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    This is a future stage special remix of CD Sonic the Hedgehog.

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  1. If Sonic 5 came into being and was actually good, I'd hope they'd pull a Mega Man 9/10 and make the spin dash a feature unlocked by completion of the main game. Rolling should be earned by building up speed over an appropriate stretch of Zone space. Having it be a quick shortcut at the press of a button combination hasn't sat right with me since I became an old man. This could easily be cross posted into the Popular/Unpopular Thread under "Unpopular", as I know people adore the spin dash and probably view it as "essential".
  2. Multiple paths and sections dedicating to rolling and precision platforming. I could just post a Yasuhara doodle to illustrate this point, but instead I decided to just rip him off:
  3. Thanks for the full version edit of Look-A-Like. I remember Solly (or someone from the old days) doing one, but this is much cleaner. Good job, Mr. Harding. It's heartening to see you still around after all these years.
  4. April Fools Day 1997. I'd been struggling with the infamous Carnival Night barrels in Sonic 3 for about six months. It was a little before breakfast that morning, and I was once again bouncing up and down aimlessly on that barrel. I was fruitlessly holding right and jumping onto it over and over, hoping I could slip through a crack and get into the elusive next part of the level. I got very lucky and fell through. I was ecstatic. After being called for breakfast, I excitedlt relayed to my family about my triumph. My dad, being my dad, tried to do his annual April Fools joke, claiming there was a new Sonic game coming out called "Robotnik's Revenge". I exclaimed about what a great day this was, not bothering to check the date, still glowing from my achievement. A few seconds later, he said "April Fools!", but I really couldn't care less. I had cheated the system. I had beaten the barrel. Good memory.
  5. It's hilarious that he genuinely believes that Len Janson and Pat Allee, of all people, had anything to do with the construction of Sonic. It's nice to see Penders keeping the arrogance of the 90's Sega of America marketing department alive well into 2015. Another thing that's hilarious is his continuing libel of a dead man, re: Ben Hurst. I may not have liked Hurst's self-aggrandizing approach to adapting Sonic into a cartoon, but he doesn't deserve that shit.
  6. Biscuits. Not joking. The way I got into Sonic at the age of 8 (or so) was by eating biscuits. Specifically, these biscuits: I have a vague memory of seeing Sonic 3 at Toys 'R Us, but I think it all started with the biscuits. I got these, then I graduated to Sonic the Comic, and then I got a Mega Drive II with Sonic 2 when I was 9 year old.
  7. He has a tenuous grasp on reality at best. And clearly has a fixation on the individual effort as opposed to the results of good team work. I doubt he could comprehend that the first Sonic games were a combined group effort with Naka, Naoto Ohshima and Hirokazu Yasuhara steering the major elements of the projects. No, in Pendersopolis, Naka made everything with his own two programming magic hands (and probably stole all his post-1993 work from Penders, of course).
  8. I really have replaced Sonic 3 & Knuckles with Sonic 3 Complete when I want to play Sonic 3. It is just so good and easy to customise.
  9. I'm going to keep this one per (good) game, as I could probably just post Sonic CD's soundtrack in its entirety and call it a day: Definitely the most underrated track in the original game's soundtrack. I think everyone who doesn't rate it is probably being a big baby, re: the level generally. Definitely Nakamura's funkiest track. A stark contrast to the 2P, which is boring as hell. Deliberated long and hard over this one, as the whole Hataya/Ogata soundtrack is golden, but I had to go with the B mix of Palmtree Panic. Specifically linking Taxman's mix of it, with the breakdown and vocal sample to bridge the loop in the 2011 remastered version. When it was used very effectively in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ_esthqnaU, I got goosebumps. Specifically linking the EU version of the trailer there, because the US had an end slate shilling Sonic 4. Get that bad game out of my good game trailer please, SoA. No one has done an adequate, straight forward remix of this track with some amazing string sound fonts and less repetitive samples, and it disappoints me. Maybe one day.
  10. I'm sorry that it took you 20 years to realise Ken Penders is an awful idiot. That's a purgatory that I wouldn't wish on anyone.
  11. I fully believe that Sonic 5 should contain three core elements. It should be made by Taxman and Stealth, have Sonic 3's polished gameplay engine and take all its artistic cues from Sonic CD and Chaotix. It'll never happen, but the point still stands. Chaotix had some gorgeously surreal art design. Such a shame that the gameplay was such hot garbage. Ah well.
  12. In a world where I'm quite annoyed with Sonic's overall shaky quality control (to put it very politely), it's heartening to know that Ken Penders continues to be even worse somehow. Clinging to the back of the monstrous beast that is the modern Sonic franchise, like a gibbering moustached leech. It's beautiful in how pathetic it is.
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