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I'm a fan of Sonic in general and can find something to like on most facets of it, but I'm especially a fan of the classic games (the classic games in general, not just the main ones) and Flynn-era Archie Sonic (especially the reboot). I'm pretty cold on Sonic's current direction due to them ticking me off by cancelling Archie, some of the bad decisions in Sonic Forces, and more, but looking forward to Sonic Mania followups, I guess.

My interests include web development, drawing, design, and writing...kind of (I forgot about that interest for a while but I want to revive it). My musical interests include Michael Jackson, new wave, punk, alternative, and grunge. I also am a fan of Superman and various other things.

DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/paperechidna

Website: https://superman.nfshost.com/

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