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  1. I don't have anything to add, but I remember hearing him say during Sonic Heroes something to the extent of "We didn't make a Sonic Adventure 3 because we feared that only the hardcore fans would play it, so we wanted to make a sonic game with a more general feel." My initial reaction to that (and this which doesn't surprise me) is why not just make an SA3 that naturally tailors what's good about both series without sacrificing what's already been established for the sake of "generalizing your audience". It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But yeah none of this surprises me, it would be cool if other people had more sources to interviews like this...
  2. Pretty on point, I think subconciously back when I knew very little about sonic and was trying to do research it, I naturally got more attention towards this game and just thought "This sucks...this isn't what a sonic 4 should be...they ruined it!" Case in point...not even nintendo did this. It's called "New Super Mario Bros." not "Super Mario Bros. 4". Nintendo can be overly innovative/ambitious from time to time, but they defenetely aren't cocky. Making a direct sequel/reboot with a lot of hype is how franchises end up dying. As I recall 06 initially wasn't getting that much attention, but that name and...welp we know how that turned out.
  3. Considering he took a few hours to figure this out...I'd say it doesn't need to be patched. None of this is obvious to a first time player.
  4. If anyone was ever wondering why the PC version was delayed...



    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Don't wanna watch. What did it say?

    2. Strickerx5


      @A wreaking havoc engineIt's a pretty bad glitch (from one of the later levels for those avoiding spoilers)

      Yeah, this actually already happened to me twice on the Switch version...

    3. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Hope they get those ironed out by the 29th. I have an odd feeling it's gonna get delayed again.

  5. I've been there too many times, it tears you apart, no thanks. Games are more fun when you don't give a crap what randos on the internet think, its all pointless really.
  6. I both love and hate how this has now become a Sonic Forces thread instead of a Mania one... Also @McGroose (and anyone else who is surprised by the reactions going on here) I'm pretty nutreal about this myself, not so much because the desicion is justifiable but because we simply don't have enough info to even make a proper reaction. Speculation is fine, but when its baseless I tend to lose interest. Its basically why I wasn't commenting, people have a right to complain about whatever they want and to whatever extent they want.
  7. This isn't true, especially if your used to recording something...
  8. Yeah, you'd think Mario fans would fight all the time because of how different all of there games are... ...but nope. NIntendo builds bridges and doesn't destroy them, they are in charge and who people look to for athority. (as weird as this is to say out loud.) I agree with all this though.
  9. I know this is gonna sound really weird, but seeing this comment helped me calm down quite a bit, sometimes a bit of hyperbole from someone else can help put things into perspective lol
  10. Well at least one good thing came out of the Mania delay...598df93d8b19c_copypastamaniapreorderedition.thumb.PNG.cb82f91d536250015a57ddc61a1384d3.PNG

    1. Strickerx5


      yikes, and here I thought I was mad

    2. Alienrun


      Same...I was pretty mad but...I can't compete with this guy.



    3. TCB


      Jabroni been worked way past a shoot into a bruial brotherdudejack

  11. On one hand I actually like 06's story despite its flaws... On the other hand this is Forces which very well could be a big mess (AKA I think 06 had a better idea of what it wanted to be, even if it didn't succeed as well as it hoped.) ...I'll take this over Lost World for sure, but that's not saying much! :/
  12. I'm going to play Sonic 1 every day until the 29th unironically to prove I am true sonic fan! cries in corner...
  13. I take the blame here...I thought the game was leaked on PC for some reason till I realized it was switch. My b
  14. EDIT: Was it the switch version or was it PC? IDK for sure...
  15. Your better off not, it depends on how much your looking forward to the game...
  16. PC VERSION IS RIP!!!! WHY! I ONLY HAVE A PC WHY IS IT DELAYED! ahem... Welp this sucks, there is a specific spoiler related thing that kinda explains this...but I think its safe to say noone saw this coming. Basically PC owners like me get screwed over, everyone else gets the game 2 whole weeks before us. What you all think of this? TL;DR Rip PC owners...
  17. Here we go go go....Sonic "controversy Stream! :P

  18. If there's one thing that came out of that Mania spoiler thing...is that the streamer kept telling the chat to "buy Spark the Electric Jester".


