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  1. The Game Gear Micro seems like an "objectively" terrible idea, to an almost cartoonish extent...but I still kinda want one, ngl.

  2. I'm stunned that the Game Gear Micro isn't a joke.

  3. The banner for me right now: "See ya in SA3, Sonic"


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Got that one earlier too. It's got to be an older banner than many of our members now.

  4. The Superman film serials from the late 1940s are quite entertaining (though of course cheesy).

    1. Maxtiis


      Not the same thing but the Fleischer animations are still top tier Superman media. I'm not even much of a fan of Superman and still like them. 

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I like those quite a lot too.

  5. Man, the level design for Sonic Advance seems to really go downhill starting in Angel Island Zone...

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      Funny, because that stage is all uphill.

    2. Harkofthewaa


      And that downhill slope dosen't stop between games either.

    3. Sean


      Yeah the last third or so of Advance 1 is pretty balls

    4. Maxtiis


      If you play it on what the game calls easy mode it takes away some of the more bullshit obstacles and enemies.

    5. Celestia


      I'm not big on the level design in most of the game honestly, though the first Zone's pretty good. It's kinda like Sonic 1 in that way, even if I really like that game in comparison.

    6. Maxtiis


      I'm of the mind that the Advance series is much better after the first playthrough when you've learned where the most dangerous/stupid obstacles are placed. Then again the same could be said for a lot of games.

      This is coming from someone that's unlocked Amy in Advance 2 and got all the Emeralds in 3 twice. Some might consider me a lunatic.

    7. Celestia


      I can agree with that with regard to Advance 1 (don't have much experience with 2) and Dimps' later games at least, I remember 3 being the peek of their bullshit tho'. I enjoyed it at the time but I'm not sure if I even want to revisit it.

    8. Maxtiis


      Everyone talks about that one block in Route 99 they got crushed by once even years after it happened lol.

    9. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      @Maxtiis What, you don't think I'm enough of an epic gamer to do normal mode?? (jk.)

  6. Fun fact: The more Sonic games you play, the more likely you are to die from cancer. Don't fact-check this.

    1. Sean


      what kind of cancer are we talking here

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch
  7. Started playing Sonic Advance for the first time yesterday. I quite like it so far.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Advance 1 is pretty alright. Totally unremarkable, but a nice time nonetheless. Hope you enjoy it.

      Good luck finding the Special Stages though.

      And even gooder luck figuring out their idea of 3D and depth perception.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I hated the one Special Stage I accidentally found for exactly that reason, lol. Straight-up trash. I don't plan on trying for a good ending anytime soon...

    3. JosepHenry


      Advance 1 is ok! I personally prefer the other two.

      But forget emeralds exist. they just



    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Advance 2 has the worst method is Special Stage entry conceivable, which is a shame cause those stages are actually really good fun.

    5. JosepHenry


      I love Advance 2 but those SP Rings can die on a fire

      I tried getting the Leaf Forest ones and it took me 2 HOURS to get them all, and when i did, I failed, and had to do it AGAIN. I am NEVER getting the emeralds in these games. I will find a save file or cheat to get them all, cuz they are atrocious.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      If you use a guide to get you through the stages, it can actually be rather fun. I got all the Emeralds as every character in Advance 2, and had memorised the locations of SP Rings in one act of every zone in order to do so. Forgot them all like a day later. I'm never doing it again ever, but if you really want to get into it you actually can enjoy it.

    7. JosepHenry


      I will make this a life goal then lol

    8. Tornado


      Advance 1 is if like someone didn't *quite* understand the appeal of Sonic 2, but was technically proficient enough to replicate it nearly perfectly. Like Sonic 2 as reconstructed with AI neural networks.



      I greatly prefer Advance 2, but Advance 1 is still pretty good

    9. Plumbers_Helper


      I don't know how you are playing the game, but I highly recommend using a Code Breaker code to get all the Chaos Emeralds if you can. Even if you manage to locate the Special Springs, the depth perception is so odd that I've never been able beat the final Special Stage. I hope you have a better time then me if you decide to gather the Emeralds legitimately.

