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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from All Might The Armadillo in Sonic Fan J Art Thread   
    Yes, you did an excellent job with that CD Sonic. That style has many, many, MANY imitators these days, but rarely do they get as close to it as you did with that drawing.
  2. My Emmerdoods
    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Plumbers_Helper in Is the TMNT fandom as fractured as Sonic's?   
    As someone who used to frequent the most popular TMNT forum for many years, which I recommend avoiding because the forums are horribly moderated so users are basically free to be as hateful and cruel as they want, I can definitely say the TMNT fandom is just as, if not more, fractured then the Sonic fan base.

    Probably the most...passionate is the original Mirage Comics fans. Anything less accurate then source material is seen as a childish abomination. I remember one user on the forums in particular who took every opportunity they had to complain how stupid the idea of "rainbow headbands" for the Turtles are. As some of you know, in the original comics the Turtles all wore red head bands. This guy would go on and on about how red was more stealthy, allowed the group of four to look like they had more member then they do, how the red color is representative of the Hamato clan, etc.

    For some, the original 80s cartoon is an enjoyably goofy show in a similar vain to the 60s Batman show, for others it's a terribly written show that forever ruined the public perception of the franchise. The original movie is either a well made visual effects marvel that pays respects to both the original source material and the original cartoon, or nothing more then "Danny the movie". The 2003 4Kids series is either a good adaption of the original comics that manages to successfully add it's own unique takes on the franchise, or a terribly watered down adaptation that just makes the original stories look even worse. The last one in particular reminds me of how some Sonic fans feel about the Adventure adaptations in Sonic X. I remember at one point a writer for the 2012 CG series joined the forum to answer questions for the fans and was bombarded with so much negative criticism that he eventually left the forum for good.

    I want to say this is just my experience so you're mileage may very. Obviously every fan base have those one or two fans that bring everyone down and I don't want to make the entire TMNT fan base look bad, but let's just say I feel more comfortable here then I ever did in the TMNT forum that I am intentionally leaving unnamed.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Is the TMNT fandom as fractured as Sonic's?   
    I like to imagine because TMNT as a franchise appeals to both adults and children of all ages. Sonic does that too, but the games are more family-friendly in general and can be enjoyed by anyone, while TMNT has specific material that suits niches and appeals specifically to different demographics. 
    If you want a goofy but fun show, the 80s show has you covered. If you want a good retelling of the comics, TMNT 2003 is not only faithful, but it balances humour and darker themes perfectly. The 2012 show is especially excellent at striking a fine balance of darker storytelling, and lighter storytelling, and still making it fit. Especially when you consider the Season 2 or the Season 4 finales. 
    If you want full on gritty and dark - you can pick up the original Mirage run. If you want something fairly serious, but also with a lot of fun - IDW's got you covered, etc. Hell, TMNT 1990 is a great film that is a lot of fun, has a lot of heart, and faithfully retells one of the darkest stories of the Mirage run.
    Sonic is fairly limited by the franchise it's in. When it chooses a direction to go, generally all other media has to adhere to it. Especially nowadays, where SEGA has placed a lot of restrictions and guidelines on how things tend to work.
    In comparison, TMNT seems to have been granted a lot more freedom. Nick/Viacom hold the rights to it, and during the same period of time, they not only had 2012 and Rise going - two different shows tone-wise, but they also allowed IDW to make two different comics to appeal to two different demographics - you have the regular IDW run, with darker storytelling and more serious writing to appeal to those who enjoy that take, while they also did comics based on 2012 and Rise for those who wanted a lighter or funner take.
    I think that's really a key point. As a longtime fan of the Turtles, I find them to be much more flexible as a franchise, and that's because they're generally granted the freedom to be flexible, and experiment.
