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  1. Not sure if anyone has said it yet (too lazy to check) but for as much shit as I give Sonic Adventure 2; the Knuckles/Rough levels specifically: I do love the theme for "Aquatic Mine". It's one of my personal fav track in the entire game.
  2. My personal views on Adventure 2 is a whole separate unpopular opinion that holds no merit in this convo so I won't get into that but I agree, ShTH can go fuck itself. What I'm saying is build the plot and tone through the levels. When I say keep Sonic's tone away from the 'edgy' nature, I literally mean keep him away from that. Sonic could be dark but do it through the levels or save it till they become more competent at designing Sonic's gameplay/writing. Sonic should be fun to play so let the levels construct the tone. It's not a matter of complexity in the plot, the plot is only as good as the gameplay allows it to be. I don't mean they are required to stick to anything. However, streamline things by starting with base Sonic and his traits, moving the story along by making interesting dynamic levels where Robotnik (Or whoever else is villain) is visibly doing things that effect the plot, and keeping Sonic the cocky bastard he is while avoiding the negative, over complicated, aspects of the writing would work wonders. I may be the only one who thinks this but it couldn't possibly be regression to revert back to basics at this point. Anything where gameplay polish and fun factor come first would be the best possible thing Sonic Team could do, in my opinion. Yes, the classics didn't have a story till maybe the end of 2, but another reason people didn't complain is because the gameplay moved the plot and was fun to play. Hint's why I believe, they should move the plot through the levels and keep Sonic away from the negative aspects of his 3D career story wise till they finally get the level design right. Giving him a lighter, more Genesis era tone would work cause it's already a benchmark. Not saying any of the 3D games aren't good enough to spruce up but between a guaranteed formula to get back into the swing of things or a shot in the dark with a formula that was never perfected... I think the higher percentage shot is better for Sonic Team in their current situation. It would certainly make things more appealing for people who like the classics and the levels being dynamic with a fast pace would please the modern Sonic fanatics as well. Cut-scenes would still serve their purpose, but leave chucks of the plot move through each stage dynamically. To sum all this up: I have read/seen comments on many videos asking/begging for a darker more mature Sonic... Considering how Sonic is in a delicate balancing act in terms of relevance, my unpopular opinion was: Take it back to gameplay central, let the plot move in the zones, have the tone similar to the Genesis games (till they learn what works in Sonic's levels anyway) but make it fun, fast and dynamic. Everyone wins. P.S. I didn't check for any typos, too caught up in other things at the moment. My bad if there's any grammatical errors here and there.
  3. The answer is simple: One morning, Sega woke up to do lots of crack. Suddenly, they ran out and decided they needed a way to quickly raise money to buy more. That's when one of them came up with a golden idea: Sega Rep #1: "Hey, let's make a Shadow game. We can have guns and cussing and aliens and motorcycles and we'll make so much lots money cause Shadow is really popular somewhere and we can use the Heroes Sonic game engine so we don't need to work too hard and save more money and then we can buy more crack. =D" Sega Rep #2: "That's smart. It will keep Sonic's name good for the next game too. That one will be the best game ever made... C'mon boys and girls, lets go make crack money. ;D" And so they went and created Shadow the Hedgehog, which sucked but they achieved their goals. Thus began their horrible addiction. What was destined to become the best game of all time, would become the best game of all time... If you really really REALLY hate yourself. This powerful addiction crippled Sega and the Sonic brand. Sonic Team were labeled crackheads, Yuji Naka (co-creator of Sonic) left cause they wouldn't pass the sugar. Literally everything Sonic had been destined for was ruined all cause the coke don't choke. Much like a chronic drug addict, now when people see Sonic, they don't see him for his positives... But rather... They see him as the reflection of his maker's mistakes. Much like how we only see the mistakes of those we refuse to accept. Maybe one day he will return to his former glory away from the corruption around him, but for now... *Stares at Sonic Boom Fire & Ice* Cocaine's a helluva drug.
  4. I've seen many people beg for a darker tone, similar to Adventure 2. That's not the point though; Sonic has a ton of characters... Too many actually... However, while I agree it's puzzling that Sega is so incompetent with simple stuff (So I'm likely asking way too much of them), I personally believe that unless characters, who aren't Sonic & Robotnik, impact the plot in a meaningful way (Example being Knuckles in Sonic 3 & Knuckles) Sega should keep it cameo or drop the axe, focus on level design and give each act a bit of interesting lore and aesthetics to help push the plot with their visual presentation to make Dr. Robotnik, or whoever the villain may be, an actual visible threat as the player progresses through each zone but do it in a way that keeps it simple without the silly 'monster of the week' or 'godlike beast' formula. That's basically what I meant above. ... Read my post again friend. I think you misunderstood my meaning.
  5. Unpopular Opinion (From what I've seen anyway): Sonic needs to stay simple story wise. The classics revolved around saving woodland creatures and stopping Dr. Robotnik from creating his "Death Egg" doomsday device to scare the masses into submission... Why do we need "deep", "dark" and "edgy" plot for a Sonic game? That's like asking for an E-Rated God of War. Now I know people say, "Mario's lighthearted and Sonic is his opposite; therefore, Sonic should be darker and edgy." However, you can be opposites and still have a lighter, more fitting presentation for the game(s). Sonic still has his cocky attitude, witty remarks and overall fun loving traits. Just keep the story grounded in what made the classics great and memorable by changing how it's told or coming up with new ideas that are told in a way Sonic isn't really known for.
  6. Soooo how bout that Nintendo Digital Event?..

