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  1. Big news might be dropped tommorow on Forces, and all we've done up untill now is collectively shit on every single aspect that has been shown of the game so far. (with minor exceptions of course.) Needless to say, I think this marks the first time that I'm actually in agreement with most of the fanbase. (At least the Non-nostalgia whores anyways) Not-withstanding Mania for obvious reasons. But if there is one thing that I was genuienly surprised was NOT talked about negatively...its the main theme. This is something that's been on my mind since I first heard the song and my stance on it has not changed since. ...Let me paraphrase all this by saying I'm aware that this is not the full version of the song. I'm genuinely hopeful that the full version improves on this song, but I still have my doubts on it. (Very recently we got confirmation of a japaneese female singer for the vocal role! Thankfully that very nicely ties into what I'd want out of the full version, but I'll get to that later.) Heck, the song does sound catchy despite its flaws...and yes, it has grown on me since then...still though, I am a believer of the fact that a song being catchy doesn't automatically make it good. (See the contriversial song "Let It Go" for reference.) When I first heard this song, outside of any outside influence I might add, there was an immidiate distinct problem with it. To put it frankly this song bored me...I didn't feel "Hype" or "Exited" or anything like most people, in fact I don't think I felt any emotion at all...just utter confusion as I tried to piece the song together but couldn't. Honestly this sounds like a bunch of mini songs mashed up together in a way that doesn't make sense. Any effort of emotion just feels generic and bland, I just didn't know what to make of it at first. ...So when I found out that the song wasn't complete, I wasn't surprised very much. The only thing left to question was why Sega decided to release it like this instead of just releasing the whole damn song like a normal person company would. To injury to the wound was the fact that this is the main theme! Like...not just some random throw away level...the main theme of the whole game! This to me sounds much more like a level theme than a theme for a game, or some sort of cutscene of some sort. The song just tries to communicate too many emotions at once that its just all over the place, and granted that could be because its incomplete, but if even those individual parts sound uninspired or cliche...then I can't imagine the final version being that much better. One thing I noticed people taking note of very quickly was that the song makes very subtle refrences to other Sonic songs, mainly seaside hill...actually a LOT of people pointed out Seaside hill on the first day...and yet I IMMIDIATELY noticed another song instead first...Shadow's theme "I am all of me" located at 0:16 of the song, I'm honestly this went over a lot of people's heads but whatever...this perhaps set up a false sense of security at first thinking "oh this song is gonna sound edgy" before it started to sound more like an anime song. (For the record I don't think I am all of me is a masterpiece or anything, but I do think its a good enough song that...get this...actually communicates effectively what kind of game I was going to play. (Not saying the visuals didn't commincate that as well, but the song does a good enough job by itself)) Which leads me into my next point... A lot of people say this sounds like an anime song, and I agree. A lot of people also say that they think it fits sonic...and I still agree...which only makes the underwhelming compisition that much more painful. To help put this more into context, I think the sole idea of anime like music accompiniing Sonic is a good/natural idea, ESPECIALLY a main theme! Ignoring the fact Sonic is japaneese for a second, his ideologies just fit with the culture well. Its a series about free roaming adventure and the thrust to do the right thing just because your gut tells you its right. To "live fast and die hard" so to speak. Plus when we take into account Sonic's main gimmick "running fast just because" it all falls into place near perfectly... You see in most anime openings (AKA the main theme) there will usually be a portion of the OP that involves the main character(s) running fast (or just running) in one direction. The destination is usually unknown, and it gives the animators a good excuse to show off there panning skills and give the viewer a sense of "exitement" without having to put that much effort in. This also has the bonus effect of giving the more "intense" part of the OP some pretty visuals to go along with it. Do note that this tends to be the case even in anime that are very un-action oriented! Now I could take the time to list off examples and even try to justify exceptions to the rule, but instead I'll just link to this coinsedential "example" left in this video... Anyways... That's not the only obvervation I have relating to anime. You might have noticed a lot of anime music tends to sound the same...I mean sure it has high energy and its catchy and all that good stuff, and a good majority of them are good, but that sadly doesn't mean they are all good...and I fear that is the case of Forces (and it could be that even regarding the final version). But if they all sound the same then how are some better than others? You might be asking...well there's more to it than that. Japanese song writers for a lot of anime are restricted to a formula that "works" or "hooks in the audience" they are told to use specific chord progressions because scientifically it proves to catch people's attention quicker, call it a cultural thing if you want but that's kinda how it is, even if they are exceptions to the rule. I garentee you the original Pokemon theme doesn't really stay in people's minds that much unless they are actively thinking about it...doesn't change the fact that when that DOES happen its catchy as freak and sounds super duper