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  1. ^ This... This right here...why on earth would anyone want that!? Do you know how pissed people would get if Sega dropped that on everyone? This is what I don't get, multiple characters only works if its done very carefully and with great purpose. Otherwise, your almost always better off dealing with 1 gameplay style and build up that style to be the best it can be. Is this really that hard to understand? We all want better games...but it seems some people are fine taking a much much MUCH slower route to get there. (or in forces case taking 1 step fowards and 2 steps back)
  2. Honestly though...I would have loved to see some instant time warping in this game. To this day I'm surprised that wasn't implemented into Remastered Sonic CD as that was the original intention of the game but was cut due to hardware limitations. Maybe that's the "taste" Iizuka is talking about! (Still I would have perfered a more natural approach to this.)
  3. I don't have much to say outside of "This is a really good idea". I can't be bothered to care much though, specifically cause I don't do mobile gaming and I could pirate/emulate most of these games anyways... I WAS exited for leaderboards until I remembered that those already exist elsewhere on the internet. Still...cool idea I guess!
  4. I highly doubt any one specific thing would cause a delay. If anything I just assumed development started quite a while ago and they just made a delay just to be on the safe side. (Which I might add is only 3 months, a considerable amount of time but nothing to lose sleep over.) I also don't wanna start a "Is Sonic CD's level design bad?" argument or anything, but I don't see how adding extra paths that are completely optional "botches" the level design.
  5. Sonic Team made the original zones from scratch. Mania Team has to copy said zones, and re-imagine them from scratch. Tell me which one is harder? That's my argument...
  6. It honestly wouldn't have been that hard. Just change the mechanic to touch the Past or Future sign and then jump in the stars that come above it ala S3 bonus stages. Or you know...just do it like in CD.
  7. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201706/14135044.html RIP my hype lol. I wonder how they are going to accomodate for this...its no wonder Startdust Speedway was only teased.
  8. How is punishing the player for taking WAY too long on a boss harsh? Seems justifiable to me. :/ Also THANK GOODNESS Falk is just a sound mixer and NOT a composer! I personally think that while he can sometimes make good music...most of it just doesn't fit with the style of Sonic...like at all! His best compositions in BtS (besides Titanic Tower Act 3 of course) are his remixes of old songs, not his original stuff. With that being said I'll be damned if Mania can give me something to top this masterpiece! (I'm not joking with this one...just listen.)
  9. Can you like...link to these changes in the videos please? I don't have time to watch them all lol
  10. I'm really bored and super sleepy so ima post this copypasta and then go to bed...








    I don't know what the block does, do you? I don't know. I dunno. Hey everybody, I'm here with my good friend, Inspector Gadget. Uh, how're you doing Inspector Gadget? I'm having a lot of fun. So, you wanna do some reviews, Inspector Gadget? I'm better than you are, so I should do the review. Okay, alright, well, Inspector Gadget's gonna do the review. You can shut up now, I'm always on duty! Hmm, do you have that game, "Miney Crafta"? Penny was telling me she was playing it on her computer book. Let's play Miney Crafta! Um, well, I have Minecraft, I think that's probably what you're talking about. Let's try that. Hmm, oh yes, this is it: Miney Crafta! No no no, Inspector gadget, it's called Minecraft. Oh, Minecrap! I cannot wait to play Minecrap. Do you know what my favorite thing to do is in Minecrap? I love building bricks with Minecrap. Building bricks with Minecrap is the best thing and the most amount of fun you can have while playing an app. I understand why all the kids are playing this game these days -- it's because they like to build brown bricks with Minecrap. I also like to build brown bricks with Minecrap. It's the most fun you can possibly have. What is the point of Minecrap? Well, there really is no point. It's a sandbox game. Oh good, I love building sandcastles. No, that just means you can do anything you want like explore, build stuff, and mess around. What kind of stuff can you build? Well, anything, really. There's one guy that built a scale model of the Starship Enterprise. My deduction skills as a detective tell me he has quite possibly, never had sex. Come on, Inspector Gadget, it's about expressing your creativity! But, he is just copying a fake rocket ship blueprint designed by someone else! Seems more like monkey see, monkey do than using creative energy if you ask me. Oh, you think you can do better, huh? I have a robotic implant in my brain that lets me preform 12,000,000,000,000,000 calculations per second. I could rewrite the entire game's code, while helping Penny with her homework, and cleaning up brain's doody, all at the same time! He's a nerd, and I hate nerds more than I hate MAD agents. What an asshole! He may not have a powerful cybernetic brain like yours, but I think that the kid used Minecraft in a unique, and complex, yet beautiful way, making the adaptation of---- I told you to shut up, but you didn't listen. Oh look, a free iPad..


