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    Video/computer games: These days, not much other than Sonic (NO RLY???) and a little bit of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pokemon LeafGreen; when I was a kid, I loved edutainment games such as JumpStart and ClueFinders, and other past interests include the 1995-2002 Petz series (not the 2006+ series) and Neopets

    Cartoons & TV: Fleischer/Famous Superman, The Adventures of Superman, Superman: The Animated Series, King of the Hill, Archie's Weird Mysteries, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomolygist, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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  1. Skinning in my skin,

    These wounds they will not wound.

    1. Dejimon11
    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I've become so numb, I can't feel so numb

      Become so numb, and so numb-aware

      I'm becoming numb, all I want to do

      Is be numb like me and be numb like you.

    3. VEDJ-F


      Roll keepin' keepin' keepin' keepin'.

  2. hi! i just wanted to say, your post was very interesting to read as well. i'm glad to find someone else that can somewhat relate to me and whatnot. have you been officially diagnosed? i haven't, but i hope to be soon. a part of me will feel relieved if i am, yknow? but a part of me is also scared that if i am not diagnosed with it and i dont actually have it, then ill just be the weird person that has had too many obsessions and loves kids shows. but idk. do you have discord, by any chance? we could talk maybe more privately on there if you want? if not though, this works, or even private messaging or something.

    your post was fascinating though. i can relate that not thinking i had it, bc for the longest time i didnt think i had it, and resented that anyone thought i did, since i was..uneducated about autism and didnt know a whole lot about it besides the stereotypes that were put on tv or in fan fiction. however, as i watched the episodes/short clips of julia, i realized i can relate a bit with her and it made me realize i might possibly actually have it. i told my mom and she was surprised bc i hadnt mentioned anything about having it for a long time, not since she had discussed it with my social worker back before i graduated high school. she asked me what made me realize i might had it, and i told her it probably sounds silly, but that the new character julia from sesame street made me realize. then i asked her a lot of questions about how i was growing up as a child, and the symptoms i had/do still have currently, and she made me realize i had a /lot/ of symptoms of high functioning autism.

    and uh..yeah. sorry for this awfully long post on your profile. i probably just repeated a lot of my post in the express your emotions topic and i apologize. i'm just happy to be able to talk to someone else about it.

  3. Man, every time I watch that gameplay snippet, I'm thinking throughout the whole thing about how utterly underwhelmed I am. It's almost overwhelmingly underwhelming. Things I like? Visually it looks much better than it did before. Grass blowing in the breeze. Badnik designs kinda interesting. But overall, everything about it just looks really lame compared to the classics or Sonic Mania. The platforming is super basic, boring, and blocky, and even though there's technically "speed", it feels utterly "neutured" from the thrill of genuine momentum that the classics gave you. I can't imagine myself playing this and having anything remotely resembling the same thrills I can have playing the classics. It looks like all sorts of random things kill your momentum. There's just no sense of flow or of energy. The level design has a lot of boosters and springs to give the illusion of stuff happening, but the actual speed and platforming are BOTH very underwhelming. What kills me about the blocky platforming is how it just looks lame, both lame to play and like, just visually lame. It may be "platforming" but that doesn't mean so many things should literally look just like flat, generic floating platforms. And just in general, the graphics are fine, but there's not enough to catch my interest visually. It's not only "Green Hill again", it has less visual variety than the FIRST Green Hill. At least that had places with waterfalls, and stuff like that. This has some interesting stuff in the background, but it feels like the area you're platforming in just stays the same. There's not much in the way of meaningful gimmicks or obstacles. The problem is, it's not bad, nothing went terribly wrong, it just seems to demonstrate that Sega had no ambitions above doing the bare minimum required to emulate a supposedly "classic Sonic" experience. Maybe some time ago, this would've "worked". But now that we've gone through Sonic 4, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Mania, that's not going to cut it! I can still imagine myself having a modicum of fun with this, but I'd like for them to do much better than "well, this is fun enough". Great job making something that looks both "hold right to win" and "stop and go" at the same time, Sega. I would say I'm disappointed, but I'm not, because I wasn't keeping my expectations high at all...
  4. My laptop is taking forever to recover from its BSOD even though it says error collecting is 100% complete. Uughhhhhh!

