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  1. Monkey Destruction Switch

    MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    Now that school is out, I'm feeling like I'll finally be able to get back in the art groove that I unfortunately left so very long ago. One of these days, I'm actually going to be a decent digital colorist and not just use colored pencils every time, but today is not that day! Just a quick drawing of my bubblegum race car driver character, Avery Mastick, once again! By the way, his suit is silvery because a lot of gum wrappers are that color, I even kinda subtly tried to make it look like it's constructed of gum wrappers put together, not sure if it's very visible though xP Normally race car drivers seem to have a lot of different sponsors, but I was thinking that Avery might be exclusively sponsored by a bubblegum brand (uncreatively named "Chew" for now) who uses them as one of their main forms of marketing. And now for another very strange idea from the inexplicable workings of my imagination... In this story idea, there is a rare phenomenon where an individual will spontaneously transform into an utterly bizarre, and sometimes even horrifying, creature. The only thing that precipitates this is a few non-distinct aches and pains, and it is completely unknown what causes this, nor can any pattern be seen as far as what individuals are effected or when. It has no effect on the individual's personality whatsoever. It is rare enough that the government manages to hide its existence from most people, but it is common enough that there are quite a few "altered" people, as they're gently called, in the country (this takes place in America, btw). Unlike in the real world, there is a 51st state somewhere in the middle of the country, and through some shenanigans caused by some flowers native to the state that release chemicals with mental effects, most people think it's a non-exciting and somewhat unpleasant state that they don't care about and don't want to be in, and also whenever they go through the state, they always end up steering clear of large areas surrounded by large amounts of the flowers, not realizing that there's anything there. It is these areas where the altered people live their lives in an amazingly normal way. Thanks to a drug that the vast majority of residents of these areas voluntarily consume, they don't realize how bizarre and disturbing their situation actually is and just live life and interact as normal as though nothing were wrong. Of course, the changes to their bodies do necessitate notable changes in their lives and society, but they don't consider this anything strange or bothersome. It should also be noted that a lot of normal, non-altered people, mostly friends and relatives of the altered people, live in these areas too and also take the drug. Yes, a very strange premise that I'm sure I'll need to tweak in many ways... Though it may sound disturbing, I plan on the story kind of being a somewhat light-hearted slice of life story that revels in the sheer surreality and horror-humor of ungodly abominations acting like and being treated like totally normal people. However, there will be dark and sad moments when people actually deal with how bad the situation really is. I also plan on it being a somewhat thought-provoking story in some ways, dealing with themes of acceptance and judging people as well as the moral merits or lack thereof of the system in place in this story. Anyway, here is one of the main characters in the story. Her name for now is McKayla Denbey, though that's just something I thought of fast, so I may change it. She is an eager, cheerful, and big-hearted college girl who is extremely friendly and loyal to her friends. She loves girly and cute things and has a fashion sense somewhat reminiscent of a middle schooler, but don't underestimate her for that reason, as she's actually very smart. Because of the nutritional needs that she has with her altered body, she mainly eats raw organ meat, and in large quantities. Bloody cow stomachs are her favorite. I've been working on a lot more character designs for this series. I'm trying my best to make them creative and distinct from each other. Here's another one I did, though the character isn't developed much yet: When I told my sisters about this idea of mine, one of them asked me in a skeptical manner, "What's the target audience for this?" My answer was "Me!" Because yes, it does contain a lot of incongruous elements...
  2. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Showcase Rules, Reminders, & Reinforcements - Last Update: 5/20/2018

    Formerly, we required people to wait 3 days before they double-post with new content. From now on, we will only require you to wait one day. Enjoy!
  3. a0851fd5-d399-4f28-9afc-c89f1d04c7e0.png

    I laughed

    1. Ferno


      too soon

    2. Celestia


      Technically there's a non-0% chance MJ will come back and reveal it was all just a prank, and in the aftermath his new album will sell billions.

    3. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      MJ: "My plan to finally top the sales of Thriller is working perfectly..."

  4. I found this on a list of worst Michael Jackson remixes, but I actually like it... :|

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      It sounds like a demented rave song...or a boss fight.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Yeah, that's the vibe I was getting too. A boss fight against Michael Jackson's evil alternate dimension double or something :P

    3. shdowhunt60


      It definitely gets better past the introductory guitar solo.

      It's weird how much it reminds me of Sonic CD, actually.

    4. tailsBOOM!
  5. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Pictures of my fan game ^^

    We don't generally close threads for such a reason. It's not like the OP can't come back. And I'll also mention that, even if these screenshots are fake, that wouldn't even necessarily be a reason to close the thread either, since the mock screenshots are still a creative work - the title and OP would just probably have to be adjusted.
  6. Monkey Destruction Switch

    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    The classic SatAM crew! That brings me back <3
  7. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Is There Any Hope For The Archie Sonic Pre-Reboot Cast?

    Not trying to be rude, but if not even the Freedom Fighters or the post-reboot characters are appearing, then pre-reboot characters appearing is a pipe dream beyond a pipe dream. All we have at this point is them living on in fan works - but maybe that's not so bad, at the end of the day. I mean, series ending is a fairly normal occurrence, even if it can be disappointing and frustrating. But the fans can still keep them alive and even tell new stories about them, and that can be a great thing.
  8. This good

    1. Adamabba


      It's too high to get over YEAH YEAH

    2. spinny


      mamase mamasa mamakusa

  9. Monkey Destruction Switch

    Skull Leader's sketches

    Wow, you're quite good at drawing Sonic characters! Very accurate to the modern Sonic style and designs while still looking unique to you. I'm looking forward to more from you.
  10. Monkey Destruction Switch

    [ARTWORK] FlameStream's Corner [UP: 2018-05-12]

    Looks absolutely awesome. The dimensionality and lighting you put in your work is incredible.
  11. Monkey Destruction Switch

    What music are you currently listening to?

    I'm listening to The Essential Michael Jackson compilation album. It's currently on Billie Jean. I absolutely love Billie Jean, though at the same time it's one of the MJ songs I tire of the more easily since I've heard it on the radio very often. However, it's still a very powerful song and I generally still enjoy listening to it. The emotions it contains feel really intense to me, and the songwriting is excellent; I do think it's one of the best songs he's made. Billie Jean was the second song involving Michael Jackson I ever heard and the first song of his solo career I ever heard (I had heard ABC before, that's it). (Unless you count a rendition of Bad from a little kids' play!! xP)
  12. I find in-universe wikis annoying.

  13. Monkey Destruction Switch

    ARTWORK: Waka's Animu looking Art

    I think your art style is great. I especially like that first self-portrait.
  14. I can't remember ever seeing only 19 members online. Of course, if I stayed up even later, I could probably see the number drop even lower, but I'm going to go to bed soon, lol.

  15. Monkey Destruction Switch

    ARTWORK: Can Mightyray draw? Let's find out.

    Oh my...I...thank you so much!! He looks awesome, just like he's made out of bubble gum. I haven't done anything with him in a while, in part because of school, but I've gradually been feeling more inspired to do something with him once school's out. In fact, I was just thinking about him when I happened to go into this topic!! Again, thanks, it makes me very happy. Of course, you can post it where you please; however, it would be nice if you could link to my DeviantArt, which is PaperEchidna (https://paperechidna.deviantart.com/). I don't hardly use it, but eventually I will, I suppose xP Thanks again!!

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