    1. Komodin


      It was meh.

    2. Milo


      iT WAS MEH.

    3. Klinsy


      It was okay.

    4. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
    5. Tails spin
    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      it sucked, now i'm over it

    7. spinny
    8. Celestia


      The lack of any big surprises was disappointing. I was fine with it other than that and the time spent on the developer story bits which really should've been saved for youtube or something.

    9. Gabz Girl
    10. Chaos Warp
  7. Trying to 100% Sonic Unleashed is worst then water torture

    1. Strickerx5


      The eggman land hot dog missions are bad but common now.

  8. Sonic the Hedgehog - It Doesn't Matter (SA1 Version) Amy Rose - My Sweet Passion (SA1) Knuckles the Echidna - Unknown From M.E. (SA2 Version) Shadow the *emo* Hedgehog - Never Turn Back Big the Cat - Lazy Days Dr Robotnik - E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc Robeatnix Mix) Rouge the Bat - Fly in the Freedom Silver the Hedgehog (aka Pothead the Porcupine) - Dreams of an Absolution (2011 version) Metal Sonic - What I'm Made Of Miles "Tails" Prower - Move Bitch (Ludacris)
  9. My wish if Generations 2 happens at all: Give us momentum based speed instead of "HOLD *BUTTON* TO GO FAST!", levels that are actually challenging, better LOGICAL control over Sonic, no idiotic padding (Completing side missions to get chaos emeralds? WHY?), give us old school special stages to complete for each emerald, incorporate more levels (hell even DLC levels after its released would be better then nothing), simple plot that makes sense, no big monster of the week, time lord or dimension splitting crap (Give us save the flickies Sonic, that'd work fine). That about covers it.
  10. It has aged like a fine bottle of good sweet savior well-preserved wine... Except for Sandoplis, that level aged like milk.
  11. Now I should have painted this... But I couldnt be bothered to get to it. Got much more important art to work on then some fabricated role playing character.

  12. Aw crap, forgot to draw myself a pic.... Welp give it time folks. It's coming.... If I don't forget.

    1. Klinsy


      Welcome to the forum, boss!

    2. The Pit of Mystic Cave

      The Pit of Mystic Cave

      You should keep the default pic. It looks good on you

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