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    Studying religion (and actively participating in the Christian faith), graphics and art, some web and computer-y stuff, researching sometimes, writing my opinions and sometimes other stuff, Michael Jackson, Superman, and maybe just a wee bit of Sonic... ;P
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  1. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Linkabel's artwork!

    It looks awesome! What a great tribute!
  2. I need more friends and I need to be better friends with the friends I have but I'm not very good at accomplishing either of those things

    1. MightyRay


      Same here. I'm not too crash hot at talking to folks and making bonds and stuff.

    2. Kiah


      I recommend you focus on the latter. It shouldn’t take much: consistently show care and personal interest both in word and deed building those current friendships up. That in turn can provide open opportunities for the former. You can do it 🙂

  3. Genuinely amazing video

    1. MightyRay


      Well, that was trippy.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      This reminds me of something from Newgrounds circa 2000

  4. I never knew I needed this until now. (Language warning like most YTPs)

    1. Tatters


      Barely noticed that it's nothing but Garfield comics.

    2. Shiguy



  5. Monkey Destruction Switch

    MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    Thanks ^-^ This piece is actually an attempt to communicate some of my personal feelings about certain emotional problems I had in the past that were connected to certain religious beliefs I had. To this day I am very committed to Christianity beyond a doubt; the problem was not the religion itself, it was certain beliefs that crept in that I now believe are a total distortion of Christianity and have little to do with the true faith, combined with my own messed-up mentality and emotions, that were the problem. But I'm not going to go into detail right now. It was nice to create a piece that had some personal meaning and I would like to continue to do so in the future. This is the same self-representing character from earlier, but I've decided its design is flexible and can change often. I forgot where my drawing tablet was for a long time, but thankfully my sister remembered, so I finally have use of it again. So in the future, there may be a mix of digital and traditional pieces. This is just a dog doodle. Drawing all of MJ was too hard, so I tried just drawing his eye. This piece kind of represents how sometimes sadness can bring out our darker impulses.
  6. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Fusion draws/paints a thing: Art dump #2.0

    I really like everything in your most recent post. You're gettin' pretty good! 👍
  7. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Voice actors needed for new 3D fan game

    Yeah, if you don't have any proof or concept or any real work done yet, these kinds of recruitment threads are not allowed. The main purpose of Showcase, as the name indicates, is to show people creative works you have made. So if you don't have anything to show, you don't really have a foundation to make a topic. Recruiting for a project could only really be allowed if the project is already clearly underway in some way, and this doesn't give any indication of that. You've made a thread with the exact same problem as this one before. In the future, please do not make recruitment threads if you have no actual work on the project done that you are ready to show.
  8. Monkey Destruction Switch

    MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    A drawing of Yamcha, my favorite Dragon Ball character. I've only watched a couple seasons of the original Dragon Ball and nothing else, but I hope to fix that eventually.
  9. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Linkabel's artwork!

    Your style works so well for Nights, and I really love the atmospheric usage of color in that drawing!
  10. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Skull Leader's sketches

    Your drawings continue to impress! And I know this was a while ago, but you're completely right about classic characters. They're so impressively designed and their proportions and the shapes that make them up have to be so particular and it can be hard to get all the details right, but you did an admirable job!
  11. Help, I can't get up!! Not because I've fallen but because I'm lazy

    1. Kiah


      *helps you up anyway* 🙂

  12. Monkey Destruction Switch

    MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    Here is another drawing of the character I introduced a while ago, currently named McKayla Denby. I'm still working on her design, as you can see she looks fairly different from before. In part because of advice from my sister, I'm trying to make her more streamlined. Ignore the fact that her hind legs are much shorter than her front legs, that was an accident and I have no idea how I don't notice stuff like that sometimes.
  13. Now I want Alpha Bits!!

  14. Monkey Destruction Switch

    MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    The species is Flotsam, a Rainbow Flotsam to be precise. This individual doesn't have a name I'm afraid. Let's call him Robert, that's a good name Also, thanks! Glad you like it! ^^

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