balistic and cool! Nothing wrong with that, but its been proven down to a science how simple the song compisition is and how it supposedly "goes with everything". If that doesn't spin some heads, I don't know what does... *sigh* do you see the problem here?! For the record this isn't me being racist against Japan or anything, this happens in ANY subculture of music that attempts to make money and gains a bit of mainstream attention. Pop songs, Rap songs you name it...though the first example that comes to mind with me is with Marvel's (or lack thereof in this case) Cinematic Universe's soundtrack sounding so generic and bland most of the time. When the composers were interviewed on this matter they themselves admitted that they were told to write the music in a certain way to fit with the movies in the most non-intrusive ways possible, in this specific case to make the songs unrecognizable to the audience as to create the effect that there isn't even music in the backround, essetially just acting as white noise to "safely" suplement the movie. Again these composers aren't crap...they wouldn't have there jobs if they were...this is just the way they were told to compose the music so thus they did it like that. I could leave a link to said interview, but I think you all get my point by now so I won't bother unless someone asks for it. So with all the being said, what the heck is my conclusion? Well... For being a song that sounds very "anime" like, it doesn't have a lot of emotion. Don't get me wrong, that's very clearly what its trying to do, but it sounds just like a lot of generic anime songs...and if it were just that it would be fine...just FINE! But its not that...its worse! It sounds generic in a bad way, not in the "that's a solid tribute" in the same way Shadow's songs sound like solid tributes to metal songs, a few songs withstanding. Or the same way Open Your Heart uses a lot of generic rock melodies, but manages to seemlessly combine them together to make something that actually sounds good...great even depending on your taste. It's just...empty. Before I wrap this up, I will attempt to disect each part of the song just to drive my point home, if I haven't somehow already done that. I'll put it in this spoiler if you don't wanna bother reading any of it... Look guys...let me make this clear. I don't think the song is bad, heck you could argue its actually good! But everything about it sounds mediore, its just...disapointing! Like this is what I expect an ANIME Sonic Song to sound like... Like...good gosh this seems like such a no brainer! You got an escalating intro, followed by a somber simmer into the first verse, then a steady rising action into the chorus, (which it more than delviers) and is then concluded by an epic blowout of explosive awesomeness. (This isn't even taking into account the wonderful singing/rapping that goes along with it.) Make no mistake this song sounds freaking awesome...but the point I'm trying to make with this is this song, what this song masterfully nails...is having a structure! ...Yeah that's right an actual freaking structure!!!! ... And that's what I fear most with the Forces theme, it doesn't a "Structure". Its just a garbled mess of potentially intresting song ideas that aren't fully realized. It (for better or worse) sounds TOO MUCH like an anime theme...what do I mean by that? You see this animation here for Sonic CD's opening? You see how it effortessly matches with the animation perfectly? Well...I fear that won't be the case with Forces, with how jarbled it is it might as well have an opening like Shadows or Heroes or Colors...now don't get me wrong, these OPs are "okay", but I think most of us can agree we'd rather see an actual opening scene rather than a montage of scenes that aren't even in the freaking game! (I'm looking at you Shadow as you shot Sonic in the back and gave me a very different idea of what to expect from the game than what was actually there...) I said I like the idea of Sonic have Anime like music...I never said that it should actually be EXACTLY like an anime opening. Because its not an anime...its a video game! Sonic CD perserves the illusion that your still in control of everything going on in its opening...or more acurately is indirectly telling you "You see all this cool crap sonic is doing here? Well you get to do that in the game!" SA did this, SA2B did this...Sonic Unleashed did this (in a weird way tbh), heck...even bloody Sonic 06 did this! If the main theme can't manage to be good...then how can I expect the other songs to? Lost World had a crappy theme and thus had crappy songs, save 1 or 2 exceptions. When I think of city's on fire and super escalating "anime" esc tension THIS is the song to come to mind... (There exists another similar sounding remix of this song that doesn't sound as metalish/edgy if this isn't your thing, but my point still stands.) I mean...I don't expect the main theme to sound this good, but...it just feels effortless. Like that's all I'm thinking...WHERE'S THE BLOODY EFFORT HUH? Even Tee Lopes...TEE F**KING LOPES made a remix that sounded better than the original song! And he did it in less than 2 days! Like...how do you even do that? He even managed to make one part of the song that I didn't like very much tolerable likeable! I...I...I just can't anymore! HOW!? I guess in a nutshell I'm just disapointed with what we got, heck I'm not one to overhype things very much at all, but seeing how forces is a bit of a train wreck, this feels more like a slap in the face than it should. So much potential just gone to waste! Ugh! ...At least we got that japaneese singer on board. So that's good! And at last...we come to my favorite part of this topic, I call it: Alienrun's Redundant Conspiracy Theory Time! (AKA A more convoluted/meta version of Game Theory...) (in which I attempt to further justify my own opinions by shifting the blame/making broad and generic statements on my interpretation of various stereotypes and on other people! ;)) *Ahem* I think that the reason I dislike the song and noone