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  1. Oh boy I sure love it when the desktop Discord app spontaneously refuses to start up for a while...I mean, it's not that bad considering the web version still works, but it's still irritating.

  2. Why 👏 is 👏 everything 👏 so 👏 ugly??? Seriously though. The character designs, the logo. It still all looks so bad! Have we ever established what the point of making this show even is? Older viewers obviously aren't going to be interested, so why are they using a classic character? I know they are coming out with a new Mega Man game now, for what it's worth, but idk...still feels weird.
  3. MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    I said in my post of Firefox theme guidelines that I don't do themes for any other browsers, so no. I added a link to that post to the OP so it won't be missed in the future. If you really want a theme from me, you could always try Firefox - it is pretty similar to Chrome these days and it's easy to transfer your data over, so it probably wouldn't be a huge adjustment. There's also already a Tails theme for Chrome, not sure if it appeals to you but it's out there.
  4. [ARTWORK] FlameStream's Corner [UP: 2018-03-21]

    I have to second Mightyray wholeheartedly. Your coloring and shading, the level of detail, advanced composition and posing... You seriously have a professional career ahead of you. IMPRESSIVE stuff, to say the least!! I too cannot understand the lack of likes, but I would assume people just didn't notice this topic. Unfortunately that has happened all too often with Showcase topics in the past, but hopefully it will get better in the future.
  5. Finally finished another Firefox theme request. If you're interested, see here:

    Always happy to make new themes!

  6. MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    @darth_tails I wish I had gotten this done sooner, it's not the best ever but I didn't want to delay any longer, haha. Feel free to ask for changes if you're not satisfied. Once it gets approved (which generally doesn't take more than a few hours, though it can take as much as a day), you'll be able to find it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/kaname-chidori/
  7. The best Ready Player One video next to ProZD's

    1. Pawn


      Ah yes, a seminal work. The lyrics really capture the level of creativity and eloquence displayed only by RPO.

    2. Mister X
  8. Chamomile

    Infinite would approve.
  9. The Greatest Youtube Videos You've Ever Seen

    Most of my favorite videos on YouTube are michaeljacksonVEVO's uploads of Michael Jackson music videos, haha. They're all so amazing, but one of my favorites is Leave Me Alone. It combines three of my favorite things ever - Michael Jackson, artsy-ness, and symbolism.
  10. MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    Feel free to supply images and renders if you want to (it does give you more control of the final product), but it's fine if you don't - I'll just find some online. I'm actually about to take a short trip, so I most likely won't get to this until the weekend. Sorry about that!
  11. Bought my first pair of headphones today. I've used earbuds before but I find them very uncomfortable, haha. These suit me much better, and they're even red, my favorite color. They're cheap headphones, but I'm still happy.

    1. Maxtiis


      I've got a Logitech G930 and its the best sound I've ever gotten out of headphones.

      And I agree, I hate earbuds. Especially those "sports" earbuds that clip around your ear, they hurt like hell.

    2. DanJ86


      They take some getting used to, but are a valuable tool for drowning out the annoying noises around you.

    3. Blacklightning


      I want to have a good pair of headphones, but the better ones are padded and that's absolutely murderous in Australian heat. I have no idea how anyone else puts up with it tbh

    4. tailsBOOM!


      My earbuds break every other day...


      Maybe I should invest in ones that cost more than a few dollars.

  12. Wow, this video will really help my future web development career. I recommend it to anyone who's thought about making websites, fonts, or kids.

  13. For some reason, I just kept scrolling and scrolling in the comments section of the Michael Jackson Jam music video. Now that I saw this, I finally understood why.


  14. Sonic Radio Station

    This is a great idea. Needless to say we have plenty of Sonic music lovers here. I'll probably drop in every now and again.
  15. MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    My first attempt at drawing Michael Jackson, in a cartoony style of course. It's a lot better than I feared it might be, to be honest. I'll keep working on drawing him, so hopefully look forward to more MJ fan art in the future.

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