  19. Seems fair then...I did sadly spoil myself a bit, but I'll give a shot at this impressions thing. (Basically I'll just pretend I don't know what I know...AKA what I thought about Mania yesterday...) The game looks pretty dope so far! I'm not as hyped as everyone else, given that Freedom Planet is my current favorite game and its probably not going to get topped soon. Sonic Mania will most likely be somewhere in my top 15 though... (I tend to like games that are hard and fast anyways so suffice it to say despite having a lot of nostalgia for Sonic 3 its not what I consider the pinnacle of gaming/platforming). I could do without the nostalgia pandering though, I do like what I'm seeing in the Act 2's (especially CPZ) and the new zones though. (Hopefully we get more imaginative new zones in the game aesthetically) The level design is the perfect mix of CD and 3. As someone who likes CD best and has 3 as a close second this is quite perfect as an "official" sonic game, it could be better than any we have had so far! (that's not too hard now that I think about it though) As far as being better than fangames, we'll have to wait and see, my favorites are Boom (sonic 2 hack), Eggman hates furries and Sonic Erazor. All very short but have really good level designs and physics. What makes mania stand out I guess is that it will be a finished game. Most fangames sadly aren't like that. Time Twisted which was worked on for 12 years is finished, but I had hoped it would be better, here's to hoping Mania is better! And onto what I'm known for being nitpicky about... ...the music... ... It's...okay I guess. Like yes its good, especially the special stage music (and the initial trailer music). But aside from that nothing has really shocked me and made me go "Wow! That is awesome/breathtaking!". Though as of late Stardust Speedway is growing on me. (Can't wait to hear Act 2 wink wink) I want something like THIS dammit: ahhhh! It's a mastapiece! Anyways, I also like how the artstyle is heavily inspired by Sonic Nexus XG, which reminds me of yet another masterpiece worthy song... Gosh darn it I want music like this! Oh well, I'm probably too picky about this anyways... Last nitpick... Sonic's model...eh...I just wish it was the sonic 3 one, but that's probably my bias talking right now! Sonic Mania is going to be the GOTY for me most likely, not because its noteworthy for me, but simply because I don't think I will find anything else better to play!
  20. Why on earth would he not? They already confirmed that some layouts/paths are slightly different. If anything it could be just like sonic's but with a 1 or 2 zone difference and maybe a boss change here or there. It would be more weird if they gave him no differences...
  21. Just so that we are all on the same page...what counts as a spoiler and what doesn't? Are we allowed to give impressions/predictions if we haven't played the game? (Will any spoilers be allowed once the game releases?)
  22. Good gosh we are not giving this guy a break are we... ...JK, he sucks and we should bash on him!
  23. It was very clearly semi-sarcastic, do you not do this kind of humor or...?
  24. When was the last time Sonic Team learned from their mistakes?

    I honestly don't know...06 I think?

    06: Don't make games that don't work.

    Sonic 4: Don't title a game a sequel if its not a sequel.

    Sonic Boom: Don't make deals with other companies.

    I can't think of anything else post 06 that sonic team has learned AND taken action on instead of some PR dude saying "We have lost the fans trust" or some BS.

    Everything I just listed here is common sense...like good gosh.

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      They didn't even learn from their mistakes with 06, only thing they "learned" was to just stop making Adventure style games.

      Didn't stop them from shitting out Lost World and Sonic Boom.

    2. Alienrun


      What annoys me is that Lost World could have been better had they put more effort into it.

      Its concerning to think that they won't learn anything from lost world even if forces is an extent. (also thank goodness Mania is being made by different people)


    3. TheOcelot


      Sonic Team never learn from their mistakes.

    4. Alienrun


      *forces is a success*

      "Yo Sonic team you messed up big time!"


      "You know, your latest game Sonic Boom! I've heard it has lots of gli--"

      "Sonic Forces is coming to Modern Consoles and PC this Fall Holiday 2017. Pre-order now for 60$..."

    5. Bobnik


      ...Since when is Sonic Boom ST's game?



  25. Imagine being told that your going to go meet Sinbad...you then run along a whole bunch of pirate ships as the level builds up, the closer you get the more exited you get... ...and then its just knuckles covered in piratey like robes... yeah! Having familiar characters in the game helps get Sonic fans to buy the game in the first place, so I think that's why they did it. But when your actually running around in the world and want to get to know it more, I don't really think Sonic's friends are nessesary, we see them all the time, its a perfect opprotunity to have new characters shine and they decide not to. It's not a big deal or anything, just always found it weird.
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