else does is because The Sonic fanbase as a whole just has lower standards...AKA they just like anything that involves "Gotta go fast" in there songs. It sounds like anime, so thus it must be anime and anime is cool and sonic is cool so thus I think Forces main them is cool because Sonic is cool and Classic Sonic is Cool so thus Sonic Forces is cool and f**k all your cringey memes and... Basically I should state this flat out, I don't like a lot of the current main themes in the series. Unleashed...Colors...both sound cool but...man they just don't do it for me, it took a while for either of these to grow on me, and I still don't see all the bloody hype over Unleashed's Main theme. I'll admit when I first heard Adventure's main theme, I thought it sucked...but then again I was going through a metal phase so I thought anything that doesn't sound like metal must suck so...yeah...that was a thing! ... Anyways...the more LOGICAL answer is that I have different tastes than everyone else and thus am wrong about this whole thing! Kappa (Kappa on the second part...not the whole sentence!) For real anyways though...I'd like to hear your thoughts on...well my thoughts I guess! It's been a while since I did this. (actually it might be my first time in an official sense, at least this long anyways) So any constructive critisisim on that would be much appreciated as well! Or idk, just explain why you like the song in-depth. I'd LOVE to hear that as well! As most people haven't been able to give that. (Mainly cause I never asked) Anyways, that is all...comment away everyone!
  2. Nah dude, I'd LOVE to see that! I just had to get my concerns out since I've been quite about the whole "Character Creator" up until now...it seems like such a silly idea on paper but it could work you know? Obviously its gonna spin some heads when we don't even know if that's the case, lack of clarity just means more uncertainty, and yes this will be a possible issue even after the game is out. My main gripe is just the 3rd character doesn't look good so far...I mean if they are doing a character creator, why not use a hedgehog instead? That seems infinitely more logical! :/
  3. See honestly, as much as I LOVED making my own character in DBZ Xenoverse...I have to admit they barely got away with it. They managed to make the idea of a MMO like DBZ game (ephasis on like) very seemless and natural...and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the whole idea of the game was based on that premise...that you would change DBZ history yourself and create new storylines and go on your own adventure. Now granted this wasn't handeld perfectly, as I saw many people say "Xenoverse was only relevant for 3 weeks lol" but the premise was still there and it was strong, hardcore fans still liked it, and those first 3 weeks were a special experience for most people. ...Sadly the same can't really be said about Forces. Not only does it look like they aren't confident in this idea, thus reducing the likely hood of them going all out with it. But honestly I wouldn't want them to attempt it unless they were going all out with it! I'm tottaly down for an MMO like Sonic game, it could work with the proper direction and Sonic OC makers wouldn't have to go into hiding so much...the issue is realistically we are not getting that. And even worse is that if Sega half-asses it it could end up backfiring tremendously! (Just look at Sonic 06 if you don't believe me, tons of great ideas...doesn't mean anyone outside the fanbase gives a damn.) And lastly...my final point...I'm not that big on fanservice for the sake of fanservice. People didn't really care about returning characters in Runners because there was no substance to it, same goes for boom Shadow...people wanted something more/different. If your going to have fanservice then there needs to be a greater point to it, you can't just shoehorn it in and expect people to like it, or reach a bigger audience. (There's a reason why something like Smash Bros. actually works for instance and isn't just beloved by hardcore nintendo fans...its proof you can have your cake and eat it if you play your cards right.) Though everything they have shown so far suggests Sega doesn't give a crap about anything I just said... Classic Sonic, Green Hill Zone, Edgy atmosphere just because, Fan character, new "twists" that can't possibly be anything good/natural/anything that anyone actually wants, crappy music...I could go on. RIP Sonic Franchise 2016...
  4. This is EXACTLY how I pictured a perfect version of this game will look...its a bit too bad it very well might NOT look like this... EDIT: Welp...we got first OFFICIAL evidence of a character creator... I'm just gonna lay this up front...I don't think anyone wants one, especially when you consider how horrible not bubsy looks in the reveal! I mean it could be cool...but the ramnifications of it are simply too strong to justify. I don't see how well the character could be fleshed out if he only gets 1/3rd of the game to himself. "Oh but it worked with SA2 with Shadow!" Yes...yes it did. But even hardcore fans can't deny there were minor ramnifications with that, shoehorning him in levels, certain plot details not being explained perfectly ect. Nevermind what they did to him in his own game "Shedew of the Egdehog". ...I only see this not bubsy/character creator character being handled worse than that. The entire tease we got would have to be retconned further to change my mind honestly. The suspense is killing me to be honest...what the crap is sega trying to pull this time!?
  5. You know what worries me the most about this game... That it'll be written by Pontac and Graff again. You all want Sonic's friends to return...but have you considered that having them be absent as of late is actually a blessing in disguise? Will it even matter if they are back if they are going to be written like crap!? ...Let's all just hold on till tommorow, assuming we're getting an info drop anyways...
  6. I found some low key cringe in a nutshell...the replies are just as hilarious...


