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  1. He meant "get the appeal", there a lot of things I'll admit I don't get the appeal of so I was trying to explain it!
  2. Nah I get you @molul Its just it can be interesting if you see update videos from the same guy and he's hyping up the game before the announcement of it...it makes the "reaction" much more worthwhile ESPECIALLY if its on a live stream and your there with him counting down till the trailer pops up! (Again I only felt this way with Etika, but I'll be quick to admit how stupid the idea is in the grand scheme of things.) Like in this specific example I've seen people accuse this guy for the very same reasons you put out...only for people to go "well where else am I supposed to go to see someone get hyped up?" or "Well where else do I go to see the hype man?"...basically some people just like it just because... Though I do see your point very well as I used to feel exactly the same way...in the long run its better to find actual friends to bounce your thoughts off of and, dare I say it, "react" with. I suppose though some kids and "internet dwellers" don't have those kinds of friends and would appreciate just getting a taste of that experience and the comfort of thier computer. I know Etika got me hyped up for the switch despite how alienating it was to most people...even though I could have watched the video at my friends house lol XD
  3. I didn't think of that...still...because the plants are new, there's a good chance it won't affect anything.
  4. Unless its from Etika himself, its usually a crap reaction...even if you think he's faking it, there's something really priceless about what he does... Though I agree with you, it is a bit rediculous if you attempt to take these seriously...its an easy way to get views so in that regard its not surprising that people make these. I'm curious to know why...this seems really random.
  5. I've been spending the past few hours looking up BROWN BRICKS videos on the youtubes...


  6. insert snarky covfefe joke here

    ...Seriously though why is this a thing? :/

    1. Milo


      Ask Trump, he started it with his tweet. :\

    2. Marcello


      Just because you don't get it covfefe

    3. Boomer



      (My avatar works so well here...)

    4. JezMM


      Any excuse to make fun of Trump


      And that phrasing sounds like I'm criticising the act but I'm really not

      The only important thing is while it's fine to enjoy a joke for a breather, one mustn't forget the actual really shitty stuff he's causing too lol

    5. Alienrun


      Honestly I probably should have kept quite about this...

      People like me complaining about it (even if its jokingly) only cause the spread to happen more, AKA it becomes a "forced meme".

      ...It'll probably die down in 3 days max though, I was just bored and wanted something to talk about lol

    6. Speederino


      It was funny at first but my Twitter timeline is now nothing but covfefe jokes and I want it to end.

    7. Alienrun


      brb gonna go delete my twitter and make the memers pay for it...