    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Dude, knock it off. I get it.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Alienrun, you're being a jerk.

    3. Kiah


      I saw your comments earlier and I'm going to second the need for you to stop. No need to be antagonizing. 

    4. TCB
    5. Alienrun


      I have nothing to say outside of the fact that the irony of this whole situation is really getting to me... (I would probably be better off not saying anything but f**k it!)

      Seriously though I'm not directly attacking anyone so...

      insert no fun allowed pic here:/

    6. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      ...you clearly you made this because of my last one...

      And it doesn't have to be a direct attack.

    7. Alienrun


      For clarities sake, I'm saying its ironic because literately every excuse you used I could use and it would make just as much sense. (If its not obvious I just got put on blast right now lol AKA role reversal).

      AKA I was joking/your all taking this too seriously blah blah blah...

      I feel the need to apologize but I'm not sure if you want it...so I guess I'll leave it at that until further notice.

    8. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude


    9. Kiah


      @Alienrun I know what I saw before the status was deleted but you were being antagonizing with your tone. Even with this status. Your track record of being that way as well as tactless doesn't help your cause. 

      It's not hard to express your thoughts and disagreements in a respectful manner. It really isn't so just stop doing the opposite of it. 

    10. Alienrun


      @Dee Dude Forgot to mention my ALL CAPS vs your non use of caps which you yourself mentioned.

      I guess making my humor meta doesn't reflect a percieved "attack", so I guess I should be more careful with that...

      honestly I just thought it was funny but didn't think it through. (I'm not trying to justify what I said, just explaining it)

      @Kiah I need to learn to lay off the caps. *sigh* I'm guessing that was the biggest issue outside of me being blunt right?

    11. Soniman


      Wow way to be a dick 

    12. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Grow up and own up and stop making excuses.

    13. Alienrun


      I was going to!!!!

      I did already...its over we said sorry...

      I lost the argument, kill me...

    14. Kiah


      Don't even do that with the "kill me" thing. Even if you didn't mean it. Just stop what you're doing, hold yourself accountable and do better. 

      And as a moderator I'm going to tell you straight up shape up your behavior. Otherwise you are going to get a strike. 

    15. Alienrun


      Is self deprication against the rules?

      K I'll stop.

    16. Osmium


      the fuck is happening 

    17. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      @ShroomZed I unintentionally started a argument in of my statuses I deleted, it was joke about Sonic and Mario, a crappy joke granted.

      Alienrun was antagonizing me in said status thus leadin to this one.