  7. Remember that feeling you got when you played through Sonic 2 Remastered and went through hidden palace for the first time? I imagine that Mania is gonna be the same thing...only 5x better and it will be a complete game! Basically that's my best frame of refrence to this whole thing...officially anyways. (Nevermind fangames/hacks that have been very slowly been spoonfeeding classic sonic goodness in small level chunks. Here's hoping Mania makes all this build up worth it lol.)
  8. Can we all just take a step back and appreciate that we're going to be playing a remastered version of Flying F**king Battery in a couple months?! That alone has me more hyped than I was originally! That zone is awesome for its music alone! (insert nostalgic rant for sonic 3 and K here) All we need is for Tidal Tempest to be revealed and...and...forget it! I'd lose my freaking mind if that happened! MAKE IT HAPPEN SEGA! GIVE US THE BEST ZONE IS SONIC HISTORY PLEASE!
  9. Was playing Lost World for the first time in ages earlier today and... I...I just can't! I watch dss Speedrun the game a lot and, it goes without saying that the way the levels are designed as a whole is just really lazy, reusing assets, everything looking so artificial its just UGH! And seeing the levels being broken so much only makes it worse... And I need to make it clear that I'm singling out Lost World when I say this...06 speedruns despite there glitchyness still feel like actual levels. Every structure feels like it was given a soliditary purpose and reason for being there, its perhaps one of the best things about that game... Like...I can't even tell where the levels are supposed to be located in relation to the sideways floor...is that part of the lost hex or?? Nevermind whatever dessert f**king ruins is supposed to be! I legitametly can't tell how sonic got in there and how he got out! (Like this is even worse than Sonic 2's random chemical plant for instance, but at least that can be handwaved.) ...To think this was all done for a dumb silly joke...well guess who's laughing! :/ (hint, its not me)
  10. Keep in mind that a lot of people who feel the same way you do probably felt less inclined to voice there opinion, so that's why it might seem like everyone is jumping the gun to bash the game at first... Also, a majority of us "bashers" aren't nessesarily in "rage"...we just have nothing better to do so some of us will complain at any sight of what could be "bad game design" lol. (sorry if this post was redundant.)
  11. Good Gosh! I grew up with the Classics first and I always percieved Sonic to be a pure good guy who's just trying to do the right thing...now granted he did feel like he had an edge to him (especially compared to tails) but NOTHING topped knuckles for me...I always viewed him as a great rival before eventually/unfortunately finding out he wasn't really the villain... I just find that weird how so many people can have different viewpoints on what's supposed to be the same character simply because he didn't over emote or talk a lot. (if at all)
  12. I don't even think there's gonna be any deaths to be honest (of the main cast anyways). Honestly I just want the characters to...you know...act like actual characters! To for once feel like they could be real...that's what I got from my dream, cause it was quite lucid. Like I'm not even asking that its all dark and depressing, just give me that sense of adventure that doesn't feel half-assed... I don't think that its that complicated but as long as Pontac and Graff are writing it very well may be the case. Here's hoping its better than this randomness lol
  13. I had a similar thing with Tidal Tempest (except it was more based of Gens) But ye...its still nice to think about!