  7. So rewatching the trailer and seeing the characters switch off mid-way gave me an idea... What if in debug mode (I'll be surprised if this game doesn't have a debug mode) you could place a life monitor that isn't of your face...and when you break it you instantly turn into that character! I know it sounds like such a simple idea, but there's a good chance they won't do that. But honestly there is no reason not to and I think it would add to the debug experience a lot more if I didn't have to exit out everytime I wanted to switch characters!
  8. Wait...guys I realized something! They showed off Stardust Speedway Past...so our initial thoughts were "Oh, they brought in time travel!" But did you consider they had a different reason. As I recall the "Past" areas in Sonic CD have the same OST in both JP and US...what if they purposefuly picked a past level so that noone would get upset at which music they ended up picking? Think about it, not only does it save them development time to design 3-4 different versions of the same level BUT it also allows them to dodge the awkward question of "okay so how do we give people both soundtracks without having to awkwardly ask the player at the begining of the game which soundtrack do you perfer for these 2 very specific levels that appear in the game in an order we can't tell you?!" I honestly don't know how they are gonna handle it, perhaps I'm wrong on all this and they'll default to using the JP soundtrack since its the original and it fits with the past better......AND Gens is a thing so they gotta respect that Stardust Speedway JP choice in that game (maybe?) What do you guys think? Am I looking to into this? ...I'm sorry I just really like CD's soundtrack lol
  9. I know this is a joke but I'm certain the mania team wants to avoid 4 like wild fire simply due to how disrespectful the first episode was (and by extension the second). Though if we consider those games canon, then that's more evidence for CD taking place there... Honestly though, I personally feel it takes place after 3 anyways simply due to that one animation on the DA garden that shows Tails flying Sonic's plane...there is literately no reason to say that didn't happen!
  10. Apologies for skimming your whole paragraph, but I feel I've read enough to see where your comming from, even if I personally have never had your problem. Normally I just tell people "The Classic Sonic games aren't hard, get good lol" but like you said, you seem to be a bit less commited to actually beating them due to other reasons. Let me cut to the chase here...how one improves on any video game is to play it over and over and over again. There are no exceptions to this, you will naturally get better by doing this and its logically the only way to go about it. (And yes this accounts memory stuff as well) If you go about it knowing ahead of time these games are a bit arcadey you should be fine. This whole situation of yours reminds me of something that happened back when I was a teen, let me elaborate on that... A friend of mine was playing Super Mario Bros. on his DS, yes the original one. Now I've heard about this game (of course) and seen screenshots of it, but I'd never actually seen it in action or played it. Needless to say I was hooked on it really fast, I quickly attempted to play it on emulator and...you can see where this goes, I got a bit aggetated that I had a limited number of lives and had to start over every single time. One day my friend asked me "Hey how are you enjoying that Mario game?" and I responded: "Oh its okay...I just keep dying over and over and I keep having to start over so it kinda sucks in that regard." Then he told me true words to live by "Your not hardcore enough!" At this moment something in me turned on, I had to prove him wrong and beat this game. From there I spent the next 48 hours straight grinding the game until I eventually won, every part of the journey was memorable as it could be. I was estatic as all heck when I finally got by that last hammer bro and grabbed the axe at the end! I finally did it, and it felt good too! Now obviously that whole situation might not apply to you directly, but I do want you to consider this... The fact you have to start over everytime you run out of lives in a Sonic game is the games way of punishing you for sucking too much. With unlimited lives these games would be butt easy, the reward for beating them would feel lackluster would it not? Best way to go about it is to actively dedicate more time to playing these games in one session. Like...the next time you try and beat Sonic 2, don't just put aside 2 hours, put aside 6 or even 8. Really milk that sense of improvement on yourself! I recently did a 100% Classic sonic marathon so I can attest playing these games this way is actually more rewarding. The first time you play the games you can take your time and explore the levels, if you manage not to get all the emeralds or get a game over IMMEDIATELY try again and this time you'll naturally go through the levels faster! You'll automatically feel a sense of reward before you even beat the game! To put it simply, its not about winning but improving your skill as a player! Oh gosh...I'm sounding a lot like Geek Critique in his sonic 2 review...I'll link it here actually, he puts what I'm trying to say a lot better than I'm saying it! Anyways... Even during that whole Super Mario Bros. nonsense I had going on, I had a harder game that was keeping my time, that game being I Wanna Be The Guy! (and Fangame and Boshy by extension...) Slightly off topic but what "hard games" would you say you play/have mastered a lot of or that your good at? I ask cause I want a frame of refrence for what you consider a "hard game" it would help me see where your coming from better. For me, IWBTG taught me to the ancient art of patience in video games (albeit very harshly but it got the job done), I personally would reccomend I Wanna Be The Fangame if you want to get patience for harder/more arcadey platformers! : D Alternatevely, you might just not be motivated to beat the Classic Sonic games, and yeah that happens I guess, ironically I don't play a lot of Megaman because they feel like IWBTG rip-offs to me even though that isn't the case! Then again, you did beat all those 3D sonic games so motivation might not be the problem...hmm?! ...Oh and to answer your question yes you are a failure cause you failed to beat the Classic sonic games! Who hasn't beaten those games...ya freaking noob! : P