    And being fair, the Turtles have struck out a lot, and typically for the same reason Sonic tends to do a lot. You'll find a lot calling out the likes of Next Mutation, Michael Bay's films, TMNT3, and Fast Forward/Back to the Sewers, and that's because instead of having faith in what worked before, executives or other creatives stuck their noses in to try take the Turtles in directions that don't work. Fast Forward/Back to the Sewers were gimmicky attempts to boost ratings, Next Mutation is written as a bad Power Rangers show with Turtle suits, and ruins several important aspects to the Turtles for the sake of implying Venus can get with one of them romantically. TMNT 3 is an utterly terrible cornball fest with horrible writing, and Michael Bay's films attempted to nostalgia pander while not understanding the core characterisation, and having terrible characters/writing on top of that (See - Casey Jones).
    But that's simply a luxury Sonic isn't afforded. There tends to only be one vision of the franchise in terms of tone allowed at once. The closest to a break we've gotten from that in the longest time was first Archie, and then IDW with the current Zombot arc, and even that's arguably since Forces tried to move the main series back to a darker place than the likes of Lost World before it.
    The result of that is since there's only generally one kind of direction/tone allowed at any one time, only one category of fans are getting what they want, and that leads to others arguing about what direction the series should take, and why the series was better when that direction was being taken. It's fairly understandable as well when you also have other aspects like terrible writing creeping their way into the series, meaning even when a particular direction is being followed, you'll see people still split because while they might like said direction, it isn't being utilised or written as you want.
    Plus, it kind of helps that TMNT despite the strike outs tend to have a lot of passion placed into it by their creative teams. Rise of the TMNT was easily the biggest example - everything looked bad about it beforehand, all of the character changes, all of the mean spirited alterations to relationships, getting rid of established villains, etc. But it turns out that the creators were still dedicated to these characters, and implemented changes to show while different, it's still the franchise we love. Hell, Splinter was downright hateable during the first season, only for it to be recently revealed that...
    Sonic frankly hasn't had that for the longest time. The closest we have is Ian Flynn, who is a great writer, but is limited to only the comics and the occasional episode of Boom. Boom's writers were pretty good as well, even if they did go too far with the meta humour/fourth wall breaks at times. But in terms of the games, it's obvious Potac and Graff couldn't care less. They admitted they didn't play any games beforehand/did any research, and it painfully showed, as characters were either flanderised into bad characters doing things for the sake of pushing the plot forward (Sonic and Tails in Lost World), or couldn't handle difficult things with any real tact (Boom Knuckles in general - he can be funny if the writers know where to draw the line with his stupidity. Potac and Graff did not, leading to some very cringe-worthy lines in Shattered Crystal).
    Bar the obvious exception of Mania and Generations, and maybe Runners if you're feeling good, it doesn't feel like there's passion there, while TMNT almost always has passion in their projects, and in the ones that do fail, they tend to fail due to lack of passion in the characters and franchise, and when that happens, fans do bring it up and criticise it. Hell, TMNT Out of the Shadows is a prime example of that.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Kuzu in Is the TMNT fandom as fractured as Sonic's?   
    Ironically enough, the closest the fanbase ever had to being "united" was in the 90's. There were multiple Sonic properties and each fandom stayed in their lane.
    Wanted to play the games, you had that. Preferred SATAM, you had that too. STC was there and the comics.
    But starting with Sonic Adventure, Sega decided that every property had to be derived from the games and all of those sub series slowly faded out with the exception of Archie. The games became the "pinnacle" so to speak.
    But yea, TMNT is allowed to do whatever the fuck it wants and has multiple forms of media that cater to different demographics. Sonic's primary form of media has, and always will be, the video games and those will always serve as the basis for the rest of the series. 
  5. Promotion
    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So that random brown smudge at the bottom which isn’t even symmetrical is supposed to be a part of the final product?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Actually Mr. Penders, it's like saying your echidna characters are based off Knuckles because almost all of them look exactly like Knuckles. Then again, I am a gamer so that may just be the OCD talking. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    His response to having it pointed out that all his Echidna characters are ultimately influenced by SEGA and their Echidna Designe, given that they are all visually altered directly from Knuckles. 
