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  1. Absolutely
    Strong Guy got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    Not so much a good deed but in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity when you achieve an extreme rank during the mission mode Eggman tends to really praise Sonic and his friends. Here are a couple to show what I mean.

    I think it really shows that despite being enemies Eggman has a ton of respect and admiration for Sonic and his friends.
    Here's a link to all of the missions. http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Simulator#Heroes_Story
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from MainJP in At this point, what is keeping other characters from being playable in the main modern Sonic games?   
    Who the hell was asking for a lazy and limiting fan character creator for these games?
    Or do you mean to say that the avatar was made in response to people wanting other playable characters again? 
    Either way, what an awful way to “listen to the fans”.
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from lbyrd2 in At this point, what is keeping other characters from being playable in the main modern Sonic games?   
    Who the hell was asking for a lazy and limiting fan character creator for these games?
    Or do you mean to say that the avatar was made in response to people wanting other playable characters again? 
    Either way, what an awful way to “listen to the fans”.
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from knuckles20 in At this point, what is keeping other characters from being playable in the main modern Sonic games?   
    Who the hell was asking for a lazy and limiting fan character creator for these games?
    Or do you mean to say that the avatar was made in response to people wanting other playable characters again? 
    Either way, what an awful way to “listen to the fans”.
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from MetalSkulkBane in Sonic Headcanons   
    Silver being a psychic has some precognitive abilities along with his telekinesis which makes him able to sense when particularly bad things happen during different eras of time.
    Then he just uses chaos control to go back in time and help Sonic and his friends (or whoever depending on the time period he travels to) with the current threat if he feels his help is needed.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Lord-Dreamerz in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Considering video game movies are infamous for typically being awful flops DESPITE all the butchering the outsourced teams do for what they assume will sell better to a general public... which clearly shows most video game movies are only a example of how to do it WRONG. You are using the reckless train of thought that if something has always been done a certain way then that must be the correct way... which is a bad way to think when making a good product. On another note, what exactly about the Sonic games doesn't translate into a good movie? I notice the people arguing about this normally never give good examples outside of saying "It just doesn't work!" 100 times. What exactly about a story of a hero having to travel across funky dangerous locations on a adventure trying to stop some villain from taking over the world while meeting colorful interesting side characters along the way actually doesn't work as a movie? especially considering there is tons of movies just like that already.
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from MidoChaosHedgehog in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    How on earth does this translate into giving Sonic a filthy redesign?
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    Strong Guy reacted to Tara in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I've mentioned in this thread before that I agree with the general philosophy of designing the movie with more than just the core fanbase in mind, if for no other reason than the fact that making an esoteric work that is overwrought with lore and internal references that only a niche population will understand has a tendency to lead to stilted writing and unsatisfying buildup and payoff.  I think if you make a good film, both fans and people who have never even heard of Sonic will enjoy it because it will have all the proper buildup and resolution that a good movie tends to have.  "Pleasing the fans" and "pleasing general audiences" are really not a mutually exclusive goal.
    But that doesn't mean you need to focus group test it to the point of being an abominable mess that overflows with cliche writing, vapid dialogue, and generic set pieces.  That's not even mentioning the horrible design.  What the recent news indicates is that they essentially did just that, which is what we've been saying since the inception of this threasd is a bad thing that leads to bad movies.  Like even ignoring the various problems with this type of focus group testing that have been documented for ages, I don't understand why there are people in this thread who see "they made something commercially viable at the expense of making an actually enjoyable movie" as something that we're supposed to laud them for?
    And then they make statements like "people liked the TMNT and Transformers designs" not realizing that, like, no.  People didn't.  Perhaps they think people did because they can somehow ignore the fact that both those films were heavily marketed to put it mildly.  Like, they put adverts for those films on everything.  TV and radio commercials, billboards, YouTube ads, toy lines, fast food toy lines, everywhere.  If you have a budget for that kind of mass marketing, a high turnout is almost inevitable.  And on a personal note, I've never met one single solitary person, even people that liked TMNT 2014, would have said "Yeah, I like it because the design is more realistic and appeals to me."  Like, for the most part, I see people who like it in spite of the designs.  And even that is a small number.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Tara in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    And we've been arguing for the past two years that it's a BAD rationale.  I'm not sure what you think this changes?
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    Strong Guy reacted to Bowbowis in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    My personal take on Shadow is that he's somebody who has dedicated himself to bringing peace and justice to the world, even if it's a world he doesn't necessarily feel he has a place in. He has an ego and tends to come off as cold and standoffish but he's generally not mean to people for the sake of it; he's just socially awkward and more pragmatic than some other heroes may be comfortable with: Leading him to behave harshly because he feels his actions are necessary and doesn't believe in sugar coating things to protect people's feelings. Naturally, he doesn't make many friends but is intensely loyal to the ones he has.
