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  1. My woman from the Sodom ...

  2. Battlefield has gone downhill.

    Ever since BF4.

  3. I'll come to your country and start a civil war if that's true.
  4. Because it feels way too edgy and angsty for me, which is obvious when the 50% of the game is based of Final Fantasy. Believe me I have this friend who has played these KH games to death and I have seen enough of it; -The concept feels dumb. Combination of Disney & FF? That sounds like a concept for a ordinary Deviantart fanfiction. How can you mix up something as goofy as Disney and something as FF? Now some people might note at this point that "Disney can be dark too!". Okay, sure. but that's the problem. Why wasn't it dark in KH? Besides, most of Disney's dark themes descend from European fairy tales anyway. - The characters are annoying. Not only does the main character Sora look and sound annoying for me, but also why characters like Donald Duck and Goofy act way too serious? They could've used these characters more as comedic relief, but now they're just trying to be serious. - In the first sentence I complained this series to be angsty and edgy. By now you might be thinking what I mean by that. Let me try to explain; When I personally consider a video game "dark", it has to be dark. This contains elements of horror, ambient, surrealism, bleak in general. I'd like to give a demonstration from another video game which I consider handles this well; https://youtu.be/fx3fK5kve-M?t=192 In Red Alert 1 Soviet campaign, your first mission is to exterminate a village of partisans and civilians. If that doesn't sound bleak enough, look at the mission ending cutscene. NOW edgy & angsty has elements of dark .. But they have added themes like romance, depression, angst in general. This is not how I view a dark game.
  5. My new avatar is awesome

    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      Pffft. Nothing is more awesome than my new Ace Rimmer avatar. WHAT A GUY!

  6. I'm currently making a project with GMOD titled "Sonic's schoolhouse". Despite the title it has nothing to do with the infamous teaching game. the plot; Anyway, part 1 is now up on YT. Part 2 will be within a week, or a little more. Please feel free to comment & hope you enjoy the movie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yORkXpGXUtQ
  7. Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

  8. Let me tell you my story;
    When I was 16 ran away
    All alone on a stray
    What can I do what can I say
    I'm a lonely teenager
    Now I'm 17 still alone
    Wondering if I should go home
    Or maybe stay out on my own
    I'm a lonely teenager
    1. Alienrun


      I can't tell if this is sarcasem or not...

  9. Hello Alienrun & thank you for your feedback. This video was created within a day. I agree there are points that could've been used for better jokes. I am a fan of 2008-10 circa YTP's where they tried to have some sort of a story. Yes maybe I could've had less AVGN reaction humor. Anyway looking forward for those videos & appreciate the tips.
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