  11. Honestly guys I think Chris Knopps is onto something... If we all just pretend that every game we play has absolutely no flaws, we'd probably enjoy playing games more and noone would ever get mad at a video game company or their respective fanbase ever again! Never mind the fact we have to pay 60$ for these crap games... But I don't think Sega is that smart so it probably won't happen! :/
  12. I'd like to know what on earth makes you think they are trying to do this...the CaC is nothing like a pokemon. ... Then again I wouldn't be surprised at this point if they did this in the future, just wanna say this is one of the craziest ideas I've seen you post as of late.
  13. before e3 ...There, I fixed it for you! ; ) There gonna leak/show the whole game I tell you!
  14. Stop...Please just stop! I know I'm wasting my time with you but please stop stereotyping people, i'm not even mad, its just annoying! People aren't as stupid as your making them out to be, yes sometimes people just waste money on games just because (mind you its still stupid and shouldn't be justified) but you can't rely on that when making a profit on a whole bunch of people. There are better ways of doing that. Like...companies that do do that succesfully have good marketing and all that, so even if they are taking advantage of people, its still "smart" in a sense. (also not all fans of Zootopia are furries and likewise not all furries went to see Zootopia...same goes for Forces.) Of course this is all going to go over your head and your just gonna ignore my points... oh my gosh what have I done!
  15. I guess I'll chime in regarding this whole "ARG" nonsense... I don't do ARG's often, but when I do I have a blast...even if the scope of when I do them is always because of a reason, AKA I don't go looking for them...more so to add onto that, I've only done the legendary ones done by SiIvagunner...such good and awesome stuff! Now obviously, Sonic doesn't have ANYTHING on that. The way the first one was set up looked rather cheap when I saw it so I passed...what really sealed the deal was how it ended though... They just release a video showing all of the "clues" that you had to follow in order to find out that "Classic Sonic has returned" Really? That's it?! Well no s**t SEGA! You think we're all idiots? You think we're all kids with no sensibilities who can't make reasonable guess and can't talk to us like humans? Take a hint from the infamous Halo 2 ARG would ya...this is NOT how you do it! To make this even worse however is that you actually COULDN'T SOLVE THE CLUES EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO! The clues were revealed in such a way that you'd need to already know future clues in order to "solve the mystery", add that to the extreme vapidness of what the end goal was and you have a really REALLY crappy ARG to boot! ...Oh...but that video repeated the phrase "Let's look for...more clues!" over and over again! Repetition is funny, even if it makes no damn sense, so I guess its a meme now! Yay! IDK, I'm not against the idea at all, but the way they have it set up currently is stupid. The whole "follow the clues thing" doesn't help. I could go on about how an ARG should be handled, but I won't for obvious reasons. I will say this though...the first rule of an ARG is that YOU DON'T SAY THERE'S AN ARG! Your supposed to take a fake fictional idea and do everything in your power to make it seem real, even if it only captivates a specific audience. From there your end goal can be a real thing, but at that point you want to make it as seamless as possible so that the end goal actually feels rewarding and thus news of how your ARG was successful starts to spread. ...This, in turn is really beneficial if your advertising a product! wink wink The fact that the most memorable part of the first one (its not an ARG by the way, an ARG has a structure while this was nonsense clues) was a forced quote that admits that ARG is fake...is very sad. Fun and Memes aside, that's just bad marketing lol... : ( So the TL;DR for me is that they gotta make there ARGs better and give me a reason to care, if they can't do that then you won't be hearing anything from me. Best not to give it any more attention and just pretend it doesn't exist. ARGs are supposed to be fun and have a reward and well...this doesn't!
  16. Explain to me where you got this extremely radical assumption PLEASE!? :/
  17. Obvious marketing flaws aside...this game has potential to be better than Gens...It certainly will be better than Lost World, unless they somehow find a way to f**k it up more. Again these are possibilities that aren't too unrealistic. Wait...am I defending this game?! I take it back...all of it! ...Seriously though, we don't know enough information to tell. I personallly don't see how it can be worse than lost world, but that's just me. I still haven't got the OC thing in my mind completely, so maybe that's the piece of evidence we need to solidify that this game won't do very well.
  18. Correction...it is the most brought up reason why people mock sonic! (trying to find someone not use the words "Sonic + Deviant Art" and "Cringe" in the same sentence is pretty hard lol.)
  19. Zelda fans wait a couple years for new releases. (3D Mario fans too) ...Why can't sonic fans do the same?! If the game quality actually got better people would understand that quality takes time... ...Like legit question, what the crap were you all doing in between late 2014 and mid 2016? ...I know I moved on to other stuff. :/
  20. Someone doesn't know how to take a joke/gets offended easily! It's okay bud...its just a video game...chill!
  21. Sonic Forces lets you create a Bunny, Bear, and Bird...

    Fnaf's 3 main characters are respectively a Bunny, Bear, and Bird...

    ...I think this is a sign of something greater than our current understanding!

    1. PaulyBFromDa303




      Banjo, Kazooie, and Bottles with ears




    You put OCs in...I was SO convinced that that was BS...my gosh I did not expect this! WHY!@!@

    On the other hand they put grappling hooks in...a feature I wanted them to put in for YEARS! (then again it was in boom, but it sucked there)

    And the music...gosh, its so try hard and I can't tell if its a good thing or not!

    RIP Sonic fanbase 2006! :(

  23. btw this is just my initial reactions...I...I need time to proccess what I just saw!
  24. STOP...STOP EVERYTHING!!!! I HAVE...SO...MANY...MIXED FEELINGS RIGHT NOW! You put OCs in...I was SO convinced that that was BS...my gosh I did not expect this! WHY!@!@ On the other hand they put grappling hooks in...a feature I wanted them to put in for YEARS! (then again it was in boom, but it sucked there) And the music...gosh, its so try hard and I can't tell if its a good thing or not! RIP Sonic fanbase 2006!
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