    Basically he's less Vegeta and more Miles Edgeworth with a dash of Solid Snake.
    I'm in the camp who likes Shadow as a GUN agent for reasons I covered here:
    As you can probably surmise from this I'm also not in favor of dissolving or diminishing Team Dark. The three don't necessarily need to be joined at the hip 24/7 but I find the dynamic they have in stuff like Heroes and '06 really enhances the characters and gives them more humanity (or whatever you call it when your talking about a hedgehog, a bat, and a killer robot).

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    Strong Guy reacted to Linkabel in Linkabel's artwork!   
    Thanks! I'm trying more things and ideas so I'm glad you're liking!
    Thank you! I did have the idea of making in the style of a cover or promotional poster for a re-release when I was making it. Hopefully one day I'll happen. 
    And here's a quick one, I really wanted to draw Super Sonic. 

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    Strong Guy got a reaction from FReaK in Sonic (Composite) vs Goku (Composite)   
    I know this is a Sonic forum and it's easy to draw parallels between the two characters, but do you really honestly, honestly think Sonic can withstand one solid punch from Goku?
    These topics are always dumb because dragon ball characters are literally too strong for them to be even put in these silly hypotheticals. Tien upon introduction could solo the entire Sonic cast 10 times over, let alone Goku jfc. And even starting with someone on Tien's level is being generous.
  13. Nice Smile
    Strong Guy reacted to Blue Blood in Pokémon Spoilers Topic (Current Info Leaks: Sword & Shield)   
    So, I beat Shield. Random and incoherent thoughts follow:
    Sword and Shield are good games. They're better than XY and SuMo in my opinion. But they feel lazy, phoned in, unambitious, short, shallow and safe. This was Pokémon's time to really step forward, and it really didn't. They jump from SuMo to SwSh feels like going from DP to HGSS. That's pants.
    The series has totally done away with the concept of Pokémon being animals (/wild beasts), and your adventure is little more than a series of linear challenges that's laid out for you, just as in SuMo. I don't like these aspects, but they're amongst the most subjective of issues. The Gym Challenge you go on here is like the Island Challenge of SuMo in terms of how it's set up and conveyed to the player. You start at A and the game clearly tells you which order you'll go in. Once again you're not on an adventure as you were in Kanto, Hoenn, Johto or Sinnoh. It's not even like Unova where you were on an adventure that just felt linear. The adventure is gone. 
    The games are still made with the mindset that they're sprite based GameBoy games. Seeing NPCS rigid movement as they slowly turn, stop, walk, stop and turn just to speak to you in cutscenes is almost embarrassing.
    The excessive hand holding and exposition of SuMo have thankfully been rectified, but the game still feels limited and linear. The world never opens up for you to explore, evolution methods and Pokémon locations can still be so obtuse you need to consult a guide to find them. Moves and Pokémon have been cut out of the games seemingly arbitrarily. There's a huge lack of content. The EXP share kills any potential difficulty, and simply makes the game worse (I stopped fighting trainers and most wood Pokémon by gym 5 because I was constantly over levelled). The Wild area is a great concept that's undermined by the lack of content and linear nature of the game (not to mention the hideously bad performance if you're online). And in addition to that, just like all of the other recent games the are no dungeons or places to really explore. You get two linear caves in the middle of routes, Glimwood Tangle which is functionally just a regular route and that's it. No Granite Cave (RSE not the remakes) begging you to come back to explore later, no dangerous long routes with no Pokémon Centre/healer, no bases or hideous.  It's really disappointing.
    I don't know how bad the hate got... But I think it might just be warranted? I really enjoyed playing truth Shield for the first time. I understand why others might not. And I have no faith that Game Freak will do any better next time.

    On the subject of new Pokémon... This is the worst batch of starters to date. I picked Sobble, and while Inteleon has grown on me, I don't particularly like it. It's so human shaped, and not based around negative emotions like the two previous evolutions. Grookey gets the best deal, but it's still a bit rubbish. Cinderace is barely a Pokémon. What knock off cereal mascot did they steal? All of the final starter evolutions are pure types which is a bit of a shame, but not the worst thing ever. Cinderace looks like it wants to be a fighting type yet again though, so go figure. It's quite similar to Incineroar.
