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  1. http://prntscr.com/6xg12w I feel as if I missed something important since I posted my Skyrim review on Steam
  2. http://prntscr.com/6zropn I really do have the greatest best friend in the world.
  3. http://prntscr.com/73ufj7 I fully anticipate an announcement at E3.
    1. Komodin


      A game that pays ME for purchasing it?

  4. http://store.steampowered.com/app/248310/ so like, Freedom Planet on sale for 70% off. Just thought I'd drop this here.
    1. Klinsy


      Ah man, it looks like it got took down.

    2. Lisbon


      I guess it was just too good for the site ;_;

    3. Lisbon
    4. Klinsy


      Oh my gosh, that was great.

  5. http://www.plot-generator.org.uk/shzj1r/moscow.html Why did you have to introduce me to this, Pink Cat
    1. Klinsy


      I'm sorry, I ran into it on random and had to share it, ya know?

      Also, gee, is there no impressing that Enid Kibbler guy?

    2. Lisbon


      Enid Kibbler is the kind of fella I wouldn't take bowling, to be honest :V

  6. https://i.imgur.com/yn4UKud.png The shits given were at zero.
    1. DBZHedgy


      holy cow, that actually makes me want to read his books :o

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      I loved that series.

  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B2oVOB3CMAAkSjQ.png The Crusader Kings II steam forum is so amazing out of context
    1. Penny
    2. Lisbon


      thing is, in the context of the game this isn't anything to get excited over

      out of context it's so absurd it's funny

    3. Penny


      well, i have no idea what The Crusader Kings II is, but it sure looks like a lot of people hate Catholic churches and the Pope XD

    4. Lisbon


      well, come to think of it, the first one is just a bug

      CKII is like, this medieval RTS/RPG hybrid. Think something like Game of Thrones except from a more historical standpoint as opposed to a fantasy one.

  8. While everyone's talking about Earthbound, I'd just like to point out how badass the soundtrack for the game is.
    1. Gregzilla
    2. Felix


      Onett's theme is /amazing/

  9. Earthbound has such an amazing soundtrack
    1. MegasonicZX


      Yeah, i'm really looking forward to mother 3's soundtrack whenever I get around to it.

  10. This soundtrack is practically my new religion
    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      Toni Leys made a remix on one of the tracks, definitely rad

  11. This game's soundtrack is SO GOOD. It's like the gods of music themselves hand-guided whoever composed it.
  12. Cave Story has such an amazing soundtrack
    1. Tracker_TD


      Psst, remastered version is also <3

    2. spinny


      It's really nice stuff! Gives a really unique spin on the 8-bit music style and actually still sounds modern whilst incorporating it.

  13. So like, I posted pictures of the hotel room that my school is paying for, if anyone's interested.
  14. Whoa, you visited my profile this year. Surprised you even remembered I existed past me kind of vanishing. 

    How have you been, man?

    1. Penny


      i've been doin pretty well. don't have much to complain about, except for maybe the Looming Debt i have. otherwise, i just work and play vidya. been obsessed with the souls games recently. so yeah, pretty good all things considered. how about you?

    2. Lisbon


      Ehhhh, I failed out of Uni in May 2016. I wanted to be an English teacher, but still have to take Math and Science courses and the like and I wasn't at all cut out for that. Ended up just not going back because I couldn't get past the Math course I had to take because my exam scores wouldn't let me move up to college-level courses right off of the bat, then I had to retake those two straight terms in a row, so "failing out" is kind of a strong way to put it since I just didn't try to go another year because I didn't think I was cut out for it. But hey, still 13k in the red to show for my troubles, I guess. Seems you know what a headache debt can be, though.

      After that I just started knocking about and staying with a guy I made friends with in college who had his own apartment, before my best friend I met online invited me to go live with him, and I took what money I had saved up and bought the plane ticket. Have been living in Germany with him since June 2016. Kind of a big reason why I vanished, had to work hard at college and then after I figured I wasn't from the cloth for it I ended up moving to a different country to stake out my claim in the world. Things are getting more stable now, though, I guess.

      And I tried getting into the Souls games, but my computer was just too janky to run any of them and my roommate doesn't have them on his PS4. They look really cool and have been wanting to try them out for a while, but just can't seem to have any luck in that regard ._.

    3. Penny


      i ended up just not going to my college anymore lol . my car and laptop broke, so that made doing any homework nigh impossible without staying at the school all day. on top of that, i really didn't want to do what i was going to school for anymore, so i just decided to stop. sucks that something sorta similar happened to you, but definitely good to hear that things are getting more stable for you


      on the other hand, really sucks that you can't play souls. my current laptop can't run souls either, but i'm lucky enough to have an xbone. my brother bought me dark souls 3 early last year and i got sucked in. beat 3, and then went back and beat the first two. all are fantastic, but 3 is definitely my favorite. hopefully you find a way to play them soon because dark souls remastered is the perfect starting point. of course, maybe you could try and find an xbox 360 for cheap or something? you couldn't play ds3, but you could at least try 1 and 2.

    4. Lisbon


      Eh, I'm sure I'll find a way eventually. Save up and buy a new computer probably, this one's getting kind of old anyway. Might be able to do it then.

      Though I do wish they'd port Bloodborne to PC someday, albeit that'll never happen. That just looks so cool to me with its sense of aesthetics that I can't help but take a big interest in it in of itself, but eh, I'd need a PS4 for that. Shit's always so expensive >_>

    5. Penny


      i had a ps4 for a few months, so i got to beat bloodborne. ngl i personally didn't like it, but i'm in the minority on that one of course. it's artstyle and atmosphere are definitely one of its highlights though, for sure. still worth playing at least once, if possible

  15. I don't really have any ill-will towards the new update, but I really miss the Thief of Hearts theme. It was so amazing and now it's gone ;_;


    1. Penny


      no sonical either

    1. Forte-Metallix





    2. spinny


      Wow I'm so glad my countless hours got such a perfect reward for their troubles

    3. Felix


      is this an ending unlocked by getting all the stars or something? I haven't played Sunshine in several years.

    4. gala



    5. spinny



      yeah it's the game's 100% completion reward. Beat the final boss with all 120 Shine Sprites and you see this at the end of the credit roll

    6. w00tkins


      This raises the question: what would be a GOOD reward for getting all 120?

    7. Felix



      getting Shine Sprites was a pain in the ass, so that definitely seems like a slap in the face for collecting all of them

    8. Forte-Metallix



      How about an upgraded Fludd with all for nozzles and infinite water?

    9. Forte-Metallix
    10. spinny


      I was about to say FLUDD with all four nozzles at hand at any time would be pretty good

    11. Lisbon


      Well, since there was all the shit about Luigi in Mario 64, I think a cool reward would be unlocking him as a playable character a bit of a callback or reference.

      Then again, I don't know if that'd be worth it, seeing that collecting Shine Sprites were little more than an ungodly chore.

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