  14. I want to take you back to a simpler time...a time when Sonic Forces was just announced as "Project 2017". While Sonic Mania had pretty much my full attention, Forces still managed to pique my interest. (Classic Sonic aside.) Simply a few days later, I had a dream on what would be the basis of the plot. I put off writing it down, as at the time writing wasn't my strong suit and I procrastinated a lot. On top of that I just felt noone would care. So what changed all that? Well seeing more info on Forces drop in (mainly green hill) made me...question a lot of things. I was nutreal on all of it initially, but after seeing everyone else complain about said reveals/nuggets of info really hooked me in. It had been ages since my opinion on something actually lined up with the majority...nevermind being sonic related. So what's my point with all this you may ask? Well, suffice it to say my dream, while I do like it, unsurprisingly manages to sound kind of fanfictiony. But as new info suggests that the story might be a bit of a mess especially if Pontac and Graff are writing it...I'm worried that my dream might somehow end up being a better story than the actual game despite its flaws. (Which would be quite embarising) It's a pretty daft excuse but I'll take it honestly...at least I'll be able to get this story out there before E3 rolls around which might radically change our perception of Forces yet once again... So for starters here's the link to said story for you to read. (notes are included to help make it easier.) For those of you who can't be arsed to read the whole thing (5 pages) here's a TL;DR version... So is the whole concept contrived and unnessesarily dark/fanservicy? Yeah it is... But considering this was all a dream...I think it shows that despite me usually keeping to myself when new game info comes out...I was somewhat exited for Forces when it was first revealed despite Classic Sonic being there. I suppose its because of those hidden emotions that I didn't feel like sharing that it took me so long to get this out but here it is! Feel free to ask any questions on this/critique my writing. And if you have any Sonic Dreams kinda similar to this...tell me about that too! I would love to read it!
  15. I agree with that first paragraph regarding how the adventure games are viewed...its the novelty of what they were that keeps people comming back tbh. Regarding that second paragraph, I can kinda see what you mean but its not 100% correct. People (right now for example) aren't really saying that Gens was crap just because of Forces. They are saying that it inspired Sega to be more lazy with they're approach in how they are marketing they're games (lets be honest...that's what most of us here are mad at) alongside the usual "boost 2 win" complaints. Not sure a lot of people are saying its a bad game though or that too many people are saying its a lot worse than before (maybe, its hard to tell) Though to be fair if we're gonna put the blame on sega being lazy with "coming up with new ideas" and Nostalgia Whoring...I think Sonic 4 is a much better suited target. Finally regarding that whole "It's meant to live wild and die young" that would make sense if Sonic...you know, evolved a bit. (part of the reason people are wanting to go back to the 06 days ironically) The problem with this statement is that your essentially giving up on the idea of reinventing sonic and making the idea better...making it more than just "hold right to win"...that's what sonic is, but how many people want sonic to STAY that way...the classics are right there, fangames are a thing. Do we really need Mania in that context? With that said I don't blame you, Sega doesn't really seem interested in taking big risks or making sufficient improvements without retconing everything that's been worked up to that point in the next game... It's all whatever though, the fact Forces was able to get me a little exited back when it was first revealed (minus Classic sonic of course) says something on Sega's understanding that they have to do...something...with they're franchise besides nostalgia whoring it! Basically I think most of us can agree that Forces looks better than Lost World at any rate...we just want better lol.
  16. I hate sleep.

