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  1. Crazy Melee tournament going on now (HBox just got emiminated lol) come watch if you want...

    1. Alienrun


      nvm he just got sent to losers...still its on LS right now!

  2. Yeah I know this isn't targeted towards me, but I'm kinda 50/50 on this one. You CAN add a transformation on a transformation and make it work, but it really depends on the context at the end of the day. If anything the second Trans just makes the first one feel like an upgrade rather than an ultimatum, whether or not that's bad is dependant on the person really. See normally I'd agree with you here, but in the case of an "optional" feature, I don't see the harm. That's like if I said Tails and Knuckles shouldn't be in the game because Tails is just a flying sonic who can't use E-Sheilds and Knuckles is a lower hopping glidding climbing Sonic without an insta-shield! (This is coming from someone who never plays Tails or Knuckles in S3 for these very reasons, but because they are optional I can't really be mad at there inclusion.) Alt Characters are simply that, an Alt option...Super Emeralds are an Upgrade that is Optional. In that very specific context I don't see how they "clutter" the game...its like saying Achievements in any game clutters the game cause they make you do unnessesary crap that you don't care about! Like sure you might not care about it but...does it really get in the way if its optional AND beneficial to people who want that feature?
  3. Could you elaborate on this? You say they are unnecessary but in what regard are they bad? Regarding the "anything they want a Hyper form to do can simply be given to a Super form", that kinda defeats the point of Super Emeralds. There's no reason why we should have to settle for one big upgrade instead of 2, especially if the game is big enough that there would be a feasible benefit to having. Granted I think the best compromise in this situation would be to simply NOT restrict your Super Form once you start getting the Super Emeralds, that way there is no foreseeable consequence to having more emeralds. (Any compromise would work, that's just the most easy one I could think of off of the top of my head. They don't have to work EXACTLY like in S3&K. I just personally think its a bit off putting to have like 14+ zones and only 7 emeralds to collect.) Also "There is no benefit to having two levels of "super"" ... That in of itself is a benefit PLUS you have more emeralds to collect. (Which once again are optional...) TL;DR Explain cause I am confuse!
  4. To anyone who wants to suggest that this is a spoiler... Anyways... I'm not sure how to feel about this, mainly cause I was really hoping (practically expected) for them to be in. Some might say they aren't nessesary, but given that this game will be "bigger than Generations" I'm wondering if only having 7 emeralds would make collecting them a bit thin, as in you could get them half-way through the game without trying too much. (Granted there could not be that many special stage rings) But even then it doesn't hurt to have more Special Stages. What's worse however is the reasoning behind this, at least according to Izuika is "We don't want there to be a power creep."...Excuse me?! This very much feels like "Sega influence" more than anything if you ask me, if it were up to the Mania team I bet they would put Super Emeralds in! And Power Creep? Like, noone is forcing Sega to make Hyper Emeralds or anything, I don't see what the problem is, did anyone in their right mind think the Super Emeralds were a bad idea?! sigh Eh...Again I'm not sure how big of a deal this is. (Nevermind the fact this pretty much deconfirms Super Emeralds from the series entirely until Izuika gets fired for some reason) I'm curious to know what you guys think though!
  5. Just realized my nostalgia is probably going to kick into overdrive when I play this just cause I grew up with 3D Blast PC AND Sonic CD AND Sonic 3!!!! Gaaaah! This game!
  6. So...I can't be the ONLY one who expected the Special stages to be EXACTLY the way we got it? Right? (Don't get me wrong it looks great, its just that I expected it to be great lol)

    Also an OP cutscene exists...yeah! (again, was expected)

    I thought the OP cutscene was leaked or something lol, you guys really do bring the hype I swear! :P