    Boy howdy, this is a new one for the Penders Hall of Fame. Last I checked, White People (or any Human Race) aren't a copyrighted, stylized take on an animal designed for a work of fiction. This guy is no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel- he's mining for the dirt underneath it. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to KoDaiko in Things you remember, feel nostalgic for, but can’t find   
    One that I immediately thought of reading this thread, is what seems to be a climax scene from a horror movie I saw as a child. From what I can remember:
    there is a room/hall with checkered floor and walls there are a bunch of kids? trapped inside said wall there are faces that appear on the checker squares to talk (some had arms stretching out instead) I think there were an adult or two there is a young boy that seems to be evil there is a young girl who seems to be nice the girl is slowly sucked into a door? Acting-wise she is spinning around while slowing walking toward it Said boy changes his mind last minute to save her I consider myself decent at finding movies based on small details I find, but I could never find out what this was from.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to DanJ86 in [Showcase] Danimations Cartoons and Fun   
    Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I've had showcase topics before but those were years ago and difficult to find now. I'll be using this one mostly for video content as I practise and learn the best process for the job. I'm also learning how to edit videos and use 3D software. I have so much planned but have very little to show off at the moment.
    Animation Test 2: -No sound-
    Scrolling Animation Test 2: -With sound and music-
    Video Editing Practice Featuring Star Trek: Picard:
    That's all I really have to show for now. It's not much and nothing special. My hope is to improve and maybe entertain eventually. I can't rely on Television, comics or movies to do that anymore. Games are being ruined and Anime and Manga is being infiltrated by authoritarian scum. But anyway....ignore my ranting. I'm feeling pretty depressed at the moment and it will only worsen as time goes by.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Shadowlax in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Yall should look at the rest of that conversation. The lack of self awareness from ken is uh... almost tangible
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Zaysho in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    This man really asking this when he literally is using Knuckles. A character rooted in the games and despite some cosmetic changes applied to show the passage of time in one particular continuity, is still that character. Even Scourge isn't considered a separate entity from Evil Sonic in his head (and in fairness, he isn't).
    I'm convinced he's waiting for Sega to step in so he can blame them when this either gets shut down or even fails to take off.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Sonic Fan J in Sonic Fan J Art Thread   
    Two new pics to post today, even though they aren't really that new if you've seen my avatar and page header. Anyway here we go

    First up is Rosy as I'm wont to draw her on a regular basis, though this particular pic was drawn in response to me surpassing 100 followers on tumblr. That's a pretty big deal to me and you can find the version with the thank you message here.
    Before I drew here though I actually bothered to draw Sonic himself for the first time in a long while.

    I wanted to absolutely nail him for this pic so I ended up heavily referencing that old Sonic CD wallpaper for the PS3. In the end I found it worth it though as I just love how he came out 😊 I hope everyone else enjoys as well 😊
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #62: Icon

    Refreshingly simple title. It makes me far more interested in seeing what the story is than the usual bombastic and weird stuff that’s put forth. The cover is cute too. Been getting a lot of Sonic and Tails only covers lately and I couldn’t be happier.
    You know, I wanna say this issue was just fine and it is. Despite how much praise I had for the artwork and the colors of the first story, there really wasn’t much to it. Just Sonic and Tails messing around in the desert with a bunch of… freedom fighters? Fans? Raiders? Assholes? What they are isn’t too clear just yet. The giant statue of Sonic coupled with the suspicious nature of their behavior isn’t painting a clear picture yet, which is good. I assume they don’t want us to know what their deal is fully. That story coupled with the bits of Snively in prison kind of make it a tad unfocused. It’s also not clear what overlap those two stories are going to have so right now it just feels like a bunch of set-up that was spread out a lot.
    The second story was exactly what I expected it to be. Just a small event taking place in a facility I don’t care about, driven by a character I also don’t yet care about, with a group of characters I could grow to have sympathy for but mostly wouldn’t miss if the focus were off them either way.

