post, I'd just like to say that I didn't know there was a one cutscene per game rule in effect on my post yesterday :( I edited my post to match the rule, and I'd just like to apologize for the mistake. Sorry 'bout that  :wacko:



    Anyway, for me it'd be Sonic and Rouge.




    I think that they could have a very interesting relationship because they both possess laid back attitudes as well as phenomenal athletic skills, with Sonic being a speedster and Rouge being a bit of an acrobat. I think they could both respect each other's demeanors as well as respect each other's skillsets, which opens up lanes for a positive relationship on both ends.


    What makes this especially interesting to me, though, is that they both possess a lot of similarities as well as a lot of differences - they're both quite arrogant, for starters, and those egos would very likely clash at some point. Granted, Rouge and Shadow seem to have great teamwork skills in spite of their arrogance, but I've always seen them more like business partners who work together to achieve their respective end goals as opposed to people who just chill out together and whatnot. I do think they regard each other higher than just business partners however, but I digress on that point - I could see Sonic and Rouge having clashing egos.


    Another thing that I would find interesting is that Sonic, while being a cocky son of a gun, usually strives to do what's right. Rouge, on the other hand, is a lot more morally ambiguous as well as a billion times more cunning than Sonic. That opens up room for a lot of interesting chemistry as well as a potential conflict between the two.


    They'd have a great dynamic, I think. They possess a lot of similarities, but a few major differences. I'm going to go ahead and say that Rouge in general is a character who deserves to interact with a lot more characters than she does because she has so much potential to be a great character. She's just kinda stuck with Shadow or Knuckles, though. Sucks.


    Still - Sonic and Rouge, man. They'd have an incredible dynamic and I think it's a damn shame it hasn't been explored like, at all.

  18. Day 20: What are your top ten (or less) cutscenes in the games?

    Meh. This was a hard one for me :S So much of it is shit that I find incredibly dorky now, but the nostalgia goggles were strong in this list, so be warned. 

    pretty much every team dark cutscene - Sonic Heroes
    Be polite with your judgements here. I'm not making an impartial list of what I feel to be the most well done ones in the series, after all, I'm going with my personal favorites. The nostalgia goggles are strong with this one. 
    Like I mentioned in the post above, I was all about Team Dark when I first got into the series. Shadow and Rouge were like, the coolest characters ever to me at that point in time and I still remember how badass I felt controlling them. While I did prefer being able to control them individually in SA2:B, Heroes gave me a great dose of Team Dark and I couldn't have been more infatuated with it as a kid.
    I remember the cutscenes the most, though. Looking back on it, they seem kinda goofy, but hey - this is a huge part of what got me into the series in the first place, even though I don't think like that much anymore.
    So yuh. This is one for mah childhood.

    Welcome to Angel Island, bitch - S3&K
    I didn't play S3&K until I got older. I had grown up and started using that nasty little thing called the internet and found that people would say the classics were the vastly better games. I didn't know why this was and I was interested. So my thirteen year old self got a genesis emulator and went to town.

    I gave up trying to beat the first one because I found it to be too difficult, but I loved Sonic 2 and S3&K. The latter game, however, gave me one of the most kickass introductions to not only one of my favorite characters in the series, but to my favorite game in the series.

    Super Sonic just breezing through the island, when BAM! - here comes this mysterious red creature who just pounced on him. It was a great welcoming wagon, for sure, but it set up the rest of the game so well on top of being so memorable. Love it.

    Now back to the childhood days, because those are the only times I legit gave a shit about most of the cutscenes.
    My favorite cutscene of all time is...
    I thought this was the greatest thing ever as a kid. I shipped them so hard before I even knew what the fuck shipping is. I still kind of do, seeing that I found myself looking at Knouge art just a while back, but all those years ago?

    Goddamn, this was just the greatest thing to me as a kid. I go back and watch it now and it's kind of lame, honestly, but this cutscene made me so inexplicably happy as a little Lisbon that I'll refuse to take off the notalgia goggles for quality's sake with my rankings here :P

    That's about it, really.
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