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  1. Been away for awhile only to come back to the news sonic mania was delayed on pc :(

    1. Strickerx5


      Yep... needless to say that half the forum has now gone dark seeing as the PC version was the only version a lot of people could get.

  2. Oof. I am blown away. These special stages are making me feel some type of way. I really love what they did here. At a loss for words.
  3. Had a dream other characters were playable in Forces

    1. Bowbowis


      We all had that dream.

  4. Well gang, it seems things are finally beginning to look up :^)
  5. I don't like that Shadow is a villain again =( Chaos is back at least so that's cool
  6. My lord the classic gameplay looks dreadful. I don't like the custom character either, like at all. Modern Sonic looks nice though. The way I'm feeling at the moment, let Sonic Team just keep doing modern Sonic. Over and over and over and over. It doesn't matter anymore. Make the game 20 minutes long if you have to I don't care (not likely though they'd probably force in some second wheel garbage instead of just making Tails or Knuckles playable). Just let them keep doing that. It's all they're good for atm. Adventure fans tend to be the ones most willing to bend, so I'm alright with completely giving up hope there will ever be full 3d gameplay akin to that ever again. It's fun to just blast around without thinking and avoiding obstacles at high speed. It's a different kind of fun to what I'd prefer Sonic be, but I still enjoy it. Especially taking character mods into account. Isn't that fucking sad though. Look at the custom characters level. Still either blocky 2d platforming or a hallway with quickstep sections. Can you imagine if instead of this trash We got to play as Blaze or Knuckles or Shadow or Espio or some shit? They're sticking to the same level design philosophy as Modern Sonic anyway, so why are they trying so hard to avoid characters people actually like? Whatever. Keep Taxman and Stealth and continue to make 2D games forever. They don't even have to stick with pixel games just let them keep doing their thing. And allow Sonic Team to at least keep making modern Sonic as he is and release it on PC so people can mod it. Honestly just stick with these 2 things and I think we'll be alright.
  7. I draw sometimes =)

    Old pic I had never finished that I completely forgot about until I was looking through some of my files tonight. I can't even remember when I did this. I think like 2 or 3 years ago. I always figured these two would get along really well =)
  8. Something I've always wanted from this series is more unique character attributes. I'm not really a fan of every character under the sun becoming a ball especially if they're based on an animal that isn't suited for rolling. It's why I love Espio's classic whirl jump and whirl-dash as his variant of spinning moves. 

    I think it'd be cool if someone like Tails couldn't break through walls by rolling and he just kind of softly bounced off. Having to resort to other paths more suited for him by flying. 

    Idk just spit balling ideas while I'm at work.

    1. ShroomZed


      I sorta feel like with a character like Tails it's not so much dependent on sharpness but speed. He can still break stuff because he's going a incredible speeds and has high momentum. He probably shouldn't be able to cut through things like Sonic though, just bust through them, more like a punch. 

  9. The more I think about Forces the more aggravated I get. I want to play as Espio already. Not some stupid ass custom character that's going to look and feel like shit no matter what.

    Excited for the chance at character mods at least. Sigh

    1. Nepenthe



      Who is Epsio?

      We don't know an Espio.

      But you CAN play as Buddy! And Classic Sonic too!

    2. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy


  10. I know fun is subjective, but how anyone can enjoy sonic 2's special stages is beyond belief.

    1. Yeow


      "I know fun is subjective, but"


    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      that music is damn funky.

    3. Forterror-Metallix


      I'd appreciate them more if they didn't reuse them every game.

    4. King of SSMB, King Dedede!

      King of SSMB, King Dedede!

      Sonic 2 special stages is boss

    5. Ferno


      the main reason i like it is due to how they pulled it off on 16 bit hardware

      it doesn't have the same charm to it in any of the polygonal remakes that've come from future games

  11. Sonic Headcanons

    Espio can move his eyes independently like real chameleons but he only does so when no one's around or when he's invisible because he thinks it makes him look weird.
  12. I remember when I saw trailers for Sonic 06 I was like "when I get this game I'll never need to play another game again"

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    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      I mean your experience could be so bad you give up on games forever so yeah

    2. booblur98



    3. Alienrun


      Can I ask how old you were at the time and what your standards for games were? Cause I mean yeah it was hype...but damn! Slow down there man!

    4. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      I was just your average die hard 12 year old Sonic fan, man

    5. Strickerx5


      I was the same way with Brawl. Though, that actually turned out well so...

  13. Just played a rom hack of Sonic 1 with the drop dash, hoo boy it's so much. Being able to blast off without stopping is so satisfying. Everything's so smooth. Can't wait to try out the real thing!!

    1. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      it's so much fun***


    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Sonic 1 Mania? Yeah I love the drop dash! I wonder why people don't use it that often in gameplay videos.

  14. Full Metal Alchemist is unrealistic because all the characters can draw perfect circles

    1. Ferno


      wonder how powerful spongebob is then

    2. Yeow


      spongebob would be the bonus boss very few people would be able to win against

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      that shit actually made me mad