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  1. The footage is not the same. This has been covered before.
  2. It's just his landing animation. He does it again at around 1:19. The orange sparks is the robots explosion.
  3. Yeah and it looks better.
  4. More saturated color, more interesting background. More lively. The footage actually looks better.
  5. That looks way better than what the trailer showed. I dig the music too, very cute. I think I actually prefer the simpler style now that there's a much better look at it. Also, the spin dash is not as ridiculously overpowered as it was in Generations. +10 points for that.
  6. Nah that's just a common thing they say in japan. Like, "Please enjoy this game" "Please try your best" "Please look forward to it" Just a "polite" thing to say in japanese. Saying it in english does sound weird.
  7. I mean that's cool. But whether you like it or not, and everyone knows you don't, boost gameplay has become "Sonic-like". It's been around for nearly a decade. There's been multiple games with that style that many people find fits. It's Sonic-like. Just because it's different to Sonic 3 doesn't mean it isn't. A series can change its style over the course of time. Especially so when things aren't working out. I know any game that isn't S3K isn't a Sonic game to you, and you can continue to feel that way, but it is what it is. I'm not saying boost is perfect by any means. But you spout this negative nonsense just for the sake of it.
  8. The Flash is obviously faster. Like, he can not only run way faster than the speed of light, he can think at light speed, plus he can run so fast he can time travel. Like, run beyond time. He can punch over 1,000,000,000 times in a second. The Flash can outrun teleportation. It's ridiculous. Like, what's the point of even making this topic if whenever other people tell you Flash is faster, you just cover your ears and say "No no no Sonic has no limit". Were you thinking everyone would agree with you because this is a Sonic forum? Also, Sonic would have died in Colors had the wisps not saved him because he wasn't fast enough to outrun a giant expanding black hole, or whatever that thing was. Unless you think he was "holding back" and let himself get caught by that on purpose. Your arguments basically come off as is this really childish "My superhero is better than yours" attitude. I mean, I get it you're a huge Sonic fan. We all are. Sonic has always been my number one favorite fictional character. He's the best. That doesn't mean he has to literally be unbeatable and be able to run circles around SSGSS4 Gogeta just because he's my favorite character. Trust me, I've been there before man. You should have seen my middle school self. I've brought up this very topic on the playground multiple times and it always ended up with me leaving frustrated because I couldn't listen to reason because I truly believed Sonic could destroy any fictional character because of his SONIC SPEED! I mean yeah it's fun to discuss these things, but be reasonable here. I haven't read the comics really but I'm vaguely familiar. I know Sonic's bitten off of a few Flash powers like the vibrating through walls. Even in the comic-verse I'm confident Flash is a much faster character.
  9. That's because Sonic knew the Master Emerald would mean nothing after SA2
  10. My dreamcast is being a shit :(

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Only one thing to do!

      Flush it down the toilet!

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Sad day indeed. The day my GameCube goes I'm holding a funeral. That thing survived a three story drop. So did the game inside it,  Sonic Heroes

  11. I have to agree about Super Sonic being played out and being relied on way too much. My favorite final boss is actually the Egg Nega Wisp from Colors. I love how the Chaos Emeralds weren't present at all in the story. The ending felt so satisfying, and Sonic in his base form is really very capable. I mean yeah, I understand he has limitations, and sometimes Super Sonic might be necessary. But I really like Sonic doing things with his own power. To be honest the DB fanboy within me believes that Sonic has grown stronger over the years. Or I guess over the span of the games since it isn't clear how much time passes. Hence why he could defeat Perfect Chaos in base in Generations, while he needed Super Sonic for that in the past. Also as a DB fan, Super Sonic has become way too obvious and is a lot less special nowadays. I've always felt like the Boost is basically an evolution of the Peel Out, being better in every way. Stuff like that. I understand that bit kind of delves more into headcanon territory but I wanted to bring it up anyway. Speaking of DB. What if the Chaos Emeralds are not present here/have been destroyed/have gone missing at some point so no one could have relied on them to defeat Eggman, leading to the events we've seen in the game?
  12. Aw man thank you that means so much to me. I actually wanted to be an animator for a really long time so to hear such kind words really makes me happy (:
  13. Espio is clearly ready to go