    The new Pokémon are pretty hit and miss. My team ended up being Inteleon, Perrseker (love it), Galarian Rapidash, Runerigus (his would anyone figure out how to evolve this?), Falinks (again, love it) and Boltund.
    Early on, a lot of Pokémon were looking like the base starter forms with big, spherical heads on top of tiny bodies. It was really annoying to see these similar designs pop up all over the place. And when the eventually started to kick in, the artstyle of Pokémon design is so soft, round and exaggerated compared to the older games. This has been an increasing trend with every Gen. Pokémon design quality probably started to dip in Gen 5 imo. I think that Pokémon designs now seem like they start with an idea first, and are worked backwards from them. Less and less often do the Pokémon look like "believable" animals now. They're more like individual characters.
    There were still very few new Pokémon. About 80, I think? Plus some Galarian forms and evolutions, bringing up the number a bit. I dunno. It feels like the Pokémon aren't the focus of Pokémon games any more. It's the region instead. And that's strange. Also 50% of Galarian forms/Evolutions are from Gen 1, and all Gigantamax forms are Galarian or Gen 1. Urgh.
    And Gigantamaxing as a concept... They all look like shit k bye.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Jango in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Oh, poor little studio, I hope they can recover from that. C'mon, Peter. It was Paramount's own fault. They deliberately made Sonic a freak and thought we would buy it. They're reaping what they sow. Changing Sonic's design to please the fans was nice and all, but it's something they could've avoided from the beginning if they had an inch of good sense.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Which former character voices do you miss the most?   
    I do wish to add that despite really liking Keith's Vector voice, I do wholeheartedly agree that Mark Biagi was excellent and hit the highest peak of vocal performances for the guy. The delivery of his lines were a special kind of something that hasn't been replicated and its a shame that 4kids Vector permiates so much more of Vector's vocal appearances than his.
    Recently, I've grown to have a ton more respect for the original voice actors because they were tasked with making the characters their own and, in a lot of ways, setting the stage for how they were to sound down the line. Ryan wasn't Sonic's first voice but he was definitely the origin of a voice for Sonic's modern take and how he'd be viewed going forward.
    Scott Drier and David Humphrey were standouts but I do want John St. John to get a little recognition for still having the best Omega voice as well.
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    Strong Guy reacted to StaticMania in What is it about Sonic that makes so many wish to disconnect him from non-Eggman humans?   
    The illogical extreme...
    It's just that one part of every fandom that dislikes things about the series that have been there from the beginning and acts like it was always out of place.
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from Iko in New mobile title Sonic Forces Speed Battle (iOS - Hardlight Studio)   
    I've actually been wondering about this for a really long time. I've tried to do some research on whether or not you get matched up with actual people and couldn't really find anything. I myself was suspicious of the opponents I've went up against but some races take an incredibly long time to start and sometimes I'm so far ahead of the pack I always figure I'm up against baby cpu's. Sometimes a racer or two won't even finish so I always assumed those were the bots they just used to fill in 4 players. But I really don't know. Your theory makes a lot of sense though.
    If anyone has any insight on whether it's actually multiplayer or you're just put up against bots I'd love to hear what others think.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    It's probably because the post in question is a baseless accusation that a lot of people have a problem with. The moderator badge doesn't make a difference unless they're threatening a strike or a ban of some sort, which they aren't. They're allowed to express their opinion and correct misinformation just like the rest of us.
    EDIT: while I'm mad about it:
    It's been getting "out of hand lately" because the movie discussion has cast a rather wide net and reeled in a lot of people who's sole intent is to blindly defend the movie at all costs, and we're all sick of the shallow arguments and spammy "golly, I sure can't wait for this excellent film to release," "I'll literally die if the trailer doesn't release in the next 3 seconds," "y'all are a bunch of meanies for not liking this and explaining why" drivel. It's obnoxious at this point. I can't imagine the amount of self-restraint a moderator has to not just delete it all at this point. It detracts from actual discussion which is a rarity in this thread.
    We're all just fed up.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Sonic Fan J in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Okay, so we don't have the gremlin anymore, but how does that warrant spending my money on a movie that still fails to appeal to me in any regard. Sonic is my all time favorite entertainment property and this movie manages to have no appeal to me, yet because they improved upon one of the most glaring issue this movie has you think I should spend my money on it? You'll need to have a better argument than they spent so much time and money to fix one problem so you should forgive every other problem and watch this movie now. Call me bitter, call me disillusioned, call me a hater. I don't really care. But don't tell me that spending millions to fix one problem out of many for a movie that missed the entire appeal of the franchise in the first and doesn't appeal to me means I should spend my money now. Sorry if I sound angry, but Sonic's bad design was only the cherry on top of this horrible sundae for me.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Okay Paramount and Jeff Fowler, was that really so hard? I still personally wish that they had gone with his peach coloured arms and a mono-eye, but this end design is perfectly fine. He doesn't look like a deformed child anymore.
