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  1. Everytime I look at a Capcom logo, I misread it as "Crapcom" and I have to re-read it to make sure I'm not going crazy only to find out I misread it...

    ...to this day I don't know why that happens. Its as if part of me expects people to make that edit when memeing that Capcom sucks but then they DON'T and I get all confused! :/

    1. Bobnik


      I always read Capcpom because of the typo on one of the trailers for Ace Attorney.



  2. You win...I didn't think he would do that. Like...wasn't the whole point of this so that he could do all this by himself? Good gosh this guy!
  3. Tranformers movies have become retardedly predicatable at this point, but your still right now that I think about it...its SOMETHING and its a very consistent something that some people enjoy. Quite frankly even if Ken's book was good, I think a lot of people wouldn't care, simply because its taking so long to come out! I'm not a comics guy, (I've attempted to read a bit of STC but that's it) I originally came here just to chime in on the Ken drama cause I thought it was funny, but its not funny anymore. Its been years since then...I've come back here back and forward about 3 times over the course of 6 years...and every single time I pop in and go "IS KENS BOOK OUT?" only to be met with "Are you kidding me? That would be the logical thing to do lol" This more than anything is killing hype for the book faster than anything I can think of, if the book came out in 2012 or 2013 I wouldn't know what to expect and I sure as heck don't now. I expect the book to be utter complete nonsense disguised as a cohesive story with a begining middle and end with crappy art work, but again...its not funny anymore. I wouldn't even read this ironically...I'm not even sure if I'm curious anymore...I just want the whole thing to be over with lol, too much speculation on a thing that isn't happening will drive people crazy I tell you! inb4 the whole thing is cancelled and Ken promotes an even stupider idea for a book from scratch! :/
  4. Ah yes...the good old transformers movie logic "It doesn't matter how much it sucks, your going to see it...and that's all that matters! ;)" sigh Honestly at this point I'm more concerened that its taking so long than anything, I'd probably congradulate him once its out just because our expectations are so low that we can't POSSIBLY be disapointed anymore! :/
  5. Video example is really piss poor, banicam, frame drops...I could go on. But besides that this seems like a really good cause! Also I must ask...Is sonic 1 SUPPOSED to have a blue border around it? I always accociated that with being a thing with bad emulators...am I wrong on that?! : /
  6. Source: http://www.tssznews.com/2017/07/11/tons-of-new-info-on-sonic-boom-rise-of-lyric-development-found/ You guys know how this works by now...We've gotten hints of this in the past but now we finally got what seems to be the full package! A LOT of new info that we haven't seen before is shown off in this article. I'll copy paste the bullet points in this spoiler, but there is a lot more info on both the visual PDF and the website link in the link above! I'll post my personal thoughts on this later, but for now I'll keep those to myself in order that I don't clutter up this OP too much. Really though, what do you guys think of all this? If the game was finished would it be better? Exactly HOW screwed over do you think this game was? Any ideas here get your attention? Let me know!
  7. Memories are subjective, they don't matter in the grand scheme of things...
  8. I'm being realistic for the sake of the argument I was attempting to push forward, but yes the game is a freaking mess. The CaC alone made me lose trust in Sega... What confuses me is that Chris Knopps doesn't seem to understand how composing for a video game works, maybe because I study music a lot I'm taking this seriously, but the reality is that Sega is putting a basic effort to be original which Chris is flat out ignoring which seems exagerated at best and ignorant at worst. As for the quality? Believe me its all over the place...I even made an entire topic ripping the main theme apart when it was still fairly new! But none of that matters, some of it is okayish/kinda good for a level I guess? Music is one of the key things I look for in a game, mind you this is very subconcious but it stands to be true so far no matter how much I tell myself otherwise. TL;DR Chris's "solution" will only make things worse, there are like...5 differnent things this game needs to fix up before we double up the fanservice and thus insult me even further. NOONE in thier right mind wants Classic Sonic in Gens...its a double standard that just doesn't make sense! Chris is suggesting to make fanservice AND make it good! ...Like buddy which one do you want? Putting in Classic music won't automatically make the game better right?
  9. Crash N Sanity Trilogy is broken...RIP Activision...


    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Literally Unplayable, 0/10 preorder cancelled, fuck you VV.

    2. SweeCrue
    3. Alienrun


      Reminder this glitch would have not been found had the remake not have happened...there's a SLIGHT possibility that this glitch is in the OG game as well and noone found it till now! :o

