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  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. Yes, and when I said the show was underrated, I was also referring to the newer seasons. I don't feel the pre-Poof seasons are anywhere underrated. That said, I also find the post-movie SpongeBob seasons underrated as well. It can get pretty bad at times but it's nowhere near the abomination most people make it out to be. The majority of post-movie SpongeBob episodes are good and some even manage to be as great as the pre-movie ones. The worst episode of the show in mine and a lot of other people's opinions is Season 5's "It's A Wishful Life!". After Timmy does all this nice stuff for people and they all mad at him for it (what the fuck?) he decides to wish he was never born (hm, does that sound like anything familiar?). Then Jorgen comes along and shows Timmy's how everyone's lives is much better without him. That's some pretty messed up stuff especially when you realize that Timmy's only ten. Also, most of the stuff isn't even true. Apparently without Timmy, Vicky never became an evil babysitter and Crocker never became obsessed with fairies. Neither of these make sense. First of all, it's been shown in numerous episodes that Vicky babysits other kids as well. Second of all, Timmy's not the reason Crocker's obsessed with fairies. He was obsessed with them long before then. So, yeah. Pretty terrible episode.
  3. I've been looking for this movie (and the spin-off tv series as well) for years now and I recently managed to catch it in January. I'd try to watch these as soon as you can because there's no telling when YouTube will take them down. And remember that it took me over three years to find this. Three years. That aside, I don't see why Cartoon Network's so ashamed about this. It's certainly much better than most of their current programming. Though I guess that's just because of my unpopular opinion complex.
  4. Speaking of Fairly OddParents, I actually think the show itself is underrated as well. I really don't think the show's as bad as you (and everyone else) make it out to be. Though at least you have common sense. One of the admins on the Fairly OddParents Wiki once said that enjoying Season 9 is the equivalent of supporting terrorism. I am not kidding you. But back to the point, I actually think Fairly OddParents is better than it used to be. I'm not sure exactly why, I just find the overall tone and everything better. Not to bash the pre-Poof episodes, they're amazing as well. It's just that the newer episodes just feel better to me. It's hard to explain. Of course, the show does have its' problems (many of which are specific to the post-Poof seasons) but I think the good greatly outweighs the bad. I think the dialogue in the show is still amazing and it'll probably continue to be amazing as long as the show lasts. So happy it's getting a tenth season. People say that the characters in the show have become nothing but jerks but if you'd actually watch the show you'd know that's not true. They can be jerks at times yes but they're not like that all the time. The characters genuinely care about each other and that reflects in the series including the post-Poof episodes. Let us not forget that the worst episode in the entire series was a pre-Poof one. In fact, one of my personal favorites was from this season. It's a very cute and heartwarming episode, proving once again that the characters are nowhere as mean as the post-Poof haters make out. The reason I love this episode so much is because it goes more into the fairies' past and I love that. I've always been intrigued about Fairy World and how it works so seeing an episode dedicated to it is great. This episode manages to be both heartwarming and hilarious at the same time, especially the ending. Timmy delivers a fantastic quote about Cosmo at the end of the episode and I love it so much.
  5. Would've been better if the Sonic costume had blue arms.
  6. This episode...I can't even. You can't try to call back to an episode and retcon it at the same time.
  7. Hm, they both look pretty good to me. I'm not sure what everyone's complaining about (aka known as that one jerk who's for some reason judging these peoples' acting skills by their appearances). Sure, they both look pretty young but the best Spider-Man portrayer was in the fact the youngest one.
  8. Hold on just one second...are those pink arms I see?! DUN DUN DUN.
  9. Well, this is created by the same person who made Chowder so the fact that the designs look similar isn't really surprising.
  10. As long as the sitcoms are making them money, they ain't gonna remove them. Same thing with Disney Channel.
  11. Honestly I preferred the first movie's costume. It looked cooler to me.
  12. I haven't watched the Spectacular Spider-Man series so I wouldn't know. That reminds me, didn't Ultimate Spider-Man open up with Peter having been Spider-Man for a year?
  13. Did it really need to be confirmed that Spider-Man will be Peter Parker? I mean, don't you think that's just a tad bit silly? It's like having to confirm that Batman in Dawn of Justice will be Bruce Wayne.
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