    I seriously want to know what was behind the original design choices. Who came up with them and why did they decide upon all of those terrible ideas that came together to create both what looked like a parody of the original Sonic designs and an ugly character design in general; the lack of gloves with weirdly tiny human hands covered in white fur (with fingernails!), the human looking arms and legs, the white belly, the small and widely separated eyes that stunt expression, the refusal to adapt his iconic shoes, those human lips and human teeth, the bloodshot redness around his eyes. All of it was so bad. It really felt like they were gunning for different for the sakeof being different, instead of any actual artistic vision.
    Was the studio really so blinded by their focus groups and supposed executive insight that they thought they'd created the perfect design for movie Sonic? Urgh. I'm happy that the design has been fixed. But I still stand by the mantra that there's no good reason for it to have been so rubbish in the first place. And furthermore, the films design for Eggman is still rubbish. He's not a character that will translate to a live action adaptation very easily, but they  could have done better. The fact that he's not bald or wearing red until the end of the film just stops him from looking even remotely like the source material. And that's to say nothing of the fact that he doesn't really act like Eggman at all. 
    So yeah, still doesn't look like good movie and certainly not a good Sonic movie. But Sonic himself looks decent now. You know you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when the highest praise you can give a film is "the main character doesn't look ugly anymore".
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from Sonictrainer in Happy 19th Birthday TSS! Here's Some New Forum Skins!   
    New theme is nice and clean which is great. Though my one (probably minor) complaint is that it's no longer as obvious what page you are on when reading a thread. Here's an image from the catfish theme.

    The page you're on is highlighted with a black border that makes it super clear where you're at.
    Now though that's totally gone and I find myself forgetting what page I'm currently on.  

    I mean yeah there's the super light text beside the pages that shows you what page you are on but my brain just can't focus on it and it's so easy to gloss over.
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    Strong Guy reacted to Sean in Canon Immigrants   
    ...Your reasoning doesn't hold up at all. Remove Link and Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda because it's not called The Legend of Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf. Remove humans from the Pokémon games because it's not called Pokémon and Humans. Remove every character from Othello who isn't named Othello even though Othello himself is ostensibly not the main character.
    Do you see how dumb it is to base your entire argument on the title of the franchise? It's not about what the name is, it's what the creators demonstrate and what fans consider to be the central aspects. Eggman is one of the cornerstones of the franchise because he shows up in almost every game, and this is an objective fact, and you not liking this doesn't make that go away. You're literally wrong and there's nothing you can do about it no matter how much you whine about it.
    Also you'd be singing a different tune if Eggman weren't human. I don't know what your obsession is with making Eggman a furry but it legitimately weirds me out. You just want him gone from the franchise because of his species and I don't get it
    Also this is dumb so I'm going to tell you to stop talking about this immediately and get the fuck back on topic
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    Strong Guy reacted to azoo in azoos art   
    VILLAIN ROLL CALL: Scratch & Grounder, Eggsman, Metal Sonk, Naugus, Fang, Shade, Thunderbolt, Eden (maybe? maybe not?) (original char me and @Wraith came up with), Bokkun
    Kind of a collection of villains I would use if I made a Sonic thing.
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    Strong Guy got a reaction from Miragnarok in Ideas for a Sonic rogues gallery   
    Honestly just have Metal Sonic show up more often, and bring the Babylon Rogues into the mix for once.
    People are always touting them as friendly rivals, and while I guess that is true, they’re assholish enough (and it’s also been more than a long enough time since their last appearance) that Sonic Team could easily just bring them on as jerk rivals who just care about speed and ruining Sonic’s day and no one would bat an eye. 
    The hooligans would be perfect too but we all know that’s never gonna happen because it’d work too well. 
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    Strong Guy reacted to Sean in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    My point being that I don't want to hear this:
    from someone who also says this:
    You really expected the Archie comics to be like the games? It's called adaptation for a reason, with a unique story of course. These issues are simply "not my Sonic" and "ew Freedom Fighters."
    or in other words, just deal with the fact that people aren't going to like this movie for various reasons like not being accurate to the games and get over it. I don't know what it is about this fucking movie that gets people defending it for every critique it gets when it is fair game to criticize every other Sonic adaptation for its detours from the game canon. And it's fine to not like certain Sonic canons for that reason, so why are the people disliking this film being unreasonable?
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