  10. Yeah about that...Remember how Lost World was advertised? Despite showing off SO many zones, we got a lot of new stuff, the game didn't turn out how anyone expected it. NOONE could predict how it would turn out cause we didn't have enough info! That's what I think is going on here, we got 1 new zone and 1 old zone...we got a CaC and returning characters...we got old villians returning and a new one leading them...we got a new plot that hasn't been explored yet it still feels like a mix between Future 06 and Gens... There's going to be new stuff...they WANT you to think that this game is new and that the fanservice is just naturally integrated in the game. Take all that into account alongside a 4 year development cycle and I can garentee you they'll have new stuff...Will it be good? Who knows... I mean really it seems they really want to reuse those Generations assets but they can only do that so much! Honestly we should be focusing less on how original the songs are and more on how good they are, I don't think the game's identity is THAT fractured, even if more than half the game is old zones, Sonic Team is at least trying to portray them in a new light...on top of multiple characters having their own versions of the songs, I think that's enough reason to justify new songs. (Unless they go Sonic CD on us and use 3 versions of the same song, which they don't seem to be doing.)
  11. See, the thing is is that that would actually work if the levels were the same as their original counterparts...ala generations. Putting an epic remix instead of an underwhellming song misses the point...the boss itself is underwhelming...that's the problem. This game runs that fine line of trying to copy Generations success without actually being another Generations game...thus I encourage the use of new music. A lot of it has missed the mark, but some of the CaC vocal themes (despite not fitting really well) have sounded really good for what they are! That's my arguement...if the song isn't going to be fitting, it might as well be original. I can look up fan remixes on my spare time, I don't need them in an official sonic game that's SUPPOSED to be new! :/
  12. This feels more insulting than anything. It doesn't fit at all either. If the game is TRYING to be original I'd rather have original music. The remix is good, but that doesn't mean you can just slap it onto anything and expect a good comeback...I think its telling that this works better with ACTUAL FANGAMES than official Stuff. If you take away the officialness of the game then what's left? It only shows off the flaws more if the change isn't organic/doesn't make the game better! :/
  13. Sonic Utopia is a proof of concept, I refuse to believe its an "emarrasment" in that regard when there is literately noone embaresed by it. Also ditto what Gabe said, that post is spot on!
  14. You could probably write a transcript of stuff I tell people in real life and it would probably come off as 5 times more rude than what it actually was... Whatever though, think what you want.
  15. For crying out loud! Your looking too much into this! I for one apreciate the honestly that so many interviewers don't have the balls to do! If it were a video interview, you probably wouldn't have an issue with it, I'm sure he worded what he said in a nice enough manner! :/ I doubt it... "An adventure is no fun if its too easy" my ass! We'll be lucky if we ever see something like Eggmanland ever see the light of day again! Oh gosh I remembered that video! "Dude its sonic 4! this is the game you've been waiting 16 years to play!" never had I felt so insulted in my life! If anyone has a link to that video interview I'll happily watch it! Its been a couple years and I can't find it and I REALLY want to!
  16. People didn't hate on Unleashed or Black Knight because it had bugs in it...they didn't like what they were going for. Same goes here...its not always that black and white. Of course we're not getting another 06 or Boom, its not hard to be better than shit. We want Sonic games that aren't just better than average but that are actually good and can stand the test of time as being legitametly good games! We know Sega could do it if they pulled there heads out of there asses which is WHY were critisising them so much! All things considered this game could be better than Gens gameplay wise...problem is that game came out 6 years ago, that's hardly an accomplishment by today's standards!
  17. I'm more of a fan of the video than anything else, it goes nicely with the song...I can't imagine myself listening to the song by itself though! :/
  18. Good gosh this is a good post... If it makes you feel any better, I too took a bit of contention with that very paragraph. What it really boils down to is a over generalized look at the kind of people I saw in this mindset, (I ironically didn't explain myself) but there is a bit of truth to it...so I suppose I should explain that better... Also, apologies about the boost thing, chances are those people weren't trying to understand you and were just mindlessly pushing their agenda OR didn't realize it was bothering you. I see where your going with the technician/preformer analogy, and I agree with it for the most part. But I've come to understand that its a little more complicated than that, as you mentioned. More so I feel your explanation on the preformer side seems just a little too vague and slightly misleading. For example...When I first played Freedom Planet I was on quite the emotional high, so much so that to this day it has become my favorite game. It wasn't until later that I realised I didn't have the balls to explain my feelings about the game to other people, and what it really came down to when I did was just my personal experience/build up that allowed me to get that much enjoyment out of the game in the first place. (This doesn't mean I don't like it logically, its just not relevant to what I'm saying here.) TL;DR It was all in my head...games don't give people emotion, that's on them. People will make a concious choice to emotionally invest themselves in whatever they want...and usually in the case of pre-built video game hype, people will set themselves up to that expectation. This is fine and normal though, people change and thus our tastes for games should constantly change in order that we evolve and achieve a sense of progression. Its part of why people play games in the first place I think. (There's also social and immersion reasons but you get my point.) ... Basically I bring that up to try and justify that in a way I'm pushing the technitian narrative going forward, but I think that in of itself can apply to art appreciation as a whole, so in that regard there isn't really a limit to how the technitian is described. Nevermind the fact that the Preformer sub-category doesn't account for replayability or judging a game after you are done with it (AKA thinking about it fluidly) based on your description of "enjoying