  7. I can't decide whether to like your comment or not because I disagree with the second paragraph entirely...
  8. Are you like...a fan of 2D games in general? Or do you like 3D games more? It's just hard to believe that someone passionate about something would get sick of it AND be willing to play it if its boring. That's just weird to hear, considering its the opposite for me, and I also grew up with Sonic 3! Hmm...
  9. I want to know how much effort you put into this post?! (How long did it take you?!) Not trying to knock you down or just seems like such a ton of effort for such a simple thing that will be revealed anyways in a month! Talk about speculation my gosh...I got to hand it to ya good job on this! (srry if I didn't actually have anything worth while to say, but its all speculation anyways so yeah...that's my excuse!)
  10. Sega is really lost on me with Forces to be honest...I mean yeah I'll probably like the game, but I don't matter...I find it hard to believe anyone new to sonic will look at this game and want to play it. (Meanwhile Mania is bringing in new people surprisingly) Sega comes off like: We put in a CaC to please the fans We put in cameos of characters to please the fans We put in Classic Sonic to please the fans We made the story dark again to please the fans We made the game boost again to please the fans We changed the artstyle (again) to please the fans We added in the old villains again to please the fans We made Eggman useful to please the fans We put in a new OP villian to raise tensions and please the fans Music variety!...for the fans! sigh I've already harped on the CaC enough, so I won't bother with that again. But one thing that does get to me is that the desire to change the artstyle again is not only a practice of bad design choice, but it doesn't even make any logical sense! I remember reading way back when Lost World was new that they made everything look less realistic in order to make it easier for players to see what was in front of them... granted I think that's a load of BS but logically it makes sense... ...In forces however THE SAME GUY says that the "best artstyle" that would stand the test of time would be to combine Lost World with a realistic look, saying that the LW style helps balance it out and thus becomes greater than the sum of its parts, thus feeling more "real" than if it were just realistic... This to me makes no sense, it reaks lazy like how LW was handled. Why not just make a new artstyle from scratch if you want something new? Or just use an old one? Heck...why didn't you do a better job instead of making it look so blatently obvious! It's dawned on me that Sega has a history of mishmashing ideas for no reason, ON TOP OF THAT they don't even seem to do a very good job at handling their own ideas! I don't know what to think anymore...all I know is that when Forces drops...I ain't buying it! Ima pirate that s**t! lol
  11. Given the mixed replies on this topic alone, I think I figured out what the problem is... We all have different definitions of the same word! Up to this point though, I never considerded that a problem, because when someone says "X character is Egdy" its not the word I harp on, but rather the context in which the word is being used. I may not know EXACTLY what the person means when they say edgy, but I have enough of a general idea that I can make my own conclusions on what's being said. With that being said though, I have never seen the word edgy being used in a 100% serious manner/an analytic discusion amongst "analysts" if you will. The term Edgy (at least to me) is used in a jokingly way to make fun of something for trying too hard to be cool in an over the top way that doesn't seem self aware of it doing so. For example if someone says Cloud from FF7 is edgy they don't mean that literately, because he is actually a well developed character and thus the term doesn't mean anything, what they mean is that he comes off as edgy and thus is an easy target to make fun of. (Similar to how non sonic fans are quick to label Sonic as being straight up cocky or an asshole who doesn't care about anything). In contrast, saying Ebony "Enoby" Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way from the infamous Harry Potter fanfic known as "My immortal" is probably the easiest target for being unironicaly "Edgy" (and a mary sue to boot!) She angsts a lot, wears goth clothes, is a vampire but not entirely, is always depressed and listens to goth music and is fully aware of the stereotype of being goth. Now what makes Ebony Edgy and not just a dark character? (besides being over the top about it?) Well its cause the author herself was basically using Ebony as a self insert for her Harry Potter fanfic, and it was very clear by the quality of said fanfic that she was (at the time anyways) a teen goth going through those same motions. (Granted Dante from DMC might have been a better example, but even that's debatable) Its the same reason why "Crawling in my skin" and "Wake me up inside" are considered edgy, but actual metal songs are today are usually left alone, because music nowadays is more self aware of that sort of thing. Its why people say Shadow is edgy because he "comes off" as being that kind of character, even if his development is different. Mephilis, by default falls under this distinction easier! Seeing how Infinite looks an awful lot like mephilis and seems to be playing a very similar role...its not hard to make the connection of why people Infinite is edgy! (Heck, people call Ryuko from Kill La Kill Edgy simply because she looks similar to Shadow and has a similar backstory...but her actual character has more time to devolop as that might not be the initial word you'd think to call her otherwise.) TL;DR Edgy is more of a cultrual word than a literal one, it lives off of how people use it and evolves just like any other word. Similar to how the word "meme" means something very different than 10 or even 20 years ago! What's expected of the word has changed and thus how people compare it to other words has changed also! Hopefully that makes more sense lol, tell me if there is something I missed!
  12. If you yourself can't define it then the word serves no purpose to you no? can ANY of our defenitions feel satisfactory to you when the core problem is that you don't like having the word thrown around in the first place? Noone is entitled to give you an objective defenition, just take our subjective analysis on why some of us think Infinite is "Edgy", learn from it and take your leave! I really can't think of a better solution! This seems like a classic case of making a situation more complex than it actually is lol
  13. I'm curious Mayor D...what is YOUR defenition of Edgy?! :/
  14. He didn't do anything yet to prove that he's over the top...its just really REALLY heavily implied, and if you connect all the dots its not hard to guess why that's the case.
  15. Simple fact is Mania looks like a better game... It doesn't matter what features it has, it matters how well they are being used. Given all the E3 showcases and numerous Interviews with Izuka himself...I think its reletevely easy to understand why people think that Forces isn't handling its ideas very well. (I say this as someone who's probably going to enjoy the game anyways, despite me joining in poking fun of it.) 2 Years ago I'd probably be in your exact situation, believe me when I say I know where you coming from! It seems you have a genuine desire to understand the opposing perspective further though...for the sake of not cluttering up this topic, PM me if you want a more detailed explanation!