    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #63: Icon 2 - Cult of Personality

    The title comes off like an off-sounding sequel to a movie that may or may not have come out in the 80s. Icon 2 - Electric Boogaloo. It’s a nice cover though. It’s drawn really, really well and I have a feeling that Sonic’s not just making this joke for show. That statue still gives me an ominous feeling.
    This issue was really fucking good. It might be the best of the main issues we’ve gotten in quite a while. To be pleasantly surprised by not one but two twists within the story, both legitimately positive and well told for the narrative it was going for, is the kind of thing I really wanted more out of this. I wish the majority of the Sonic and Tails stories were more like this. They usually get the basic structure right but then falter when it comes time to actually tell a story and this didn’t do that. The villains weren’t even that base, black and white blandness that we got a while back either. I’m still looking over their actions and motivations as something to kind of marvel at. I’m left interested in what their deal is, which is more than I probably would have been able to say for Regina and the Iron King had that been my initial introduction to them. Hell, it just hit me that the title of the issue has the word "Cult" in it. Sweet baby Jesus, if that isn't a clue. In the end the prison break subplot didn't have any connection to the main story but that's fine. It didn't take up too much space and it wasn't boring so it's cool.
    The second story was also mercifully short and simple. Though, despite being simple I still found myself confused by what exactly was being accomplished. It just serves to reinforce how battered and humiliated Sally is continuing to be which, if you’re a fan of her, I can understand being extremely bothered by. Despite not really liking her, it’s a little uncomfortable how brazzen Penders is being with how shittily she’s being treated. I know Penders wanted to kill her off and I guess this is how he compensates for that; by being petty and embarrassing her at every turn he can.
    Fun issue regardless. Really enjoyed this one.

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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Celestia in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    For some reason, I'm actually surprised seeing him jump right to insulting someone.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    As I've said, Penders lives in this strange (and utterly self-created) netherworld wherein the Games are somehow LESS crucial to the popularity of the franchise than the comics, specifically the comics as he worked on them. He basically processes 'Sonic' not as a video game franchise with an unusual number of media spinoffs, but purely through the lens of Sonic as being a comic book franchise, one that he personally led to its greatest successes. As such he tends to get... hostile when this is challenged. Namely, whenever the actual reality of things is pointed out in relation to his time on Archie and its place in the Grand Design. 
    Though I gotta say, even for Penders this is pretty touchy. I dunno who said what to him, but whatever it was it definitely struck a nerve. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Big Panda in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    “That explains your OCD!”
    What the fuck are you talking about, Ken?
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Except no, he's clearly displayed being in self-denial about this fact. He literally set in place a plan that would not only completely raze any chance of returning back to that version of himself, but on top of that, when he was questioned about it, he let the facade slip and reveal that he did enjoy being Mr. Tinkerer.
    You can't take him saying "I like being evil more" at his word. He's literally showcased before this point that he's trying to fool himself into hating his time as Mr. Tinkerer when the comic already showed that clearly isn't the case. 
    No, they aren't. You can argue those traits and Eggman becoming a pacifist was created by the blow to the head that caused him to lose his memory, but the traits of Mr. Tinkerer from the beginning were shared with Eggman. The very first thing he does is use his intelligence to free himself from the prison cell. 
    He still loves tinkering, creating, and inventing. He still enjoys getting attention from other people, and on top of that - he still has the egotistical taste that Eggman had in full. He even retains a lot of Eggman's negative traits. He still has a great interest in Sonic, and regards him as a friend, as well as wanting to impress him - something that regular Eggman does a lot.
    The key difference here is that Mr. Tinkerer is, and always was Eggman. The only difference is with the memory loss, he was no longer evil. He had no reason to be evil. And when that happened, Mr. Tinkerer didn't just magically lose Eggman's key traits - he applied them - good and bad - into positive things.
    Eggman's unique style and taste, and even his goal of Eggmanland - it became the basis of a amusement park meant to give happiness to children. His egotism and rivalry with Sonic - it became a friendship with Sonic - as he wanted to impress Sonic, and asked him to return to check in periodically. His need for attention - it drove him to construct and befriend the villagers, making deeper bonds with them, and enjoying their genuine admiration and appreciation for him.
