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  1. Well god damn. I've heard Hunnid's post-SA2 tracks, and thought they were pretty wack. But homie brought his A-game on this. I'm gonna bump this on my radio show next week.
  2. Afro Thunder

    Afro Thunder's music dump

    Here's another demo I've been working on for my NiGHTS Into Street Dreams project, unimaginatively titled "Stage 1 Demo". It's really just the intro from the song, as I'm unsure what I wanna do with this track just yet.
  3. So in short, Ken is secretly hoping that if the Sonic license was dropped by Archie, he would have a shot at being able to get a hold of it and continue where he left off? With Penders, it doesn't seem that far fetched he would do that, but at the same time, he should realize that SEGA has rights to everything in the comic, so they could go to Boom! comics, IDW, or virtually anywhere else and continue where Archie left off. Example: the comic license for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is currently owned by IDW, and they also gained the rights to reprint some of the old Mirage comics as well. SEGA could easily do the same thing, though getting the rights to reprint the older Archie comics would be messy, considering the muddy legal situation with some of the comic's creators. And as for the Big Two licensing stuff like Scooby Doo and Star Wars, those IPs and publishers are owned by the same respective parent companies (Star Wars and Marvel are under the Disney banner, and Warner Bros./Turner owns everything Hanna-Barbera and DC), so they can do whatever the hell they want with em.
  4. Afro Thunder

