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  1. If you want to get better, just write and don't question it, you'll naturally get better with time (I'm sure your familiar with the whole first, second and third draft thing...and that you don't show your first draft to other people) Otherwise, you might not need to write EVERY idea you have down...some ideas are better saved as just ideas, once you have the whole thing fleshed out in your head and know what you want to write down, then it'll be easier, but if your too spontaneous you might not feel motivated to finish till the end... (And yes I've taken online book writing courses so I have a bit of an idea of what I'm talking about...)
  2. Anyone else watching Genesis 5? (Biggest Smash Melee tourney of the year!)

    Here's a link if anyone is curious... https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp

  3. Normally I'd agree with what most people are saying here and adhere to the "stick to one gameplay" mindset, but I'll have to disagree this once simply because having a random Shump level in the middle of a platformer type of game has been done well and has been well recieved in the past...AKA it makes for a good pace breaker if done right. ...And there lies the problem, I don't think enough attention has been given to SS to make it "done right". Sonic 3 and Mania do technically get it right, but even there it can stand to be made improved. If the core of sonic's appeal is learing to control a loose physics engine, why not contrast that with a stiff, yet well controlled Shump styled gameplay. Make sonic shoot lazers or something, design it like a fast paced Touhou game or something (of course you'd tone it down so that its not overbearingly difficult tho). Any real attempt to fix final SS battles would go a long way to its reputation, there's a lot of untapped potential here! ...Or you know...just not have final SS battles...that works too! :/
  4. I watched the first minute and a half. Before I commit to watching more or giving half-ass feedback, I have to ask...why weren't the audio/editing issues sorted out before you released the video? (You seem to be pretty well aware of it) I'm not trying to patronize ya or tell you how to run your channel, just genuinely curious + plus I might be able to give advice in that regard as well. (Personally anyways I tend to find real life advice a lot more useable in the long run) If I commit to watching the rest I'll let you know what I think, best of luck!
  5. I preface this by saying I like Mephilis, but let me ask you this... Isn't Mephilis obviously more dark than those other villians? Nevermind the fact he looks just like Shadow and could very easily be confused with being a "fan OC villian" of sorts. If Shadow isn't completely accepted as being a "real sonic character" by a significant chunk of the fanbase...then how on earth could Mephilis be? (Also nevermind he only appeared in a game that a lot of people consider to be horribly writen if not down right insulting)
  6. This tweet sums of my thoughts on The Last Jedi... [NO SPOILERS]


  7. J.J.Abrams has an obsession with plot twists and forced emotion


  8. I say 2017 is a good year for Sonic...

    We got the best Sonic game of all time and a pretty dope meme game to boot! Like honestly, how can you complain with that?

    (Unless you don't give a s**t about 2D and want a SA3 esc game...eeeeh Whoops!)

    1. TheOcelot


      "best Sonic game of all time?"

      If you consider about five or six badly designed unfair bosses, some poor level design and half a missing story (am I talking about Mania or Forces:P) then that's not a very impressive "best Sonic game of all time."

      The king Sonic 3&K is laughing at you;)


    2. Alienrun


      I'll admit the bosses aren't up the snuff...heck you could argue Sonic 3K as a whole has a much better difficulty curve. But in terms of everything related gameplay wise (the story isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things) I say is significantly more better and self aware, since the game wasn't made in the 90's lol

      I am curious to know what levels in Mania you find to be "poor" tho... (as ironically I feel the same about a few Sonic 3 levels...)

  9. Can't give Sonic a gun...

    10+ Years later...

    Makes a Sonic OC and gives him a Flamethower...

    Mkay, Mkay...