    ...And yet I hate that I took the time to write this instead of sleeping...

  17. Yes I am! Apologies on my part... I just assumed that because I find it very unlikely that a "Classic only fan" would be anywhere near a forum. No offense to anyone who is, its just I assume that kind of person would have VERY little interest discussing the newer games, especially on a forum with more dedicated fans. But yee...I thought that was a given. (For the record there is a difference between "I like Classic best" and "I ONLY like Classic".) Well I mean...you could argue that's true for the classics as well. But that might have to do with the fact that newer games make the old ones look bad (or that sonic was never good to begin with wink wink), likewise to a much much MUCH lesser extent the same could be said about SA2. If anything, most of us here can agree Classic Sonic and Unleashed get quite a bit of praise in their respective circle jerks... Basically I don't think a game needs to be as popular or "timeless" as Zelda to be a "great game". Like...a lot of really good games came out on the genesis, (gunstar heroes, ristar.) but people don't remember those very much compared to your Link to the Past and Super Metroids because those games have a longer legacy due to having a series tied to them...same could be said for Sonic really. And here lies the biggest problem I have with this whole "perfect sonic game" thing... I don't think there exists "one" singular fanbase but rather a network of multiple fanbases under the same umbrella...lemme put it another way... I have never found a fanbase anywhere near as divided as this one, and I've been a part of multiple different fanbases in my time. The second you say "how can we make a game to appeal to the whole fanbase?" is the second you lost the argument. Granted I've seen other fanbases argue over differing things they value in said medias continuity, but they can all come together under having a common understanding on what they like when the time is right. I've seen fanbases chip off their casual side and only the hardcore remain due to a lack of official content... To this day I laugh when people say "The Smash fanbase is divided."...because while its true that it is very divided when compared to other fighting game communities... (and its a lot more social than most fanbases so you could argue its more important here.) ...these guys got nothing on us...arguing over 5 games is nothing compared to our 10, 20 (sometimes 30+) games we usually argue about as being "the most important/best" ect. Even taking into account the casual vs competitive aspect it just doesn't add up...because at the end of the day the games have always been made with the same audience in mind and every ultimately wants the same thing...to have fun with other fellow "smashers". Sonic unfortunately doesn't get even that priveledge...I've not been compelled to argue any where near as much here as other places, and I don't think its purely because of "passion" or because I went through teen phase some years ago. To put it simply I've talked to other "sonic fans" that I swear I simply would not get along with that well if I met them in real life...at least not immidiately. (this is ignoring any cringe factors mind you) ...and I think I know why that is... Sonic has managed to strike gold with its ideas...but not in the way you'd think. Anytime the franchise has met a new "high point" its always been to a different audience and to a slightly different generation. I don't think this franchise has stayed alive out of pure coinsedence or iconicness or whatever bs excuse you wanna throw... To put it more simply... Sonic 3 to a lot of people is the high point of series and what defines who/what sonic is to them... Sonic Adventure 2 to a lot of people is the high point of the series and what defines who/what sonic is to them... Sonic Unleashed to a lot of people is the high point of the series and what defines who/what sonic is to them... (and this isn't covering every game oviously, this is just the biggest 3 examples off the top of my head.) Now obviously that ideology isn't unique to the sonic series...what is is that these 3 games have a passionate "mini" fanbase to them that atracted a lot of different people AND are successful for very different reasons. They are all, in theory, very different games despite their similarities. And unlike smash bros...there is not enough social pressence in the fanbase to ease the bonding between these sets of people. (you'd could argue even these individual games have split communities...specifically SA2.) Its just a big mess because there is no consistent goal for these fanbases to have, nothing pulling them together...except for the literal fact of new sonic games comming out...without that most of these fanbases would be dead by now... Now obviously that's oversimplifying it but I can't help but feel that's the case as a whole. IWBTG, SiIva, and Smash fanbases are pretty divisive at times, but I NEVER had trouble traversing them because it was very obvious where the borders are. Sonic isn't like that, its not obvious...and when you do figure it out, the drive to bring everyone up to your level just isn't there...its not worth it due to the lower social construct and BECAUSE ITSNOT NATURAL. ...And I think everyone in there right mind wants new sonic games to be made...naturally. Some just want fanservice, but that fanservice can be delivered in a more mature manner. (insert retarded green hill joke here) TL;DR giving a sonic game that EVERYONE can like is a lost cause...even mania got a bit of backlash when it was first revealed (just a rom hack right?!) Oh you wanted a shorter answer...uhh... Just give us SA3...there, that's the solution!
  18. I'm sorry...I've been lurking these forums for quite a while...but I had to stop to ask this... What exactly do you say qualifies as a "great game" in the sonic series if SA1/2/Colors/Gens don't count? More so you say they "turn out to not be so great after a while." Now granted I've heard people say that for each of these games individually from time to time...but for all 3?! Not once? Which Sonic game stands out as "great" to you outside of the classics lol? I'm genuienly curious what it is and why!
  19. I think this exact mentality is how ended up getting a game like Sonic Lost World... And as much crap as we've been giving Forces as of late, one thing I can say with certainty... Forces looks better than Lost World...
  20. But...those aren't real sonic games...those are spinoffs! EDIT: I know Lost World isn't a spinoff by pure technicality, its just that it might as well be since its so different from everything else.
  21. My EXACT thoughts seeing a Sonic Unleashed commercial as a kid...