    Sonic is not asking him to be someone else. He clarified that is not what he was asking of Eggman. Asking Eggman to try be like someone else, and to actually be someone else is two different things. He's asking Eggman to take on the admirable aspects of Mr. Tinkerer, that's it. And the reason being is that Mr. Tinkerer is literally Eggman's core character traits all being used in some way - positively, and for the benefit of others.
    And again - Sonic asking someone to change is not selfish. This is not some regular person. This is Dr. Eggman, a man who has terrorised millions, and unleashed a literal world-ending virus onto the world. If anyone should be getting a message of "just be yourself", it is not Dr. Eggman. He is someone with great gifts and the potential for good wasting it being evil for god knows why. Sonic is entirely in the right to point out how shitty Eggman as a person is, and how he could easily change if he wanted to.
     Because I have no good reason to argue from Eggman's perspective. We've seen Eggman's perspective, and it's that even he doesn't know what he wants. We've seen him acknowledge and admit he liked being Mr. Tinkerer, he liked everything he got from it. Metal Sonic reminded him of his identity, but that didn't magically wipe Mr. Tinkerer, or memories of that time from Eggman. Eggman got a taste of what it would be like to be humble, or a kindly inventor, or hell - just using his abilities for good - warts and all, and he liked it. That fact cannot be denied.
    You claim Eggman doesn't see it as a waste and being himself, but that argument is logically flawed from the core. That is why the whole argument was even established in the comic - we've already seen Eggman pretty much admit he was in self-denial, and needed an excuse for returning to evil as is. Nothing Eggman says can be trusted because Eggman at this point is essentially trying to prove to himself this was the better path. Somewhere in there, he knows he could've remained Mr. Tinkerer and probably had a happier life, and now he's trying to find something, anything to justify burning that bridge and returning to villainy.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    All this might be fine except Eggman admitted he liked being Mr. Tinker. A prior issue had him reminisce about it happily and proudly -  even mentioning the happiness he granted others as one of the reasons he liked it. He then had to quickly shake it and pretend he hated it. Sonic isn't incorrect at all, we've seen Eggman admit he doesn't mind being Mr. Tinkerer, and being in self-denial about that fact.
    The problem isn't Eggman is incapable of being like Mr. Tinkerer, or Mr. Tinkerer is something Eggman hated - he clearly did like it, but something is convincing Eggman to remain a villain, and to try disassociate himself with Mr. Tinkerer altogether. Hell, the Zombot arc thematically works in this context - it's Eggman trying to burn whatever bridges he had with those who offered him redemption and a second chance at life. He specifically picks that village as his initial target after all.
    But to be frank - Sonic telling him be more like him isn't fucked up, or cruel in any way. Eggman despite any positive aspects he has is a egotist evil megalomaniac. Sonic isn't asking him to be someone different, he's asking him to take up the positive traits of Tinkerer, and be more like him. Eggman might still have the flaws of being an egotist, but if he put his mind to doing good instead of doing evil things. He's a evil scientist who caused nearly the total destruction of the planet because he felt the need to make a comeback after being gone for what must've been a short hiatus. Sonic telling him to get his life together and do something positive, admirable, and all around better instead of being an evil dick isn't cruel, it's him telling Eggman he could actually have a happier and more positive life if he'd put his intelligence and positive traits to good use.
    Sonic and Eggman share a lot of flaws despite one being good, and one being bad. Both have the terrible habit of treating their fights as games, being egotistical people who express that egotism in differing ways, they enjoy taunting others in their battles, etc. But the difference is Sonic's flaws are counteracted with his positive traits. Eggman's traits can be positive, but he instead wastes it on evil purposes. When Sonic says "Be more like him", he isn't saying "Be a completely different person and change all of your personality traits", he's saying "Just try to strive to be more like him, in kindness, or admirable traits". 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to SBR2 in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    You gotta love how there's both a Planet of the Apes reference and a Star Trek joke in here. Mix it with the horrid art and the fact these lines don't really seen to connect in anyway making feel like Mike and his...computer?...Co-pilot?...whoever are talking at each other and not to each other and that's some top tier Penders.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Milo in Sonic fans have no idea how to make the franchise work well in 3D.   