  10. Leaks...some of us have seen the whole game now.
  11. Where on earth are you getting this metric? I always found it the opposite for me. (Also saying "its shit bro lol" is perfectly fine, not in depth or anything but its a good way to say what you think quickly in 4 words so there's nothing wrong with it.)
  12. You probably already know this, but what they are doing is much more immature than what your doing. Your just stating an opinion and they're getting upset AND trying to bring you down for no reason taking it way too personally...that is much easier to do than just say "oh whatever, its just a game bruh"
  13. Might I reccomend Freedom Planet if you want something sonic like that's (almost) 100% original!
  14. Honestly, how I view Part 3 is like...take the concept of Breath of the Wild or Mario Odessey and well...apply it to Sonic. That's basically what Shay is asking for here, someting simple but still big expansive and a bit of hidden depth. (kinda like the original games when you think about it) Now granted given you'd have to make a complex physics system AND make the game fast paced that would be a lot harder to do, but...a man can dream right?
  15. Sonic is "Dead" as you might have heard it a thousand times. Okay so maybe not literately dead, but the closest thing to it. Megaman was allowed to rest in piece after his games slowly decayed in quality. Sonic is like a zombie that's gotten stale and repetitive and that everyone is tired of! If you think about it that's even worse than being "literately dead". If you want a more nuanced answer the series is lacking identity, thus simplying labeling as this or that won't ever do it justice, but you can't blame people for oversimplifying a convuluted mess. Maybe if it was good...but its not, at least to most people anyways. You must be new here...
  16. What is this? Are you really saying people don't want gameplay in thier game series that is very well known for having outstanding gameplay when it first came out? Would sonic has stuck around at all had his gameplay been crap at first?!
  17. Where on earth did you get this rediculously strange claim? You say all that like its a bad thing...
  18. If you haven't played Freedom Planet yet, its exactly what your describing here. Its basically Sonic with an attack button (among other things) and a steeper learning curve. I'd even go as far as to say I like it better than Sonic. I would be genuinely curious to know what you think of that game since it falls under your discription very well. As opposed to what I thought before that game came out (2014) its something I wanted to see in sonic for a long time, as I like sonic for his speed but wanted a game that was more demanding in difficulty, ala IWBTG fangames. (The hack Sonic Boom is another great example of this, giving sonic a dive and jumping kick alongside more difficult but fair bosses.) To put it another way, Sonic's strength is speed, IWBTG is difficulty, and FP is a bit of both with the added complexity of games like Yoshi's Island and N game. That's admitably a VERY simplistic way to explain it, but alas that's how I see it in a nutshell.
  19. I hate to add more salt to the wound, but I didn't die to a Sonic Mania boss a single time my first playthrough...you could see why I like fighting hard bosses with that in mind. Granted you could argue making the bosses harder ruins the flow or some BS like that, but that's neither here nor there. I like my bosses to be fun, but sometimes (mostly for me) hard can be fun ya know?
  20. 1. Hard bosses don't get me upset 2. The reward for beating a hard boss is immense satisfaction that you simply don't get by beating an easy boss 3. Saying a hard boss is "unbeatable" is a lack of confidence lol 4. Challenge and fun are not mutually exclusive, in fact, I argue if done correctly...difficulty can enhance one's enjoyment of a boss sustantually! I've heard people say this boss is hard (for some unknown reason) but this is the first time I've heard someone say it took them this long...like wow...call me surprised!
  21. This is some weird ass humor I'll give you that...
  22. 5 options for me... 1. I for whatever reason impulse buy at launch, assuming I get a sustainable ammount of money first (very unlikely) 2. I end up buying it shortly after release if its better than expected or I get Hype enough after watching people I follow online play it on twitch or tweet interesting things about it on twitter 3. I wait for a price drop like a normal person, most likely will happen in a month or so if I'm lucky/keep an eye out. 4. I pirate it...not an issue for me but the incintive needs to be there for me to bother 5. The game manages to disintrest me so much if I choose to spoil the story for myself (might happen who knows) that I don't even bother playing the game at all. (nevermind Mania exists lol) While I admit this scale is more on the positive spectrum, I don't see too many other people feeling differently...unless they absolutely hate what's been shown so far or on the flip side adore it...but whatever, I think these reasons are justified enough!
  23. Might just be me, but I find it easier to comment on something when I give that thing context, in this case the context being a comparison to every other boss. There is no comparison here, thus no context, saying a boss is "well designed" or "cheap" can mean anything and yet nothing at the same time! Then again if I were less lazy I would do that myself...well its more of a lack of interest than anything, the game is too new also so my thoughts on each "boss" isn't exactly solidified either!
  24. Are you saying you don't like hard bosses? Like you want bosses to be piss easy all the time? What kind of taste is this? lol I'm legit curious to see your responce... -------------------------------------- Also I'm kinda surprised noone bothered to actually RANK the bosses from least to most favorite! :/
  25. I managed to trick steam into thinking it updated mania when it didn't! Which means I get to keep that dunkey easter egg! :D

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