      One very odd design choice is if you you've beaten the game, have all the Chaos Emeralds, and use the level select to go directly to the Final Zone, you don't get to play the Super Sonic boss - you just get the normal ending. The true final boss is only unlockable if you start the game from any Zone before Final Zone.

      There is also a Cheat Code that let's Tails follow Sonic around like in Sonic 2 and 3. I wish that would've been an option in the game itself, but I'm glad the option exists in some form. The Super Sonic boss won't be playable while this cheat is active.

  8. Fun fact: Dead bodies are often put into graves.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      That's not true!

      Some are burned!

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    3. Sean


      and occasionally dumpsters

    4. Cuz


      Luffy Demonstrates

      Luffy VS Zombie [HD] - YouTube

    5. KHCast


      Didn’t you talk about dead people earlier? What are you hiding???

  9. Fun fact: I am dead. You are dead. Everyone is dead.

    1. Polkadi~☆
    2. Sean
    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Heavy is dead

    4. Ferno


      a-aw geez

    5. KHCast


      Ah shit we got M Nighted

    6. blueblur98



    7. Stay at Home Ultima
    8. TheOcelot
    9. Pelvic WOO! engine
    10. DanJ86


      This is a spoiler for that show, Lost. Right?

  10. This is an important YouTube video

    1. Sean


      I can't take my eyes off Batman's huge ass jaw


    2. KHCast



       I can't take my eyes off Batman's huge ass

    3. Maxtiis


      That animation is better than it has any right to be.

    4. Monkey Destruction Switch
    5. Plumbers_Helper


      This is not the only time the Dynamic Duo have saved people from over priced toys.

      I also included a slightly longer version of the Catwoman commercial.

      "Holy one-liner, Batman!"
      "It's not a laughing matter, Robin!"

    6. Maxtiis


      I'll always have a soft spot for those old weird game commercials that are nothing like the game itself. 


  11. I've never finished Sonic 3D Blast, so I tried to yesterday and today, but both times I ragequit in Panic Puppet Act 2.

    1. Tornado


      Have you tried the Director's Cut? Makes it a bit easier, especially later on.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I can't do it at all because I get too motion sick from the experience

    3. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      @Tornado I will probably do that eventually, but I'd like to complete the vanilla version once first. Just stubborn like that, I guess.

  12. Time to get Up!

    Mobile site statuses praise

    Lowest grossing media franchises

    I bought no Sonic games for my Mega Drive

  13. I never realized koalas made such funny noises.


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      A lot of animals make weird noises really. Hyenas/Kookaburros with their laughs, Foxes with their cackling, Mountain Lions and their screams sounding like a woman being mauled alive...

    2. Tornado
  14. I think I recognize your name from some sprite sheets I looked at when I was a kid. Happy b-day.

  15. Must-add quotes to the random quote rotation:

    "None of this is good, Vector. That's why it's called 'war.'"

    "My spy there says he's in a solitary confinement cell, and they've been torturing him for months."

  16. At a glance, those new shoes remind me of Spider-Man more than Sonic.

  17. Welp, my 2,000th post on this forum was a two-sentence post of one of the coldest Sonic takes ever.

  18. Since when does TSS publish articles for Sonic Channel wallpapers? Ah well, I'm certainly not complaining.

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      They made an exception for this adorable one.

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      They seem to be upping the quantity of their articles lately. I like it. Keep it up, guys.

    3. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Yeah, I kinda hope they keep doing this in the future because I really like those wallpapers but I usually forget to check for them.

  19. Again and again, I keep having weird dreams about Archie Sonic issues and products that don't actually exist. It's like the ghost of Archie Sonic is haunting me.

    1. Sean


      Did you dream about there being an issue with Ken Penders' kids and Sonic pulls them into the comics from the real world? I keep having nightmares about that, I'm sure glad it's not real though

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Yes! I have those dreams too!

      Like this one time where I dreamt that I discovered that Archie managed to get a few copies out of one last issue that nobody knew about. The issue in question just so happened to have a bunch of pages which previewed upcoming issues.

      Another time I dreamt that Archie Mega Man came back, and Sonic appeared in one issue which, for some reason, was promoted as being “Archie Sonic’s grand finale”.

      Yet another time, a new Sonic story popped up in a random Archie Digest.

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