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  1. Intense CHEMICAL PLANT ZONE [Metal Cover]

    Aw yass. Combining the music style I love with my favorite Sonic song. I'll probably listen to it MANY times to come.
  2. How strange. I seem to actually be participating on this internet message board.

    1. Mightyray


      And I'm making a reply.

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Get out while you still can. Save yourself.

  3. It does annoy me that the word sounds like it means "resident of Mobius" but actually means "the predominant 'species' on Mobius which is anthropomorphic animals". But it is a somewhat useful term, so I don't mind others using it, I just wouldn't do it myself, probably. I think "Sonic characters" usually works tbh. Who's going to hear "Sonic characters" and think of Pocky, the GUN Commander, or even Eggman first and foremost? Most of the time, it's probably not that important to specify that you're talking about the anthropomorphic animals, and on the relatively uncommon when you are, you can just call them "anthros" (some stigma, yes, but if you're not going to do it that often, who cares?) or even just "animal characters" (because the small animals you rescue from badniks barely qualify as "characters" in most minds). Yes, it is kinda helpful to have a specific word for Sonic-style anthros, but it's not hard to do without and it barely hurts anything. The Archie lore reference does actually please me to some extent in and of itself, because I'm the kind of person that feels affection for the Western non-Sega lore but who also knows it's not canon to the games and doesn't want it to supersede or be incorporated into the Sega canon. So it kind of brings a smile to my face when people acknowledge "Mobius" as though it's canon to the games when it's not, but I don't actually have any particular desire for the games themselves to do so, and I probably wouldn't do it myself except in specialized circumstances.
  4. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    I haven't been keeping up enough to know if the story regarding this is known already and to what extent, but I want them to establish (or at least fail to dis-establish) that Sonic's experiences in the classic games are still a part of the past of the "modern" version of Sonic. Even if this particular "Classic Sonic" is from another dimension, I still want "Modern" to have "Classic" in his past. If "Modern" and "Classic" (I REALLY hate referring to them as separate individuals at all, I thought it was stupid even when it was just a fan idea) are truly two entirely separate people from different dimensions and that's it, with any version of "Classic" entirely extricated from "Modern," I don't think I can bring myself to care about future Modern Sonic games. It's just so stupid and such an perversion or even inversion of what I want Sonic's future to be (learning from and incorporating the past) that I can't deal. Having games entirely in the classic style such as Mania is great, but you don't have to do...this. I know this is one stupidly specific thing, and of course I have other desires for Forces' story...but I'm not invested enough atm to care to think about them.
  5. I've been a little grumpy about work, so hearing Sonic Mania getting great scores is just the pick-me-up I needed.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Yeah it was a relief! On the very off chance of it not doing amazing... I didn't want to see anti-classic Sonic fans run around acting super smug about it for years to come.

  6. CyberShell: Sonic Mania Is The REAL Sonic 4

    Listen, I get it, you clearly hate SSMB. You know the saying about cursing the darkness vs. lighting one candle? I've noticed your approach seems to be cursing the darkness AND also increasing the darkness yourself with over-the-top unnecessary and inappropriate complaining...and now, even worse, blatant insults. Like, I don't see how you can complain about the forum being negative and nasty when you yourself are clearly not above negativity and nastiness. As a result, you're receiving a strike and suspension. If you do want to stay here (which I imagine you probably don't...), I recommend you improve your contributions here drastically and fast. Remember, if you hate SSMB...don't be a part of the problem. =P
  7. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    It's OK for people to not like the idea of bringing back a character they don't like even if you change them significantly. Many people are of the opinion that Chris doesn't have a whole lot of redeeming value, so if you brought him back and made him good, you would be changing him so much there would be no point of it being him other than to remind them of a hated character. And some people don't like the very concept of the character even with the modifications you suggested. Honestly, I hate to say this, but I'm kind of over the Freedom Fighters. I didn't read THAT much of post-reboot Archie, but from what I saw they actually seemed fairly generic, despite the good designs and concepts. And I've always preferred the game cast anyway. So give me the game cast, preferably including classic-only characters such as Mighty, Bean, Bark, Ray, Honey and Nack interacting with the main characters, hopefully with characterizations reminiscent of their Archie versions, and I'll be happy. If you can include some other characters from other media, that's cool, but not a must, and honestly I actually prefer if the Freedom Fighters don't take the spotlight. And yeah, I do kind of regret this because I do like the Freedom Fighters. SatAM was a favorite cartoon of mine when I was younger. I just...don't like them enough relative to how much attention they got in Archie, most of the time. They have a lot of potential, but I just feel like it's usually squandered with personalities that don't really stand out. The games cast always felt more "colorful" to me. I will miss them to some extent, for sure. I also don't really want Archie-exclusive pre-reboot characters back, because even if many of them were cool, there's just too many of them. There's plenty of characters from the games to work with. Of course you can and probably should introduce new characters here and there, you just don't need to populate the world with such a swath of them right off the bat, IMO. It's just a bit cluttering. I know you could bring just a few of them back, but many of them were parts of larger groups such as Egg Bosses or Freedom Fighter groups, so eh.
  8. Sonic Mania Stages: A Helpful Infograph

