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    You put OCs in...I was SO convinced that that was BS...my gosh I did not expect this! WHY!@!@

    On the other hand they put grappling hooks in...a feature I wanted them to put in for YEARS! (then again it was in boom, but it sucked there)

    And the music...gosh, its so try hard and I can't tell if its a good thing or not!

    RIP Sonic fanbase 2006! :(

  2. - Sonic 3 Special Stages (AKA the entirety of Blue Sphere)

    - First Person (This includes when sonic jumps in a ball)

    - Oculus Rift

    1. Haalyle


      Oh dear, that would be trippy.

  3. (Pic)

    That feel when SSMB has better picture resolution than youtube...Why?! Just...why?! :o


    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      I'm looking at your cover photo rn and it looks about the same as the youtube page in terms of quality

    2. Alienrun


      1. It's not centered correctly

      2. Click on the picture. Can you not see the pixels on the left side more clearly?

      3. The very fact that SSMB is smart enough to self adjust the pic when I unfullscreen and that I had to do no adjusting to it when I intially uploaded it, in comparison to the fact I had to resize the picture TWICE in order to get it even remotely close to what it is on SSMB...and it still looks much more pixelated!

    3. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      The real answer I can give you? Ask Google. ;)

  4. Me in 2013: OMG Sonic fans are sooo picky about everything, can't you guys be thankful for ANYTHING?!

    Me in 2017 (now): Does this fanbase have ANY standards or do you guys just eat up anything that has sonic in it without EVER questioning it?!

    (The last bit is more aimed at people outside of here btw lol)

    1. McGroose


      Lol was that an evolution or devolution of character?

    2. Alienrun


      I'd say its an evolution. I was much more of a "Sonic Fanboy" back when I was a teen so my scope of understanding other games outside of sonic was much more limited (even if Sonic wasn't my favorite franchise at the time.)

      Suffice it to say its a lot easier for me to relate to people who blindly hate sonic rather than people who blindly like it (like I used to), I may not agree...but I can see where they are coming from. :/

  5. All Forces needs now is an Elise equivelent before this game goes full 06 on us...


  6. insert snarky covfefe joke here

    ...Seriously though why is this a thing? :/

    1. Milo


      Ask Trump, he started it with his tweet. :\

    2. Marcello


      Just because you don't get it covfefe

    3. Boomer



      (My avatar works so well here...)

    4. JezMM


      Any excuse to make fun of Trump


      And that phrasing sounds like I'm criticising the act but I'm really not

      The only important thing is while it's fine to enjoy a joke for a breather, one mustn't forget the actual really shitty stuff he's causing too lol

    5. Alienrun


      Honestly I probably should have kept quite about this...

      People like me complaining about it (even if its jokingly) only cause the spread to happen more, AKA it becomes a "forced meme".

      ...It'll probably die down in 3 days max though, I was just bored and wanted something to talk about lol

    6. Speederino


      It was funny at first but my Twitter timeline is now nothing but covfefe jokes and I want it to end.

    7. Alienrun


      brb gonna go delete my twitter and make the memers pay for it...

  7. Anyone else watching Genesis 5? (Biggest Smash Melee tourney of the year!)

    Here's a link if anyone is curious... https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp

  8. Can't give Sonic a gun...

    10+ Years later...

    Makes a Sonic OC and gives him a Flamethower...

    Mkay, Mkay...

  9. Crash N Sanity Trilogy is broken...RIP Activision...


    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Literally Unplayable, 0/10 preorder cancelled, fuck you VV.

    2. SweeCrue
    3. Alienrun


      Reminder this glitch would have not been found had the remake not have happened...there's a SLIGHT possibility that this glitch is in the OG game as well and noone found it till now! :o

  10. Crazy Melee tournament going on now (HBox just got emiminated lol) come watch if you want...


    1. Alienrun


      nvm he just got sent to losers...still its on LS right now!

  11. Everytime I look at a Capcom logo, I misread it as "Crapcom" and I have to re-read it to make sure I'm not going crazy only to find out I misread it...

    ...to this day I don't know why that happens. Its as if part of me expects people to make that edit when memeing that Capcom sucks but then they DON'T and I get all confused! :/

    1. Bobnik


      I always read Capcpom because of the typo on one of the trailers for Ace Attorney.



  12. Gamers are funny lol



    1. Forte-Metallix
    2. Strickerx5


      I mean... they're not wrong in those first two paragraphs...

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I mean, what if it was XB1X or PC exclusive? They're both capable of more than the PS4P...