  5. To keep things neat, I think I'll move the troubleshooting question & answer to the Showcase thread for Sonic Time Twisted. Not that you did anything wrong by posting it in Green Hill Zone, I just feel like it belongs better here.
  6. I know this almost surely isn't what's intended but I can't help but interpret the "please look forward to it" as begging.
  7. Oh, fudge. Somehow, I mixed up Feat of Clay and Two-Face and so I got kind of confused and I feel silly. xD I guess it actually doesn't make that much of a difference as far as the conversation goes, though.
  8. Not to be a critic, but are you really only going to include Part 1 of Feat of Clay? That just seems weird to me. I mean, it's a two-part episode. You may personally dislike Part 2, but is it really so bad that it would be better to watch an incomplete story? I think that would be a pretty hard case to make. I mean, it's your list and your rules, and I know that including TV episodes was a concession in the first place - this is just my two cents.
  9. We already have a chao topic, but for some reason I can't identify, it's been hidden from the view of members. I really can't see any reason why, so if it turns out to be an error or something, I'll unhide the topic and merge this post into it. Otherwise, this can stay as it is. EDIT: The old chao topic has indeed been unhidden, as you can see, as it's found that it wasn't actually supposed to be hidden. A few things, though. This is not a "chat" site. A message board is not a chat room. Don't expect super quick responses. This honestly makes me a bit concerned that you haven't read the rules, as the first and last "rules" you added are already disallowed throughout the forums. If you haven't read the rules, please do so as soon as possible - it may help you get a better feel for how to act here. The other problem is that you talk about "banning" people, when in reality you have absolutely no authority to do so, as you're not a moderator or administrator. Please don't try to "police" threads yourself, as this is actually against the rules; just report offending posts to the staff using the handy "Report post" link and let us handle it. If I'm misinterpreting you and you're actually just saying that the moderators will ban you if you post that kind of content - well, you're right, but it's not necessary or even really your place to say that. I understand you're trying to get the hang of things here, I'm not trying to be harsh. I just want to make sure you know how the rules and authority structure work.
  10. How 'bout Runforda Hills Zone. Seriously though, I really hope there's a compelling in-story reason this place looks so much like Green Hill, just like it's been said will be the case with Mania's returning zones. I mean yeah, it could be cool if somehow zones are combining or deteriorating, if they handle it right. Otherwise it's just really lame because in the past, the Sonic series has shown it's completely possible to have a very Green Hill-styled Zone that isn't just hopelessly and boringly derivative. Emerald Hill Zone, Neo Green Hill Zone, Seaside Hill, that sorta thing.
  11. Replying to a status update is infuriatingly glitchy on mobile SSMB for me...anyone else experience the same?

    1. Kiah


      Yes. At first it was just happening late at night but now I'm having issues at all times of the day at times when posting replies. 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Do you mean that the page scrolls back to the top after you've finished typing and then you can't scroll back down to press the submit button? Cause that's what's going on for me. To get around it, I change the orientation of my phone or minimise the browser. It's only been happening recently.

  12. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I think this would actually belong in Showcase more than Chit-Chat considering there isn't really much discussion going on; the point is the end result of a great list. In fact, we don't really allow "list threads" due to the fact that they don't generate much actual conversation, but this seems like a special case with actual effort put into it, so I'd certainly rather move it to Showcase than shut it down. Honestly, I'm quite impressed with the progress you made so far. Hope the finished product turns out as awesome as it's looking so far! Anyway, it's not much so far, but there's some things I'd like to add myself. Hopefully I'll be able to think of some more. First, some excellent, really funny Porky Pig cartoons. Looney Tunes: Get Rich Quick Porky (1937), dir. Bob Clampett Looney Tunes: Porky's Railroad (1937), dir. Frank Tashlin Looney Tunes: Porky's Garden (1937), dir. Tex Avery Looney Tunes: Ali Baba Bound (1940), dir Bob Clampett (possibly a little racist, though it's mild) I would also like to nominate Merrie Melodies: Prest-O Change-O (1939), dir. Chuck Jones, one of the first appearances of the "prototype" Bugs Bunny. There will probably be a lot more of these from me in the future =P As far as TV episodes go, I'd definitely recommend some from Batman: The Animated Series...for now, the main one I'm thinking of is Feat of Clay (Parts 1 and 2). That just blew my mind, to be honest. It's really, really excellent. Dark and disturbing in a very artful way. One more thing for now...Bee Movie (2007). Not kidding either, I honestly think it's worth watching. I'm really pleased to see the Fleischer Superman cartoons and Porky Pig's Feat were already suggested and added =) I'll probably come back with some Spectacular Spider-Man episodes at some point.
  13. Now I feel a weird combo of concern for the artist and joyful excitement. Man, we're in for something special. I certainly hope nothing bad happens to Max Collins, though.
  14. I just did my taxes. Getting approx. $60 for my troubles. :)

    1. Josh


      buy a video game

    2. OcelotBot


      Buy a video game made by the Taxman


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