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  1. Do you ever wish Sonic was your dad?

    1. Strickerx5
    2. Celestia


      Why would I do that when he already is.

  2. I didn't grow up with the DCAU, but I've been watching it lately, so I decided to dig up this ancient thread to talk about it. Since I'm a big Superman fan, I've watched all of Superman: The Animated Series a while ago. I have been watching Batman: The Animated Series for a while, but INSANELY slowly (I think I'm saving it because I don't want to run out of it...which might be wise because I felt so deflated when I finished Static Shock, lol). I finished Static Shock a bit ago and recently sort-of finished Justice League (I skipped a few episodes of the first season because I felt like it and I don't like the first season much), and am somewhat slowly watching Justice League Unlimited. So my thoughts on what I've watched so far. Batman: The Animated Series I don't want to say too much for now because again, I haven't finished it. I'll just say that there's a lot about this series that blows me away, such as the aesthetics in general being really beautiful, great characterizations, and sometimes being really deep. That said, I do feel like in the first season, episodes were sometimes a teeny bit boring, but in the 2nd season, I feel like they're more consistently entertaining so far. Also, Robin appears more, which to me, is a very good thing. That might be a hot take, IDK. Overall, this seems like the best show of the DCAU so far (and I kinda doubt any show has a chance at dethroning it). It's not perfect, but there's a lot about it which is pretty amazing and it certainly deserves its reputation. The New Batman Adventures I have only watched a couple random episodes of this (actually, now that I think about it, I might have literally seen one, I don't remember), so I'm not going to give many opinions at all. All I want to say is that the new redesigns and style (which sadly were used for the rest of the DCAU) is a massive step-down from B:TAS. Even if they wanted a more simplified style, there's really no reason they had to go this far. That doesn't reflect the overall quality of the show, which I can't comment on at this point; it's just a complaint I have. Superman: The Animated Series I consider this a good, solid show, but not amazing. Maybe that sounds weird coming from a Superman fan, but actually, I've observed that in general, Superman fans have a lower opinion of this show than the general public. But whenever I try to explain why I find this show underwhelming, it takes too long to explain, so I won't try. I'll just say that I don't consider it particularly inspired or to have much of a vision for Superman. It's just a competent take on the character. At times, it does touch greatness and even excellence, but overall I just don't think it's all that great. I'm going to say that overall, it's the worst DCAU show I've seen so far, but that's not much of an insult. Static Shock I really love Static Shock. It's just a lovable show. Lots of fun and humor and endearing characters, not to mention a lot of heart and an amazing ability to tackle really serious issues despite generally feeling like a somewhat "kiddier" show than the rest of the DCAU. It faltered a bit in Seasons 3 & 4, but despite that, it rivals B:TAS as my personal favorite DCAU show. Something awesome is that in the first Batman crossover this show has, they inexplicably bring back the original B:TAS designs. Yay! Justice League I need to be clear that my opinions of Season 1 and Season 2 are VERY different. I honestly think Season 1 is really bad. Not a fan of it at all. It just feels very hollow and shallow, like it's not aspiring to be anything more than just another Saturday morning cartoon to provide some entertainment to the kids. Especially compared to the rest of the DCAU, this is very disappointing. On top of that, they illogically give Superman a redesign to make him look older, even though I'm pretty sure Batman should be older than him or at least comparable in age (based on the fact that Batman became a superhero before Superman in this continuity), and make him even more of a jobber than he was in S:TAS. If the entire show was like Season 1, it would beat out S:TAS for my least favorite DCAU show by a huge margin. Season 1 does have its good moments, mind you, but overall I am certainly not a fan. Thankfully, Season 2 is excellent, almost incomparably superior to the previous one. I don't like it quite as much as Static Shock or B:TAS, but it's still very good. It has great characters and interesting stories. My favorite episodes are probably Only a Dream, Maid of Honor, A Better World, and especially the finale, Starcrossed. The thing about this show is that the episodes are almost always big battles against supervillains or other fairly typical superhero plots, which somewhat weakens this show in my mind since I prefer more variety in plotlines, some of which are more focused on the protagonists' personal lives or the like. There's not quite as much "room" for that in this show. - I have quite a while to go before I make it through the DCAU, but so far it's been a great ride. I'll post more thoughts later.
  3. I think I like the third best. But if you want it to look like a leotard, you probably shouldn't have "puffy" sleeves and should instead have them be skintight.
  4. Over the past 30 years, Batman and Spider-Man have had six cartoons each.

    Superman has had one.


    1. Sean


      "Superman isn't interesting enough for a cartoon/movie/video game" has got to be the worst forced meme in human history

    2. Soniman


      To be fair it's a damn good one 

    3. Ferno


      The theme from that Superman series is THE Superman theme to me because it's what I heard first as a little kid before the one from the first 4 movies.


    4. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Still can't believe DC and Warner have no idea what to do with an immigrant from space that becomes a journalist who wants to do good and inspire people. Literally everyone has a better handle on the guy.

  5. I like Julie-Su, but I have to wonder how much of that is residual from my childhood and a result of her design being good (especially by classic Archie Sonic standards). There isn't that much to her character and it's painfully obvious her only major purpose in life is being Knuckles' girlfriend. The concept of a Dark Legionnaire being Knuckles' girlfriend should be interesting, but it's a bit ruined by the fact that there is no real reason for their relationship other than the "soul touch" malarkey. I can't help but like her, but it's difficult to come up with many actual good reasons why, honestly.
  6. I have good music taste ok really (Seriously though - it's easy to fall into a hole of distorted/slightly modified music on YouTube...)
  7. Amy Rose is the darkness that dwells in the heart of man. She is the shadow who haunts my nightmares. She is the eternal evil, the unfailing power of the demonic hordes. She is the everything and she is nothing. She is Amy Rose, and she is worse than death.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      What is a Rose? A miserable vine of thorns! But enough talk, En Garde, Tails!

  8. Would you kill Sonic to save a child?

    1. Harkofthewaa


      Of course, afterwards we'll just follow the wind into an eldritch dimension warp, gather the chaos emeralds and then draw sticks to see who has to kiss him to bring him back.

    2. Ferno



    3. azoo


      train track meme but with the kid on one and sonic on the other

    4. Polkadi~☆


      can't i just make it easier and kill both of them

    5. Tarnish


      You can't kill what's already dead.

  9. Sonic the blue spiky person

  10. I'll always be mildly annoyed that Archie Sonic changed Dulcy's power from frost breath to flame breath.

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Dulcy had frost breath?

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch
  11. Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that. You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
  12. No one made a status update for the past 3 hours!?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic is dead.

    2. TheOcelot


      Tails is dead.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Sonic Colors did nothing wrong

    4. Kuzu


      Not much to talk about tbqh

    5. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Mr. Yuji naka is alright.

    6. Ferno


      i mean, i saw someone say good night and good morning several hours later only a few status updates apart on the main page like a week or so ago

    7. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      ...The video games forum hasn't been touched since Friday

  13. Big congratulations! It's honestly quite an accomplishment that this site and forum are still thriving all these years later. Particularly considering that, unfortunately, so many other sites have not been so lucky. Hopefully this site continues thriving for many years to come.
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