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  1. I just want to say, I LOVE the cosmic eternity variant of 290. The art style of Sonic CD and the Sonic Mega Drive series is easily my favorite art in the entire game and comic series.
  2. I'd like to see an announcement that this title is being developed for the Nintendo Switch as well
  3. New to this topic, but longtime reader of the books. I just managed to find a copy of the first issue of the series and now I'm looking over my collection and I'm determined to find a complete set.
  4. Haha I suppose you're right. I'm so excited for this game though that when I first saw the trailer my mind was utterly blown. It was as if SEGA was writing a love letter to all of us Sonic fans who stayed with the series even through some of the worst entries. My imagination went wild with ideas........
  5. Bummer... That's ok. The new running cycle looks pretty good though so I'll take that. Either way, there's enough new content to make this a semi-remake that still feels fresh.
  6. If you know the secret to making a good 3D Sonic game then go tell SEGA, because they can't figure it out
  7. Look, I'm not trying to start an argument about who did what first, what I'm trying to do is discuss how SEGA could pay homage to the only good 3D Sonic games they've ever made.
  8. I agree that the level design in SA was a very creative game especially when it came to the levels. There are many levels of depth from the different characters and the objects of their stages. What I mean by that is there are multiple ways to play the same stage and that adds a new layer of depth to the game and makes it feel fresh and new. Especially the differences between the Sonic stages and Knuckles stages where the goal is completely different. I always enjoyed the exploration of the Knuckles level and the fast-paced tone of the Sonic ones. I absolutely agree that there is still the same basic structure to the levels, but I do believe that these stages felt fresh because of the new ideas that the jump to 3D gave the creators. In my opinion, some of the environments would make great Genesis style stages. It would make me really excited to see the whale from Emerald Coast be in a 2D side scrolling stage and the changing of gravity from Crazy Gadget in SA2.
  9. I think you just verbalized what I couldn't haha. But that's exactly where my mind was taking me, something along the lines of that sort of thing. And the level could make reference to the Adventure series using it's stage design.
  10. But that's exactly what I mean. In my head, there's very little connection between the classic franchise and the adventure series. That makes me wonder if there was any story as to how the main characters first encountered Station Square or started Tails' workshop in the Mystic Ruins. I think I'd like to see some connection to those locations that hint at the future of the series going into the adventure series. Or something along those lines.
  11. I think I may be the only one that would like to see some homages to Adventure or Adventure 2. Maybe in the form of a 16 bit reimagined stage from one of the games, or a reference to the plot of those games in some way.
  12. Also, does anyone think it's possible that this title will possibly make it's way onto the Wii U or even possibly the Nintendo NX? I know that the now untitled "Sonic 2017" is coming out on NX, but why wouldn't they port this title too?
  13. There've been crazier mistakes haha But either way, that would make this my most anticipated game probably of all time.
  14. I sure hope that is the truth and not a mistake on the part of that Sega employee. That would be absolutely incredible if that were true.
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