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  1. As much as I hate to admit it, I can't really blame people for not liking Superman. Honestly, the media he appears in is seriously flawed more often than not (which most certainly includes my own favorites), and too often these flaws end up making the character seem and be not interesting. At least the Sonic series, for all its flaws, can point to the classic games as games generally considered by the majority of the gaming public as very good (not actually universal obviously, but still a solid enough consensus). I'm not convinced at all Superman has even that, aside from a few individual comic stories here and there, maybe.

    1. Wraith


      My friend and I were talking about this. I'm more in love with the idea behind superman than the actual character

    2. Tara


      I used to not like Superman but as I've started getting more into the Batman comics, I'm starting to find an appreciation for the character.  The problem is that he's largely a product of his time, and thus today, we know him more as a symbol than as a character.  There is no doubt that pretty much everyone immediately thinks Superman when they hear the word "superhero," and when he was first invented, it  was widely revolutionary and truly spoke to the culture.  But it's hard to say what defines him as a person.

      So unlike Batman or Flash, who despite having many different interpretations, still have a general rule of thumb as to they act and who they are, Superman's personality sometimes comes across as wooden, lacking in anything that truly stands out amidst a sea of much more colorful characters with a much greater emotional range.  When his emotions aren't static, they can often be summarized as obvious reactions to obvious stimuli.  A meteor is heading towards earth, so of course he's shocked.  A person is killed, of course he's sad, etc. etc.  All that combines to make an ultimately bland character.

      But I'd be lying if I said I really felt that he was limited as a character.  I feel like he has been demonstrated to be charming, fun, and emotionally complex at various points.  All-Star Superman is one of my favorite comics, for example, and as poorly aged as the Christopher Reeve movie may be, I can't help but find his Woody Allen-esque Clark Kent to be an absolute joy.  His relationship with Lois Lane does have a broad range of excellent to droaning moments, though if I had to be honest, the times when it's a one-sided affection make for some of their cuter or more funny moments (which is why the New 52 and current run of the series is just boring to me).  So for as many faults as there are in the character, I don't think there's a shortage of people who compensate for those flaws by delivering wonderful, well-written stories in their own right.

      Now if only someone could make a game by him that isn't absolute tripe, that would be an accomplishment.

    3. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      I honestly have a much greater dislike for the past attempts to make Superman more flawed/interesting/relatable/whatever bullshit name they'd like to give it than the core character being an invincible, always polite boy scout. I believe that character CAN be enjoyable (well no duh, Supes is pretty much THE iconic protagonist) but all the attempts to flesh him out tend to turn him into a cold, distant, ax crazy psychopath, which makes it sound more impossible to do than it actually is.

      At any rate, I consider my mental image of Superman to be one of my favourites, even if he's acted like that maybe... twice ever?

    4. Tara


      Oh yeah, I definitely detest when they basically try to Frank Miller the heck of Superman by making him out to be... well, an asshole.  So I'm not suggesting that would make him better.

      And I think that''s the thing with superheroes in general.  For as much as I love Batman stuff, I think my IDEAL Batman has only appeared a handful of times ever.

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