    "Oh Wow! It looks just like Secret Rings (this was my only 3D sonic I played at the time)...it doesn't look as good, but it still looks good!"

    sees Hedgewolf

    "Oh...that's just a 1 time thing, no big deal"

    Takes 5 mins to process what I just saw

    "I wonder how long they're gonna keep this run forward really fast in a straight line gameplay style before everyone eventually gets bored of it and they'll have to change it to something more natural! (I played Sonic 3 as a 5 year old years prior so I had a bit of frame of refrence.)"


    This thought process was made with absolutely no bias whatsoever! To this day I have not played the 360 version of Unleashed...but suffice it to say, I think "kid me" was way ahead of the game lol :P

    1. Ferno


      playing the 360 version of unleashed for the first time definitely feels more exhilarating than colors or generations, even if it's more shallow than the other 2 in the end

    2. Alienrun


      From what I've seen, I agree with you 100%!

      I look forward to the day that happens, even if it ends up being short lived!

    3. Ferno


      yeah, the 2nd or 3rd go, you'll probably be bored and that's a weakness there, but that first time? it's wild

  22. You forgot Green Hill Green Hill Green Hill (I'm surprised this was left out) Green Hill Green Hill (This one makes me want to drink bleach Kappa) Green Hill And finally Green Hill! ... In all seriousness though, I severely question how anyone could think that Green Hill in Sonic Forces is not Green Hill! It would be such a stupid desision not to do that...Sega is well aware of the fact that a lot of people had a very good first impression on Gens because it started out with the words "Green Hill Zone" before immidieately shooting you into the gameplay. (Not saying forces will do the exact same thing, but something similar I'm sure) I don't see the point in bringing back Green Hill for nosalgia reasons and then not going all out with it...that's just stupid lazy! Not iconic enough... 7/10
  23. Okay...so I know nobody cares (I'd be concerned if you did) but I just beat Sonic Time Twisted 100% as Sonic and I must say...its better than most fangames but still has its flaws.

    Needless to say, I don't want all fangames to go in this direction, but its nice to see a competent fangame ACTUALLY get completed for once!

    ...Such a shame Sonic Mania is gonna blow it out of the water, but I suppose its for the best! :P

    1. qt.steeph


      I wish I could play it, but I have a Mac. :(

      I'm interested to hear what you think it's flaws are? :0

  24. The biggest problem I have with people who defend forces because "we haven't seen the rest of the zones yet" is extremely hypocritical to me...if that's the case then why is anyone exited for Mania? We haven't seen the rest of the levels? They could be s**t be this logic right?! :/

    1. Blacklightning


      In all fairness we have still blatantly seen a lot more of Mania than we have of Forces - nevermind that there's still gameplay mechanics we don't know of, we've still only seen two levels of Forces (and only a small fraction of both, at that), and for Mania we're approaching... four, maybe five? Do correct me if I'm wrong on that.

      The point I'm making here is that Mania pretty much satisfied the burden of "proof" as it were right off the bat, and Forces has a borderline psychopathic tendency to be extremely coy about the smallest details they reveal about it. The fact that those details already look awful on their own doesn't help, either. I realize you're probably intentionally arguing with hyperbole here, but I felt like expanding on the argument regardless.

    2. Alienrun


      Yeah I pretty much am...I wouldn't have to if there weren't so many people taking this stance, but there surpisingly are. Its as if they've been unconcious since Gens came out and we're seeing all this in 2012!

      Obviously though Mania has a much bigger push, but it was like that since they revealed it on top of the fact that its been revealed to be worked on by Christian Whitehead himself...thus reducing the worrying tenfold!

      I mean, I'm not saying its perfect...hearing that Forces won't keep its dark theme throughout is worrying for obvious reasons...but when I heard that Mania will have more re-used/scrapped zones than original ideas...that made my hype drop a bit (just a bit).

      So clearly things could get better, and the game as is will probably play fine...but the fact that I'm worrying that it might not be better than Gens shouldn't be a thing to begin with!

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