    Afro Thunder's music dump

    Since I only lurk here mostly, most of ya'll don't know I make music. I've been doing more producing lately, but I also do some vocal stuff as well. To start it off, here's one of my most recent beat I've uploaded to SoundCloud: PaRappa's Low End Theory. It wasn't one of my greatest attempts, but I tried to get the bassline out of the sample, to limited success. Moving away from that particularly bad production, here's a couple of my favourites, NiGHTS Into Street Dreams, which I'm currently trying to turn into a full album, and Miracle Casino Paradise, which would've been on my next EP, had it not been for sample issues. >__< For tracks with vocals, I have Rule Five, one of my more personal tracks, and King Bowser, one of the more whimsical songs I've recorded ;P I also have a Bandcamp profile for my commercial albums, and an Audiomack Page for exclusive remixes/mash-ups, along with my SoundCloud. Feel free to give me your honest opinion about my music. I'd appreciate it.
  5. Well, I'll give him points for persistence ;p I would've said "Fuck it" by now.
  6. Speaking of which, has he sold those iPhone cases yet?
  7. Makes you wonder if he named Sonic's comic self after his great ancestor. "Oglivie Maurice Penders VIII" But on the real, why is he still messing around with this app? It's just a time waster if he's not actually making process on the book.
  8. If he actually goes ahead and publishes this book he's planning, he's getting his wig spit by lawyers, just like I said. Regardless of how you feel about Archie and their shady practices, an NDA is still an NDA, and it's bound by a legal contract. So unless there was a time limit on the NDA we don't know about, or Archie really did violate their part of the settlement (which is doubtful, but still likely), he's really asking to get his ass kicked in court. I'm doubtful he'll lose the characters if he's found violating it, but he's gonna take a nasty hit in court either way, so it wouldn't make a difference.
  9. He's basically blind to his own description, is what you're saying? I kinda get that, but while I feel there is some form of ignorance involved, I don't think all of it is genuine ignorance. Like, I do think there's a lot of aspects to this thing he honestly doesn't know or understand, but he's willfully ignoring any helpful criticism coming from both fans and fellow professionals and even insulting those same people who's at least TRYING to help steer him to the right path. All I can do really is just shake my head at everything he's done to this point.
  10. It's like watching someone who can't get over their ex and would do anything to get them back no matter what, almost like Robin Thicke. But honestly, I've said all I could say about his writing and other questionable decisions. Even if he wanted to keep the anthropomorphic animals thing, he still could've spun the characters he had into unique designs. But guy honestly should've purged his social media long before now. He may have did himself no favours with the lawsuit, but he's not helping his case going back and forth with the people he's supposed to be selling his comic to. Does he have a running bet to see how many people can he piss off and still make decent sales of the book? It just boggles my mind.
  11. Uber-rotten six month old bait that not even a trout will eat. Like I said a few posts before: If Penders really wanted to do his old stories without trying to wreck Flynn's run, he could've proposed an Elseworlds-esque series where he could do whatever the hell he wants without it affecting the mainline comic. He gets to wreck shop in his own little bubble of the Sonic multiverse, and he stays far away from the major comic books. Everyone wins. But of course, that's only in a perfect world, as Penders is all "My stories are canon or GTFO" with Archie. But bombing or not, he's better off changing the whole thing into something original. Even Frank Miller changed the characters in Holy Terror when he couldn't use the Batman license.
  12. For all we know, he probably lives in his own Matrix where he's Neo: He's the One, and right about everything. He's honestly better off cutting his losses and just doing something fresh instead of trying to reheat the old Sonic comic continuity. Even if the lore totally sucks, it won't have the stigma of trying to be a knock-off Sonic comic. But I wouldn't be surprised if he was bold enough to try and copyright some Fleetway stuff too, just to try and lure in as many Sonic fans as possible to read it.
  13. Since we're on the discussion of ownership for characters again, let's think about a hypothetical situation for a moment. In the very likely case that Ken Penders gets his wig split by lawyers the moment the book goes for sale and SEGA gains all rights to the IP and its characters, what would they do? Would they gradually allow Archie to integrate them back into the comic? (My head hurts just thinking about how they would do that without causing multiple continuity snarls, but eh) Would they keep them exclusively for the games? The Boom cartoon? Or would they be more likely throw up a permanent embargo and say that Penders' characters are totally off limits to any and all Sonic media?
  14. Does all that delusional stuff he spits out come with the ten pounds of crack you'd need to get to that point of banality, or is it sold separately? I've seen dudes who had meltdowns and be boneheaded, but Penders must drink 20 gallons of his own Kool-Aid a day to be this delusional.
  15. Yeah, if I'm remembering correctly, the Sonic X comic got shafted when it crossed over with the mainstream Archie!Sonic verse and Archie got crazy heat for using sly references to the OVA. I'll honestly admit that I really haven't read anything from the comic since the "House of Cards" arc, but even if SEGA decides he's not worth the time, it'll be fucking hilarious to see him get nailed to the wall for using Knuckles' OVA design. And as far as Penders talking about not wanting to be boxed in goes, here's something he should know since he worked on both Sonic and Star Trek comics: When you're given a franchise license for any medium, you're either railroaded, or you're at least expected to stay true to the core structure of it while given certain creative liberties. In the latter case, sometimes the guys working on the license can go too far with the liberites and it can become a big ass trainwreck (example: Fantastic Four 2015). Something Penders doesn't seem to fully realize is the fact that he got lucky while he was working on the Sonic comics. Aside from the comics using SatAM/AoStH as a base, the Sonic universe had no truly set-in-stone lore until Adventure, so he, along with the other writers involved, had free reign that is virtually unheard of to this day, thanks in large part to the creative team apparently having some really lax editors during that period. Beef with Bollers aside, Ken continued to have a lot of freedom with the comic post-Adventure, only complaining when Archie's leash started getting tighter, and he no longer had the Knuckles comic to fall back on to do his thing. Even during the time he worked with Bollers on the comic, as mentioned many times, they've clashed nonstop over what direction they wanted the comic to go. If Ken couldn't handle being boxed in by a co-writer, he'd spontaneously combust trying to work under the current Archie. Lemme bring up J. Michael Straczynski again for another comparison. During the first half of his Spider-Man run, before Joe Queseda started sticking his nose in and forcing stupid shit like One More Day and Sins Past to happen, JMS did his own thing with the Spidey mythos by introducing a mystical/spiritual aspect to Spider-Man's powers. However, he still stayed true to other writers before him and kept the true origins of Spider-Man open-ended enough to satisfy longtime fans (Was getting bit by the radioactive spider a freak accident, or was he destined to get his powers anyway?). Penders and Bollers, on the other hand, would rather render anything the other did (and in some cases, others before them) total canon discontinuity if they had the opportunity, even doing so in the same issue at times. While JMS usually didn't have to deal with a co-writer, Penders and Bollers could have at least found a decent middle ground to get the lore they both wanted, but nooooo.... Wall of text aside, my point is that Penders and Bollers could've added creative liberties to the comic that didn't detract from from the product as much as it did and made it into a soap opera. They could've even proposed separate"what if" stories that they could've gone wild with. But instead, they let pettiness and (in Penders' case) a better-than-all-of-you attitude get the best of them.

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