  12. This game sucks. ... ...okay that's over simplifying it too much. I'm pretty much agreeing with the majority of things, game will be fine...but fine isn't good enough. CaC is stupid though, like REALLY STUPID and I'm honestly surprised people are defending it. This flat out doesn't belong in a sonic game, it flat out tells me Sonic Team doesn't care about me as a person and only wants to sell as many copies of there games as possible via cheap fanservice...THAT'S what bothers me the most about all this. (Ironically the villains have me interested though, which I'm not sure if I should be.) To put it another way, this game has been in development for as long as Mario Odessey...and look at where that game is! Just let that sink in for a moment... TL;DR Sonic Team is stupid, it used to be because they couldn't make good games...now its because they let there "successes" get to their head too much and take praise WAY to literately. I enjoyed Secret Rings as a kid when it was new...that was 10 years ago! I don't wanna be running in straight lines anymore! WE SHOULDN'T BE HERE ANYMORE!
  13. I don't think anyone is suggesting this game is going to be even remotely as good as breath of the wild...
  14. By this logic do you think all games are good or that they are all bad? I mean we can't compare them to each other so it has to be black and white right? The reality is that people have standards, and those standards continue to evolve as one gets older and plays more games, both good bad and mediocre. Is that really that hard to understand?
  15. I'm not going to force myself to enjoy sonic games again thank you very much. Mania got my attention without me having to put any additional effort, ANY game I genuinely enjoy falls in that same category. I mean sometimes I go out of my way to enjoy things if one specific aspect of said thing is appealing to me, but I personally know the consequences of doing that. What your suggesting is to stop being cautious and just mindlessly play these games, AKA the whole "turn your brain off" retoric which has been proven false time and time again...the sole act of enjoying anything requires some sort of effort, even if its subcouncious, you have to work for your fun otherwise its not really fun. Nevermind the fact that when I point out things wrong with a game before I even play it I tend to enjoy the game more WHEN I'm playing it due to the fact that I'm less distracted by BS game design when I'm "trying to have fun". ...Never would have guessed nitpicking/analysing actually HELPS you enjoy games more huh? I mean...the idea of understanding a piece of art allowing you to enjoy it more? I thought that was a myth! Pfft!
  16. I would perfer if Cold Steel the Hedgeheg was standing in that spot over Shadow... ...as crazy as that sounds it would actually make 100% more sense and wouldn't look too out of place.
  17. You claim to want a darker story but then turn around and diss the lore? What? The point of having a darker story is because the tension actually matters, what is the point if its retconed every other game? The reason Mario doesn't have to worry about lore is because Nintendo thinks about there story structure very very VERY carefully every single time, It doesn't have to worry about that because its designed to be flexible and cohesive, Zelda does the same thing and that franchise was a mess to put chronilogically prior to skyward sword. Only the hardcore fans really cared about that, but noone said the story was bad because of that, it was still Zelda and that's what mattered. Just cause they are doing a darker story doesn't mean they are doing it right. Lore isn't supposed to "hold back" franchises, its supposed to enhance its identity...either Sega gives us good explanations for why Shadow is bad or they give us a new villian (surprise surprise they do both.). The question is less "should shadow be bad?" and more "Is shadow being bad a good thing in this context?"...while we don't know for sure, I don't blame people for thinking its not. Admitting you don't care about lore (or overlapping stories for that matter) is admitting that your lowering your standards on purpose...and honestly in that regard what right does that give you to call out others for bashing on the story for legitamite reasons? Some of us (including me) are going to enjoy the story anyways... ...that doesn't mean that Sega is doing a good job showing it off right though.
  18. You do realize that just because we nitpick everything doesn't mean we can't enjoy what we are bashing on right? I personally am probably going to enjoy the heck out of this game for all its crazy ideas! ...That doesn't mean its well put together or inspiried by any sort of love that isn't artificial...or that its gonna be more competent than Odessey or Breath of the Wild. (I'm not even a Mario or Zelda fan and I can admit that.)
  19. Oh trust me I know what I'm getting into, I've accepted my standards for Sonic stories is quite different from other people's, but I still understand that we should be aiming higher. This game will hopefully be a "happy accident" of sorts but it might not and that's a fair bar to set... Also you guys should stop bringing up the "Shadow wants to save Maria" thing, cause its clearly not happening. Shadow would have done that in 06 if he wanted to, HE COULD TIME TRAVEL ON HIS OWN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Shadow has put his past behind him, he wouldn't put the world in danger just to save himself or his friend, he doesn't even remember her that much since StH, He denied Mephilis's offer so why not Infinite? Him being pulled from SA2 is much more likely, even if that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  20. Did you consider for a second that maybe this guy doesn't think Sonic Team is doing that bad OR that he's actually impressed with the new footage?
  21. I highly doubt this will happen, but it would be cool if the reason Shadow is evil is because in this timeline...you got a "bad ending" in Shadow's own game instead of a good one.

    Think about that...

    An alternate reality where Shadow doesn't get his memory back and "lives life by his own rules", essentially embracing his darker self and never looking back.

    Seeing how shadow was originally going to be a demon and is basically an "evil sonic" anyways, that would be pretty dope!

    Though that likely won't happen and this game will just be a mess! Yeah!

  22. I don't care what anyone says...AMR2 looks way better than this... Oh well, its better than nothing. Maybe I'm just salty I don't have a 3DS lol
  24. I agree with everything said here soooo much! That link especially just shows how disconnected Sonic Team as a whole is. Like how they reused level ideas for Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 because "they ran out of ideas" like seriously? The lack of effort there from Episode 2 onwards just astounds me. And now with this whole CaC nonsense I am convinced Sega doesn't give a crap about there fans, this isn't just being lazy or incompetant, they flat out are doing something that feels insulting to be perfectly honest with you all...still don't know how to feel about this as a whole outside of "f**k you sega you screwed it all up!" At least we still got mania though, that'll be good!
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