    4. Adamabba
    5. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      LOL. Nintendo is Platinum's publisher. What did that guy expect to happen?

      I'd be more surprised if it ended up on a non-Nintendo anything.

    6. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      I don't really get console wars. Like I can get being annoyed that a cool game isn't on a console you own, but why clench your butthole in pure anger over it being on a different console, or whether it's graphics are slightly worse (but still overall great), or just because it's not purely part of some ultra hd 4k console alone...or something.

    7. Zaysho




      I think most of the blame lies with SEGA for this, honestly. They didn't want to do more with Bayonetta and Nintendo had to foot the bill for the sequels. I mean, I'm happy getting a cool exclusive for my current system of choice, underpowered it might be, but it does bite nothing beyond the first game can be re-released anywhere else.

    8. Alienrun


      I mean...I can kinda understand the frustration with nintendo, since they have to constantly buy back the licence when Bayo 2 didn't sell that well...

      Platinum tho? Beats me!

    9. Adamabba


      @Zaysho ninja'd you 5 minutes ago

    10. Zaysho



      I had an earlier page loaded up lol

    11. Cayenne


      You should be mad at Sony, bro. They wasted the perfect chance to publish Bayonetta 2 when Platinum was searching for a partner.

    12. Alienrun


      Might as well post this too while I'm at it, it compliments to OP pretty nicely...


    13. MegasonicZX


      Ever since Bayo hit Nintendo there have been people like this and it always makes them look incredibly stupid since the reason for them putting these on Nintendo consoles exclusively is a good one. Really wish these people would do their research before getting up in arms over a non-issue (though he is right about one thing, these games would be capable of tons more on more powerful hardware).

    14. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The games would be capable of more, but I don't think anyone wants a repeat of Scalebound, right? Platinum and Nintendo have a good working relationship here, which isn't always the case. Bayonetta would have died in the ass if Nintendo didn't step in to save it.

    15. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

       And honestly,  while not as powerful,  the most the hardware limitations really do for the Switch in effecting quality are graphics,  which can already look keen enough. 

      So long as the gameplay is fun and entertaining,  which is perfectly capable for the Switch,  I don't see much reason to lament a game that likely won't even look bad graphic wise. 

    16. Strickerx5



      I don't see much reason to lament a game that likely won't even look bad graphic wise. 

      @JovahexeonXMAS Tron BonneWell here's the thing, when the initial Bayonetta was released (2009) it was met with a lot of praise for its graphics. Fast forward to 2's release and the reception was more of a "meh" in that department. 2 was basically re-using 1's graphical engine straight down to its 720p resolution and even then the game wasn't able to keep a solid 60fps to save its life.

      Now lets look at the Switch which isn't that much more powerful than the Wii U. I'll save my judgement until I actually see the game but I feel like 3's going to be reusing 2's engine which is already a clone of 1's. Assuming the game comes out in 2019, that would mean that the game is running on a 10 year old graphical engine complete with low resolution textures, limited gameplay environments, and not much in the way of effect details. All this being something a game like this greatly benefits from.  The best I can imagine them doing is reaching that solid 60fps with maybe an upscaled resolution from 900p or something.

      Like, I know not many people around here care about graphics to the extent that I do but when I put all this into perspective... yeah, Bayonetta 3 being exclusive to the Switch does sadden me a bit. Trust me, I fully understand that it was either this or nothing and I applaud Nintendo for picking up the pieces when no one else would but that still doesn't change my feelings on it.

      Though, I'll admit that this is all just speculation and I'd love to be proving wrong here.

    17. MegasonicZX


      @JovahexeonXMAS Tron BonneI was talking more in terms of content (like more weapons, unlockables, stages, challenge missions, etc.) but then again, on further reflection platinum fit all they can into these games no matter the hardware and I doubt they'd wanna throw everything and the kitchen sink in at once anyway so your probably right.

  13. I found some low key cringe in a nutshell...the replies are just as hilarious...


  14. I hate sleep.

    ...And yet I hate that I took the time to write this instead of sleeping...

  15. I have the really bad habit of always being "the guy who replies to comments" on youtube and hardly ever makes comments of his own! It's ironic cause a lot of what I say would probably be better as its own comment haha!


    ...Forgive the off topic post! :P

  16. I say 2017 is a good year for Sonic...

    We got the best Sonic game of all time and a pretty dope meme game to boot! Like honestly, how can you complain with that?

    (Unless you don't give a s**t about 2D and want a SA3 esc game...eeeeh Whoops!)