each part of the game as you go". Granted I think both are important, I just felt the way you described them to be a bit off, but maybe that's just me... ... In regards to those comments though I'm very aware of how easy it is to misunderstand people online and the lack of emotional communication that takes place via text. But some comments I saw were a bit rediculous...some people were legit exited about seeing sand in green hill zone. Not just in the moment...but so much so that it justifies everything else wrong with GHZ's inclusion...and I quote: "I REALLY think that the sand in the backround is really interesting and I think it will be interesting to find out what it is/why its there when the game comes out." (not exact quote but eh) This guy here isn't just interested to see sand in the backround...he's interested solely because its a mystery AND the sheer act of solving the mystery is "interesting" as well. (nevermind the fact it probably won't be thought out that much in the actual game) This is what I mean when I say "low standards" or "no taste". You could have put ANY thing new in green hill and this guy would be exited, simply because its technically new and he hopes that the game will be clever enough to give a satisfying conclusion...it reaks fanboyish levels of appreciation for the series. To be frank the only reason this is a point of contention for me is because I myself used to be like this and it pains me to see others go through the same crap only to one day look back and regret the whole endeavor... Maybe my standards are too high? Maybe because I actively try to improve myself as a person I just naturally think these things more...IDK for sure. And yes I am self aware enough that this one example I brought up is still subjective...quite literately the defenition of "different taste", but if that's the case then let me ask you this... When is it okay for me to tell someone they have bad taste? When can I push my own agenda? When do we reach a point where everyone isn't mindlessly screaching "It's just my opinion" and people start actually beliveing in what they believe in, instead of holding back they're actual thoughts. It should go without saying that when I say someone has bad taste, its my opinion, but that doesn't mean I don't think its true. Like...I'm pretty sure we can all agree most kids have "bad taste" in the sense that they don't have as much exposure to games as adults AND less time to process what they have experienced. This is what I mean by standards...when the metric for a game being good is limited to what one knows about sonic then that to me is low because while I do like sonic a lot there is so much more to gaming that just this franchise...Its a point of comparison...in a way you could say I'm inderectly comparing myself to them because I think to myself "oh...I've been there before, good gosh is he always going to be like this/will he regret this." Or "OMG that statement is so backwards!" TL;DR Its less the people making simple statements and more the people that actually do bother to put up an argument, but do nothing but parrot the same stick over and over again at nausiem and aren't really talking to you. (seems to be the main cause of problems around here now that I think about it.) Oh...that is a really good point now that I think about it. Honestly I think when I was a teen, I only responded to disputes that were directly targeting me, while now I actually try to have a normal conversation...that might be one indicator on my part of what's changed. ... To be honest part of me does want to understand these people better, but sometimes I reach a point where I feel I can't or I don't even care about the situation myself...maybe I get the feeling they don't care to and thus can't be bothered playing a game of pull and swing trying to figure out what they are thinking only for them not to tell me. Like...I met someone in real life once and one of his favorite games was 3D World, he was passionate about it too, my immidiate thought was "Um...does this guy have better standards/if only I could show him better games that I consider better!" Is that wrong to think? Maybe...possibly...part of me says yes, the other IDK. If anything sometimes these people take very very VERY specific things about games way too seriously and I start to question how I should approach them, AKA fanboy mentality once again. IDK I might be over thinking this. I think most of what you said makes sense, I was just explaining myself...tell me what parts make sense or not and what you agree/disagree with! : D
  19. ^This right here is what I take contention with in regards to people who praise Forces without much logical reasoning. It seems people who are praising it are just happy to get another sonic game and that's it, they like it cause its new...(and oh boy do kids like new stuff!) Lost Word? Boom? Pfft...those aren't real sonic games, this game has EvErYtHiNg in it including the boost so it must be good?! Right? ...I'm convinced at this point that a lot of these people don't really have standards, or at least not high ones. These people will take any sonic game as long as it faintly looks like a sonic game that in their mind is legitamate, regardless of how shallow it is. Yeah yeah I know "fanbase split" is a thing and all...I just can't help but notice that Youtube comments of all places is where I'm seeing the most praise while everywhere else people are agreeing that the game has legitamate flaws that will hold it back in the long run, even people who are looking forward to the game can admit this!
  20. Mania by a long shot! I mean...Forces is more ambitious I suppose but...I don't think a song trying to sound poppy makes it any better so yeah.
  21. Oh screw off...being pessimistic doesn't mean you don't know what you want. Do you really think that we're hating on sonic for literately no reason? Do you think we would even be fans in the first place if we put all this mental energy to taking the piss at Sega? (also what the heck is a "large minority"?!) We have standards, we want things to get better. We aren't pulling negativity from our asses, these are real feelings we have and we're not afraid to share them! I honestly don't see why any of this bothers you! :/
  22. This is the most disapointing reveal ever...all that wait...for this? Honestly maybe those rumors that it would be a japaneese woman singing this in japaneese gave me a bit of hope...but still! THIS is what your gonna show off!? To add salt to the wound this isn't even the final version...why do they do this? Why do they keep showing us unfinished versions of the same bloody song and not improve on it much? That added instrumentation was barely worth it, why does the song STILL sound like a mishmash of randomness and isn't even improved at all! realises what game I'm talking about Oh wait...
  23. I don't think saving the future is a hobby! : P
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