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  1. Yeah, the sound effects are pretty unimaginative I find, at least it's not as bad as the overuse of 'KER-X' like in the Boom comic. To be honest though I don't really see how what your issue with the action is, could you post an example? Anyway, thanks for giving me an excuse to post some of my favourite sound effects in comics
  2. I love the fan art and Sonic Grams, just to see what weird questions and things people send, shame to see them go. Hopefully not for too long
  3. I just realised something, the first three pages of the Wings of Fire preview are just them all standing around talking. Not that exposition is bad, but I feel when you have a limited page number you should try and make the most of what you have. At the very least I feel they could be walking towards the Gaia Temple, cutting down on the dialogue and maybe add a background gag here and there. It would make the story feel more lively and less Star Wars prequels. It also displays the problem of large casts, we have 11 characters here, and it's clear they're trying in vain to give everyone something to do. Again, it's not that large casts are bad, it's that when you try to give everyone a piece of dialogue or action you dilute the focus. Which going back to the previous point is not something you want to do in a 10 page story. If this was just Sonic and Chip along with Dulcy's FFs we could have had more interaction and characterisation of her team and between Chip and Sonic.
  4. I dunno, I thought most people rather liked things being a bit longer
  5. Big's Big Fishing adventure? You know what, sure. As long as it leads to a massive side-story (which is actually a massive crisis to which Big is but a Forest Gump figure to, the whole arc told from Big's point of view)
  6. A Silver Sonic Shadow (which already sounds like a cool super hero name) arc would be pretty snazzy. As for other characters, on the one hand while I'd love to see a few more familiar faces I just hope they'd get a proper introduction. First impressions do count and given our recent discussions it would probably be best if we keep new characters till after the Universe arc is finished.
  7. Yeah, I'm being immensely thick, seeing as I read that issue last week (to be fair I've been super busy as of late so my mind's in a mush). That and a visit to the Special Stage (remember, the Warp of Confusion is based off the Sonic 1 Special Stage)
  8. I think the problem is that it's being held within the confines of the Unleashed story, which A, forces the plot to move forward even if it could be served better with a pause, and B, has the sense of 'we know how it ends, get on with it'. Also it's not so much the world and character building as much as it is the way those characters are built. That said, it will always be a case where people will have a grumble. That's just the way things are Him or Kat, which would you prefer?
  9. Huh, I thought the solicits only just came out... in any case they seem to have solved whatever issue it was that held them up
  10. Where's this letter from anyway? A new issue?
  11. There's nothing wrong with having different people fighting Eggman for their own reasons. The issue is the way they're handled; i.e. 'Here's Rama the Rooster, Lama the Lemur, Ding-Dong the Marmot and Colin (a dachshund). They're the 'Botnik Booty Busters, remember them, they'll be important later (maybe). In the meantime here's an info dump on each of them.' Really the issue is a dilution of focus, which is something this comic can't afford at ten pages a story. A better way would be to introduce one or two named characters, and concentrate on building them into interesting characters, or even just have them come and go but make a good mark. I don't know, it worked when Judge Dredd crossed the Cursed Earth to pull a comparison to something I've (re)read recently. The focus was on Dredd and his crew, they meet various people along the way, some return in later stories and one even follows them, the latter getting more backstory and empathy as a result. While the one-shots, though not widely remembered, still made enough of an impression at the time, and felt unique and fun. Now people will have differing opinions on what makes a character good or not which is all fine. However the way so many new characters form or fit into similar team structures as the FFs, a, makes the FFs feel less special, and b, just gets repetitive. Honey for instance is a fashionista and a fighter, she doesn't conform to most of the other characters in terms of her outlook and as a result she's interesting. Likewise with Breezie you have a mogul, not an outright villain but a more unique character.
  12. I'll be honest, it's bad enough we seem to have a surfeit of teams, but then we have to make it like nearly every continent has a local Freedom Fighter branch by giving them a silly name. Just make a group of 3 to 5 guys, each with their own unique skill or quirk ('The leader', 'the brains', 'the orphan') and call them 'The Soumerican Shining Squad' or 'The Efrika Number 1 Freedom Fighters Agency'. Okay, I am exaggerating a little bit. However I wouldn't mind just having one or two characters, who simply lead a group of nameless rebels against the Egg army. Maybe flesh out a couple of grunts but just focus on the main leaders. In fact, I'm trying to remember if we've seen just some bog-standard, normal freedom fighters. It feels less like a conflict and more like a gang war. Also, why aren't there any mixed human/mobian freedom fighters? What's GUN doing in half these cases? Also, it sucks that the Universe arc isn't doing well, it's darn good. EDIT: Ah, yes, I forgot about Lupe's Team of non-names the 'It's Not Lupes'. Still, aside from Relic, Gold, Honey, Ray, the characters from 'Waves of Change' and a few others (Breezie maybe if you discount the S6, plus Mighty if you're not counting him as part of the Chaotix) most characters I can think of from the top of my head are part of some team or the other.
  13. Looking at Eric's panel, it looks like my take on his 'humour' earlier was spot on as usual. I mean really, ""Metal Sonic" sounds so tough and mean!", "Well played", does Eric not know that brevity is the soul of wit? Heck, I would have taken a 'Crystal Pepsi' joke over this. What exactly qualified Eric for this job exactly? Is he someone who actually did something funny once and is just really bad at doing kids stuff? I've actually chuckled at some of Pontac and Graff's stuff but Eric seems to take even the most feeble joke and ruin it.
  14. Okay, that final part is a little bit silly
  15. But the Esquivel Off-Panel writes itself! Panel 1: Katella the Huntress (for it is she) standing at the window of her boomerang shaped spaceship "Time for me to suit up and go out on a space walk" Panel 2: Katella the Huntress wearing what our lawyers say is a safe imitation of Samus's armour. Katella looks annoyed at this (even though she would have clearly seen it was the wrong suit before she put it on) "Argh! The dry cleaners mixed me up with that other girl again!" Alternatively: Panel 1: Katella the Huntress (for it is she) addressing the audience with a cocky manner. "You know, it's not easy being such a beautiful and deadly intergalactic huntress like myself, you make a lot of enemies..." Panel 2-3: Katella (insert) thumbing at a picture of her being chased by what our lawyer says is a safe imitation of a Metriod. "Sometimes they even forget who I am!" (Katella in the image being chased by Metroids) "Go away, you got me mixed up with that other (not as beautiful and deadly)* bounty hunter! *Bracketed because I doubt Eric is capable of making a slightly funny joke. BONUS Eric's fetish Off-panel Panel 1: Eggman and Katella standing together Eggman (for it is he) "If you're going to live with me, you'll have to eat like me." Panel 2: Katella considers this with a look of disgust, imagining herself as a chubby figure eating eggs. Archie's staff die of laughter, Eric get's paid his usual fee of $10 and whatever he can rummage from the canteen biscuit tin.
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