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  1. Name a single franchise (any media is fine) that didn't turn to complete s**t the second it got sold off or the creator left it...

    ...it just dawned on me how sad and disingenuous the act of such a thing happening is. Could you imagine how successful your "product" has to be before you even consider selling it off to someone else?

    To me, at least...the most appealing aspect of one's work is that they made it! You take that away and...its not there work anymore!

    It's no wonder that things nowadays that get milked and don't follow the source material if its an adaptation OR try and sequalize an original idea that doesn't need a sequal...just doesn't have the heart of the original.

    It's just really sad and stupid is all I'm saying! :(

    1. Ayliffe



      Name a single franchise (any media is fine) that didn't turn to complete s**t the second it got sold off or the creator left it...

      MLP: FiM

      that was easy

    2. Dejimon11


      Kirby! There ya go.

    3. Alienrun


      Considering how out of the way of a reboot that is, I'd say that's called doing a reboot right...

      ..even then its not perfect...

      Laren Faust's work Post Powerpuff girls screams "I want to make a little girls show but make it mature and stuff with adventure."

      I'm not saying that's bad, but it feels less subtle as time goes on. It's counter intuitive to what actually matters when your telling a story I think, which is part of why part of the fanbase seems like a fad in retrospect.

      ...oh wait! You mean just Gen 4?! Oh...um...

      Still its a bit different then as the tone changed a bit season 3, which in of itself felt like a proper send of to the series. Most fans even admit it should have ended at season 4 anyways...

      ...but to be a little more realistic, MLP managed because it seemed to restructure itself early on into a team effort from its very conception, even before it blew up. By the time Season 2 rolled around Laren didn't have a whole lot to do with how things were being written. Heck you could argue she only oversaw the conceptual ideas and that was it! Everyone else decided it should be a slice of life kind of show anyways...

      TL;DR MLP is a conspiracy that will never be solved...

      EDIT: Btw I'm still open to more suggestions, I find this interesting...


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