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  1. To me, the only memorable thing about Black Knight is the villain (and the soundtrack, as mentioned before).
  2. The storybook games were pretty bad and forgotten, except maybe for the soundtrack. But I'm open to the idea if they include stuff from these games in a creative way or maybe as a reference in TSR (if they didn't already, I haven't played the game yet).
  3. There's Godzilla vs. Kong too, I believe. I'm sorry Sonic movie, but that's much more badass. 😎
  4. It would be awesome to see this Twinsanity Pack come to life! Titans stuff I don't think they should bother, unless they find a creative way of implementing the mutants powers into the gameplay, like as power-ups or obstacles in the tracks.
  5. I agree. If they included the tracks and characters, why not use them better? And now that you mentioned, I remember that CNK adventure mode was pretty cool, but I don't know, I feel like CTR's and even Tag Team Racing's adventure mode was more fun for me. In Tag Team Racing you could even walk around and explore like a platformer (I know this doesn't really belong in a racing game, but it was fun).
  6. I haven't played the game yet, but from what I heard, it's basically a ASRT but without the transformations, which is ok by me, I enjoy the All Stars series enough. So maybe I'll get Team Sonic Racing eventually. No, please no... 😋
  7. I'm happy that they were included in the game you know, more tracks to play on, but honestly, I don't really know what to say about them and that's because none of CNK's tracks were memorable to me. I mean, they look amazing in this new remaked version, but that's about it to me. CNK wasn't a bad game I think, just not as memorable as the original CTR. I even prefer Tag Team Racing over Nitro Kart tbh. 😋
  8. I think it's an overall good mechanic and so far, it's worked pretty well in some games, like the Rush series. I agree that it doesn't flow as good in the 3D games though. And I also agree with Azoo's argument that Boost does make the game a lot easier and maybe that's what they should work on the next game.
  9. Yeah, because it'd make no sense. If Eggman build Metal Sonic with a more resistant metal, shouldn't he do that with all the other robots? The regular badnicks are destroyed with a single spindash in the games, even when using Tails. But this is in the games, I don't know how it works in the comics.
  10. Soundtracks for Sonic games are usually great, so that's one thing. Shadow TH and Sonic '06 are both bad games but both have awesome soundtracks. The graphics all around are good too, even in some bad games. Except for Sonic '06... the graphics suck in this one.
  11. I think it has aged very well actually. It can stand against many current platformers. I think this game was ahead of it's time, on Genesis standards at least.
  12. Hey! I'm new around here, so I decided to properly introduce myself. I've been a fan of Sonic since I was 4 years old, that's when I got my Genesis and it came with Sonic 2, in my opinion the best Genesis game ever. But I'm also a fan of Rock 'n Roll (especially metal), horror movies and video games in general. My favorite game series are (aside from Sonic): Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Ace Attorney, Castlevania and Metroid. I'm the current moderator of the Sonic Network Forum in Brazil. Well, hope I can make some friends here and have fun!
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