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    1. KHCast


      It's sad when MLP fans get pissed that a new video isn't about Ponies. And on top of that we got comments saying "lol sonic's already dead!" Take me out of this world...

    2. Machenstein


      Bronies are getting worse than both furfags and Sonicfags... combined.

    3. Celestia


      @Hedgehogs Boost

      You act like you expect people to be smart on youtube.

    4. Celestia



      ...Really? -_-

    5. KHCast


      Yeah i know youtube is full of dumb people. I just wish tit wasn't. But that's like asking a bolder to float.

  1. Eggman finally got that hedgehog! http://tinyurl.com/bo36twh

    1. BlazingTales
    2. Solkia
    3. Yoko/葉子


      Wile E. Coyote caught the Road Runner, but wasn't able to eat him.

    4. PeanutButterDimond
    5. Jetronic
    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      First the hedgehog, tomorrow, THE WOOOOOOORLD!

    7. Chibinuva


      He's going to buy the world then?

  2. The problem began when Sega decided to outsource the game to Dimps. Dimps has no right to do Sonic 4, nor do most other developers outside of Sega. The game should have been done in-house, not just haphazardly given to some third-rate developer. In fact, I would go so far as to say no one outside of the original Sonic Team should have the privilege to do Sonic 4. Without Naka's programming expertise, Hirokazu's level design philosophy and Ohshima's stylistic visual design, there will never be a true Sonic 4. Of course, the reason Sega didn't do it in-house like they did for Colors and Generations is because they just don't care. They don't care about the classic games, and why would they. The classics aren't their brain-children, intellectual property rights be damned. Each time they promise to give us a new classic Sonic game, they always backpedal and decide to incorporate all of the same elements that make the modern games so rigid and automated. That's been the case ever since Sonic Heroes.
  3. "We would have to re-build the whole levels"? That was the same excuse they used for why they couldn't fix the physics in Episode 1. You know, maybe the problem isn't the speed boosters nor the physics. I think the problem is Dimps has shitty level designers who need to be fired at once. Why do their games have so many bottomless pits? Oh well, at least you have Tails to fly Sonic over them! Let's also design the levels so you're forced to use the co-op moves. It's not like we want to give the player any freedom or anything! This is the problem with all modern Sonic games, even the good ones. You have the play the games the way the designers want you to play them. You have to stay on this same narrow corridor, you have to watch (not play) this automated sequence of Sonic bouncing off of conveniently placed springs (and you can't even control Sonic in midair when bouncing off of them), and you always have to push a specific series of button prompts in order to proceed every ten seconds. Just get new level designers.

  5. It's funny that all of this reboot talk has come up since I plan to do a Sonic reboot myself through a series of fan-games. So how would I handle a reboot? It would be nothing too complicated. The first thing I would do is give the characters their classic designs back. Then I would either omit the modern characters or redesign them to fit in with the minimalist designs of the classic characters. The narrative would be mostly humorous with some dramatic moments sprinkled in to give the dramatic moments more of an impact. The presentation would be more on par with Sonic CD and Sonic the Movie, both which embody that old-school anime charm the series had before Sonic Adventure and Sonic X changed things. Finally, the music would take on an early 90's house vibe, perhaps something you would hear from Yuzo Koshiro or Naofumi Hataya. Basically, a revival of the Japanese "SegaSonic" of '91 through '97.
  6. Uekawa and Iizuka. Both Sonic Team members that were good during the Genesis and Saturn era. Now they're not.
  7. Whatever. Richard Jacques is too good for this game anyway. In fact, I think Jun is a perfect fit now since this game is being done by other washed-up Sonic Team members that peaked during the Genesis and Saturn era.
  8. Why, oh why, doesn't Sega have Richard Jacques do the music instead? At least his compositions for 3D Blast matched the themes of the levels.
  9. How do we miss THIS? http://tinyurl.com/7ybg9ge

    1. Komodin




    2. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      That was...actually sort of funny

    3. Rigby


      Only a true Sonic fan would get all these references

    4. Tracker_TD


      Whaddya know... something quite funny from mariotehplumber-though his comments are ridiculous.

    5. Chibinuva



      >doesn't have headphones

      >mother in the other room

      *exits tab like there's no tomorrow*

    6. Tracker_TD


      Guys. Rest assured, this isn't a screaming fanboy crying at a pair of green eyes.

    7. Pixel Brain

      Pixel Brain


  10. Recommend me some Castlevania games that don't use the Metroidvania format.

    1. Soniman


      Lords of Shadow......of the Colossus

  11. Fun not-fact: Socket is a failed conversion of Sonic CD for the Genesis which Vic Tokai stole and turned into a generic mascot platformer.

  12. A new 2D Sonic game that takes place at the same location as Knuckles Chaotix would be awesome though. I loved the visuals and music of that game, and to make a new 2D game using the same visual and musical assets would be awesome given the level designs were different (read: good) and the game has a more linear, cohesive structure than that level randomizer. I wouldn't trust Sega to do such a game though. A fangame perhaps?
  13. Everything is overrated at SSMB. Even sex.
  14. Bubsy is a great game. All 2D platformers should have fall damage.

    1. Koala Poop

      Koala Poop

      Did you see the Jontron video?

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