    The question people are wondering about is what the S3 stage is.
  9. Weird Official Sonic Art

    I liked Dave Manak's earliest work, but it got worse pretty fast. Ironically I think it got worse when he switched from the SatAM style Sonic to the more "correct" spike style. I agree with Shroom that he kept drawing Sonic from this terrible angle and with his muzzle stretched out and looking like it was painted on, and it's always annoyed me a lot. I wouldn't say Manak is "bad", he has plenty of decent work, but he's not a really excellent Sonic artist.
  10. ARTWORK: Ernest-Panda Tearoom of Art

    I s'pose so. I see longish legs ans longish spines and it makes me think it's a wee bit modern, but it could definitely go another way. Maybe the fact that the hands' pose resembles SA2 artwork a little increases that impression.
  11. Anyone else miss "3D"?

    To me, the HUGE advantage of Detective Kaito's unlocking suggestion is that it alleviates some of the pressure to make the levels still be challenging with Tails' and Knuckles' (and possibly others') abilities, since they're just bonuses. To me, this is way better than the alternatives of either not including the characters as playable at all or designing whole different gameplay styles for them. I mean, it would be even better if they found a way to make it work with them being playable from the start, because that's the ideal for me too, but since I don't like changing gameplay styles and do like playing Tails and Knux, this is definitely a solution I personally can accept happily.
  12. ARTWORK: Ernest-Panda Tearoom of Art

    That kinda looks like modern Sonic proportions with classic Sonic sensibilities to me. Looks super, at any rate!
  13. Anyone else miss "3D"?

    That's why Detective Kaito specified "Sonic's story". Alternate gameplay styles aren't even being considered here. I agree that the Sonic Adventure Sonic style is DEFINITELY worth going back to. It needs to improve and advance for sure, but you can see the basics of a 3D game that follows at least the broad ideas of the classics. It just needs to be advanced and furthered to be even better, but the overall style is closer to bringing the original Sonic gameplay to the third dimension than anything we've had since, from what I can tell. (It may not be super close, of course, but I'm speaking broadly and comparatively here.) Which I agree is awesome and important. I may LOVE 2D Sonic, but there's something about 3D gameplay that's special and can't be replaced. Trouble is that Sega decided to move farther rather than closer to the classic gameplay principles in the future, which has certainly not always resulted in BAD games, but it's not what I, or anyone else who wants to see the original Sonic gameplay expanded upon rather than discarded, are looking for.
  14. Marvel Cinematic Universe | Thor: Ragnarok | November 3rd, 2017

    That's a ridiculously cool and aesthetically pleasing poster. Those colors and that composition, man.
  15. SA2 is actually a very polarizing game, especially today. It MAY (may!!) have once been considered the "peak" by the majority, but times they are a-changing. Don't get me wrong, there's still a significant segment of fans who think that, but there's also very many who either have looked back and re-evaluated and seen the game's significant flaws, or who were never on board to begin with. There are also those who are still quite fond of it but wouldn't call it "the peak". So yeah, I haven't watched the videos yet either but I hope you realize the premise you're starting from is very questionable.