    1. TheOcelot


      "best Sonic game of all time?"

      If you consider about five or six badly designed unfair bosses, some poor level design and half a missing story (am I talking about Mania or Forces:P) then that's not a very impressive "best Sonic game of all time."

      The king Sonic 3&K is laughing at you;)


    2. Alienrun


      I'll admit the bosses aren't up the snuff...heck you could argue Sonic 3K as a whole has a much better difficulty curve. But in terms of everything related gameplay wise (the story isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things) I say is significantly more better and self aware, since the game wasn't made in the 90's lol

      I am curious to know what levels in Mania you find to be "poor" tho... (as ironically I feel the same about a few Sonic 3 levels...)

  17. I'm really bored and super sleepy so ima post this copypasta and then go to bed...








    I don't know what the block does, do you? I don't know. I dunno. Hey everybody, I'm here with my good friend, Inspector Gadget. Uh, how're you doing Inspector Gadget? I'm having a lot of fun. So, you wanna do some reviews, Inspector Gadget? I'm better than you are, so I should do the review. Okay, alright, well, Inspector Gadget's gonna do the review. You can shut up now, I'm always on duty! Hmm, do you have that game, "Miney Crafta"? Penny was telling me she was playing it on her computer book. Let's play Miney Crafta! Um, well, I have Minecraft, I think that's probably what you're talking about. Let's try that. Hmm, oh yes, this is it: Miney Crafta! No no no, Inspector gadget, it's called Minecraft. Oh, Minecrap! I cannot wait to play Minecrap. Do you know what my favorite thing to do is in Minecrap? I love building bricks with Minecrap. Building bricks with Minecrap is the best thing and the most amount of fun you can have while playing an app. I understand why all the kids are playing this game these days -- it's because they like to build brown bricks with Minecrap. I also like to build brown bricks with Minecrap. It's the most fun you can possibly have. What is the point of Minecrap? Well, there really is no point. It's a sandbox game. Oh good, I love building sandcastles. No, that just means you can do anything you want like explore, build stuff, and mess around. What kind of stuff can you build? Well, anything, really. There's one guy that built a scale model of the Starship Enterprise. My deduction skills as a detective tell me he has quite possibly, never had sex. Come on, Inspector Gadget, it's about expressing your creativity! But, he is just copying a fake rocket ship blueprint designed by someone else! Seems more like monkey see, monkey do than using creative energy if you ask me. Oh, you think you can do better, huh? I have a robotic implant in my brain that lets me preform 12,000,000,000,000,000 calculations per second. I could rewrite the entire game's code, while helping Penny with her homework, and cleaning up brain's doody, all at the same time! He's a nerd, and I hate nerds more than I hate MAD agents. What an asshole! He may not have a powerful cybernetic brain like yours, but I think that the kid used Minecraft in a unique, and complex, yet beautiful way, making the adaptation of---- I told you to shut up, but you didn't listen. Oh look, a free iPad..

  18. I've been spending the past few hours looking up BROWN BRICKS videos on the youtubes...


  19. If anyone was ever wondering why the PC version was delayed...



    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Don't wanna watch. What did it say?

    2. Strickerx5


      @A wreaking havoc engineIt's a pretty bad glitch (from one of the later levels for those avoiding spoilers)

      Yeah, this actually already happened to me twice on the Switch version...

    3. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Hope they get those ironed out by the 29th. I have an odd feeling it's gonna get delayed again.

  20. If Lara Croft were in Smash Bros. She'd have the slowest edge get up animation in the game.


  21. If there's one thing that came out of that Mania spoiler thing...is that the streamer kept telling the chat to "buy Spark the Electric Jester".


  22. J.J.Abrams has an obsession with plot twists and forced emotion


  23. Just told some random kid on twitch that I'd buy him sonic mania...

    ...I'm wondering if I should go through with it! :/

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Well if you really want to, you might as well.

      If you don't want to, just go and tell him as such as soon as possible, just so he doesn't get his hopes up and dragged on for too long.

  24. Kick-Ass is the best super hero movie I've ever seen by far. (heck its one of the best movies I've seen period.)

    I'm not even a movie guy at all...its that good! (watched it twice to confirm!)

    1. Speederino


      When it was new, I thought it might be my favorite movie ever. I don't think I'd go that far anymore (I eventually realized I tend to lose interest in the second half) but I still love it.

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      It's a pretty fun movie, that's for sure.

      The sequel... Eeehhhh.... It has it's cool moments, but it's a bit more over the top.

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