    As someone who was just entering the online Sonic community at the dawn of the 2010s, I don't really see much about the current state of projects and ideas about what to do with 3D Sonic that is anymore egregious than it was ten years ago with respect to 2D Sonic. "Back to basics" stuff like being "2D only", "no story", "no voice acting", and "no crappy friends" were the vague superficial ideas on repairing the series at the time. The most prolific and most recent fan projects back then were submissions like Sonic Fan Remix, Sonic 2 HD, and Sonic XG--a great majority of them never got past one playable zone, and several of them either reused or were recreations of existing assets from the official games. Some of them didn't even have any public demos available during that point. And yet, not only look where 2D Sonic fangame development stands now, but also where some of the creators of those projects have ended up. 
    Meanwhile, 3D Sonic fangame development at that time might as well had been a pipe dream to attempt, beyond one or two token projects (recall that SRB2 owes its roots towards being a mod of Doom, rather than an original engine). Projects like Utopia, the Infinity Engine, Project Hero etc. would had been considered impossible to make in 2010. That they even exist now represents a serious mark in development in that field.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Kuzu in Sonic fans have no idea how to make the franchise work well in 3D.   
    There's a fundamental flaw in this topic and that it's assuming that the fanbase is some type of hivemind with a unanimous opinion. This series is going to be 30 next year, and is one of the most profitable multimedia franchises in the industry. Do you really think three decades worth of old and new fans are going to agree on how to "fix" the series? It's foolish to pin the blame on a fanbase with little to no knowledge of game design, and who's demographic skewers to ages below 18. So yes, with how diverse the fanbase is, you're to get many, and at times, contradicting ideas on where the series should go. This is true for any fucking franchise on the planet. 
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Linkabel in Linkabel's artwork!   
    Thank you!
    Felt like drawing Nicky this time

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    Monkey Destruction Switch got a reaction from Linkabel in Linkabel's artwork!   
    Your illustrations of Classic and Adventure Sonic continue to amaze and delight.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to Diogenes in Sonic fans have no idea how to make the franchise work well in 3D.   
    Well, yes, but also not really, sort of.
    I agree that fans haven't "solved" 3D Sonic, and it can be frustrating when even some of the best attempts seem to be just mashing together existing parts, as if Sonic Team has given us a puzzle and we just have to arrange the pieces properly.
    But also, fans aren't really supposed to be fixing things in the first place? We're amateur game designers at best, armchair designers more likely. Few fans have the knowledge, dedication, and time to actually try to implement their ideas and see how well they work, because it's not their job and likely not even their hobby, and actually making a game is a huge task. It's no surprise, or slight against them to say, that most fans don't have a fully fleshed out vision of what to do with Sonic. But that doesn't mean there aren't worthwhile ideas coming from the fanbase; partial solutions are better than none.
    And it's not some inherent failing that fan suggestions change as new games come out. You're supposed to take in new information and revise your understanding of the situation, not just stubbornly cling to the first thing you came up with. It's not just fans being fickle if they think the boost gameplay had potential to be something great back around Unleashed and Generations, but after seeing more of its failings in Forces they decide it'd be better to try a different direction.
    People are just trying to do what little they can to solve a problem that's largely out of their hands.
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    Monkey Destruction Switch reacted to AlienBunny in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Ken can't make up his mind on how Julie Su looks. I'm on my phone right now, but I'm pretty sure she look different.
    Also less is more, and some Clip Art tutorials can help. There's texture brushes he can use.
    Also reference a few faces than taking Mackie's face. Draw a few until you're happy with the results, you lazy man.
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